Why Would The Lord Permit That To Happen

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If God permits

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Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

Consider what happened to Job, and why: In all this did not Job sin with his lips. The persecution wasn't permitted for Job to lose what he had, but rather to be given more, in due time.

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People of other religions, including the Roman Catholic and various Protestant religions, have suffered great persecution at the hands of each other - but never from the true Church of God, the people who understand that true Christianity cannot be forced upon anyone; it comes when the LORD permits it to happen, by means of His Holy Spirit see The Eighth Day: What Does It Mean? On the other hand, the true Church of God has been subjected to horrendous religious and political persecution keeping in mind that the Church of Rome, and its "Protestant daughters" who have kept all of Rome's antichrist doctrines, was a creation of a Roman Emperor, as the official state religion - those who refused the state religion were regarded as committing treason, not merely heresy; see A History Of Jerusalem: In addition, in theology we have what's called the decretive will of God and the permissive will.

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

God decrees certain things to happen like the creation of the universe, the flood, etc. In this he is directly involved and causes them to occur. But, with the permissive will of God we say that he permits things to happen Ephesians 1: So, he permits people to lie, steal, etc. In other words, he is allowing bad things into the world because it is his will to allow them to happen.

But he not only allows people to rebel against him he also allows other effects of sin in the world such as sickness.

But we should only do those things if God permits James 4: A mature Christian is someone whom the Holy Spirit guides. Other people allow their plans, desires or imagination to guide them.

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But, like Paul, we should be ready to change our plans if God wants us to do that Acts Paul told us that we should not allow our desires to rule our lives Galatians 5: Is there anyone whom God cannot forgive? Please use the links at the top of the page to find our other articles in this series. You can download all our articles if you go to the download page for our free page course book.