Justice Will Prevail

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Truth and justice will prevail

The murder and abduction case against the accused was remanded to 27 August for further investigation. The state told the court it's still awaiting an outstanding medical report. The prosecutor says it could take between five and six weeks for the report to be completed. EWN welcomes all comments that are constructive, contribute to discussions in a meaningful manner and take stories forward.

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    The youth was not required to work in the a-zar-la; the workingman was not forced to beg for his bread. The priest no longer invaded the garden of a humble person. You see him establishing a kind of limit on the power of the aristocracy such that they could not arbitrarily abuse the farmers and producers, but instead, had to treat them with some respect. I think that there are a couple of lessons here. The first is to recognize that from the very beginning of human recorded history—from the very moment in which we started to gather into urban areas and build the foundation of human civilization—there has been an effort to make sure that our communities are socially just.

    More than anything, the nature of human civilization has been about the struggles to protect disadvantaged members of society from mistreatment, and to arrange our institutions so that they do not empower classes of people to exploit others and act with impunity. So when we join in social justice activism today, we should know that we are taking part of a long human tradition, indeed, in practices that, in some sense, define us as the kind of beings that we are now—urban dwelling and interdependent humans.

    The second lesson is to realize that the social justice struggle does progress over time and it still has ways to go that call for our help.

    Justice Will Prevail

    But people have been fighting over that time to expand, and to refine, our scope of moral concern, as well. In the course of that five thousand years, we as human beings have been learning to reject age old practices as unjust: The learning curve has been steep and the cost in human lives enormous, but we have, in the past one hundred years, developed forms of human rights and international law that would have astounded Urukagina.

    We are now grappling with how to extend our moral concern further, and to build protections in our institutions for people and in some cases, other beings as well we are recognizing as particularly vulnerable to the ways we have developed our communities historically.