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After a solid grounding in hard and soft news, he turned to features by writing stories on health, religion, sport, education, travel and food. He has written news and features for both the tabloid and broadsheet press and now specialises in news, interviews, education, entertainment and general features. He undertook his teaching qualification in and has been lecturing on a part-time basis ever since. If you can't make the date shown, complete the box below to be sent details of future dates:. The London School of Journalism.


About us Contact us. What people say Our Tutors What about jobs? He undertook his teaching qualification in and has been lecturing on a part-time basis ever since Day 1: News What is news, intros, inverted pyramid, structure, sources, questions, facts, the 5 Ws, quotes, interviewing for news, making your story stand up, police, councils, press officers, skills, qualities, mistakes to avoid, balance, writing and editing Day 2: Students will work on news reports, features and interviews during the course.

Decree nisi The first stage of a formal divorce. Discovery The formal exchange of lists of documents in civil actions. Also used in civil proceedings. Duty solicitor Rota solicitor. Either-way offence An offence triable either summarily or at a Crown Court before a jury. Exhibits Things put in evidence. In camera Public and press are kept out of court.

In chambers Proceedings of the court held without the media and public being present. Indictable offence Triable before the Crown Court. Indictment A formal written statement of the charges faced by the accused. Information The document used for the basis of the allegation.

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Inter-partes Both sides are heard. JP Justice of the peace magistrate. Jurisdiction Power or authority. Justification An absolute defence of truth in a defamation action. Juvenile A young person under 18 years on a charge. Legal Aid State-aided system to fund legal advice. List The list of cases to be heard in a court or courtroom on a particular day. Malicious falsehood An untrue statement made recklessly that has caused some financial loss.

Mens rea The guilty mind in a criminal case.

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Mitigation Argument in favour of a lesser penalty or sentence. No case to answer The defendant is discharged. Oath To swear to tell the truth on a holy book. Parties Those directly involved in proceedings. Precedent Previous judicial decisions of authority. Precincts The area surrounding the court. Prima facie At first sight. Private prosecution A prosecution brought by a private individual.

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Proof of service It may be necessary to prove that a summons has been served. Recorder An assistant judge. Remand Awaiting trial, on bail or in custody. Retirement Adjournment by magistrates to discuss a case. Setting down The pleadings in a civil case are complete and the case is put on the court list. Statute law Acts of Parliament. Stipendiary A salaried professional magistrate. Subpoena A witness summons. Summary proceedings The case is dealt with by magistrates. Summing up The judge sums up the arguments for the jury at the end of a case. Summons An order to attend the court.

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Testimony Evidence in person from the witness box. Tort A civil wrong, e. Ultra vires Beyond the powers. Usher Court official, usually identifiable from their black gowns. Ward The court acts to protect a minor or incapable person. Warrant Search warrants, warrant for arrest, etc.

Without notice Formerly known as ex-parte. Glossary of Journalism Terms.

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  • Angle Main point or points of a story. As-live Item pre-recorded to sound as if it is happening live. Material from an interview or a live or recorded voice piece that provides an aural illustration of what is happening. Bed Recording of music or actuality played under speech to provide continuity or atmosphere. Bi-media Describes any operation that involves radio and television.

    Brief Instructions given to a reporter, usually by the news editor, on how the story should be covered.

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    Broadsheet Now a dying breed: Previously regarded as more serious newspapers than the tabloid newspapers. Check calls Calls made to the emergency services on a regular basis to monitor any breaking news. Copy Written news story. In broadcasting, copy stories do not have any audio or visuals.

    Learn key practices and procedures in journalism and reportage.

    Cue Written introduction read by a newsreader that links into audio or video. Demographic Profile of a radio station's average listener based on age, gender, race, profession etc. This is very important to advertisers who wish to target a particular audience. Dissolve Where one picture is faded out as another is faded in. Drive To drive a desk is to operate the studio desk. Dub To make a copy of a recording from one source to another. Duration The length of time to the nearest second of a programme item. Written items for broadcast are timed at three words per second.

    Embargo Used to delay the publication of information. The computerised newsroom system used by the BBC. Exclusive Story that is supposedly unique to a particular media source. Shot that shows the entire scene to establish the location of a report. Hack Slang for a newspaper reporter. Intro First paragraph of a newspaper story, or the cue to a broadcast piece. A system of providing high-quality digital audio signals through telephone lines.

    Lead Main story in a radio or television bulletin, or the main story on a newspaper or online page. Level Volume of recorded or broadcast sound as registered on a meter. Link Any speech between items on radio or television that introduces or sets up the next item. Noddies Shots of the reporter nodding or listening to an interviewee, used to mask edits. Where pictures appear and the presenter is not shown on camera. Prospects List of news stories expected to be covered that day. Where the reporter talks directly to the camera. An item where the presenter interviews the reporter who has been following a particular story.

    Running order The planned order of items in a programme. These are single shots of varying length that can easily be edited together in order to give the reporter space over which to introduce the interviewee in the script. An agreed form of words used by a radio or television reporter at the end of a report, e. Sound-bite Brief extract from an interview.

    Standfirst The bit between the headline and a feature which explains what the story is about and often includes the name of the author.