The Smartt View: Life, Love, and Cluttered Closets

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Announcing the next Clutter Conversation online event on Tuesday, August The Clutter Fairy Guide to Packing. Struggling with strong negative emotions associated with clutter? Work on the project in small bites and get some physical distance between you and the big project. Negative emotions like guilt, shame, fear, grief, and anger reduce our ability to concentrate and make decisions.

Clutter, in turn, can aggravate emotional distress.

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Gayle shared quick tips you can use every day to get a little more organized. Announcing the next Clutter Conversation online event on Tuesday, May Decluttering Strategies for Moving…or Staying Put. The Clutter Fairy family wishes you and yours a bountiful and harmonious Thanksgiving!

The Relationship Between Clutter and Confidence - Be More with Less

To make the space more orderly, Spain used fashionable gold hooks to suspend necklaces and purses. This trick can also be used to store hats, scarves, and umbrellas out in the open. And for less attractive accessories: Reserve fabric or woven baskets for storing socks, and let open wire baskets show off printed silk scarves. The chair introduces an interesting silhouette, while the transparent design cuts down on visual clutter. Simple gold hooks keep jewelry untangled and purses within reach. Fawn wallpaper may be a splurge, but the texture and pattern are guaranteed to steal the spotlight.

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To make sure these tops are always ready to wear and keep them looking neat on open shelving , follow our no-fail folding technique. With the shelving units already in place, most homeowners would consider their work done, but Mora decided to personalize the closet to make it look and function exactly how she wanted.

While Mora says she appreciates the beauty of a closet full of neutrals, her wardrobe reflects her love of color. Open shelving lets purses stay on display, reminding Yates to switch up her bag every now and then.

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Pieces that aren't regularly incorporated into her wardrobe get stashed in drawers, leaving mainstays front and center. Visit A House in the Hills to rummage through the rest of the closet. When filling the top of her dresser, Mora took inspiration from jewelry shops and nestled bangles and necklaces in a variety of trays.

The Relationship Between Clutter and Confidence

To organize your own jewelry using this boutique-inspired method, you can buy a jewelry dish, or simply search your house for spare trays, plates, and bowls you can devote to the cause. One of the best ways to keep your wardrobe looking fresh without constantly buying new clothes is to care for the pieces you already own. One of Mora's favorite ways to care for her boots is to invest in boot inserts. To keep her rings where she will easily find them, Mora borrows another trick from the jewelry boutique: These plush organizers may seem indulgent, but caring for prized possessions is a worthwhile investment.

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