The Strategic Dividend Investor

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I sort of scoffed to myself at his selection compared to mine, but hey, he could be right and I could be wrong, but I kind of doubt it. Wish you would've posted you were interested Stryker, I would've sent you my copy From a methodology perspective, Josh Peters book is much better. Peter's book provides some great overall concepts and the calculations to learn more. Its helped me develop my own "criteria" which fits me well. Some good dividend history in the book. Apparently there was an interview with the author, Daniel Peris, just a few weeks ago in Fortune magazine.

Why dividends still beat buybacks. A short list of imaginary beings: Yeah, so the notion that the Wall Street institutional investors have colluded they'd have to - it only takes one to adjust the price to leaves a free lunch in dividend stocks for the little guy is just a wee bit far fetched. I don't remember any dividend investor ever saying they were looking for a free lunch.

Beware the limitations of buying the index. My point is that dividend investing is a lot like value investing--maybe the same thing when semantics are dropped. I may be off topic because I haven't read the book in question. But most books about dividend investing that I have read are quite a bit like value investing books, such as the Buffetology books. These books always emphasize dividend history in their fundamental analysis. Tell me Peris isn't doing that. Gary Douglas rated it really liked it Nov 28, Lucas rated it liked it Sep 23, Shane rated it it was amazing Oct 20, Dirk rated it liked it Apr 05, Amorgan rated it liked it Jan 28, Daniel Hunter rated it liked it Dec 04, James rated it it was amazing Dec 27, Julianna rated it it was ok Nov 03, Richard rated it liked it Feb 07, Allan Alfonso rated it really liked it Jul 06, Bill rated it liked it Mar 24, Justin Hales rated it liked it Nov 28, Samuel Wier rated it it was amazing Sep 12, MannyB rated it it was amazing May 11, Kevin rated it really liked it Dec 28, Nishant Sah rated it really liked it Jun 02, Joyce Effinger rated it liked it Mar 19, Skelja rated it really liked it Apr 04, Stockfish rated it it was amazing Mar 17, Luke Ferraro rated it really liked it Apr 08, Josh rated it really liked it May 06, Alex rated it liked it Jan 26, Stedde rated it it was ok Sep 17, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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The Strategic Dividend Investor: Why Slow and Steady Wins the Race by Daniel Peris

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As a beginning investor, I have recently read a lot about the stock market in general and dividend investing in particular, which is what led me to this book. Peris writes well and the book is easy to read, but I didn't feel like I got much value from it. The book is about pages, which is fairly short, yet I think most of the key information in it could be expressed in about pages if a lot of the redundancy were avoided.

In fact, the main investing strategy outlined in the book can be summarized in a single sentence: Invest for the long term in dividend-paying stocks with good yields and consistent dividend growth because such stocks have been shown historically to provide solid returns. I think this is good advice, but one doesn't really need to read this book to figure it out. Prior to reading this book, I had already determined that long-term dividend investing was a good strategy based largely on what I gleaned for free from various blogs, websites, etc.

The Strategic Dividend Investor: Why Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I didn't get much in the way of new insight from the book, except perhaps for Peris' take on the current "Trader Nation" mentality that de-emphasizes dividend investing. Speaking of free information from websites, two sources that I've come across that are very helpful for finding good dividend stocks are: Note that I am not affiliated with either website; I simply want to point out that they are good sources for finding stocks to implement the strategy described in this book.

In Peris' defense, this may not be necessary because he recommends that individuals get a broker to do all the research and dividend investing for them. For people who are completely naive about the stock market and finances, this would be a good option. However, in the age of the Internet, there is so much easily accessible information online e. Two other things that I was disappointed not to find in the book: For example, let's say I find a handful of stocks in the same sector or industry that have good yields and consistent dividend growth.

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How should I compare them further to determine which is the best investment s? Maybe these things could be incorporated into a new edition of the book down the road; building on the preceding paragraph, this would be a way of catering to readers who want to do dividend investing on their own.

I also feel compelled to comment on the Kindle version of the book, which is what I read. They really need to be redone in a different format. This issue might be motivation enough for most people to opt for the print version of the book, despite the higher cost. The Strategic Dividend Investor is an excellent guide to investing in stocks.

Dividend paying stocks outperform non-dividend stocks by a wide margin and this book does an excellent job of explaining why.

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  • However, I am deeply dissatisfied with the Kindle edition of the book. Much of the value of this book is in the research and data that Mr. Most of this information is presented in the form of detailed graphs and tables that are completely unreadable on the Kindle. So buy the physical book; it is well worthwhile. But don't buy the Kindle edition. My 3-star rating is an average of 5-stars for the book and 1-star for the Kindle edition that I made the mistake of buying.

    The whole book can come down to this, buy good dividend growing stocks and hold for the long term.

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    Something everyone knows already, waste of money.