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Little over year ago I noticed him arranging his treats. At a young age he lined them up in a roll from smallest to biggest all facing same direction. As time goes by he makes arrow shapes, triangles, squares or fans out his treats with one on the bottom center. If anyone knows why he does this or who I can talk to that would be great.

I found this information here interesting as I decided to research online regarding this. She learns tricks quickly. She is a rescue. I think Donny in the picture where the bear is hugging the frog was trying to show he wanted more love. Also, I have a dog named Blizzard an English Cream Golden Retriever and he organized his toys in a straight line… I was in the middle of looking for why he did that and bumped into this!!!

Hi my Yorkshire terrier mix of 1 year and 2 months started to arrange his food in straight lines along the wall but before that we would take some and take it to corners and place a few there but now he just arranges 3 foot lines. I just find it interesting how a dog can do that without ever being trained.

My cat has done this for years. He has one particular type of ball that he likes to play with. It comes in a few different colors, and also in soccer ball print or solid color. He will make straight lines or curves with the balls spaced evenly apart, and yesterday he made an equilateral triangle. He will also make patterns with the colors for example, a straight line that is purple, green, purple, green.

He also will sometimes use only soccer ball print balls for an arrangement.

He is an extremely intelligent cat, so I wonder if he does it out of boredom. Bobby Jean, I was searching on Google to find out why my cats lines his toys up in a line or semi-circle and I found this. I like you, have never seen him do it. Fanch does it when we are gone or at night. He only like to play with the small foam rubber balls I get at the pet store. They come is different colors. He lines them up in the hallway, in he office , or our bedroom. Fanch is an Ocicat and very intelligent. We love him so much. He is an amazing animal.

Fanch is very connected to me. He knows when I am going to be sick before I know it and he will behave very differently toward me during this time. He stays very close to me and will not let me out of his sight. It is different then when he wants me to hold him. I am amazed how connected he is to my being. My dog, Darcy, arranges her toys all the time. She started with half-circles and moved on to full circles. She has also arranged her toys in parallel lines, a quadrilateral, and a triangle. Her favorite seems to be a circle though. I would love to know why she does this.

She is some kind of spaniel mix. My guess is that she is also part border collie. I got him as a puppy, when he was younger, he had to be touching me, leaning against me. Older, he just keeps me within eyesight. It is the weirdest thing. She sometimes comes to her lines of stuff and chews on one for a bit but leaves it there and goes away to do other things.

Frankie W. Spencer (Illustrator of Doonie the Rainbow Dog)

She sometimes sleeps amongst the lines she made. My husky lab mix, Marley, has been doing this same thing with her stuffed animals as well, and most of her life. For example, just this morning when I woke up I found that she laid 8 stuffed animals in a half circle, alternating position, butt to head, head to butt, butt to head; with two pink dragons on each endif the half circle.

She then placed one animal outside the circle , mid way facing the others in the half circle and one animal behind the half circle mid way. This amazes me each time she does this, it happens quite often.

Why Does This Doberman Arrange His Toys?

She has done so many different compositions, each amazing to look at. I never thought about video taping Marley. It would be both wonderful and interesting if the two dogs were able to interact with each other. I would love if all of us who have our pets that do this to start a Facebook page. I have a chocolate Lab that has done it for years. She takes one item of all of ours, plus her stuffed animals and lines it all up. Sometimes in different patterns. Sometimes all lined up in a row, triangles or separated in different piles of toys.

He is very intelligent and knows every toy by us just calling out the toy name. Go get your Monkey,Tiger, Donut etc. We never trained him to do this task. He just knew after we just assigned a name to the toy. I will say the breeder told us he was the first puppy out of the whelping box and he demands a lot of attention with lots of hugs and kisses. Since we work out of our home, he does not like when one of us leave and will take his Teddy Bear and lay on it like a pillow till one of us comes home.


My dog Harley, a chihuahua mix found on the road the road being next to a highway and a ghetto neighborhood in the rain, his short fur covered in mud and his dog seemingly cut from his collar. I have a rescue approximately 3 year old.

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About three months ago, she began to arrange objects in my back yard in a circle. The circle still exists. My dog changes the objects, sometimes having a toy in the middle of the circle. She adds objects from time to time and the circle keeps changing. I came here looking for info on cats who do this. I have 6 indoor cats and one of them lines toys up in a single line, equal distance apart.

First, several different types of toys were lined up in front of the toilet, which is where the cats like to get attention. Today, they were all toys of the same type — sparkly balls, that were lined up in our living room, right in the walkway. I thought maybe it was a sign of creativity or OCD, but none of them show any other signs. I have a 7 year old red Doberman that I got as a puppy.

When she got to be about 6 months old she started collecting objects around the house and putting them in the corners of her kennel.

Doonie The Rainbow Dog

Matchbox cars in one corner, 3 pairs of sunglasses in another corner, little army men in another corner and pens and pencils in the other corner. Once she got them in place she was very careful not to disturb them. She never mixed them and sometimes put keys together in a corner. She has a favourite treat Purina hugs that have a meaty center and a crunchy outside.

After a while, she started pushing the pieces into two separate piles, with the crunchy pieces in one pile, and the meaty pieces in the other pile. One day, she lined them up in a line with equal distance between them, and then ate them one by one. I have never taught her anything like this. I also have a rescue dog that rearranges his toys also. I have lots of photos posted on my FB Timeline under ingrid Varness or peppers page.

I also have some videos posted on YouTube. I find it fascinating how he knows the different animals faces. He will lay them face up or face down in a line. I am unable to see the video in candada: I also have a doberman that does this. He lines up his bones and toys parallel to each other and evenly spaced out in the living room and yard. I have a toy rat terrior I rescued a year ago. After my husband left me I put my dog on the bed with me with his toys. Every morning I would wake up his toys would be arranged in different designs. He does it sometimes 2X daily.

My cat has been arranging his toys in single lines near doorways for the past year. My Ocicat, Fanch, lines his toy balls up when we are gone or at night. I have never seen him do it, only find them when I arrive back home. I would love to know why he does it. He also places them in our shower. Hey are always lines up in the general pathway of the home.

Our 4 year old male Cockapoo Sparky has a metal toy bucket, but he really does not like to put his head inside due to his neck touching the rim. Typically we dump it out or pull one out for him. In his bucket are all sorts of colored toys with a variety of textures. He loves them all! But twice now, he took everything out, in order and when I say in order, both times Sparky made a rainbow! My daughter watched part of this and said Sparky was very methodical, pulled each toy out and found a specific place for it on the wood floor in our kitchen.

The first time he did this, he made an arch shape! My daughter was amazed and recited the order of the colors.. Another day, he took the same bucket of his toys, and was playing more quietly in the same spot. We looked over and he had made a LINE of the rainbow colors, all equally spaced!

The last two toys had the most texture and were multicolored so did not fit in the rainbow order. We feel this is amazing and want to try to catch Sparky on video. He seems methodical the way he eats at times, an example would be banging the crate door twice before eating.

She always puts them back there too. The link contains a video as well. The article discusses Donny the Doberman, which was featured […]. Someone I work with sent me this article because I have a chihuahua that lines everything up. His dog food, toys, especially the small tennis balls that he plays with most of the time. When he is done he will push with his nose or paw any item that is not in a straight line into place. Yesterday they stole potatoes I had just washed off of my kitchen counter and when we found them on their pillow they were lined up in a perfectly straight line with a bite out of each one!

Amazing to find other dogs do this same kind of behavior. Wish I knew what was going through their minds! Barbara Smuts at the University of Michigan may have found an example of art-like behavior in a Doberman Pincher named Donnie. Donnie has a very unusual habit of arranging toys in geometric patterns, particularly triangles.

From my experience seems that Donnie is autistic. The way you described his behaviour and his long adjustment time etc. Please feel free to contact me for more info. The oldest has been arranging her toys since she was a baby. Most of the time the pattern is a straight line or semi-circle. She stopped doing it for awhile, but the other day, she started it again. As for the five year old, she has imitated this behavior, I think and brings the toys up to my bed.

The other day I found one in my bed, face up, head on the pillow, with covers pulled up to its chin, just like a child would be tucked in at night. I am a life long shelter adopter and most that I have visited in search of the perfect Doberman are the typical layout of rows of interconnecting chain link kennels each with 1 dog. I, too, would love a Donnie update.

We adopted him from a shelter when he was a puppy. We began to notice this behavior several years ago. He arranges his toys in parallel lines with the toys layed out parallel to each other.

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The distant between each toy is similar. At first I was sure my husband was doing this as a joke but it has occured when he is not at home. He does not appear to be a genius but he is very neurotic. It took us a long time to teach him to get out of the car. He would get in but stepping down to get out on his own scared him. We finally conquered this but he still exits the car very slowly and carefully and only after several attempts.

In spite of his fears he loves people and other animals. We have a 2 year old black labrador who has been doing this too. During the times we are out he is left with a number of chew bones he tends to shred any cuddly toys to pieces if not supervised! When we come back he has arranged them into either squares, triangles or straight rows. I have a Great Dane who is 2 years old now and has been lining up her toys and making different patterns with her toys. I have asked several people; vets, dog trainers, and pet lovers if they have known any dog to do this and everyone has said no.

The only comment that was made was that my vet said she had OCD ha ha. Anyway, I am so curious as to why she does this. If anyone has any info. I have an almost 9 yr old blue heeler that has recently been going through chemotherapy. I was cleaning house one afternoon and noticed 7 toys in a perfect line and spaced exactly 3 feet apart.

I quicly went and got the wife to show her this. As I was showing her, my dog added her favorite toy on an end. The toys were aligned from one window to another. We have rescue Chesapeake Bay retreivers at any one time. Ours run the gamut from dumb as dirt to Einstein dogs. Earl has unbelievable cognitive abilities. He problem solves and understands a huge vocabulary. He knows all the names of his toys and which are the newest. He takes extremely good care of his things and appreciates everything you give him. He just loves to be challenged by learning new things. My guess is that although he has no concept of time everything in the dog world is now , he has an intelligence level similar to a pre-schooler.

They are pack animals and social, they enjoy company and will keep each other company. They are WAY smarter than we think. My coworkers and I were watching this today. In the clip, you can notice visible movement to two of the stuffed toys sitting on the window ledge behind the owner and Donnie while they are sitting on the white cushion seat. The movement is quite unexplained and there is also a shadow that seems to make the movement happen. I know this is a bit crazy and takes a bit of willingness to believe in the paranormal. However, do you think it is possible that ghosts have as much fun playing with our pets as we do?

Would it be too far fetched that Donnie is retrieving and placing items based on the commands of another member in the home that only he is aware of. Something to think about. Did anyone see the stuff animals moving on their own in the video? Around 40 seconds into the video 2 of the animals move.

I had a little terrier that looked like Toto from the wizard of Oz who was born blind in his left eye. Every stuffed animal that was given to him he would pluck the left eye out! I sure miss that little mutt! Long live Fidget aka Putzboy! So how does he know they belong together? In the original Nat Geo special, it showed him combining at least three different model frog toys, none of which looks alike.

One of the most interesting questions is how he is recognizing that these particular toys even belong in the same category. This type and level of ability has been thought a very unique human skill. She uses only her oldest toy,a foot high ball on a spring base,as the lead of her arrangement, usually at some point directly lined up with our front door. Then she will line up extremely tiny pieces of paper, equally distant from each other. The next morning a new one appears. So if anyone has any leads or shares please let me know.

I have a four year old male boxer dog that has begun to arrange his toys and also gathers things from the household, socks, bathrobe ties, neckties, his chewy bones and makes arrangements in the dining room on a large rug that is just open space with no furniture on it. Like a blank canvas! He will not arrange if anyone is in the room or watching him. He changes the arrangements multiple times and when he is finished with one, he comes into the family room where I am for long periods of time due to a back injury.

When I get to the dining room, sure enough, there is a new design. He is delighted and excited that I came to see his work and liked it! This can go on for a long time. We plan to get a camera that can video tape this activity, motion activated if I can afford that. He also places items in sets of threes at the end of a linear design but never in random places, always at the end. I would like to know who to forward a copy of the video to and also will I get any feedback from the person receiving the tape?

This just came to my attention recently, My dog has been coming in my room and staring at me and whimpering for a couple of weeks and I just did not know what he wanted, He did not give up on me and was delighted when I finally noticed. He was 2 months old. He has been lining up his toys or putting them in circles since he was a pup. He is now 10 months old and still does it. Once they are lined up he does not play with them.

I swear he uses a measuring tape for the distance between them. If they are in a circle he lays in the middle of them. I have tried moving them and he gives me a dirty look and puts it back where he had it. If I do that he takes it right back outside. If I watch him he stops in his tracks until L leave. I have pictures and have called my neighbors over to see this craziness. He definitely has a mind of his own. My poodle, a puppy of 8 months, just started lining up her toys a couple weeks. She usually takes care of the dog, so maybe the trauma of her main squeeze has been a catalyst. Either that or I have a genius dog.

My dog Rosey is a female golden retriever chow mix. She is a rescue,and also a special-needs dog. She has canine epilepsy,anyway,for the first year we had her she would take her toys and arrange them either in a semi-circle,in front of the sofa I was sitting on,or in a straight line from me to her. She always seems to always have to be touching me in some way,whether holding hands,lying against me,or having a trail of toys from me to her.

I love her so much,it is the most touching thing I have ever experienced. I was very touched by the show featuring Donnie the dog genius. It is my feeling that he is a very sensitive dog, and he expresses strong emotions— especially when he arranged the hugging animals after his human hugged him for the first time. Chronicle of the Grey Friars of London. The prelude to the Battle of Mortimer's Cross in Herefordshire , England in is supposed to have involved the appearance of a halo display with three "suns". The Yorkist commander, later Edward IV of England , convinced his initially frightened troops that it represented the three sons of the Duke of York, and Edward's troops won a decisive victory.

Possibly the earliest clear description of sun dogs is by Jacob Hutter , who wrote in his Brotherly Faithfulness: Epistles from a Time of Persecution:. My beloved children, I want to tell you that on the day after the departure of our brothers Kuntz and Michel, on a Friday, we saw three suns in the sky for a good long time, about an hour, as well as two rainbows. These had their backs turned toward each other, almost touching in the middle, and their ends pointed away from each other. And this I, Jakob, saw with my own eyes, and many brothers and sisters saw it with me.

After a while the two suns and rainbows disappeared, and only the one sun remained. Even though the other two suns were not as bright as the one, they were clearly visible. I feel this was no small miracle… [22]. The original was written in German and is from a letter originally sent in November from Auspitz in Moravia to the Adige Valley in Tyrol. The Thursday after was October For two hours in the morning of April 20, , the skies over the city were filled with white circles and arcs crossing the sky, while additional suns i.

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The phenomenon quickly resulted in rumours of an omen of God's forthcoming revenge on King Gustav Vasa — for having introduced Protestantism during the s and for being heavy-handed with his enemies allied with the Danish king. Hoping to end speculations, the Chancellor and Lutheran scholar Olaus Petri — ordered a painting to be produced documenting the event. When confronted with the painting, the king, however, interpreted it as a conspiracy — the real sun of course being himself threatened by competing fake suns, one being Olaus Petri and the other the clergyman and scholar Laurentius Andreae — , both thus accused of treachery, but eventually escaping capital punishment.

The original painting is lost, but a copy from the s survives and can still be seen in the church Storkyrkan in central Stockholm. A series of complex parhelia displays in Rome in , and again in , were described by Christoph Scheiner in his book Parhelia , one of the earliest works on the subject. On 20 February the people of Danzig witnessed a complex halo display , described by Georg Fehlau in a pamphlet, the Sevenfold Sun Miracle , and again the following year by Johannes Hevelius in his book, Mercurius in Sole visus Gedani. In , winter in the British Colony of Newfoundland was referred to as the 'Winter of Three Suns' and was unusually cold with 15 days of temperatures between degrees below zero.

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