Mortimers Christmas Manger

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He realizes who those people are- statues of important people, especially the baby whose bed he was stealing.

Papa reads 'Mortimer's Christmas Manger' Karma Wilson

Mortimer leaves, feeling alone, and decides to pray and ask that baby to help him find a place for him to belong. His prayer is answered in a cute way. This is quickly becoming one of my top 2 or 3 Christmas books! Dec 02, Twinkle rated it really liked it Shelves: Mortimer is a little mouse looking for a new home. When he spies a Nativity setting he has no hesitation in throwing baby Jesus out of the manger and settling in for a long nap. He does this every night until one evening he hears the human family of the house reading the story of the first ever Christmas.

Feeling very sorry for his actions, Mortimer reinstates the baby Jesus to his rightful place in the manger, and prays that God will find him a new home. The next day he finds the most beautiful Mortimer is a little mouse looking for a new home. A tear rolled down his furry cheek. But I know where there is room. Dec 22, Karen rated it really liked it Shelves: I found this one last year after the Christmas season and decided to add it to our collection. It is a fun read about Mortimer the mouse and how he is looking to find a new home that is warm and cozy instead of his cold one.

I love how he finds a new place and rearranges things to suit his needs, but then how he hears a story and realizes what house he took over. He puts everything back with understanding now for the new king who sleeps - A cute new addition to our Advent reading countdown. He puts everything back with understanding now for the new king who sleeps in the manager.

The illustrations are bright and cheery too. This book will be part of our countdown each year. Oct 24, Perfumegirl rated it it was amazing Shelves: Morimer learns about the manger scene. Can't wait til it gets closer to Christmas for my grandson to get to hear the story.

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I am checking out numerous children's Christmas books. I need 12 to wrap for the 12 days before Christmas and then my daughter's family can read a book a night before Christmas Sep 13, Karen rated it it was amazing Shelves: I started a Christmas picture book collection for my kids, and this was one of my first purchases a few years back. This is such a cute story - Mortimer dislikes his cold, lonely mouse hole and when he finds the manger scene, he thinks it is the perfect replacement- until he hears the story of the first Christmas.

Such a great way to talk about the Nativity. The writing is a little more lengthy than Wilson's Bear books, but still just as good. I haven't found a Karma Wilson book yet that we don' I started a Christmas picture book collection for my kids, and this was one of my first purchases a few years back. I haven't found a Karma Wilson book yet that we don't love.

Oct 09, Krissy rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: A Christmas story that is actually has to do with the Savior. Mortimer crawls out of his "cramped," "creepy" hole in search of a new home, when he comes upon the family manger. Not understanding what it is, he pushes out all the figurines and sleeps in the cozy hay in the manger, but each day, while he searches the house to crumbs to eat, he returns to the manger to find the figurines set up again.

And frustrated he drags them back out This year, my 5 year old has asked to read this book again and again. It is a really cute story highlighting the real reason for Christmas. It tells the story of Jesus birth in an accessible way and invites children to make room for Jesus in our Christmas celebration. I use a "mouse" voice for Mortimer and my son really likes the squeaky "no, no, no" when Mortimer can't find room in the stable for him. Jan 02, Marcelle rated it it was amazing.

This was my favorite from this year's pile of Christmas books. I love Wilson and Chapman and their expressive characters like Bear and Mole and Badger , and maybe it's because we just finally rid our house of its rodent residents and I'm feeling more generous toward mice, but I found this to be a wonderful glimpse of Christmas magic.

Jan 04, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: This was much cuter than I had anticipated. H had picked out a bunch of "junk" books while we were both browsing at the library. I let her borrow them all.

Mortimer's Christmas Manger by Karma Wilson

I assumed this would be in that "ok" category, but it was much more charming than I had anticipated. It is now in our permanent collection for December reads. Nov 11, Kate Hastings rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Grades PreK- 1 nativity.

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Mortimer the mouse is tired of his cold, dark hole and finds a perfect new place to sleep-- a tabletop nativity scene. Every night he removes all of the statues to make room, until he hears the Christmas story of Jesus being born in a stable because there was no room. He puts all the pieces back and prays for a new home Jan 06, Meg McGregor rated it really liked it Shelves: How wonderful it is to read a book that explains the true meaning of the Christmas Season. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and was quite pleased to have and the Nativity story explained in a simple but knowing way! Beautiful pictures and a winning main character make this a Christmas treasure to read for many years to come!

Dec 03, Melanie rated it really liked it Shelves: Poor Mortimer mouse finds his mouse hole home to be cramped and creepy. As Christmas time approaches he notices a perfect home- the stable of a nativity scene! When Mortimer hears the story of the first Christmas, he realizes the home belongs to baby Jesus.

As he turns to go back to his dark, creepy hole, a new home, covered in candies and frosting catches his eye! Dec 19, Tricia rated it really liked it. Mortimer lives in a dark hole until he spies a house just his size near the Christmas tree. He moves all the occupants from the stable Dec 22, Amanda rated it really liked it.

Cute Story A unique telling of the Christmas story providing a nice springboard into discussing God's provision for us and why he came to earth. The illustrations are nicely done. Apr 23, Kristin King rated it really liked it. Mortimer is looking for a place to sleep that is a little less bleak than his hole in the wall.

He finds it, but it's filled with little statues that have no meaning for him till later when all is revealed with a gift. I like all things mouse and Christmas like Santa Mouse, so of course I'd recommend this one. Dec 30, Dawn Teresa rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love this little book. The story of a little mouse who is looking for a warm place to sleep around Christmas. He moves into the manger scene and takes Jesus out of the hay. Eventually, he hears the story of Christ's birth, though, and he decides to make room for Jesus.

He then is rewarded with an even better place to stay--a gingerbread house! I love this book. It is darling the pictures are wonderful. It made me laugh and a little teary when mortimer finds out the true meaning of Christmas. I loved the ending, it was so cute. Children love reading this story about Mortimer. A very cute book. Illustrations were nice, the story was perfect for Christmas.

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Unlike a lot of Christmas storybooks, this centered on understanding who the baby Jesus was and the significance of the manger. Dec 20, Emily rated it it was amazing. I loved this book! Probably because it deals with a nativity which is one of my favorite things at Christmas-time. But the illustrations are beautiful and the story is sweet about making room for Jesus.

Dec 09, Gena Lott rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is an adorable story with an intertwining of religious undertones which makes it a great story for small children to reinforce the meaning of Christmas. The illustrations are wonderful and Wilson is an accomplished story-teller that draws in the reader. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Karma Wilson grew up an only child of a single mother in the wilds of North Idaho. Way back then just past the stone age and somewhat before the era of computers there was no cable TV and if there had been Karma could not have recieved it.

TV reception was limited to 3 channels, of which one came in with some clarity. Karma did the only sensible thing a lonely little girl could do…she read or pl Karma Wilson grew up an only child of a single mother in the wilds of North Idaho. Karma did the only sensible thing a lonely little girl could do…she read or played outdoors. She was even known to try to read while riding her bike down dirt roads, which she does not recommend as it is hazardous to the general well being of the bike, the rider, and more importantly the book.

Her reading preferences were fantasy C. Lewis, Terry Brooks, etc… and historical fiction L. Montgomery, Laura Ingalls Wilder, etc…. Those tastes have not changed much. Karma never considered writing as a profession because her mother was a professional writer which made it seem like mundane work. By that time Karma was a wife and the mother of three young children. Trips to the library with her kids were a combination of emotions…a good book meant fun for all!

Then a tax refund changed everything. With the money the family decided to invest in a computer. Karma was forced to learn to type. She wanted to put a few more good books on the library shelves and pay off that computer! Countless rejections and three years later Karma was finally accepted by book agent Steven Malk who had already rejected her once, which she never lets him forget. Her first book, Bear Snores On, was released in The computer was paid for! Since then Karma has had more than 30 books accepted for publication.

Mortimer's Christmas Manger

Many of those are on the shelves of libraries and bookstores around the world. Her books have received numerous state and national awards, been translated into dozens of languages, and a few have made an appearance on the New York Times bestseller list. Karma sincerely hopes that her books bring joy to children and families everywhere. Karma writes humorous, rhythmic picture books for the very young, and humorous and wistful poetry for the primary grades.

These days Karma lives with her handsome husband Scott, and her three not-so-young-anymore children, two dogs, two chickens and one cat on some modest but lovely acreage in NW Montana. Her hobbies include reading of course , photography, baking, yoga, and a passion for Mixed Martial Arts. Books by Karma Wilson. Trivia About Mortimer's Christ No trivia or quizzes yet.

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