Broccoli Salad: An Old Favorite! (Easy Reader Recipes Book 14)

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Otherwise one would be getting more protein in their veggies. I never thought of soaking broccoli in salted water. To clarify, I shop the farmers market every Saturday morning, buy a weeks worth of veg and soak the entire weeks worth as soon as I get home. Then just bag to save it, and use without worry during the week. Broccoli salad is always a hit at picnics!

I had to laugh when you mentioned how Dozer eats broccoli. That is how my pup eats too. Thanks Nagi, timing is right! I bought a head of broccoli yesterday of which I need to cook today. I am always looking for dressings or tasty ways to serve broccoli,,,and HERE it is…looks yummy! You are singing my song! Most were soooo sweet and some even had that gritty undissolved sugar in the dressing. It was like eating sand! Most of the florets were huge and impossible to get into my mouth.

I can not WAIT to make this tonight and I bet it will be even harder to wait until tomorrow to dish it out. Thank you so much! Nagi, it was divine! A nice and light creamy summer salad, Nagi! Greek yogurt in everything right now to cool things off a little. Thanks for another great one! Great dressing idea, it could be used on a wedge of iceberg salad minus cranberries and almonds. OH, wow again, Nagi — this broccoli salad looks great! I know it makes me sound a bit snobby but the thing is, I LOVE broccoli salads but am frequently disappointed by them!

Skip to primary navigation Skip to footer navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Subscribe to receive three free recipe ebooks Sign Up. Blog View Japanese Recipes Contact. Both the acid and the oil in the dressing helps here; and b slicing the florets thickly rather than leaving them whole. Slicing the florets creates a larger surface area so the dressing tenderises the broccoli more effectively, so the broccoli is tender crisp rather than a harsh, raw bite.

I also like to have plenty of dressing because dressing soaked florets is my favourite part, so rather than a mayo only dressing, I opt to make more of a lighter dressing with less mayo that's pourable and coats every piece of broccoli thoroughly. Less oil, more dressing, more flavourings! Instructions Cut the florets into slices no thicker than 0. Mix Dressing well in a large bowl - use a whisk to ensure it's all well incorporated. It will be thin and pourable - see video for consistency.

Cover and refrigerate overnight minimum 2 hours. Remove from fridge and bring to room temperature before serving. This is one of those salads that needs time for the flavours to meld and also for the dressing to soften the broccoli a bit. Raw broccoli is actually very crunchy and some people aren't a fan of that. But the dressing tenderises it a bit so it's tender crisp. Did you make this recipe? I love hearing how you went with my recipes!

The Best Broccoli Salad!!

Creamy Parmesan Garlic Broccoli Casserole. Chinese Beef and Broccoli. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I appreciate the modifications you offer even though I did not try any this time. Any way, this recipe is definitely a keeper for me. Sorry, no picture as I was too busy enjoying it. Hi there, This recipe looks delicious and I definitely want to try it. The only thing is, my husband really dislikes Dijon mustard. Do you think the dressing would be good if I substituted regular mustard? Would you adjust the quantity? Thanks, Leila Ottawa, Canada. Which, sounds like that is ok with your husband.

Keep the quantity the same: Thanks for the comment! I would give that a try! I used cheddar and followed the recipe exactly. Such a fabulous recipe you have here…will prepare it again! We really appreciate and value your hard work to prepare these creative and nourishing dishes. This came together in under 10 minutes and perked up a sad head of broccoli from Target. The cheddar cheese was perfect. Thanks for another delicious, healthy recipe. Thank you so much, Kate, and wishes for every good thing in the new year!

Tried the salad this weekend and loved it. Pretty much stuck to the recipe except for the pumpkin seeds. This sounds super tasty! What other kind of cheese would go well in this? Cheddar is kinda expensive here. This was pretty simple to throw together on Sunday for lunches during the week.

I used half almonds and half sunflower seeds but otherwise as written. Nice and crunchy and excellent flavors. The combination of flavors and texture is great. Thanks for sharing and for your review! Me and my husband had this for dinner.. It was so lush.. It was so nice..

It was a present from my husband! I absolutely love it.. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay thank you Kate!!!!!!!!! Than you, Jazmine for your very kind words. Also, I do so appreciate the support. It has a lot of wonderful recipes and tips in there as well. Let me know what you think of the book on Amazon too! I just realised I left the review on the wrong recipe doh! I meant to leave it on the broccoli, Arugula and lentil salad! Love a bit o broccoli!

Do you have to cook the broccoli for broccoli salad?

I will leave the best review ever on amazon also! Love, love your book!! After reading the comments, I made your salad with feta instead of cheddar and added baby kale — OMG delicious. Thanks so much—this was delicious! Crunchy, full of texture and very satisfying. Perfect for trying to make up for all the chocolate treats that were in my stocking recently. Will definitely be my go-to Broccoli Salad recipe!

Thank you for the review, Linda. Love this recipe because it has so much broccoli my favorite. Kate, would you ever consider making a Broccoli and Cheddar Soup recipe? Glad to hear that, Catherine! I will add it to my list of recipes to consider. Thank you for your review! My husband and I devoured a whole batch of this for dinner And I usually hate raw broccoli I made second batch right away and put it in the fridge to marinate for tommorrow!

If you would want to leave a star review since you liked it so much, that would be wonderful! Definitely putting this one into my go-to pile for make-head lunch salads. I used rice broccoli from Trader Joes, which gave the salad a nice texture consistency. Thanks for another amazing creation! Just made this salad for the second time — LOVE it!!! This time I used the seeds. Thanks for another outstanding recipe!! Thanks so much for the review! We had this last night as a Super Bowl side dish. We did leave out the onions, but you have converted this non-raw broccoli lover into a fan!

Classic Broccoli Salad Recipe with Bacon - Taste and Tell

This is a fantastic salad. I appreciate the detailed instructions you provide — like exactly how to toast the sunflower seeds! I have never done that before, and wow were they good!! I made it exactly as written except I omitted the cheese and used agave instead of honey. Thank you for saying that about the instructions, Vicki! I do try to make them as detailed and clear as possible to make you successful with the recipe.

I appreciate the review as well! I made it for my boyfriend and I and we gobbled it right up. I often get stuck in salad ruts so this was a much welcome change to my routine. Keep the unique salad recipes coming! I may be guilty of eating out of the bowl myself! I refrained from making the original broccoli salad recipe because of the mayonnaise and sugar.

Your recipe is brilliant, delicious and healthy.

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I made it last night! My husband and I love it. I even took some to work for lunch. I did some research and read that eating too much raw cruciferous veg can be harmful — https: Thanks for sharing, Dan! I know there are a lot of different opinions out there about food sensitives of all kinds. I believe it is about the particular person. Also, everything is about balance.: Yes, definitely — I reckon balance is key. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well: I made this and looooved it, tasted even better the next morning xx.

This was easy and SO yummy! I followed the recipe exactly but just left out the cheese. My daughter had 2 bowls of it she liked it so much: Thank you for sharing and for your review. Thank you for this refreshing salad. Got to go now making the salad for my son to taste later this evening. Hi, thank you for sharing this awesome recipe.

Broccoli Salad with Lighter Creamy Dressing

Glad you think so! If you wish to leave a star review since you thought it was perfect, I would appreciate it. Easy to make and full of great contrasting flavors. Rave reviews from all around the table. Finally, a healthy dressing for this salad!! I have gone through numerous others and they all call for sugar, mayo and sour cream was beginning to feel defeated in the low calorie healthy twist for this salad.

I really like this salad, very easy to make, this is the second time I have made it. It is very good after letting the salad sit in the fridge for 20 minutes but it is even better the next day. Brought it to work and was asked for the recipes. Thank you for the comment and star review. Have to keep myself from eating it right now: Great addition to the regular salad rotation at our house.

Hubby loves it, too. I made this last night for dinner and just had it for lunch. Thank you so much! I make this recipe almost every week — that and the kale salad from your cookbook!! I love them both — now I need to try making some of the others. Just made this and we will make it again and again!!!!! We almost ate the entire salad in one sitting!

We used cherries and Kerrygold aged cheddar!! Hi Kate, I just made this and holy brocc-o-licious!!! Followed the recipe to a T. Couple of hints for your readers: I dice a whole onion, then put in a bowl and cover with cold water. I let them soak for a good couple of hours, draining the water once or twice and rinsing, then back in the bowl and cover with water again. I keep the drained bowl in the crisper, well sealed of course, and then I always have raw onion to add to salads, etc.

Thanks for another fantastic recipe, Kate!! We all were crazy about it and I sent the recipe to my parents and 5 siblings. Thank you for a yummy broccoli salad we all feel good about!

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The only extra thing I did was add some tahini to the dressing to make it super creamy. I have an obsession with tahini on raw salads. I also blanched the broccoli. Definitely in the rotation. Thank you for this recipe. I had stumbled on it a few months ago as I was looking for a mayonnaise free broccoli salad recipe. Now I have bookmarked it. So happy I found it again. Excited to look at your other recipes. I first ate this when my mom prepared it for a party. I asked her for the recipe and was shocked to see that it is a much healthier version of the traditional broccoli salad.

I made it today to take to a potluck. I used shredded cheddar cheese and sunflower seeds. My husband and I love your blog, Kate! My husband and I loved it. I did not use the cheese, but I did add chickpeas. Looking forward to trying more of your recipes.

Best Ever Broccoli Salad

I made this for lunch today and it was amazing! But this salad is my new favorite with the sharp dressing and nutty sunflower seeds. Delicious and easy to make light alternative to Broccoli Salad with mayo and bacon. Keeps well in the fridge for a few days. Will definitely have this salad frequently this summer as our garden overwhelms us with broccoli! I made this recipe with and without the cheese. Everyone loved both of them.

Therefore, I make it now without the cheese since we have some cholesterol issues in our family. Thanks for a great recipe! I discovered this broccoli salad recipe earlier this year and have made it several times. Everyone who has tasted it has asked for the recipe. Made this last night for a BBQ and it was amazing!! Thanks for all your wonderful recipes! I absolutely love that you included a vegan, nut free, and dairy free version of this recipe! You have made it easier for others to make the changes necessary.

I do try to make recipes work for different needs when I can. Also, splashes are prevented. I can see how much dressing a recipe makes, this one is about 5 Tbsp , double it if I need more, and see how much I am using and how much is left when I pour it out. Your website is especially attractive: Now I will go make the salad — too bad I have to wait while it marinates before I can eat it! I used wholegrain mustard as I already had that in the cupboard and I also added chicken to make it into more of a meal the second time I also added avocado.

This just might be the yummiest salad I have ever made. And I have made lots of salads! This is miles ahead of the usual bacon and mayonnaise pot luck version. Thank you so much for another winner. I am vegan, so no cheese and used agave syrup.