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Performed slowly, emotionally and dramatically, [6] [40] "Shadowland" is a ballad written in the key of C major at a tempo of 70 beats per minute , according to the song's official sheet music , [41] that spans a duration of four minutes and thirty seconds. Hischak described "Shadowland" as a "hauntingly beautiful ballad", [4] while I. Herbert, author of Theatre Record , called it "hauntingly expressive". An Introduction author Phillip B. Zarrilli agreed that "Shadowland" fuses "African and European rhythms and orchestration".

Nargi, writing for JMN Publications, agreed that the song "fuse[s] contemporary messages of courage and empowerment with insistent cadences that suggest universality and timelessness. To promote the musical, Headley performed "Shadowland" with Le Loka and the Lion King ensemble live on the Late Show with David Letterman in ; Headley was grateful that Disney had asked her to sing "Shadowland" because it allowed her to showcase her voice.

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Paul Pioneer Press wrote that he enjoyed Headley's "passionate" interpretation, [59] while Playbill ' s Robert Simonson observed that the singer's performance "draws applause every night at the New Amsterdam Theatre ". Since Headley's departure, actresses who have replaced her in subsequent productions have continued to earn positive reviews for their renditions.

When actress Kissy Simmons auditioned for the role in , she auditioned for Taymor using "Shadowland"; Taymor enjoyed her rendition to the point of which she remarked "where have you been all of these years? Actress Nia Holloway has also garnered strong reviews for her interpretation, whose performance Shannon McLoud of Motif Magazine deemed worth "The price of admission". In a less positive review, Susan Haubenstock of the Richmond Times-Dispatch dismissed "Shadowland" as one of the new songs that resemble "filler", accusing it of slowing down the pace of the production and causing "the action and the energy peter out in the second act.

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The Cult in Spanish. Retrieved February 3, Mancina co-wrote, arranged and produced three songs, including 'He Lives in You' and 'Shadowland', which are interpreted in the stage production. Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology - Volume 4: Archived from the original on April 7, Retrieved June 6, They are then ambushed by the Hand ninjas, but the Thunderbolts fight them. A group of Underhand Ninjas merge and knock Juggernaut down. Fixer is stabbed while Songbird is taken down, giving Moonstone the opportunity to do things her way.

Mister Negative decides to take the advantage of the conflict against the Hand and plan to start a criminal establishment near Shadowland. Realizing that Matt is possessed by the demonic Beast of the Hand, the heroes gather together to try to fight him themselves. Meanwhile, Kingpin and Lady Bullseye view the carnage that is occurring in the city. Lady Bullseye informs Kingpin that he may lose New York. Master Izou states that there might be one way to free Daredevil from the Beast of the Hand.

Despite their efforts to interrupt Bullseye's resurrection ceremony, even a stun grenade thrown by the Punisher and a direct attack from Wolverine fails to kill the now-demonic Daredevil. Spider-Man webs down Daredevil and Elektra attempts to reason with him.

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The voice that comes out of Daredevil proclaims, " There is no Murdock! There is only the Beast! Foggy Nelson arrives at the gates of the fortress and tries to reach Matt verbally, but is ignored and cannot get inside. He decides that Matt has saved him so many times, that now it is his turn to save Matt. Foggy scales the walls to reach him where he is intercepted by the White Tiger. She leads him to Daredevil who sits among the defeated heroes.

Matt decides to kill Foggy himself, [46] and Foggy finds himself unable to kill Matt. Iron Fist takes advantage of this moment of weakness to strike Daredevil and heal him with chi. Daredevil had transformed physically to take on a more demonic shape. Daredevil, who has gained a moment of freedom from the monster controlling him, briefly reflects upon his past before taking his own life, to stop his internal demon.

Hence, residents of Hell's Kitchen are freed from the spell that turned them against each other. However, the heroes who had fought against Daredevil notice his corpse is gone, and Elektra is seen, hidden, holding a piece of his costume. Iron Fist goes to assist Power Man, who has just defeated a demon conjured by the Hand and freed his sister. Iron Fist offers to train Power Man, and the latter accepts his offer on the condition that his mother is taken care of.

Rand begins to train Victor in Kung Fu and mastering his chi, while Victor's mother is tricked into believing that he works for a community outreach program. The Kingpin reveals that Typhoid Mary has a secret fourth personality loyal to him, which he awakens with keywords before beginning his attempt to take over the Hand.

An unidentified man appears at a Catholic church asking for confession , claiming that he is lost. A masked man appearing to be Daredevil violently confronts a group of masked people. Upon closer inspection, Luke Cage and Iron Fist realize the assailant to be Black Panther , who, when questioned, claims that Hell's Kitchen is his turf now, "Spread the word. Matt Murdock gets off a bus on a road just outside a rural town, thinking himself responsible for the murders of Shadowland and embarking on a "lonely road paved with good intentions". The storyline will be collected into a number of individual volumes:.

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