Rondeau in G Minor

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Rondeau Mélancolique

This is a very beautiful piece from the Baroque Music Era. This piece is composed by Henry Purcell. Did you find this review helpful? LOG IN to comment on this review. Musicnotes Pro Send a Gift Card. Add to wish list. Contains printable sheet music plus an interactive, downloadable digital sheet music file. This product is available worldwide.

Rondo, Op.94 (Dvořák, Antonín)

Rondo in D Minor from Abdelazer From: Instrumental Solo Original Published Key: D Minor Product Type: Its Latin name, luscinia, means by all likelihood "singer of grief", and its melodious song with mournful tones has inspired several composers. Although he originally composed it for harpsichord, at the end of the piece he adds a little comment suggesting that it can also be played on the flute. In Couperin's rendition the nightingale performs a hopeful love song, which we follow with a brunette by Jean-Baptiste de Bousset.

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In the original song by de Bousset rather than hearing the voice of the nightingale, we listen to a lover pleading to the nightingale: The version we perform includes ornaments written by Hotteterre, and provides a simple yet hauntingly beautiful conclusion to our melancholic journey. A brief remark on the performance The often introspective and melancholic nature of the music presented here can perhaps be carefully paralleled with certain ideas on motion.

The relation between mouvement and mesure has particular relevance - the late seventeenth-century viol player Jean Rousseau writes the following about these two terminologies: Mesure is a path; of which the end is Mouvement. Just as there is a difference between the path itself and to where that path leads: And as the voice or singing must be led by Mesure, Mesure will be conducted and enlivened by Mouvement.

As a result, the music often represents an intriguing mixture of physical progression, and yet simultaneously an almost static timelessness. Thus, the musical and temporal perception of seventeenth- and early eighteenth-century France can be characterized as having a circular, or "rondeau-like" feel to it, rather than a forward moving, linear nature. Whilst absorbing these pieces, the graceful variations on the momentary gain increasing importance, and attention to the future gradually fades away.

BBC Radio 3 - Through the Night, Harpsichordists Jean Rondeau and Diego Ares

License Reflective, historically-informed performance on the lute by Alex McCartney for your project. Play the music of Alex McCartney in your restaurant or store.

DuPhly Rondeau D Minor

Charles Buterne , Composer: Francois Couperin , Composer: Jacques Martin Hotteterre , Composer: Jean-Baptiste de Bousset , Composer: Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe , Composer: Pierre Danican Philidor , Composer: A fantastic classical violin and lute duo interpreting Baroque composers Tombeaux - A secular requiem by Richard MacKenzie: A feast of Baroque lute Lautenschmaus by Daniel Shoskes: Ethereal, enigmatic and exhilarating renaissance miniature masterpieces for viol and lute Downloads: High quality MP3 variable-bit-rate files. Most people download these: Perfect quality Apple Lossless format files.

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