Business Performance Measurement and Management: New Contexts, Themes and Challenges

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Email verificata su imperial. Titolo Citata da Anno Performance measurement and management: International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management 62 8 , , International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management 59 2 , , International Journal of Production Research 53 21 , , International Journal of Business Innovation and Research 7 2 , , Journal of Applied Management and Accounting Research 5 2 , , Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management 23 5 , , Articoli 1—20 Mostra altri.

Performance measurement and management: An economist, Richard has been studying the economics and regulation of the electricity industry for 25 years. He has written extensively on market power in wholesale electricity markets and has also worked on transmission pricing.

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More recently, the main focus of his work has been on the impact of low-carbon generation nuclear and renewables on the electricity market, and the business and policy implications of this. Colin has worked extensively with international companies holding senior management directorships with Avon Cosmetics, Croda Chemicals, Betterware and Great Universal stores. His current research aims to improve understanding of competitive dynamics under uncertainty, of innovation and the inventive process, and of competition within and between innovation ecosystems.

He teaches Entrepreneurship and Corporate Strategy. Maria received a Ph. Prior to pursuing her Ph. Academy of Management Journal , 43 4 , A literature and practice review to develop sustainable business model archetypes. Journal of Cleaner Production , 65, When sustainable development risks losing its meaning. Journal of Cleaner Production , 83, Business models for sustainable innovation: Journal of Cleaner Production , 45 1 , The success and failure of performance measurement initiatives.

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The Journal of Economic Perspectives , 9 4 , How information gives you competitive advantage. Harvard Business Review , 63 4 , The triple bottom line: The sustainability sweet spot. Environmental Quality Management , 17 2 , Is environmental management accounting a discipline?

A bibliometric literature review. Meditari Accountancy Research , 21 1 , Measuring environmental management disclosure in industries in Brazil with Item Response Theory. Journal of Cleaner Production , 47, Indicators of sustainable production: Journal of Cleaner Production , 9 6 , Case research in operations management. Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development: Essential guide to qualitative methods in organizational research Vol. Services on Demand Journal. Original Article Discussing sustainability in business context and in performance disclosures: Case 1 — The agribusiness firm Sustainability in Case 1 - Support for social inclusion through sponsorship of events Example of environmental actions - Projects of energy consumption reduction in industrial units - Project to promote recycling in industrial units and office facilities Impact to business - The company's image is directly related to the environment.

Therefore, it is essential to be able to communicate their social and environmental concerns.

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The main aspects of the sustainable initiatives are summarized in Chart 3. September 29, ; Accepted: How to cite this article.

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Sustainability in Case 1. Example of social actions. Support for social inclusion through sponsorship of events.

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Example of environmental actions. Direct economic value generated and distributed, including revenues, operating costs, employee compensation, donations and other community investments, retained earnings and payments to capital providers and governments.

Financial implications and other risks and opportunities for the organization's activities due to climate change. Coverage of the pension plan benefit offered by the organization.