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In this drama about intolerance and acceptance that takes place during World War I, a pair of German orphans, Helmut and Brigitta, are sent to a farming community in the Pacific Northwest after a stay in an internment camp. While they are welcomed by some in the town, many resent their presence, especially those who have lost family members in the war.

However, a teacher at the school takes a liking to them, and Helmut discovers he has a talent for basketball. Eventually, Helmut gets a chance to prove his worth to the community by playing in a special basketball game; if the neighborhood team wins, it will mean a new harvesting machine for the local farmers. Don Caron , Rich Cowan. Karen Allen as Bessie Emery. Peter Coyote as Martin Conlon. Robert Karl Burke as Helmut Brink. Amber Willenborg as Brigitta Brink.

Jock MacDonald as Nicholas Emery. Eric Dane as Tom Emery. Brian Skala as Nathan Emery. Casey Cowan as Samuel Emery. Tony Lincoln as Rev. Patrick Treadway as Frederick Treadway. Ellen Travolta as Agnes Barnes. Jack Bannon as Marcus Danielson. Elwon Bakley as Ben Emery. Joey Travolta as Charlie Cohn. March 31, Full Review…. An ambitious, complicated, and thoughtful story.

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September 30, Rating: There is too much buffering. The audio is poor or missing.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I would have given this movie five stars except for the wrongly produced aspect ratio. The video displays as a weird approximation of 2. This requires a bit of fiddling with the zoom settings on my widescreen TV to get a watchable picture. Since my projector does not have the same facility I cannot project the movie at the size I would prefer to match Don Caron's splendid score. I suggest that potential buyers should not be put off by this mistake in encoding the DVD as I believe most modern TV sets can be adjusted to make the picture viewable.

The movie is a treasure and I am so glad that I have just discovered it. Look for the soundtrack on CD also as it is wonderful if you can appreciate a gorgeous operatic score. One person found this helpful. There was indeed sufficient time for German orphans to have been brought to America before the War's end. General Pershing under President Woodrow Wilson refused to engage in combat until American soldiers controled the strategy and fighting of the trench war under the Ameican flag.

Doughboys sat idle in Europe for over a year before entering the combat in ; until that time, the U. Opera was the recorded 'rock-music' of the early 20th Century. Mozart broke new ground with his German operas in the later 18th Century and the subject matter was considered racy but for the quality of his music.

There was no fewer that automobiles and farm equipment manufacturers between the period of Today there are a handful of each. The competition was fierce and the war-time spending in advanced technology and improvements beyond normal standards. One more thing, the historically accurate basketball scenes were created with the mentor of people at "Hoop Town U. A" Hall of Fame, Springfield, Mass. Except, in my opinion, this is the best family movie I've ever seen. It played in Monterey for over six weeks, where many of my friends had a chance to see it on the big screen.

I sure the DVD will be amazing. We saw The Basket in the movie theater last year. If you like a quiet, thoughtful film that is appropriate for the whole family, then this is it. If you want special effects, car chases and swearing, this is not the movie for you. As best I can tell, from reading other comments here, except for one or two detailed critiques, those not liking the movie found The Basket to be boring.

Presumably not enough car chases and explosions. Those liking the movie enjoyed the sentimental story and the emotional power, and an ending where everyone won something more important than a basketball game. We thoroughly enjoyed this movie, set in a rural community in the early 20th century.

This one is easy to recommend, and worth seeing more than once.


The movie's message is that war affects ALL of us. Large helpings of pain help make that point, but for me at least the characters never really came alive. Looks like my second viewing will be the last. It knocked the rating down a notch. I can count seven or eight, maybe nine stories in this movie. The components are pretty good, but sad to say they do not form an organic whole.

I wrote the music for "The Basket" so I'm not going to offer my opinion of the content. I will say that I have heard literally hundreds of responses. Most people love the movie with a very personal intensity. It is not unusual that someone cries when describing their favorite scenes. On the other hand a small number of people I have spoken with hated this movie so much that it made them irrational.

I have even received obscene phone calls about it. It makes some individuals that angry. If you like sex in your movies, or violence, with macho male heroes and sexpot female heroines, and the F word sprinkled throughout this ain't your movie. But there are plenty out there for you. I think that's why it appeals without exception to retired age individuals. It harkens back to a time when movies were about storyline, not special effects and jarring shocking content. Love to you all, Don Caron. This is a movie produced in the area in which we live so it holds a special significance to me and those that live here.

The movie is good for all family members to watch together. For that reason, I gave it a 5 star! I can only review what I saw in the movie theater last year. Anyone here who claims to rate the DVD obviously has a beef with the producers or something. The simple fact is "The Basket" won every top family entertainment awards and also beat-out the best Hollywood could offer.

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