The Earth-Friendly Mermaid

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Our History

With a passion for Mermaids and ocean conservation, there are multiple performing Mermaids and Mermen doing something to protect our global waters. Mermaids are the perfect symbol to bridge the gap between man-made pollution and the importance of sea life and ocean preservation.

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Mermaid Kat is one all around amazing Mermaid! She has a product line as well as a mermaid school.


She is a lifelong environmentalist. One particular area she is passionate about is saving our finned friends, sharks and dolphins.

Mahina was the creator of the first functional mermaid fin to hit the planet — the Mahina MerFin pioneered the idea of mermaiding as a watersport lifestyle and was also the first eco-friendly fin, made of natural and recycled rubber. Mahina is a lead ambassador for Save The Mermaids project which focuses on education around custodianship for our oceans and planet.

She believes humans have a stewardship in caring for the sea. Mermaid Linden Wolbert is a leading Mermaid-preneur, as well as a huge advocate for protecting global coral reefs, and on the Board of Reef Check Worldwide. She travels the world performing for charity projects bringing awareness to the precious life in our oceans contain.

She has appeared in multiple movies all while swimming with sharks, dolphins, whales, seals, manta rays and more! Her strong passion is making some really big waves.

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We do not rush our delicate preparations, nor do we compromise on sourcing the freshest ingredients directly from the villages and farms surrounding our properties. Taste the difference of enjoying a meal surrounded by nature. Feel free to enter our modern kitchen and watch our specialized chefs at work. Inspired by Carlo Petrini, our resort believes in the philosophy of Slow Food. Natural Luxury Enjoy our ecologically and socially responsible organic approach to leisure and recreation.

Eco-Inspired Awaken your senses amidst nature-friendly, hand-crafted luxury. Beach Play in the seclusion of Mermaid's private beach.