The 11:59 Experience - God WILL Be On Time!

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But they were not alone. Life's transitions may leave you feeling attacked. You may feel beaten and stripped of your spiritual and personal dreams. It may seem as though layers of divine protection have disappeared. This stripping simply means God is taking off the old and exposing you to new life and new assignments.

Then comes the birthing. To be beaten means God is molding us into His image. Think of a muscle. Have you ever had a really good workout, but the next morning felt sore? Your muscles were in a breakdown stage, which is critical. Without it, the muscles can't rebuild themselves.

Gervase Markham

It was humiliating enough for Paul and Silas to suffer, but why did the crowd have to participate? Our transitions are often similar. It's not enough to suffer in silence or privacy; it seems as though God chooses those broken moments to put us on display. Paul and Silas were confined to prison, but at about midnight—perhaps it was In the midst of confinement, they blessed the Lord.

Lasting change is birthed out of pain and often filled with isolation. But there's no better time to feel God's presence than during your "spiritual Recall past victories, and in spite of how you feel or what you see, praise Him for His promises. Your worship will promote stability and assurance. Then you're ready for the breakthrough. Paul and Silas' prayer and praise caused tremors in the realms of darkness.

Suddenly, a violent earthquake shook the building, and the doors were opened. Explosive breakthroughs will come in your life as you continue to lift up the name of Jesus. Breakthroughs bring the favor of God on your life, which releases His plans for you. Soon, your doors will swing open, chains will fall off, and those standing by will marvel at your life.

When we become a testimony of God's faithfulness during painful transitions, not only are we blessed, but others will observe our breakthroughs and will be touched by our release. Desperation will prompt them to ask, as the jailer did, "What must I do to be saved? The passage in Acts concludes with the jailer restoring Paul and Silas as the magistrate sent word to release them. Likewise, God can cause the same people or situation that imprisoned you to bless you. Subscribe to Charisma and join a family of believers that enjoy God's presence and operate in the gifts and the fruits of the Spirit.

Live your life in the Spirit! Woman of God, you are anointed. Step into your destiny and live a life of boldness, power and strength. Get the Anointing Bundle plus 2 Free Gifts. Learn to hear God speak, encounter the Holy Spirit, and soak in His presence. Please consider the following statements pertaining to comments posted by you and other visitors to our website:.

This Is the No. You're On the Brink of Breakthrough! When your clock strikes Whether you are in a period of burden or birthing, remember that explosive breakthroughs are born around midnight. So, let the celebration begin. Your description and those of others on this site of similar experiences lead me to re-examine that experience and perhaps find hope within it. Your words give me hope there is an answer to pursue.

God is not just sympathetic, God is empathetic. There is a spark, a microbe, a thread, a drop of the essence of God in each of us. While we might not recognize it or while we choose to ignore or deny or reject our godliness, God always recognizes and acknowledges and affirms and claims and connects with that Godliness that is intricately woven and bound with the essence of each free-willed individual being. God suffered with Jesus. The lesson is not that it was a miraculous coexistence of divine and human. The lesson is that God is connected and bound to each of us just as God was connected and bound to Jesus.

Jesus is a universal example, not a singular occurrence. God has always known us. In our knowing God, in making it a two-way connection, we open a communication link, establish a conversation, become involved in the most open intimate relationship in which we can be involved and with the most faithful and trustworthy partner.

It is a marriage and a binding and a bonding of soul and creator — we know God and God knows us. Through the power of this dynamic connection and loving relationship, we cannot stay the same, we cannot remain who we were — the former self falls away and dies and in its place a new being is established. Through the power of the relationship between soul and creator, there is death, resurrection and transformation, and mutual benefit.

We are given a new life and a participatory citizenship in the ever present Kingdom of God. God is reconnected with that of God which is a part of each of us and through us God is connected with creation as a part of creation and God experiences more of the on-going existence of creation.

Do you believe this passage to be literally true? If so, why do you consider this passage literal and not so many other passages? O sacred now — Continual creation — What man cannot devise Or bend to his will — May we keep watch over And protect you as You protect and nurture us — May we ennoble and honor you As you keep us within your embrace — May we know your kind and generous will As we return it — Welcomed — Compassionate — Free from all bondage — From hatred, violence and fear — With debts to no man But owing only to you — And to all — The spirit of sanctuary, justice and peace Your presence inspires.

Hello Marc — this is a long-ago student of yours who owes her career as a lawyer to your advice to consider law school even though a music major! I have often wanted to thank you for that, so here it is: If you are ever coming to the Minneapolis area, please drop me a line, it would be very fine to visit again over lunch or dinner. BTW, congratulations on your remarkable career, I have read your books and, as ever, blown away by the knowledge, insight and clarity of thought. I am fortunate enough, now, to be among a community that, for the most part, sees things similarly from a Christian point of view.

Your works have influenced many, many people Thank you again. This discussion is very interesting. Borg, for beginning it. I, too, have had my faith in God confirmed by mystic experiences. I have had a clear memory all my life of one night when I was a small child and had gone to bed and neglected to get a hug good-night from either of my parents, which was our family tradition.

As I lay in bed feeling sad about this, I felt myself embraced. I was certain that God had given me a hug. I also had an experience as a child of lying in bed at night and watching the ceiling overhead dissolve. I could see the stars outside. Then, in the corner of the room, I saw a woman holding a young child in her arms. She was pointing, showing him the stars. I knew immediately it was Mary and Jesus.

This was not a dream; I was wide awake. After a minute the pair vanished and the ceiling rolled back into place. I respectfully submit this idea as an addition to the ongoing discussion. I am not talking, necessarily, about punishment when I mention God holding us responsible. Another person, a friend, a mentor, can hold you responsible for something. An impersonal force cannot.

I forgot to ask… have you considered a non-fiction work on mystics? Your description and non-hysterical approach is sorely needed by many. As you mentioned at the seminar in Lexington, there are many out there — and perhaps they just do not understand iwhat that means in terms of being quite normal. Also, it would be good to see an approach that is different than the usual conception of a mystic! Many think of Teresa of Avila levitating! And, as you are aware, there is so much more to it than that!

Thank you so very much for your clarity regarding mysticism. I have used your definition of mystic several times when attempting to communicate what is a part of my life. Your definition and description has been so valuable. Yes, we go on because we have no other choice. To know that I was able to communicate to someone fully, although we spoke for less than 3 minutes at that time, brought me great courage and strength — and hope. I have now entered a monastery, and am very happy.

Bless you for your guiding spirit. I did not do anything to bring on these experiences nor was I hysterical with grief or fear. I was just finding myself in a position of awfulness—just like other human beings have experienced. At these times I was bathed in feelings of warmth, peace, well being, calmness with an accompanying knowledge that everything was going to be okay in the end. This bubble is not solid, it is riddled with cracks, holes, and tunnels. Some of what is in those gaps is not of this universe.

What is in the cracks, holes, and tunnels of the universe?

Whatever is outside the universe works exactly the same as what we find in the universe. I have never craved a drop of alcohol since that day. I knew instantly although not in any intellectual way five things: Everything is going to be okay, no matter what. I have a purpose. This spiritual ecstasy is not for me to keep but for which to be a channel for other people. I could feel them flow out of me as though leaving through my fingertips. I loved humanity deeply, deeper than I ever had before.

I am currently a seminarian, although it is the strangest thing I can imagine. Merton had very good instincts. He has been a blessing to many people, including me. How your experience will proceed is unpredictable, of course. May the Lord bless you and keep you, may the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you, may the Lord lift up the light of His countenance upon you and give you His peace. I have had very similar experiences in my life as Dr Borg is describing in this post.

I came from atheist home, to quite conservative, biblicist Christianity where I have stayed — and increasingly struggled — for years. The point I wish to add to the discussion in the comments above is the following. It is not clear how we should decide this issue. I do understand where you are coming from, Kim, and I hope your own spiritual path will continue to lead you deeper into God, whatever He may use to help you.


I am coming from quite a different place. My conviction is that spirituality and the discussion of spirituality, at some point, should go beyond the discussion of aesthetics. I do think that at some point spirituality should become a deeper question; but everyone must pursue what seems best and truest. My initial intent was to comment on my own experience, and on my appreciation for Dr. In response to the comments that followed that, my second post was intended to share what I, personally, have interpreted from Dr.

My aim was not to speak for him, convince anyone else of those assertions, or argue semantics. I have found his work very helpful for my own spiritual path, but certainly there will be, and have been those who disagree. That is not my area of interest or expertise. Maybe you will see a comment from him regarding that one day. It sounds like an interesting area of discussion. But here is a try. To switch paradigms is to switch beliefs. To change paradigms is, in the common parlance, to convert. I do believe Dr. Borg and I come from different paradigms when we read the Bible, and that is the same as saying we come from different religions.

It is not something as mild as the difference between Catholic and Protestant, or even between liberal and fundamentalist, where there is a large intersection of shared belief. Underlying this difference in paradigms is a shift in definitions so thorough and complete as to leave no intersection of shared belief at all. At least so it seems to me. I must say too that there is no other field of academic endeavor in which such a change of paradigms would be allowed to continue using the same vocabulary.

August 2018

A change in meaning demands, in all honesty, a change in the words we use. It is the only fair way to communicate with people who are accustomed to using those words if we are genuine about wanting to communicate. As far as I know, one cannot have a relationship with anything but another being — either human or supernatural. This is very different from having a relationship with an actual being human or otherwise.

It may be that, rather than a misuse or redefining of Christian terms, the confusion results from viewing the Bible and Christianity from distinctly different paradigms. With regard to the interventionist concept, my impression is that he is responding to a more literal view of interventionism, rather than suggesting that God is not relational in our lives. To do so would be coming from a deist point of view, which is apparent to me is not the case. He does not assert that God is removed or impersonal. To have satisfactory answers for the above questions and observations, I highly recommend reading his works to gain a clear understanding of his assertions.

In my opinion, the articles on this website are a good start, along with the book I mentioned above. Having had a religious upbringing somewhat to the right of Jerry Falwell, I have been devouring the books of Borg, Crossan, Spong, etc.

You're On the Brink of Breakthrough! — Charisma Magazine

I guess my main question concerning God is: Is their experience of God something that will someday be found under these social sciences? It was the name He took just before the largest scale intervention ever imagined by a God. The Bible is entirely from an interventionist view point and to reject interventionism is to reject that whole mindset, and I might add, the whole mindset of Christianity over the millenia.

Continuing to use Christian jargon without the Christian mindset is misleading.

12 Hope and Help for our Darkest and Lowest Times

So what are we worshiping? How can that ever be answered if the god we intend to worship is so far removed from life that we never actually deal with him? How can we worship what does not respond?

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To discard a God who intervenes makes no sense to me. There would seem to be nothing left. And what if we discard any God who intervenes and then He started to do exactly that? Would we be able to notice? I distrust anything that may make me more blind than I already am. I think Matt poses a good question: What are we worshipping? Who or what is being praised? What is prayer in such a world — maybe a form of meditation?

I appreciate the respect and thoughtfulness of the commenters in this blog — pretty rare to find. Yet most everyone who has posted in this thread obviously thinks that they had some sort of God-experience. Your descriptions make it sound as if your experience was simply about recognizing the sheer beauty and awesomeness of our world and our universe. If God is defined as that awesomeness, then I, too, affirm the reality of God. God, by this new definition, is an emotional state or emotional awareness of human beings. It is not an objective reality that exists independently of human beings.

I must say that I agree strongly with what Paul says here. I, like Paul, am a former fundamentalist, but unlike him I have not ended up as an atheist. Borg I pursued the Jesus defined in the Christian tradition as a result. What I find most objectionable in what Dr.

Borg seems to say is his insistence on using the words of Christian tradition all the while endowing them with new definitions quite alien to the original. Every scholar in every field, except apparently in theology, knows that when you change the definition of a word you must introduce a new word. Otherwise you simply introduce confusion. I would feel a lot more comfortable with Dr. Borg if he would quit using terms whose definitions he has altered and be more upfront with what he is really saying. A person who has a mystical experience should never ignore that experience.

I did not go back to fundamentalism, but I had to wrestle my way in to what was behind it. A mystical experience is only a beginning to the pursuit of truth, not the goal. If you do have one then take care that you do not pursue the vision and end up like a dog chasing its own tail. I am a 73 year-old raised by a wonderful fundamentalist mother. Taking the Bible literally worked for her but does not work for me.

My vision field is suffused with light. By the way this gender nonsense is pretty tiring to read about yet again. We need to get over it here in the States where it is far from the issue it is abroad. Loved Jesus wish you could mount another such gathering with such an array of scholars. Reprise but let the scholars move forward Religion would be a worthy project on line or off.

While there is validity and usefulness to these super-natural or more-than-natural experiences — experiences that deserve to be remembered, cherished, and contemplated — they are not the only mystical experiences. Mystical experiences can arise out of great tragedy and the ensuing grief and the coping and the wrestling to make sense of it all. After giving three healing touch sessions I can walk out to a wide grassy space and find myself enfolded in love and light and God. The grass, trees, foilage and birds all speak peace.

The first occurred in my early teens:. One summer Sunday afternoon, my family was settling down to read and snooze. It was my turn to take the cows out of the barnyard and down the lane to the flats, the meadow beside our unnamed creek. The cows began their lazy procession out the gate, past the corn silo on one side and the manure pile on the other. In the lane, most trudged along passively. A few tried to reach under the fence to fresh grass.

Old ones moved only when I swatted them on the flank with a stick. Moving the herd along, I hummed a hymn from the morning service, a perfect summer song of praise. The breeze that felt like world-inhaling, divine breath played with my hair and stroked my face and arms. Wherever I looked, everything was shining: This lasted a few moments and half a century. The fact that individuals have very similar mystical experiences suggests that in every society and religion there are some a minority? Remember the psychic rabbit in Watership Down? He would have painful, fearful insights that he articulated as prophetic warnings for his fellows.

Likewise for native shamans. Why was your direct contact with the divine, like mine, basically happy? I think that spiritual people need to work with artists, the most likely group in our society to be an instrument or voice or dancer of God. It is an anonymous gift.