Demon Marked (The Guardians series)

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But there's also a lot more than meet the eyes. First and foremost, the guy is a survivor. He's also determined and focused Guilt and loyalty - and that was surprising: He's also smart and I liked how his mind worked and his plans. I liked that he wasn't too stubborn either and once he came to care for Ash, he really did. It took him a while to overlook the demon part, but again, can't blame him. But he overcame it and on its own!! Without anyone having to bang his head: I think it says a lot, especially given everyone's perception of Nicholas as a cold bastard. I also loved Ash in this book.

I thought she was a great heroine. I love how in the beginning, she was not feeling anything and little by little, it came back to her. Another great aspect of Ash was her forwardness and it gave for some really good dialogues and LOL moments. She's also highly intelligent which is a good thing in a demon: Loved the parts where she was trying to figure out Nicholas and was able to understand him by what he gave away and what he did not.

I also think Ms Brook did a great job at distinguishing Rachel and Ash. The fact that Ash wasn't into pleasing everyone, that most of the time, she didn't care what others thought With two very interesting characters, you get a very nice couple. I thought that Ash and Nicholas really fit each other well and most importantly, understood each other. Ash and Nicholas definitively had chemistry, the attraction pretty much sizzling: However, what makes the romance works so good is Ash. The way she understood Nicholas, the fact that she was aware of his motives for keeping her by his sides Even when she followed the Guardians, yes she was hurt by the truth, but she let it go, focused on what was important - Nicholas current feelings for her, not what was.

LOL, I guess it's Ash not being so emotional that made this romance works so well and stands out: As usual, the storyline of Demon Marked is complex but it works. I kept wanting to know what would come next: P Ms Brook does a good job at balancing the plot, the romance and the characters development.

I like the fact that we knew Ash was a halfling and so we knew more about Ash then the characters themselves and were able to pick up clues here and there: I was also really looking forward to Ash and Lilith meeting and that scene definitively did not disappoint!!

Oh and I loved the role that Lilith had in Demon Marked. Ms Brook does a great job at not giving her past characters too much page-time. They only appear if necessary which, kudos to Ms Brook. In any case, Lilith being an ex-halfling, her appearance in Demon Marked was definitively justified: And she's still as kick-ass as ever LOL. Okay, enough fangirl-ish moment: Back to the storyline, the one involving Ash and Nicholas was interesting and there were a few interesting twist at the end.

I definitively did not expect that.

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But the overall story-arc is also progressing well. I even read all the tidbits with Taylor and Michael! My only disappointment with Demon Marked was that the book was a bit short. Ms Brook has accustomed us to thick books and quite frankly, it was kind of shock when I picked up Demon Marked. Oh, I'm not saying the storyline suffered because of the length, because it did not.

However, I can't help but wish Demon Marked has been a bit longer and perhaps some parts could have been expanded a little bit.

Fang-tastic Fiction: Meljean Brook: THE GUARDIAN SERIES

As it is, I would say the ending of Demon Marked was a bit rushed; however, as I said, it didn't take anything away from the storyline. It was still very exciting to read and very surprising: Demon Marked was definitively a great addition to the series. I simply devoured the book once I got my hands on it: Loved Ash and Nicholas, loved seeing Lilith and Hugh again: I'm a bit sad to see this series ending However, I'm still looking forward to it, because I'm sure Ms Brook has a lot of surprises in store for us: May 11, Mandapanda rated it really liked it Shelves: Book 7 in the very detailed and epic world of Meljean Brook's Guardians.

This felt really light in comparison to the other books in the series. Not to say it's bad at all but I expected something more. If this was another author's book I wouldn't be disappointed but I usually end one of these books shaking and tearful with relief that the hero and heroine overcame the massive obstacles against them. The major theme of the Guardian series is the war between Heaven and Hell and this was more like Book 7 in the very detailed and epic world of Meljean Brook's Guardians. The major theme of the Guardian series is the war between Heaven and Hell and this was more like a skirmish than a battle.

Ash and Nicholas are a great couple but the way they grew during the story was too quick and easy considering their respective histories. One thing I am excited about is that view spoiler [Michael is now a destructive mindless dragon. Ever since the dragon was first mentioned I was hopeful one would appear in the story.

I haven't been drawn to her from the very first time she appeared in the novels. Now she is full of blame for Michael for things that are totally out of his control and for doing the things that he has to do. She's so self absorbed and annoying. I'm hoping the author can make me like her in the final book in the series. Dec 19, Hbeebti rated it it was amazing.

Oh this was so good! Just when I thought the drama was over, it wasn't. Oh man what about Michael? Wow I did not see that one coming. I cant wait for his book but at the same time, it sucks. Michael's book is suppose to be the last of the series. I don't want it to end. Jan 11, Ashley rated it really liked it Shelves: Awakening in a psychiatric hospital from a three year catatonic haze, Ash has no memory of the past or who she is except for fleeting nightmares of ice and terror. Escaping with what little information she could find in her patient files, Ash heads to London, to Nicholas St.

Croix and the possibility of discovering who and what she is for she's decidedly not human but something While this otherness would undoubtedly cause fear in any normal person, lit 4. While this otherness would undoubtedly cause fear in any normal person, little affects Ash. The blistering cold winter weather in London, while uncomfortable, doesn't slow her down. She needs no nourishment and no sleep. And while people and their thoughts fascinate her, Ash can't manage to produce any emotion of her own. Upon finding Nicholas, Ash doesn't sense the familiarity she seeks until he captures her mouth in a ravenous kiss.

Concluding what must be a demon wearing the guise of his long dead girlfriend, Rachel Boyle, Nicholas St. Croix feels a rushing gush of hatred and malevolent glee as the opportunity to finally slay the demon that ruined his life now stands before him, snared in his trap. Wanting answers and expecting the demon executing Rachel's mannerisms with perfect ease to lie just as easily, Nicholas enters into a bargain that completely benefits his cause.

The demon will tell him everything she knows, never lie, and if she's not the one he seeks, then she'll help him find her; her being Madelyn, his mother. In exchange, Nicholas will help the demon discover who she is. Momentarily leaden with disappointment when the demon confirms under the bargain that she's not Madelyn, Nicholas does however discover that his demon is the perfect bait and he'll use her to draw Madelyn in then slay her just as he'll slay Madelyn. Until then, he'll continue to believe that everything the demon says is a lie or some manipulative effort to discover his weaknesses and divert him from his goal of revenge.

Ash can easily discern Nicholas's distrust but that's about it. The first human she's come across that can completely shield their emotions from her, Ash finds herself forced to analyse other aspects of Nicholas's behavior in order to figure out what he's thinking. An amusing game to be sure but it also draws her focus to his body arousing her mentally and physically.

She wants him badly and she tells him as much only to meet his vocal refusal but his body says differently. However, sex falls to the back burner when Ash has a telling run-in with another demon. Equipped with no fighting skills and no ability to fly, Ash is tossed around like a rag doll and nearly killed begging the question: Nicholas, experiencing a rush of unfamiliar protective instincts, re-organizes his priorities.

Determined to train Ash to the best of his capable abilities, they hide out at Nicholas's hunting cabin in rural middle America. It's there that Nicholas discovers, and more importantly, that he believes Ash is the exception to the rule. But just when he accepts that he's fallen in love with a demon, the Guardians descend upon their hideaway and flay open the tenuous trust between him and Ash while unveiling a plot that will send her straight back to Hell.

For years, Nicholas has derived relentless propulsion from his obsessive need for revenge against the demon that crushed his father, killed his mother, and verbally stripped him of his innocence. Now, having found Ash, having reawakened his heart to life and love, Nicholas will turn all that obsessive, single-minded focus on saving her from a fate he'd sooner die from himself rather than endure.

Embodying an empty but malleable shell of a soul, Ash, a halfling demon, molds herself from her immediate experiences, her mind like a sponge soaking up everything she comes into contact with. Despite her early inability to convey emotion of her own, there's a gentle caring and hollow sadness to her that quickly and effectively captures your heart. You believe in Ash and you want her to have her Happily Ever After for you know instinctively that she deserves it.

Truthfully, Ash's hollowness is the perfect shield to Nicholas's scathing and unveiled opinion of her. Any other woman would shrink beneath the coldness of his unrelenting gaze and blade of a tongue. But while most are immediately rebuffed, Ash has the patience to look beyond Nicholas's ruthlessly composed exterior, hunting effectively for cracks that lead to his true self.

She thinks like the demon she is to unravel the mystery that is Nicholas but she talks and touches him with all her growing humanity. Seriously, the guy stood no chance. Nearly stone cold to the depths of his marrow, Nicholas St. Croix isn't the easiest hero to fall in love with. His distrust for all but himself shines lethally from his icy blue eyes and coats every word that slips bitterly off his tongue. While Nicholas doesn't think himself damaged, it's clear to the reader that he is and fundamentally so.

But when Nicholas falls, he falls exceptionally hard. Suddenly wielding a fierce brand of love, Nicholas becomes an unstoppable, self-sacrificing force that launches him straight to Herodom! A beguiling character to be sure and one that effectively draws you in like a moth to a flame, Nicholas is a hero I won't be forgetting any time soon.

With his entire motivation stemming from revenge, Nicholas eschews life to pursue a demon who couldn't care less if he lives or dies. All that he is and all that he does culminates from this deep-seeded and greedy drive. But this revenge of his defines him in such a unique way. While it could for all intents and purposes, debilitate him in the end, Nicholas has the means and the intelligence to recognize the real meaning in life and that meaning is Ash.

But seriously, to meet the guy in reality would be terrifying but oh to be the center of that intense focus. Nicholas, dead to all but what directly influences his means of revenge, awakens gloriously when he finally accepts his love for Ash. Similarly, Ash is numb, an emotionless being stripped of all that she once was seeking now the answer to her unknown identity. It's Nicholas that awakens her heart. He forces her to re-experience the emotions brutally taken from her and helps her reshape and claim herself as Ash. Standing back and absorbing the novel as a whole, the character growth is fierce and merciless but stunningly beautiful.

It offers a new test on what makes a character worthy of this dangerous but rewarding world while also re-examining the Rules that govern it with such cutting brutality. For a steady number of installments, characters have known and understood the land upon which they fight but Ash and Nicholas, theirs is one of new learning. Perhaps a revisit of the building blocks is necessary to go on but whatever its reason, the closer look at the basic elements - basic but no less important - was welcomed by this reader.

I had forgotten the power of these simple yet deeply layered rules. Finally, I must draw attention to the rather excellent pacing of this book. These are no easy reads by any stretch and each one is packed to the brim with important and specific information heralding a clear indication that considerable time is spent on their creation and subsequent choreography. It's clear that Meljean Brook has honed her craft and wields now it with incredible daring.

I will always look forward to what she delivers for it will undoubtedly be a new addicting flavor for this particularly ravenous appetite. Originally posted at http: So… we have to get that reward some other way. I lied, cheated, and killed my way into it. I paid for it in blood…and I would have paid more if I h Originally posted at http: I paid for it in blood…and I would have paid more if I had to.

We met our hero, Nicholas St. Croix in Demon Blood. Nicholas is a volatile tortured man. Ash is the exact replica of his lover, Rachel, only when Nicholas kisses her, he realizes that she is a demon. Ash wakes up in a hospital not knowing who or what she is. She spends three years in the psychiatric facility trying to remember anything that may explain why she is there. There she comes across Nicholas St. When Nick realizes she is not Rachel but actually a demon he decides to use her to find Madeline.

He forces a bargain on Ash. If she helps him find Madeline he will help her with her memories. Nick and Ash start out rocky. He refuses to trust her as she is a demon but Ash is the strangest demon he has ever met. She exhibits no known demon tricks and seems to genuinely want to help him. The more time they spend together results in some interesting changes. Nick realizes that she is as much a victim in this as he is and his feelings slowly begin to change towards her.

He goes from wanting her dead to just plain wanting her. I absolutely love Ash. Her mannerisms crack me up. She has no memories but also no emotions. She is like a glass that has been emptied. Witnessing her developing a personality is hilarious. My standards are too high. I want to know why. For all I know, the truth is that you really only have one leg, but prop yourself up with a dragon-sized penis. A conversation with Taylor about Rosalia that sums up the whole situation: The mother to everyone. She lies, she manipulates. The younger Guardians are dragging the older Guardians in to the present; questioning and demanding answers, whether they want it or not.

Good and evil are not clearly defined. They all walk a fine line. There are rules that must be followed interesting rules that are further explained in here in every interaction and the Guardians bend and manipulate those rules just as much as the demons. In Demon Blood ,book 6, Rosalia goes to her friend, a priest, and tries to gain absolution for what she has done and will do.

I cannot win without his help. But he has not offered it. I am using him. But if the suffering of even one good man is needed to gain victory, it is not a true victory. No matter what the prophecy has foretold or what the Guardians have foreseen, everything comes down to free will. No matter what side of the war you stand on-good or bad-how you choose to conduit yourself is what actually determines the purity of your soul.

Frankly, I find the older Guardians to be almost as bad as the demons-in fact worse-because they use duplicity to achieve their goals all while hiding behind their self righteousness. I am enamored with this whole series and it continues to enchant me with each new storyline. Three dimensional with viable personalities that all have the ability to support their own storylines.

Fast pacing and a steady storyline keeps Ash and Nick rolling along in a believable timeline and allows their romance to bloom naturally and realistically. Not a lot of visible sexy time in here but the dialog between them makes for some heavy, emotional scenes. The continuing misdirection on Ms. Brooks part keeps you on your toes as you try and often fail, in figuring out who to trust and who not to. We see many old face in here; Lillith, Khavi who needs a serious take down , and Taylor.

All in all, Ms. As long as Ms. Sep 17, Brie rated it really liked it. Originally posted at Romance Around the Corner Meljean Brook is one of my favorite authors, not in the romance genre, or the paranormal genre, one of my favorite authors period. Go back and read the Hot Spell anthology and Demon Angel and read the whole thing. If you still want to start with this book the best thing I can say is that it is actually a good book for new readers because both leads are new to the story as well, and they learn things as the book progresses.

Brook tends to show things instead of telling them but in this case I did feel that there was a lot of info dump. The line between good and evil gets a bit blurry when you see it from a different perspective and makes you wonder if the end really justifies the means. I will say this though, the world-building is complex and the books are tightly plotted, each book has its own resolution but the ongoing story-arch is always present. You could read all seven books back to back and feel like it was just one huge story because they balance and complement each other perfectly. I do want to talk about the characters, the heroine in particular.

You have no idea how fun and refreshing this woman was. Most importantly, she has no feelings. Some things bring back memories and reactions that she interpret as maybe fear or longing, but not much else. Her story arch is very interesting because she needs to learn how to be human. She was very funny and stubborn and probably one of my favorite heroines in the series, which is a lot to say because I have loved every single one of the female leads in these books. Nicholas, the hero, was a very interesting character. This guy was ruthless to the point of evil. The Guardians have a hard time believing he is human because at first sight they all assume he is a Demon based on his behavior.

He was deeply scarred and just wanted revenge even if that meant sacrificing his humanity. He also has an interesting journey because once he meets Ash, his world turns upside down, and just like her, he needs to figure out how to be human again. Ash and Nicholas balanced each other perfectly and made a fantastic couple. And as usual, just when I thought I had figured out how the book was going to end, Brook manages to surprise you once again with a shocking ending that leaves you a bit dizzy and a lot curious.

Demon Marked is not the best book in the series but I think is a good second to last book, a bit like the calm before the storm. It sets the next book without giving much away and leaves you curious and excited. It also has a great love story, a bit of mystery and some action. The resolution is more clever and intellectual than action packed but you will still be on the edge of you seat.

One of these people is Meljean Brook the author of the amazing Guardian series! This time we learn the story of another two characters.

Demon Marked

Nicholas we know him from a previous book is a human who is very familiar with the demon world. He wants revenge and his only purpose in life is to destroy this demon. Ash is a half-demon with no memory. The only thing she knows is that she has to find Nicholas so she can learn about her past. Ash has the body of Rachel the woman Nicholas once loved. Now, she is Ash and she wants to start over.

I felt bad about her when I was reading the book. As always the world-building is excellent and that proves how much talented is the author. One thing I notice while reading the book is that there are not many sex scenes. Some of the other characters in the series make an appearance, but the most important one is Taylor because of her special relationship with Michael! Jan 11, Christine rated it it was amazing Shelves: Well this was a fun and engaging read! I could barely put it down. Definitely one of my favorites of the tail end of this series Demon Angel and Demon Moon are really hard to beat!

I loved everything about this book from beginning to end, starting with the book's premise of a young woman who has no idea who or what she is and sets out on a mission to solve the mystery of her identity. She becomes entangled with Nicolas St. Croix, a powerful business man who behaves more like a demon than a hu Well this was a fun and engaging read! Croix, a powerful business man who behaves more like a demon than a human and is on a mission of his own to avenge the death of his human lover at the hands of the demon who took possession of his human mother many years ago. The characters and their growth are so much fun to read about.

It's full of conflict, romance and plenty of drama and laugh out loud humor as Ash and Nicholas try to solve their mysteries and stay alive while crossing paths with humans, demons and even Guardians. Such a fun read! Oct 16, Lisa - Aussie Girl rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a 4. Demon Marked is the story of Nicholas St Croix, started in Demon Blood while still progressing with the overall story arc of the Guardians and their attempt to free Michael from the frozen field.

I really enjoyed this instalment, the building romance between Nicholas and Ash was well done and really emotionally captivating. Meljean Brook has really refined her writing style with this seventh instalment of The Guardians as I found the world building and mythology a bit "den This is a 4. Meljean Brook has really refined her writing style with this seventh instalment of The Guardians as I found the world building and mythology a bit "dense" in previous books. With that aspect of the series well outlined, it frees her up to concentrate on the core romance while skillfully moving the overall story arc along.

With only a novella in Angels of Darkness and the finale in Michael's book next year, it promises to be an awesome finish. View all 3 comments. Jul 11, Kathy rated it liked it Shelves: Revenge, power of love, sacrifice, good vs evil Characters: He is cold hearted, he had regard for Rachel, though did not love her they way she loved him — revenge is his life — his business only to finance his revenge.

Jul 31, KindleJo Jo rated it really liked it Shelves: I love this whole series. Sep 07, Kathy Davie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Seventh in the Guardian paranormal romance series revolving around a group of Guardian "angels" and the vampires and humans who aid them. The couple focus is on Nicholas St.

My Take Khavi and Ash are both so literal!

She's so literal in her understanding and in how she responds to that. It's rather cute how very clinical Ash is, how very honest in her bemoaning her inability to come up with a clever plot against Nicholas, not knowing how to be a good Seventh in the Guardian paranormal romance series revolving around a group of Guardian "angels" and the vampires and humans who aid them. It's rather cute how very clinical Ash is, how very honest in her bemoaning her inability to come up with a clever plot against Nicholas, not knowing how to be a good demon.

It's also one of the craziest romantic developments I've read in a long, long while. Oh, wow, it is so twisted what happened to Rachel when she died. She sacrificed herself to save Nicholas. She should have become a Guardian Nick is pretty conflicted about Ash. Yet, Ash is just not behaving as a demon. She certainly is pretty clueless about how to use her wings. The Guardians have a pretty good argument to force Ash to leave Nicholas. Unfortunately, Madelyn has a better one. But Ash is a smart girl and finds ways to indicate the problem.

Then Ash continues to draw it out, creating problems by being a very obedient little demon. It just about killed me to have to wait and read my way to the resolve! I did love it when Khavi crashed Nicholas' therapy session! Leslie is gonna need her own disbelieving therapist!

Then again, Khavi can be a real pain in the butt with her damned pronouncements of "no, no, I've seen it We can only hope that Khavi truly is on the side of the Guardians. The Story Somehow Ash has escaped from Nightingale House and she's blindly following memories she's doesn't remember. A house she knows but has never been inside. A man she's never met, but feels familiar. Unfortunately for Ash, Nicholas St. Croix has no compunctions. He knows she's a demon and deserves to die.

Only it is just possible he may be able to use her to find the demon who destroyed his family. He will endure anything to find it, kill it. Events, however, are happening faster than they can move. From the murder of Rachel's parents to the demon who feels her pain and attacks. Lucifer has found Michael in the frozen fields and knows how best to torture him. Knowing this spurs the Guardians on even more to find the spell to release him. The Characters Ashmodei "Ash" has been an inmate of this expensive asylum for three years.

She has no idea who she is and she does as she pleases even if it does terrify those around her. She also looks exactly like Rachel, minus the tattoos. Nicholas "Stone Cold" St. Croix is a man with a mission. To destroy the demon who murdered his family. He has built his company, Reticle, up enough that he has enough money to pursue his vendetta and has left it in capable hands.

Reginald Cooper is the London private investigator he hired to look into Ash's story. Leslie Sinclair is his skeptical therapist whom he's been seeing for twenty years. Croix built her husband's accounting business up into a powerhouse; Rachel Boyle was Madelyn St. Croix's personal assistant and in love with Nicholas.

Both disappeared when Madelyn and her son argued over business matters. Ian Cawthorne is a disgrace. Blackmailed to keep Ash a patient. Taylor is the Doyen, charged by Michael to create new Guardians while he is trapped in the ice fields for his deeds. She was a police detective with the San Francisco PD before she sacrificed herself to save another. Khavi is grigori with the ability to see the future. Lyta is her hellhound. And Sir Pup is very interested. Lilith and Hugh Castleford are both human nowLilith when she won a bet from Lucifer and was stripped of her demon powers.

Hugh when he Fell for her although he retains his Gift to see lies. Sir Pup is Lilith's hellhound. Steve Johnson was a willing victim when the "ghost" of Rachel Boyle encouraged him to destroy her parents. The Cover The cover is blue, green, and black. The cool fires of hell surround the blonde-haired, tattooed figure who is supposed to represent Ash the real Ash is tattooed on half her face. This one is wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket open to reveal the cropped, scoop-neck white top she's wearing with that Wonder bra.

The title is all about Ash. She is, after all, Demon Marked. Sep 10, Paranormal Romance rated it really liked it Shelves: Not knowing who she is or why she's different from everyone around her, the heroine is eager to discover her past. In fact, eager is the only emotion she's truly able to comprehend as she doesn't feel anything. Not angry or happiness or sadness. It's all a blank slate. And 2 years of living in the hospital, having everyone fear her beacuse of her unnerving oddities and heavily tattooed skin, she's finally struck out on her own.

Wondering the streets of London, she discoveres she greatly resemble Not knowing who she is or why she's different from everyone around her, the heroine is eager to discover her past. Wondering the streets of London, she discoveres she greatly resembles a woman who died protecting her boyfriend. Reading everything she can on this man, this woman and her family, she's finds herself in the house that's meant to be her destiny.

The hero has been waiting for the demon who possessed his mother to make her return and not it has. Growing up with a demon as a mother was horrorible and traumatizing and has made the hero bitter, vengeful and distrusting of everything. But for a brief moment, when she sees the face of his dead girlfriend, he has hope that her sacrifice has granted her immortal life as a Guardian. But the tattoos and the fangs proclaim her to be a demon instead and he knows he must kill it. However, this demon is either thee best liar and gifted actor or she's the worst demon he's ever met because she willingly enters into a bargain with him where he's help her find out who she is and she'll help him find and kill his demon mother.

The bargain doesn't entirely work out in his favor however when it turns out She apparently has no idea how to be a demon, is useless in a fight and doesn't appear to have any alterative motives. The heroine feels her first emotion upon realizing she's a demon- happiness. Finally, she can begin to understand. And with the hero as her teacher, she can work to uncover more secrets of her past. Though he quite plainly hates her and doesn't trust a word she says, she begins to ware him down bit by bit. She wants to explore why this human makes her FEEL.

She's attracted to him, she's never been attracted to anybody. He makes her laugh and even when he makes her sad, it's better than being dead inside. Soon the hero begins to feel the same for the demon whom he no longer thinks of with disgust but rather with a bit of possessiveness. He tries to remember what she is and why he should hate her but her innocence and her unintentional dry humor makes him feel like he too has been living as a zombie. He tries to keep that wall between them, to keep the ice around his heart but every smile and every kiss makes his heart race.

And every time she's hurt or in danger, it makes him insane with the need to make it better, to keep her safe. But their time together was destined to end. He could never truly teacher the way the Guardians can and he's in constant danger whenever she's near. So, she leaves and it was the hardest thing she's ever done. Even though the confession comes out that he at first intended to kill her after their bargain was met, that doesn't matter to the heroine, his safety and wellbeing does.

And even though he understands why he doesn't contact her in the 4 weeks she's training with the Guardians, it still hurts. But the demon who was responsible for creating her has come at last and takes her away. The tattoos on her body is meant as a spell to open a gateway to hell but she's forbidden to stop it. She needs the hero and without a seconds thought, he throws himself into the fight.

The consequences are steep but somehow it feels that not matter what comes their way, they can handle it together. This was a marvelous book It was a surprising touch of humor that I wasn't expecting. The heroine could do or say things that actually had me laughing.

Stars of Fortune: Guardians Trilogy by Nora Roberts (Full Audiobook)

She truly was the worst demon when it came to evil because she was soooo not evil. She wasn't planning to kill the hero in his sleep or steal his soul. And she got her ass kicked by a proper demon because she didn't even know how to fight. But she was charming in a lost kid sort of way, not knowing what to do. The hero was also funny too but in a darker way. His obsession with revenge was everything he thought about until the heroine came along and I enjoyed that progression she made in him to turn from that cold ruthless man to someone who could laugh.

I thought their relationship was well developed and honest. However, I didn't much like the ending. It turned into something odd and felt rushed as suddenly the focus switched from their relationship to saving the world. Regardless, it was a nice book and the characters really excelled it into 4 star territory because I simply adored both of them. So, the other day we were talking via Skype. And she said, "Well, bestie, what do you think about that? And I was all: I can barely handle Taylor's 'Fucker!

And what's the shit about Ash and.. No one will like that book. Where the other heroes and heroines in the last two or three books didn't make me feel all involved and connected, Ash and Nick did. Seriously, I was even a little wary about the novel, because the blurb didn't sound that nice at all. But daaamn, I loved it. Naturally I again bookmarked every scene that includes the words Michael, Taylor, Doyen or grigori, but where these scenes were the reason for my tendency to rate the other books higher, in Demon Marked they were the cherry on top, not outshining the actual plot.

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Croix knows the evil of demons intimately-he was raised by one. Now the woman he loves has disappeared, and he knows his "mother" is responsible. In his thirst for revenge, the vampire Deacon has betrayed the demon-fighting Guardians. But Rosalia is in love with him and willing to fight by his side—even if she has to stand against her fellow Guardians to save him. Now, a desperate plea for help thrusts them together, even as shocking betrayals threaten their reunion.

See a Problem?

But in helping her, he never expects to fall in love. Beautiful Charlie Newcomb is being hunted by vampires, for she is the link to a medical miracle that could be invaluable to the night stalkers. Her only protection is her guardian, Ethan. But will he be enough to save her when darkness falls? Deadly creatures from the realm of Chaos herald the return of an imprisoned nosferatu horde, and the bond between a vampire and his lover is their only protection-and their only passion.

Lilith, a demon, has spent 2, years tempting men and guaranteeing their eventual damnation. That is, until she meets her greatest temptation: Other Series By Meljean Brook. About Meljean Brook Photo: