A Worshipful Life: Developing a Lifestyle of Praise

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It really blessed me. I live in Ghana and l long for true worship. Mfon — We are glad you found this to be encouraging. Know that there are believers praying for you and we know that true worship can occur no matter where you are. This presentation on worship is really touching.

Loved this SO much! Hey, i was looking for a quote for my workplace worship week and number 5 by C Spurgeon did it for me,Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing truths!!

Your email address will not be published. Tozer Someday worship will be an integral part of our everyday existence. Carson No one has to teach a Christian to worship God. As David was known to do, we need to command ourselves to worship by declaring: Sproul While we all have personal preferences for the kinds of music we enjoy or the sort of environments we find most worshipful, our praise should be grounded in our common understanding of God from his word.

Wright If our understanding of God is poor, our worship will be too. Keller Everyone in the world is worshiping something, because their spirits are hungry. Ted Hatcher on May 18, at Aaron West on May 18, at Ted, Thanks for the encouragement. Abigail Daniels on September 23, at 2: Francine Watt on April 22, at 6: Aaron West on April 23, at 8: Sharmyn Crawford on May 18, at Very nice, Aaron…thanks for sharing.

Heather A Strom on May 18, at Jason Woodell on June 9, at Thank you for this post. What font is used on the slides? Aaron West on June 9, at 2: Check out our Facebook Live where we talk about some color theory and fonts that are great for presentations: Mfon Gowon on October 17, at 1: I live in Ghana and l long for true worship Reply. Aaron West on October 17, at 9: This is just but great hear,thank you so much for this information.

Aaron West on January 1, at 4: Vincent Akorley on February 20, at 2: Tami Tinajero on April 9, at Aaron West on April 9, at Feel free to use anything you need. Aaron Kusilifu on May 15, at 8: Jane M Mbengei on May 23, at 7: Aaron West on May 23, at 7: We are glad this can be a blessing!

A Worshipful Life A Worshipfullife

Have an awesome week! Camille on August 7, at 8: Thanks for these inspiring quotes very encouraging Reply. When I think about worship a story that vividly comes to mind is the one in Matthews 13 of the man who finds a treasure hidden in a field and then he sold everything he had just to buy that field for himself.

How to Love God When You Don’t Feel It

Even though it may have seemed irrational to the people around him, to him it was worth it and he did whatever he could to get it. In the same way, God is our greatest treasure here on earth and in heaven and because of that it is our life purpose to show Him as well as the world around us what He is worth to us. And the way we show it is through our priorities, through our words, through our choices, through our actions, and through our lifestyle.

True worship is honoring God above all, putting Him at the center of our existence and giving our life away to serving Him by serving others just like He first served us. True worship is stewarding our money in a way that better serves His kingdom, not just ourselves. True worship using our abilities, our gifts, and our talents not for our own glory or gain but for His. Just like in the story of Cain and Abel Genesis 4 we must give God what matters most as Abel did when he gave God the first fruits of His flock instead of Cain who gave Him some of his fruit.

Have you like the man who discovered the treasure in the field, chose to live a life of seeking Christ with all your heart and giving away everything to glorify Him?

Dr Onabanjo s.o.

Next time you are at church raising your hands and singing praises to God remember lifting Him up with your words is only a small but very important part of worship. The rest of your worship begins outside the door of the church in your home, at your job, in your school, and everywhere you go.

Make sure to worship Him well there just as much as you worship Him in your prayer closet and at church service. Be blessed and never stop worshiping Christ! Another problem I found is that many people think they are Christians because they belong to a church, they give money, they do a lot of work and feed some poor people etc….

Kim Walker - A Lifestyle of Worship

Some of those people do not know God the Creator at all. I like your post and my prayer is that you will know my Lord in all you do and be separated from the world that is corrupted. I know a few churches in our area who stick to old hymnals for services as well which I think is fantastic! Everyone has their own style and preferences to the kind of worship we do within church. Like Liked by 1 person. Ann, am blessed of the Lord through you. Am in Kenya and a born gain lady of Christ. Relevant magazine posted an article about how when we come to worship, we should expect nothing for ourselves but offer everything to God.

Thanks for the fresh perspective—I always need to be reminding myself of this. Once we realize that it goes so much deeper than feelings and singing at church on Sunday we will learn to truly worship Christ in all that we do. Hi Anna A great post on worship. Over the years many people have asked about how we create a culture of worship. And I truly believe that the sound of our House will always reflect the soul of our House.

Where there is a healthy soul, filled with life and praise and adoration of who God is, there will be a healthy sound that emanates from the very core of who we are and what we know and declare about our God.


Pastors, we must take responsibility for a worshipful environment in our churches. There is such temptation to write songs about our feelings, our seasons, and the ups and downs of this life. And, in many respects, there is a place for these songs. Worship is about Him and only Him. Worship is an overflow of what is going on in our heart.

20 Inspiring Quotes about Worship

The correlation between what is on our lips and what is in our hearts runs all throughout scripture. What is on our tongues is so critical and if we truly understand worship in our hearts, it will flow from our mouth with great passion and ease. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.

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When can I go and meet with God? Worship has the power to write the story of your life. Just as your soul longs for God, so our worship is outworking our salvation story. Have you ever walked into a service where there is praise and worship and you can just sense the presence of God? There is something tangible in the atmosphere of a room where people are worshipping in song.