Ten Top Tasks to Delegate in 2011

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Timelines keep people focused, and hold all members of the group accountable.

Ten Tips for Delegating – The Best Time Management Tool

This is especially useful for tasks that don't have a strict deadline, or complicated tasks that will encounter several milestones before being completed. Work together with your coworker to establish a mutually agreed-upon timeline, from the beginning of the task's delegation to its final execution. Like with the task objectives, it's a good idea to send out an email recap that reiterates each phase of the timeline. Doing so ensures that each member of the project has access to the same agreed-upon information, and no dates can get lost in translation. Be sure to select dates that are reasonable enough that they can be achieved, but aggressive enough that they inspire your workers to keep the task top-of-mind.

Use follow-up tasks to keep your workers on point. First, let me say that micromanagement is not advisable. Delegating a task, only to nitpick every detail and every choice your coworker makes while executing that task, will only frustrate your coworker and make you busier than you would have been had you just tackled the task yourself. That being said, there's a difference between micromanaging and simply following up.

Following up occasionally, especially for long-term tasks, gives you insight into progress, and gives your employee the opportunity to bring up any questions or obstacles that have arisen in the process. Set reminders for yourself to follow up occasionally and ensure the task's timely, effective completion. Establish authority and respect. When working with a large group of people, it's important to set the tone for your position in the relationship. When working with employees or interns, it's important to set a tone of authority, and that you expect them to work as instructed.

It's also important to set a tone of respect, so they understand they are being relied on and appreciated. Authority and respect are also important when dealing with your peers in a delegation scenario. You must present yourself as a respectable authority in the workplace, and not someone just trying to pass off work, and you must also let your coworkers know that you respect and appreciate their willingness to help.

Use a feedback loop to make future delegation easier. Successful delegation is partially a result of successful relationship management, and relationships take the commitment of multiple people. After delegating your tasks, follow up with your coworkers to learn from the situation.

Ask them if they were comfortable executing the task, and if you've given them all the information they needed. Ask how effective you were in setting expectations, and if your timelines were reasonable.

How to Delegate Like a Millionaire Entrepreneur

Once you have this information, you should have a better idea about how you performed as a delegator, and you can use this information to make delegation easier and more effective in the future. This is particularly useful for learning the strengths and preferences of your coworkers over time.

5 Principles of Effective Delegation - Leadership - News: JFD Performance Solutions

Some professionals fear delegation because it means relying on an outside party to execute quality work, but if you surround yourself with reliable workers, you'll never have to worry about things being done right. Delegating effectively is an important skill to develop, especially as you move up the corporate ladder, so the sooner you start putting it into practice, the better.

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If you're overwhelmed with work, preserve your department's efficiency with these seven delegation strategies: For example, develop a specific skill. Remember a routine task to you may be a new challenging task to your subordinate. Delegate the entire task to one person. This gives the person the responsibility, increases their motivation and avoids ambiguity in accountability. Otherwise, different people will have different ideas about who does what when. Set clear goals and expectations.

Be clear and specific on what is expected. Give information on what, why, when, who and where.

How to delegate step two: Describe the task to be delegated

Be prepared to accept input from subordinates. Confirm and verify task goals and expectations. Delegate responsibility and authority. Ensure that the subordinate is given the relevant responsibility and authority to complete the task.

Why Are You Delegating?

Let the subordinate complete the task in the manner they choose, as long as the results are what you specified. Be willing to accept ideas from the subordinate on task fulfillment. Point subordinates to the resources they may need to complete the task or project. Request to be updated on the progress of the task, provide assistance when necessary.

Ten Tips for Delegating - The Best Time Management Tool | Jesse Lyn Stoner

Be careful not to be intrusive; giving the perception that you do not trust the subordinate. Keep communication lines open, regular meetings on large tasks can provide this ongoing feedback. Rather, continue to work with the employee and ensure they understand the project to be their responsibility.

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Give advice on ways to improve.