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Of course, the methods they employed to accomplish their research were infinitely more inhumane and vile than anything employed by the Allies, but what of the goals themselves? Survival of the Fittest alludes to another aspect of American history around World War II that many would rather forget.

In order to infiltrate a sinister Nazi experiment, two agents go undercover posing as wealthy American sympathisers. In covering the lead-up to the Second World War, people tend to gloss over the sympathy that the Nazis tended to elicit in certain social circles. The reader has to make their own decision on the matter, but I like that Snyder dares to raise the question and make the comparison. He suggests that had the Axis forces produced a weapon of similar destructive force to the atomic bomb, it would be considered proof of their inherently evil natures.

However, by raising the issue, he dares to suggest that historical morality is not quite as clear-cut as we might like to image. Throughout these issues, though, Snyder balances interesting moral and philosophical questions like these with a rich pulpy atmosphere. Survival of the Fittest plays into that great Second World War trope of occult Nazis, with the Germans desperately using all manner of sinister other-worldly tools to win the war for the Fatherland. Like Raiders of the Lost Ark saw them attempting to use the Ark of the Covenant, Survival of the Fittest sees them trying to use vampires, relying on an ancient mythology to win the war for them.

One of the closing sequences recalls those stories of sailors sunk in the Pacific as recounted by Quint in Jaws , watching the sharks circling the floating survivors of the wreck, waiting for the time to strike. Skinner Sweet remains a central character here, even though Snyder has broadened his canvas wide enough to divide his cast during the Second World War.

Dolly attemtps to justify her betrayal of Skinner by arguing that he was outdated even when he was alive. The world we knew. Everyone saw what was coming, everyone except you. It would seem that the tragedy of American Vampire comes from the unfolding of time. Skinner Sweet had emerged as a character well ahead of his time, the next step in vampire evolution.

Snyder is accompanied here by his usual artistic collaborator, Rafael Albuquerque for Ghost War.

American Vampire Vol. 3: Scott Snyder, Rafael Albuquerque: Books

Sean Murphy illustrates Survival of the Fittest. The result is one fine-looking comic book collection. American Vampire is a wonderful horror comic, and one that anyone with even a passing interest in vampires should be picking up. American Vampire , Comics , ghost war , rafael albuquerque , Scott Snyder , Sean Murphy , survival of the fittest , vertigo. You are commenting using your WordPress.

No other story would have been able to pull this off, but the way it was laid out was perfect. Same as before in other reviews: The art looks simply beautiful to me now. And of course; can't wait to read the next volume!! May 28, Leila Anani rated it really liked it Shelves: Another fun volume in the La Naan story arc.

The three princes pull out all the stops to win the martial arts tournament. Seiliez in particular is wiping the floor with his opponents when last year he couldn't even make the first round. Some outside help maybe? And where is Duzzell when Ishtar most needs him? Court intrigues abound as it seems that not all the princes are of royal blood. Darres and loyal Krai and Jill are investigating with a lit Another fun volume in the La Naan story arc. Darres and loyal Krai and Jill are investigating with a little help from the beautiful Yujinn.

Volume 3 is still engaging with cute artwork, really enjoying this series. Aug 04, Sara added it Shelves: The series as a whole was good in the beginning. Very funny and intriguing. I love romances where the characters have loved each other forever but have never told each other or something like that. There are too many characters in too many places and things get a little confusing. Jan 24, Sarahann95 rated it liked it. This one brought up humaor and even a little suspense. I don't want to say too much, because I don't wish to spoil it. But one thing I can say, I definitely can't wait to get more of the books.

Jun 05, Vicky rated it liked it Shelves: Read prior to joining Goodreads. Erin rated it it was amazing Jan 04, Sarita Dingee rated it it was amazing Sep 19, Taylor rated it really liked it Jan 27, Annemarie rated it liked it Apr 22, Hannah rated it liked it May 03, Mizery rated it liked it May 27, I like the notion of a teenaged vampire killer crisscrossing the country in the s, rooting out vampire nests and other things that went 'bump in the night'.

I cannot rate American Vampire highly enough as a series. One person found this helpful. But it is still really enjoyable. There are three main stories. The first, a flashback story with Skinner Sweet pre-vamp and James Book felt a bit contrived. I was surprised to see something that felt so much like a ret-con so early in the series. Honestly, I'd be happy if Snyder and co. Travis Kidd, the hip rocker vampire hunter featured in the second story, is as much fun as one could hope for. I was also over-joyed to see a return of Raphael Albuquerque's art. His lush women and terrifying vampires are a bit part of the heart of the series for me and I never enjoy a story as much when he isn't drawing it even through the other artists are usually quite good.

I loved this story and I would have been happy to have it comprise the whole book. The final story, starring Calvin Poole but now in vamp form was enjoyable, but never really got full legs for me. I'm looking forward to future stories with Calvin. All in all, this is well worth the read. I missed Pearl she only features slightly and then mainly to hint at future story developments , but am very much looking forward to reading the next volume.

This is one of the most satisfying comics in years for me and the hardcover volume's high quality is worth the money. Scott Snyder continues telling a great story with the next vol of the series.

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It's a different time period now but the same characters. I won't spoil the story but the way he makes you care for the characters is fantastic.

Vampire Game, Vol. 3

I also like the side story included after the main issues. They fill in what others are doing while the main characters are elsewhere. I don't want to say what the story is or what happens so i'll just say that this vol is just as good as the last two, so I def say to pick it up! Scott Snyder is an awesome writer.

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What a great deal! On top of the low cost, it is a great book! Snyder continues to use historical backdrops for his vampire stories, which is always such a pleasure to read. There is so much thought and detail put into the writing. It is obvious that Snyder knows his history. This book has a cool story with Skinner Sweet plus it contains the American Vampire 5 issue limited series "Survival of the Fittest", which is about Nazi Vampires.

This book is well worth the money and this series is definetely worth checking out if you are into horror comic books I actually own this complete series in single issues but bought this so I could go back and reread it without pulling the originals out. The first story is part of the main series and puts Pearl and Skinner in the Pacific as they fight to survive against a deadly breed of vampires. This story is intense and the art makes sure to show this intensity. In the second story is from a miniseries and takes place at about the same time as the events in the first.

You get to revisit Book and Cash as they go into a Nazi occupied castle as spies trying to find a cure for vampirism.

Untamed (Vampire Awakenings, Book3) AudioBook

It is an impressive story but the art on this one is slightly less n quality than the first. See all 98 reviews. Most recent customer reviews.

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