Californication Unauthorized – The Unofficial Guide to the TV Series - Season 1

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Sees himself masturbating multiple times OK! The man is too pretty for jail mom Mia: What if he is being someone's bitch right now. Instead of being yours. What am I going to write about? You were born a poor black child and now you're an icon where everything you touch turns to gold? After a girl gets up from under the table giving Ashby a blowjob Cool. You guys are fucking retarded.

It's sobering Hank, to see yourself make faces like that. No man should ever have to bear witness to his own O face. Any place for saying I'm sorry in a romance language? I'll think about it next time I'm going down on a guy.

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Fair enough, as long as he's slim bent and circumcised. I love you too. But what if that's not enough? This is not very good pillow talk. No Way to Treat a Lady [2. Parents who truly love their children make the sacrifices to home school them. Uh oh, it's getting bigger, it's getting meaner! You got under my skin Hank Moody.

I just couldn't brush you off. Like I would be blowing a guy off at the four season and I would catch myself thinking, 'I wonder what Hank Moody is doing? You might not want to sit there. You have the herp or something? There's a limit to how much a woman can get banged in the ass and not get paid for it, and you Daisy, have reached that limit.

Don't you sometimes wish you had two cocks? I know I sure do. That was while we weren't together. I am not going to be held accountable for my sins while we were not together. Don't tell me you forgive me and then tread up stuff from my past. The Raw and the Cooked [2. Because I think it's going to be like a cue tip shoved up my urethra. Which could be fun if you do it. I was hoping that you would make an honest woman of me. I love you Karen, and I want to spend the rest of my life annoying the shit out of you, and I want the rest of my life to start right now.

I'm sick and tired fighting about the past. We're not going anywhere, I get that now. This is my home, because home is where you and Becca are. Seriously, I love it, I can't get enough of it. You're so full of shit Hank: Will you marry me Karen? Queen of my dreams, mother of my child. Lady of the Valley. Fuck no I'm out I'm so wet right now, are you?

You can always check it out for yourself. Maybe they have one of those, you know, like, open relationships or something. No, no, no, no, no. That- that is disgusting. That is not a possibility.

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The open relationship does not exist. It's like an oxymoron, like "jumbo shrimp" or- Karen: So that's where you draw the line? That's thoroughly offensive to me. The mouth-rapist who sleeps with prostitutes is offended. Look, my ethical unpredictability is default proof of its hard-won vitality. Because I'm not, like, by rote or programmatic about it. I think this shit through, every issue. The Rolling Stone Magazine?

The one that used to have some cultural relevance? In a Lonely Place [2. You know, I'm divorced. We were never married so No, but I did ask Okay, not the time or the place, Hank.

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I gave her a ring, she gave it back. I gave it to a homeless woman. It worked out for the homeless woman. We're together when it comes to raising Becca. Well, yes, but not always. For instance, I want Becca to be a lesbian when she grows up, and Karen just wants her to be happy. Like you can't be both? Smells like lady hair. How was I supposed to know who his mother was?

Oh, well, if you were not so preoccupied with sticking your dick in any hole that will have you, you might notice these things. Yes, but you kicked my dick out of the house. You made my dick homeless.

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And out of doors is a place where penises don't generally fare well, in the rain and the wind and all that. Hank, will you shut up, okay? My homeless dick now must seek shelter from the storm where and whence it can. Did she say to you, "Oh, Hank, I love your writing"? This is why we should be together. You just know my shit. Going Down and Out in Beverly Hills [2. It's recently come to my attention that men cannot be trusted. Truer words have never been spoken. La Petite Mort [2.

If you weren't too busy bringing every unemployed actor with a cougar fetish back to my house The Land of Rape and Honey [3. When did you become such a little snot? That is just sick Marcy. After some of the twisted and depraved shit I have seen you do? No means no, you know. I can't believe you slept with all of them. I'm warning you; tomorrow I'm going to be pretty pissed at you. Tonight, I'm just high-fiving Jesus that you're okay.

I'm sorry about the car. It's just a car You love that car. No, I love you Becca: I love you too and I'm scared Hank: I don't want you to be guilty. I don't want people to look at you that way. I want them to know how great you can be. You shouldn't be thinking about that. That's too much for your brain. All you should be thinking about is boys and rock 'n roll and stealing your old man's car keys. But not anymore because I'll chop your hands off.

It was a nice day wasn't it? It was really nice. It was the perfect day. Right up until I ruined it. You didn't ruin anything. You just made a mistake.

Californication - Hank Moody and Mia Lewis Best Scenes - Season 1

A really terrible mistake, we all do. Look at me, I take a breath and make a mistake. Then we just get back up and shoot for another perfect day. I'm going to be thinking good thoughts dad, on Monday. How the fuck did we get here? I don't know, but I'm pretty sure it's your fault. Undoubtedly, I am currently accepting blame for everything: You tricked me, you know? You tricked me, I would hear the doorbell ring and I would be running towards it. I'd be thinking, "I don't even like this guy, this is just some stupid fling. I trusted that smile. He was a good guy, that smile.

I don't see him around much anymore. Strange, it changed so fast. Once you were my future, then you were my misery Now you're almost my past Hank: It makes me miss you! How was your day I spent the day with perverts and whores.

Californication Unauthorized - The Unofficial Guide to the TV Series - Season 1 by Andreas Arimont

I didn't sleep with any of them. Close, but I didn't take my cigar out. Gross, and I don't even care. Sure you do, Karen. Anyway, I don't even have a right to care about such things. You have the baby mama's bill of rights. Season Seven Levon [7. It's all right, baby boy. In the season finale, Hank has recurring nightmares of floating in a pool, drinking heavily while talking to his most recent conquests, who are swimming naked around him; Karen and Becca watch poolside.

In reality, Mia returns to Hank's home and invites the family to the media launch of the paperback edition of her book. At the after party, Hank talks to Mia's manager, who is also her new boyfriend, who says he knows of Mia's history with Hank and offers Hank a way out by coming clean to the press about how the novel came about.

But as it will affect Karen and Becca, Hank must decline. Hank hurries home to Karen and confesses that he slept with Mia when she was Karen breaks down uncontrollably, the argument bursts onto the street, and a police car arrives as Hank is trying to calm Karen. When an officer grabs Hank from behind, Hank belts him and is bundled into the back of the car as Becca runs out to try to stop the police. The final scene shows a dream sequence of Hank in the pool again, drinking out of the bottle.

He falls from his seat and drops his drink. The last shot shows Hank sinking while the bottle remains visible. Zakk Wylde , singer and guitarist for Black Label Society and former guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne , has a cameo as a guitar-shop employee in episode 2, the title of which, "Suicide Solution", comes from the Ozzy Osbourne song.

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Michael Ealy played a new love interest for Karen in four episodes, and Madeline Zima returned as Mia for four episodes. The story picks up 72 hours after Hank is arrested at the end of Season 3 and revolves around Hank's thoroughly destroyed life. His secrets have come to light: Karen is disgusted and Becca is disappointed, so Hank goes to live at a hotel.

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Other developing storylines include Charlie learning his vasectomy may have been botched, Marcy moving in with a movie producer and learning she is pregnant by Charlie, Becca joining an all-female rock band, and Karen finding a new boyfriend. On January 11, , the Season 4 Soundtrack was released. The show returned to Showtime for its fifth season in January Hank has since made New York his home, but he returns to Los Angeles for a short, business-related visit. His family issues end up extending it. Karen is married to Professor Bates, year-old Becca is in college and has a new boyfriend, and Marcy is married to Stu Beggs, sharing the custody of her son Stuart with Charlie.

Hank meets with rapper-turned-actor Samurai Apocalypse, who wants Hank to write a screenplay for a movie starring Samurai. Hank originally turns down the job, but eventually ends up writing "Santa Monica Cop" because he needs the money. Hank has a hard time working with Samurai, and their strained relationship leads to some unpleasant situations.

Hank is disgusted with Hollywood after his book God Hates Us All was adapted into a movie that he hated and is not thrilled with the prospect of working on another movie. Season 6 started on January 13, Its storyline revolves around Hank's relationship with Faith played by Maggie Grace , whom he meets in a rehab facility, in parallel with Hank's artistic participation in the music industry.

Initially, Hank reluctantly agrees to rehab, not because of a drug dependency, but rather because of depression over his role in ex-girlfriend Carrie's suicide at the end of Season 5. After being dumped by him, Carrie, emotionally devastated, drugs Hank as well as herself, but Hank is the only one who awakes, making him lose control over his alcoholism for feeling deeply guilty. At this point, Hank's family and best friends intervene, sending him to rehab.

Faith and Hank seem to be made for each other as they take off in a bus to follow a tour of Atticus Fetch played by Tim Minchin , a rockstar who recruits Hank to write for him during the season, but in the end Hank is too weak to move on from Karen and even though it appears that their relationship has run its course, he leaves Faith and goes back to see Karen.

Production for the seventh season began in Michael Imperioli plays Rath, a television producer for whom Hank begins to work. On June 4, , actress Mercedes Masohn announced she will have a guest role as Amy Taylor Walsh, a TV star whose plea for Hank's help ends up putting him in an uncomfortable, compromising position.

Amy apparently has ties to a Season 4 character, Sasha Bingham. The critical reaction for Californication has been generally favorable, with a rating of 70 on Metacritic. Club , calling it "insufferable". There has been a backlash from conservative groups who oppose the explicit nature of the program. Conservative columnist Andrew Bolt criticized the program in the Australian newspaper the Herald Sun for the pilot's opening dream scene, in which a nun performs oral sex on Hank Moody in a church. This resulted in 49 companies withdrawing their advertising, including the show's main sponsor, Just Car Insurance.

The show and the lead actor, David Duchovny, were both nominated for Golden Globes in ; Duchovny won the lead actor award, but the award for best TV series in this category went to Extras. Casting Society of America. Screen Actors Guild Awards. The Red Hot Chili Peppers filed a lawsuit on November 19, [34] against Showtime Networks over the name of the series, which is also the name of the band's album and hit single. Showtime Networks argued that the band did not in fact create the term Californication. They point out that the term appeared in print in Time magazine in , in an article called The Great Wild Californicated West , [36] while show producer Tom Kapinos cites the inspiration as coming from a bumper sticker he saw in the '70s that read "Don't Californicate Oregon".

In this song, the word Californication appears in the phrase "Californication, spooning in the dry sand". Kim Walker, head of intellectual property at Pinsent Masons , states that the band should have registered Californication as a trademark. Instead, the only application for such was filed in April in the US, by Showtime. The mark has not yet been registered. Walker has also stated:.

Californication Unauthorized - The Unofficial Guide to the TV Series - Season 1

Successful songs, albums and movies can become brands in themselves. What's really surprising is how few songs and albums are properly protected The Chili Peppers could almost certainly have registered a trade mark for 'Californication', notwithstanding Time's article. They made the word famous, but it doesn't automatically follow that they can stop its use in a TV show. If they had registered the title as a trade mark covering entertainment services, I very much doubt we'd have seen a lawsuit.

The TV show would have been called something else. As it is, the band faces an uphill struggle. In the United States, character names and titles of works are only subject to trademark protection, not copyright protection. According to an article on Hollywood news site The Wrap in , the lawsuit was settled out of court. Season 3 steadily gained viewership, and the show was quickly picked up for a fourth season by Showtime.

White Famous , a TV series that premiered in October and was co-created by Californication's creator Tom Kapinos, features some secondary characters first introduced on Californication, such as Stu Beggs played by Stephen Tobolowsky and Kali played by Meagan Good. Get Californication TV Series essential facts below. This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. Archived from the original on September 11,