The Warlocks Curse

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I'm trying to say he was great. He was likable and made mistakes left and right, but he tried. And, guys, he was troubled. Jenny was just fantastic, and also flawed which all the best characters are.

Warlock's Curse

She was ambitious and determined and complex. She had goals and motivations and her own plot, even though she wasn't the main character. Jenny and I could be friends. There's other characters I liked loved but I don't want to talk about them because spoilers! And, Aebedel Crowday was immensely disturbing.

Still, as much as I want to spend all my time gushing about the characters, where this book really shines is in its feel. Darker than I expected it, and I loved it. It is full of folklore that will feel new and familiar specially if you've read the previous duology. It is satisfyingly dark and a whirlwind of action that doesn't sacrifice character development. Read it and suffer waiting for the second book with me, please.

This was a really enjoyable book! There were so many great things about it. The prologue definitely set an interesting tone. It describes the struggle that witchhunter Anson Kendall faces in trying to get revenge on warlock Aebedel Cowdray and finish his father's work, but the warlock places a curse on Anson and his family, promising to return in the bodies of his descendants and do evil on the nights of the full moon. This was written in an excellent style which was extremely effective for the s This was a really enjoyable book!

This was written in an excellent style which was extremely effective for the subject matter. The prologue would not have had the same impact had it not been written the way it was. I really enjoyed it.

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On to the story itself: I thought the characters were fantastic. Will is a wonderful, brave young man with big dreams that his family does not approve of. He gets so tired of his father holding him back, so he stands up for himself and took a big risk to chase his dream, which I really admired. I also really liked Jenny. She is a smart, fun girl who is not afraid of chasing some adventure.

I really enjoyed the teasing, often flirty chemistry between the two, but that they still appeared just like the old friends that they are. I thought it was great too that they could learn from each other the whole way through. The world building was fantastic. This novel is set in an alternate version of our world which is filled with not only technological advances of the early s, but also with magic. There are so many implications of having magic as a real, integrated part of the world, and Hobson has covered many of them in her writing.

The Warlock's Curse

So many aspects of the magic are worked into the world so well that it doesn't seem out of place, despite the fact that that was not what our world was like at all. The world, that is so like ours but still so different, really comes alive and feels real. This story ended up being a lot more intense and darker than I had expected. This didn't mean, however, that I didn't enjoy it! While I was surprised at some of the wild and sinister things that happened, I was definitely enthralled in the story. I'll admit I was a little disappointed in the ending, mostly because Will isn't who I want him to be at the end.

This may be completely different from what others wanted or imagined, though. Overall I thought this was a great novel that really captured and maintained my interest and my curiosity throughout. It had great characters and an amazing world. Nov 13, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: The Warlock's Curse is the third book in the Venificas Americas series, but it is set at a different time than the first two and it has a new set of characters.

I love reading series in order so I can get the full effect of the books, but I wasn't lost or confused by starting with this book. I loved the Warlock's Curse and I will be getting the first two books in the series to read as well, because if they are like this one I know I will love them too. I am a major history nerd.

I was a history The Warlock's Curse is the third book in the Venificas Americas series, but it is set at a different time than the first two and it has a new set of characters. I was a history major in undergrad and I just get all giddy when history is incorporated into stories or movies. I loved the history in The Warlock's Curse.

Hobson did an amazing job weaving history throughout the story. And the coolest part is that it was like history class and science class with magic and some steampunkiness interspersed throughout it. Umm, yes please- those are all awesome things. And the effect when putting them all together was great.

The writing is the real deal. I love a fluffy book just like anyone else. Something you can pick up and just zone out and read. The Warlock's Curse is not that book. I was more of an active participant while reading this story because the writing is awesome but more dense and complex than some of the fluffier books I read. It was a nice change of pace for me, and I really loved M. Will and Jenny were so full of energy and enthusiasm that it was hard not to love them. Plus, I love a guys point of view so that was a big plus in my book.

But the world building was the star of the show for me. I think this has to be some of the best world building that I have seen in a book in a long time. Everything is just so well developed and presented that it makes reading a real pleasure. This book was an emotional journey. More than once I was sad about something that happened, but ultimately everything works for the story.

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I think The Warlock's Curse is a book that has something for everyone, and you should check it out. The first few chapters dragged a little but the second half of the story more than made up for the lackluster start with some startling revelations. So much of a good steampunk novel comes down to atmosphere. The detailed, scientific explanations of various machines greatly helped with creating that tone though I could have done with a little less emphasis on a few of the more obscure scientific theories depicted in this book.

As the protagonist, Will is a very headstrong character and I liked that he was so persistent and determined to achieve his goal to work for Tesla Industries. His stubbornness and inability to see the consequences of some of his more drastic actions were a tad annoying despite the excuse of his young age. That feeling was tempered by the frustration I felt on his behalf by all the secrets that were kept from him. That information would have helped a great deal if he had known beforehand.

The massive revelations were wonderfully surprising though I would have prefered to not be told it all at once as they were a lot to take in. All in all, this was a great adventure story set in a world brimming with magic and steam technology. Apr 20, Wilson rated it really liked it. This book took me a long time to finish. Actually, no, that's not quite right. It took me a long time to get to the middle.

My main problem with the book was that I didn't like anyone. That might have been okay, but for some reason, the humorously wry turns of phrase that This book took me a long time to finish. That might have been okay, but for some reason, the humorously wry turns of phrase that kept me smiling even chuckling at times in the first two books of this series, were missing. Everything and everyone was so serious all the time.

Again, that could have been fine - I've read plenty of predominantly serious books - if I'd been able to invest some emotion in the characters. But until events started to really move, I had little emotional investment to make me want to read the book. However, when events did start to move, whoooo! And I suddenly found myself pulled along with them, as secret after secret was revealed and people's motivations suddenly became a lot more clear.

Maybe a little less secrecy - to the reader, if not the characters - would have helped for me. I found a lot of the hidden motives more frustrating than tantalizing. Anyway, by the end of the book, I was very satisfied, and looking very much forward to the next one. I think I may have to re-read this one and maybe the first two, too before reading 4, because there are so many fascinatingly complex interrelationships that one needs to keep straight Oct 29, Ashley - Book Labyrinth rated it liked it Shelves: Once I started reading I was impressed with the fabulous world building.

The book features such a dense setting, which at times was daunting, but overall really added to the richness of the narrative. It requires a certain commitment, because of all the characters and details about the science and magic. However, if steampunk science fiction is your preferred genre, then this is definitely one worth reading. What was unique about it, to me, was that while the characters were upper-YA age, it definitely had more of the feel of an adult book.

It was more serious and focused on the plot, rather than the character-driven journey that most YA books feature. Also please note that while this is part of a larger series, it is the first book set in a different time period and with different characters, so you do not need to read any previous books to understand what is happening in this one. Oct 29, July rated it it was amazing Shelves: Review from Queen of Swords Book Reviews. This is real American history with a very large twist.

A couple of times I found myself wanting to research some of the events mentioned in the story to see if they were real or only in this alternate reality. I thought the devices were neat and well-integrated into the world. Hobson doesn't pull any punches. Some of the events in this book are absolutely heartbreaking. At the same time that I'm sad for the characters, I also respect that the author is willing to follow her vision wherever it will go. I love family sagas because you can experience the warm joy of old friends and the freshness and hope of new generations simultaneously.

While I understand why the author made that choice, I still wish that we had seen more of Jenny outside her relationship with Will. Hopefully the next book will remedy that. She's wonderful and I want more! Oct 05, Brigid Keely rated it really liked it Shelves: It leaves a great deal unresolved, but it looks like a fourth book is planned that will finish the series or at least this part of the series off. As much as she's assisting William, Jenny has plans of her own, involving a large amount of money and her physically infirm sister, Claire.

As he's getting established at Tesla Industries, however, the eponymous Curse rears its ugly head and things go from slightly complicated to thoroughly screwed up. Unlike Hobson's previous books, this is told from the point of view of a young man the youngest son of her former protagonist and the romance element is greatly reduced. Hobson is a solid writer, and does interesting things with AU Alternate Universe history and events, interesting world building. She fleshes out her systems of magic especially Sangrimancy as well.

There are some elements in this book that are darker than in her previous books, but she manages to avoid "woman in a refrigerator" syndrome. I wish it had been from the POV of a woman, but maybe we'll see that with the fourth book in the series. Hobson has apparently completed the tale of the delightfully-named Dreadnought Stanton and his dirt-witch bride, moving on to tell the story of the couples' youngest son here. I've been meaning to write a review for this book for awhile, but now that I finally have the time again I will. First off all this book is brilliant!

What I mean is that the characters, plot, themes, motifs, and overall structure is pitch perfect. Everything about this book is great. The characters are well developed, the world building is intensely satisfying, and the magic system is incredibly well developed. K Hobson's previous two books, although "The Native Star" is still by and f I've been meaning to write a review for this book for awhile, but now that I finally have the time again I will. K Hobson's previous two books, although "The Native Star" is still by and far my favorite of the entire series so far, but definitely "A Warlock's Curse" is a close second.

This book isn't a fluffy read, it's dark and devious in many different aspects and you never know what is coming next. This is a great book for anyone who likes alternate histories, tightly plotted novels, and an author who really knows what she is writing about. I can't wait till the next book in the series, and this is an author who truly needs to be more well known. Apr 11, Natalie C rated it it was amazing. Definitely one of the book series I wish more people knew about!! But that's ok with me.

I think this book was written for voracious readers. It certainly went against a lot of my expectations for the story. And that's certainly not a bad thing. If you really Definitely one of the book series I wish more people knew about!! If you really want something new, then I hope you try this book out. But better to start with the equally refreshing first two books to understand the terms in this book Aug 28, Hannah Stewart rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Until I started reading these books again, I thought I was completely done with Steampunk. I think it's the combination of magic, steampunk and lies that sucks you in. The only criticisms I have is: I needed to know what happens to the family, what happens from then on. Sitting in s theatre just doesn't cut it.

Sep 26, Krista rated it really liked it Shelves: Hobson keeps the action moving in this third novel in her Veneficas Americana series. In this novel we meet Will Edwards, the son of Dreadnought Stanton and Emily Edwards - a young man unaware of his magical heritage. When he runs away to Detroit to take a position at Tesla Industries, however, his parents' past and the curse they tried to evade catches up with him. Oct 22, Ali M. Unfortunately, this entry never sat right with me. The writing was great, and I loved being back in Hobson's complex alternate America, but I never fell in step with Will and Jenny.

The central concept of the book which I can't explain here, or I'll spoil the whole thing forces the author to tread a very fine line with the main character. Join Date Feb Posts The Warlock's Curse What is the general understanding on the warlock's curse and damaging multiple targets with it in one round?

I know that the Ranger has the Hunter's Quarry and it can only be used once per round, but the Ranger can only designate one target with their quarry. The paladin has divine challenge that can cause damage once per round, but it also can only be active on one target at a time. The PHB says the curse damage can only be used once per round, but the curse can be put on multiple targets and remains until the end of the encounter. If you cast an area attack spell and damage two targets that are cursed, do you get the curse damage on one or both targets?

I play a Warlock currently, and I think that as a striker, it makes more sense to have the curse damage hit each cursed target once per round. It's not going to come up too frequently, as the class doesn't offer a lot of area attack capability, but I think the main thing that influences my reasoning here is that the Warlock can have multiple curses in effect, while other classes don't have a similar capability. I have taken the liberty of asking this question on your behalf last week Originally Posted by stobil. As it stands, the only benefit to cursing multiple targets is that your ability to gain temporary hit points is expanded across multiple targets.

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