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It would have been just another zombie book. It was only in getting to know Jesse and his friends that I understood the major themes, came to see the chasers as more than zombies, and got that cathartic feeling of personal growth for myself. I will just say Do not read this at night. Or if you disregard my admonition, at least keep My Little Pony queued up for emergencies. It didn't take long for me to read and I definitely wanted to finish once I started, but At times the story was boring. Even though the kids in the story explored the building they decided to consider their Home Base we didn't get to see a lot of what they did.

It was just skimmed over. Basically, there was too much talking and not enough doing. The ending is what really had me going, "Huh??? This was a very easy read it only took me so long as Christmas activities got in the way. Phelan is a good writer but parts of this book I found rather boring and repetitive. Some scenes are skimmed over which would be really interesting to read if Phelan had gone in to more detail instead of rushing it, such as the exploration of a decaying city or the exploration of apartments in an empty skyscraper.

These scenes felt like filler to a back story but if they had been given more attention they This was a very easy read it only took me so long as Christmas activities got in the way. These scenes felt like filler to a back story but if they had been given more attention they could have added extra depth to the book as a whole, and certainly would have helped with the world-building which felt a bit flat to me.

When I requested this I was expecting some kind of dystopian featuring vampires. What I got instead was no explanation at all as to what caused everyone to become so thirsty and not just for blood but for any liquid, so does this make vampires? Not in my opinion , and no insight or hints are even given as to what caused the initial breakdown of society. We are given conspiracy theories by the survivors in the book, but it is all conjecture and there is nothing to back it up with. I was really disappointed when I finished the book and realised that I, as a reader, would be given no explanation whatsoever.

There is a fair bit of action in this book to keep younger readers entertained but a lot of it felt quite strained to me. Saying that, I think younger readers would love this, especially as a first foray into this genre, as it is rather despairing and provides plenty of action to keep them entertained. Although written well, I was generally disappointed with this book as a whole as I was expecting more from the synopsis.

Although disappointed, I think this would be a good starting point for younger readers to be introduced to this particular genre and have even recommended my local library to purchase a copy. An advance reader copy was kindly provided by the publisher through Netgalley. Sep 18, Christina Ensconced in Lit rated it did not like it Shelves: I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Chasers by James Phelan is about a group of kids that are stranded in New York after some event happens that leads to possibly zombies not really sure what they are.

They fight to survive. I think that probably sums up the whole book. There's not much plot, just wandering around 30 Rockefeller Center and then wandering occasionally outside to see zombie like people. The characters are not very enticing, and if I had not gotten I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. The characters are not very enticing, and if I had not gotten this book in exchange for a review, I likely would have not finished it.

I'm not sure why the author decided that no quotation marks was the way to go, but it made the book extremely hard to read. This book also needs a good editor, because paragraphs were not delineated at all in the copy I was given, and multiple words were smashed together. Overall, a disappointment, and this is the first book I finished admittedly, I was skimming that I've given one star to. Nov 10, Sakura Fujioka rated it liked it. I find your lack of quotation marks disturbing. Apr 18, Logan Krause rated it it was ok. Chasers was not a very good book in my opinion, and I didn't really like it.

It was confusing to read because James Phelan decided not to use any quotation marks when the characters were speaking, and I couldn't always tell when someone was talking or if the text was saying something about them or what they were thinking in their head. I also didn't like how most of the story was based on only four characters three of which aren't actually alive anymore-they were the main char Personal Response: I also didn't like how most of the story was based on only four characters three of which aren't actually alive anymore-they were the main character's imagination and so the plot got slightly boring where there was no interaction with any other characters.

There were some good suspenseful moments, but for the most part, I didn't like Chasers as a whole. Everybody except them is killed by the resulting crash of the subway. The four find a way to get back to ground level, where they see mass destruction in the city and more people. These people, though, have a strange look and keep drinking from puddles, ponds, and anywhere else they can get liquid--some are even drinking the blood of the people who were killed in the rubble.

A group of these blood-thirsty "Chasers" followed the four kids and they eventually took refuge in the "30 Rock" building, which would become their home and fortress. They worked to fortify the building and searched apartments for things that could come in handy. Eventually, Jesse went around in the city to try to find a way out to other survivors. After he returned, the four made a plan to go to a boat dock and find a way to safety by going up the United States' Atlantic coast.

They were seen by Chasers as they were going, and Jesse distracts them while his friends escape, but he begins to realize that they had died in the subway crash, and he has been imagining them the whole time. Most of the plot is made up of these genres and contains many twists often used in these genres.

I would say that anybody above age 15 wouldn't enjoy this book as much because it is fairly easy to read and doesn't have the most interesting plot, but it should be pretty easy for anyone around ages to understand. Both genders are portrayed as main characters with important roles in Chasers , so I would way that it would be appropriate for either gender to read and enjoy.

Oct 06, Logan Bartel rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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To view it, click here. Personal Response I liked this book because it shows what could happen if a different country attacks one of the United States biggest cities such as Manhattan. I also liked the how Jesse, Dave, Mini, and Anna acted like real 14 year old kids. The only thing I really disliked was how at the end you find out that Dave, Mini, and Anna weren't actually alive in the whole book but that Jesse was just imagining them. Plot Summary The book begins with 4 unlikely friends from 4 different countries standin Personal Response I liked this book because it shows what could happen if a different country attacks one of the United States biggest cities such as Manhattan.

Plot Summary The book begins with 4 unlikely friends from 4 different countries standing on the subway. They all met through a UN retreat for teens. They are riding along and joking around when all of the sudden a fireball is chasing the subway and when it hits ends up flipping the whole thing. When the main character Jesse wakes up he and his friends go up into the world and see a bunch of people standing around water sources and drinking the water.

They wonder what is going on and why everyone is so thirsty when they notice that their leader for the UN group is among the people drinking. As they are standing there one of the people drinking starts to chase them. They end up finding refuge in the 30 Rock building on the 70th floor. There they have enough food and water for months but if they need anything else they have to lug it up 70 flights of stairs.

They eventually start to get sick of this place and try to figure out a way to get away from Manhattan. They decide they are going to find a boat and take that to Brooklyn to look for more survivors. As Jesse they are all running to the docks to try and find a boat Jesse finally come to terms with his secret. That he is the only one of his friends still alive. The others had died in the subway and he was just imagining them the whole time. Recommendation I would recommend this book to people who are interested in action types of books.

I also think that people who are in to apocalypse types of books would be interested in this. I believe they would find it interesting because it could be one of the ways that the apocalypse could happen. Sep 13, andrew looker rated it it was amazing. Personal Response I think that it was a very good book it interested me very much. I think that the author did a very good job explaining what was happening and how the characters reacted to all the events that took place. I do have a few questions though. What caused all the buildings and craters and destruction to happen?

What caused all the people to have an unquenchable thirst and to be so desperate that they would drink another humans blood? Plot The children traveled to New York City and then there subway car crashed. The children were the only survivors of the crash. The children finally got out of the subway to find all other people having an unquenchable thirst and drinking from dead bodies. The other humans even tried to kill the children. The children escaped and went into a skyscraper.

They stayed there for a while with two of the children both making solo voyages into New York City. Then they left the skyscraper for a boat to try and escape New York City but they got split up and one hid in a building the others whereabouts are unknown. Recommendation I would recommend this to middle school boys that like action and fictional creature books as it contains people that are like zombies. I think girls would not like this because girls don't usually like killing in their books. May 21, Ben MacKay rated it really liked it. I decided to read this book as I got a chapter of it free in another book I read and loved it.

I found the setting of abandoned New York city interesting. The idea of a city with thousands of apartments left untouched to loot and raid and have a bit of fun with the lawless society they live in now.

See a Problem?

Also the ability to have fun with abandoned cars and the fact that it snows the whole of winter. I have nothin 1. In this book as the title suggests I learnt a bit about how being alone, or not being alone has its advantages. It made me think that I do not need others to make me feel happy, all I need is myself and something to keep me entertained. Mar 09, Lynne Allister rated it it was amazing. This story has a good balance of action, suspense and introspection by the main character with an amazing plot twist and cliff hanger at the end.

Stay tunned for the sequel!! Jan 06, Helga rated it really liked it. Aug 14, Tom rated it it was amazing. Got this at an airport a few months back, but finally got the time to read it over the weekend - and what a read! I then googled the book to see what people are saying about it, and it's cool to see that I'm not alone in my reaction. I've since loaned Chasers out to a friend at work who doesn't read many novels, and sold him on the premise as "I am Legend" meets "The Sixth Sense".

I'll get him to report back here once he's done. I've now read books 2 and 3 as well as e-books, which I usually try to avoid but my local store didn't have them and I didn't want to wait for shipping.

Chasers (Alone, #1) by James Phelan

So, what to say as a review I guess what strikes me most is that the character Jesse very much reminds me of Holden from the "Catcher in the Rye" one of my fav books since a high school english class about 20 years ago - and not just because both characters are 16 and wandering around Manhattan, but I also felt that Rachel is to Jesse as Allie was to Holden.

There's quite a few times in the books where Jesse's travels in Manhattan mirror Holden's, and there was a moment in book 2 or 3 where he was crossing Fifth Avenue headed for the Central Park Zoo where Holden went to meet Allie - that I felt was so close as to being a rip-off. In "Catcher", Holden, while walking along Fifth Avenue, begins to believe that he will not be able to get to the other side of the street each time he reaches the end of a block, as if he will just fall off.

He talks aloud to Allie to help him get through the ordeal So there were a lot of similarities, along with the overall theme of coming-of-age, having to grow up fast, and survival as an adolescent, with what's long been a fav book of mine, which probably explains why I loved this so much. I've since re-read Chasers to see if i could pick apart that "wow" ending, and it still surprised me and worked well as a novel. On that second read, and with an eye for any "Catcher" references, I found this moment where Jesse is thinking back to seeing the boat drifting on the East River: I wanted to be on a houseboat that could float down the river and into the harbour and beyond to the ocean.

I wanted to close my eyes and drift. To me this smacked of Huck Finn, where one day an empty houseboat floats down the river past the island and Jim and Huck are able to retrieve some odds and ends that are of value to them. They also find a man's body inside the cabin. Jim shields Huck from looking at the corpse saying that it is too "ghastly" - which is what Jesse does when he gets back from that East River trips and does not tell his friends about what he saw in that tunnel because that was too ghastly. And the image of the dead guy from "Huck" made me think about the possibility of there being a dead guy behind that locked door in apartment 59c, eg this is from Chasers: I stood before the door that a couple of days earlier had been locked from the inside.

It was almost fully closed but someone had damaged the handle. I want to see it. Leave it alone, Jesse. I looked at Dave closely, then back at the door. What did I see? Nothing that you want to see again. I want to see for myself. I want to know. I want to forget. Come on, leave it be. So, as a 35 yr old, this book and trilogy worked for me and did what I expected and more. Perhaps the publisher can put the 3 "ALONE" books together in one volume and release it as an adult novel?

I think it would do really well. I also see, thanks to this website, that this author has written adult thrillers, which look like the type of Lee Childs one-man-saving-the-world type scenario which is not my thing, but i might give one a try Oct 01, Tayler Carpenter rated it it was amazing. Personal Response I really liked the mystery behind this book and how you know something bad happened to New York City, but you don't know why it happened.

I enjoyed how Jesse learned more and more as the story went on and that he didn't learn a lot in a small period of time. I really liked the way Jesse survived he didn't do anything stupid, he went to a tall building, he didn't really go out at night, rarely used his pistol, and he was fast, so even if he got spotted he could outrun the chaser Personal Response I really liked the mystery behind this book and how you know something bad happened to New York City, but you don't know why it happened.

I really liked the way Jesse survived he didn't do anything stupid, he went to a tall building, he didn't really go out at night, rarely used his pistol, and he was fast, so even if he got spotted he could outrun the chasers. Plot Summary New York City is attacked by a biological agent that changed people affected by it.

The people had a thirst, a continuous thirst that could never be met. There were a few people who stuck to water, but the ones who wanted more did anything to get what they craved. Jesse was someone who wasn't affected by this agent, he was on the subway with his friends when it happened. He woke up an hour after the attack with his friends Dave, Mini, and Anna, when they got to the surface they met a group of people who were affected but didn't want blood, then they met those who did. They went to the 30 Rockefeller building and stayed there for a while. In that time they did what they could to survive and when it came time to move, Jesse learned that his friends did die that day of the attack and he had only imagined them.

He then realized he was alone and needed to get away from the group chasing him. He hid in an apartment building where he learned of a girl and he knew he needed to find her. Recommendation I recommend this to people who love mystery and action. This book is great for anyone 12 and up, it isn't really gory or inappropriate. I think people who don't like violence wouldn't like it because there is some killing in it. Characterization I think that Jesse was the one Character who really developed the most in the events of the attack.

He started learning more and more about the Chasers and was able to survive longer with that knowledge. He slowly learned that he was alone and that his friends were no longer with him, he started to notice it when they started to act different towards him and when he let them go, that is when he really knew he was alone.

I've had this book to review awhile now and was so excited to finally sit down and read it. While I did end up finishing Chasers it left me feeling deflated and confused. How could such a great idea turn into such a bunch of nothingness? While Chasers was certainly an OK book it wasn't nearly what I expected it would be and here is why: Anna, Dave, Min and Jesse were the sole focus in the book.

Jesse was the Main Protagonist but I found him to be boring and I was left scratching my head concerning many choices he made. Dave on the other hand seemed to grip the situation a lot better so I connected to him more even if he never really did much throughout the book. It exceeded, punched, and kicked all my expectations out of the roof.

I had this clear image in my head of how this book was going to be and it was looking pretty good. But then Staci Hart pretty much turned it upside down and twisted it into a tight little bow, putting all my old thoughts away. This book surprised me in a way that I di You can find my review here too: It has heart and it has power in its words. Cooper Moore was someone that sneaked up on me. You think Cooper is a way but you find out he has doubts in his head and a pretty big heart to match.

When he loves, he loves completely. I just found myself falling for him and The Smile. I adored the dynamics about their relationship since the start and that love continued to grow with each passing chapter. Staci always makes me smile but at the same time, breaks me. I could imagine her completely how she would be if she were standing right next to me. Her cute little expressions and the way she smiled at Cooper, it was all really well written and developed that I found myself getting lost in the story for some times and then I was ten chapters later from where I started.

It was so great to see the Habits gang again. Their usual spot to meet and their enjoyable conversations. And I like that so much. Also posted at Booklovers For Life 4. I so freaking do. Those who love their romances well-written with an incredible cast of characters, this book — and series — is for you. Not in the streets of rome or canals of Venice. NY is where her brother, West, is… and also his best friend, Cooper Moore. So for a few weeks, the two are involved in a secret relationship, with rules to keep feelings off the table.

But in between the shared laughs, furtive glances, and fiery chemistry, Maggie and Cooper start to fall for each other. But with a relationship built on secrets, is it possible to make it work? She had changed me on the molecular level, and she had no idea. So I kind of hardcore adored this book. Okay, not kind of — I totally adored this gorgeous romance. The writing is on-point, the characters feel so real, the romance is as sweet as it is passionate.

Maggie is still lost after being betrayed by a man she loved for years, and Cooper is in this sort of stagnant state in his life. Staci Hart delves deep into their characters, making them face their wants and desires, not just for each other, but out of life. A spark to light up my gray life, make me want more. She was a wildfire. When this man falls, he falls so. All his actions and words are so filled with love for Maggie… AH!!!

Her Bad Habits series is so well-developed, with great writing and a brilliant cast of characters. Overall, Chaser was a joy to read. Thanks to the author for generously providing me an ARC to review. Subscribe to Booklovers For Life for more! Chaser Bad Habits 2 by Staci Hart 4 stars!! I loved the first book in this series, With a Twist, and this book continues where that left off but now centring around Copper and Maggie, but all our favourite bunch of misfits make an appearance.

This crew are like a family and they are always there for each other whether it is wanted or Chaser Bad Habits 2 by Staci Hart 4 stars!! This crew are like a family and they are always there for each other whether it is wanted or not. She had had a lucky escape, but the heart and head can be conflicting. You cannot just forget seven years and you also cannot forget that betrayal, Maggie is struggling but she has Cooper to take her mind off what she is desperately trying to forget. I love this man with a passion. His parents are not putting any pressure on him to work so he is enjoying his days while he can.

He is one of the top most eligible bachelors and lives up to his playboy lifestyle but deep down is a little boy lost and it was this little boy that called out to me while reading this book. Sometimes it takes that one person to change everything and Cooper seems to have met his game changer. I only hoped she could feel mine too. Is this relationship doomed before it has begun? Maggie has a full of baggage and Cooper has a reputation that precedes him and a best friend with a big fist. She always manages to captivate me with her stories and this one is no different.

My heart broke for these two, I did shed a few tears but most of all I went on this journey with them. Despite the trials and tribulations I knew that these two were well suited and I just hung on for the ride desperately wanting them to wake up and smell the coffee. People can change for the better, it just takes that wake up call, but will these two wake up? Another fab read and I cannot wait to see who is up next.

There are so many fantastic characters in this series so no matter who it is, I will be waiting. Quotes may change in final version. View all 4 comments. I could never be enough for her, but I could be her everything. This is legit one of the most boring books I've ever read. The book starts with Maggie and Cooper having steamy scenes together and when they're not together creating steam on the pages for us, they're telling their friends how this person they're seeing is just a great casual hook up and nothing will come of it.

I want to see more! Like how With a Twist had a ton of ballet things, how they went to the Opera. I want to see those things and get some actual world building.

The writing didn't suit me either, if I'm being frank. I can't say I'm in any way moved by the 20 page swipes I had to do in order to skim a super long convo where the MC is telling allllllll the things about Cooper to her bff and her bff is fangirling over the guy. Please just give me a fucking break can we please move on to the actual plot?

There pretty much is none. I can't believe that I read a scene where Maggie and Cooper went to have sex in a public restroom stall and West and Tricky went to relieve themselves and Cooper just kept on kissing her and after the guys left they were still horny enough to have sex. It's so ridic I had to read it again to see if I understood correctly. Did it not weird them out that his brother just peed in the same room? I mean, yeah, they are kinda cute if you think about it and his puppy love for Maggie is semi adorable at times, but they're not really compatible in my eyes and I didn't really get the reason why Maggie was the girl of Cooper's dreams.

Why her standing in a wedding dress, crying was the moment that changed his life? Speaking of the called-off wedding, I had a feeling this is what had went down and had been hinted at in With a Twist, but it's hella annoying that I was actually looking forward to reading about this and all we got was a "tell" not "show". Cooper legit just told the reader what had happened but we got no chemistry, no actual convo, no feelings--nada.

Also, I find Maggie kinda selfish? What's more, lmao I get that Lily is gorgeous, but really we don't need to have this stated on every scene she's in. It's like Maggie has a crush on his brother's girlfriend.

And, last but not least, I get it that West and Lily are super happy and comfortable and in the "honeymoon stage" of their relationship, but honestly, if I had had to read one more time about how amazing life is and get West's philosophical love lectures to Connor and Patrick, I would have had to put my kindle down to avoid eyerolling because it was really starting to hurt my eyes. There are some things I liked though and these are: I've read two very, very bad NA books this year and I'm still so angry at one of them that I haven't even reviewed it, but this one, as a whole, wasn't so bad compared to those books.

It just wasn't my cup of tea this time though I can see a lot of people loving it. I can't say that I'm not excited for the final companion, because I AM! I love them, they're the only couple who gives me butterflies, makes me smile like a goof and whose emotions reflect on my face and in my heart. I can't wait to read about them and I sincerely hope that the douchesparkles and dicktwinkles and whatever other [not so] funny synonyms are left behind and we're going to have an actual story with actual plot and much more character growth than in Chaser.

Oct 05, Red Cheeks Reads rated it it was amazing. This book you guys! Words cannot express my undying love for Cooper Moore.

Always Been Mine

He is now my everything. Ok, Ok if you insist I will actually review the book and not just the man but honestly He is amazing! I have always desired to live in NY and somehow through this series I feel like I am young, ambitious and right there in the middle of it all. Since discovering her work, Staci Hart has become an author I can count on to make me feel, make me laugh and make me desperate for her next release. This was just his normal, even though it was my extraordinary. But who can turn down one of the sexiest men alive? So she comes up with a set of rules for their friends with benefits relationship that include a deadline for it to all end and the fact that above all else it must remain a secret between them.

He gave me his heart, and I took it too soon. And now, I was about to drop it. But honestly that would have neither been true to the character nor make for an exciting story. It is in their struggle to figure out not only who they are as a unit but also who they are becoming as individuals that makes this a captivating and dynamic book. The things that man says pierce my heart and capture my soul. I so desperately want my own Cooper Moore, and I am a hard critic on the typical reformed playboys.

Cooper is a closet nerd and well known Man God that every girl wants to have even if it is just for a night. Staci Hart is an expert in the male POV. She makes you love them, understand them, desire them. I saw him fall in love with Maggie through his eyes and it was utterly beautiful. While her females are strong and relatable, her true talent as an author is the ability to get inside these complex and beautiful men. I find that this is a skill few female writers does as well as Staci.

Oct 19, Alice rated it really liked it. Sep 30, Alexis rated it it was amazing. I don't know what I can say about this book to convey how super-cute it was. It's the sort of book that gives you a perma-smile while reading it. To be quite honest it's the kind of book that I wanted to read in one sitting but somehow life got in the way.

Trust me, many evil looks were given when I was disturbed from reading this book. You will remember Maggie and Cooper from With a Twist. Cooper is West's very hot friend who doesn't take life super seriously and is a bit of a playboy. Maggie and Cooper enter into a secret no-strings, rules-based arrangement.

Property of Drex #2

We all know how these things work, they never stay secret nor do they stay feelings-free. Cooper has always been the epitome of a playboy. He has his celebrity status and his wealth to fund his carefree lifestyle. But there is so much more to him that he doesn't show anyone besides Maggie. Dare I say he is a closet nerd? Maggie on the other hand is still licking her wounds from her botched wedding. She didn't actually get the closure that she really needed in order to move on. These two don't sound perfect for each other on paper but that's exactly what they are.

Perfect for each other. Maggie gave Cooper a reason to grow up and become something for not just himself but for her. She gave him purpose In turn, Cooper cherished Maggie and proved to her that there there is someone out there for her to love her the way she deserves. I loved this story, there is some fabulous angst and the chemistry between these two was awesome. Plus, there are scenes with the rest of the gang yet you could definitely read this one as a standalone. The writing was seamless and made the book that much more enjoyable. The Bad Habits series has become one of my favorite New Adult series and I can't wait to see what is in store for us next.

Oct 03, Sophie rated it it was amazing. Chaser, is the beautiful, powerful, intense follow up to With A Twist. Full of angst, passion and heartbreaking reality Chaser is pure perfection in a book. You will find yourself sucked deep into their immense story feeling every spark of passion, every strand of hope and every beat of thier hearts with love. Staci's writing is once Chaser, is the beautiful, powerful, intense follow up to With A Twist. Staci's writing is once again exquisite and implants itself deep within your soul. Her words and impeccable story telling take you on a magical journey that will leave you spellbound and desperate for more.

Chaser ends in the most perfect way, I actually read the epilogue through my tears. I fell in love with With A Twist and wondered how Staci would top it as she set the bar so high BUT she not only topped it, she blew it out the freaking water!! Aug 13, Brie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Staci Hart gives love from behind a new meaning as she tests the waters of one friendship, keeping us teetering on the edge of heartbreak before shoving us off the cliff into an anguish filled abyss.

There are some times where you go into a book thinking you know one thing. Most times you are Those times are the times where the author's words will literally knoc Staci Hart gives love from behind a new meaning as she tests the waters of one friendship, keeping us teetering on the edge of heartbreak before shoving us off the cliff into an anguish filled abyss.

Those times are the times where the author's words will literally knock the air right out of you. With a Twist was a breath of fresh air, but Chaser is that knock!! It's not some choice drink used to chase down some cheap shot. It is the shot and Staci's words are beautifully strung together sentences that will wrap themselves around your soul. Cooper Moore is an enigma. A seductive mystery man full of sentimental gestures. From the very first page in his POV every word he spoke and thought he had caused flutters in my belly. He is so genuine and sincere, emotionally cut wide open and exposed in the most intimate ways that you can't help but fall in love with everything that is Cooper Moore.

MORE than some smooth talking, rich playboy who loves to party. MORE than what his friends think of him. He is a man looking for his purpose in life while stealing pieces of a woman he was never supposed to have. Maggie Williams has more rules than a virgin set on staying pure. Having her heart not only broken but ripped out, she'll protect it from now on even if that means she has to run.

The old naive Maggie is gone, and the new guarded Maggie is here. She's in control and won't be swayed, the only thing she has to offer is her broken pieces that Cooper so willingly takes over and over again Or so she thinks. In reality, she's a wounded bird trapped in a cage by fear. She underestimated Cooper Moore's persuasive skills and never expected to fall in love again From Maggie's curly hair and freckled face to Cooper's extensive knowledge of comic books and sailing, these two take you on a journey of self discovery as Coop and Mags try to beat the odds of what happens when you fall in love with the right person at the wrong time.

Where With a Twist was full of laugh out louds, Chaser is full of heart stopping moments that managed to touch another part of me. One that craves angst. That part of me has been seared forever by Cooper Moore and Maggie Williams. Sep 28, Kandi Steiner rated it it was amazing Shelves: That breath stole mine. I'd never seen anything so beautiful and broken. Not in all my life. To say that I love this book would be literally the biggest understatement of the year.

I've tried, for weeks, ever since I finished this book, to come up with the right words to review it. Honestly, I've never felt so pressured - why? Because I honestly feel like there are no words to do it justice. Not in the English language, at least. Anyone around here know French? But at least he kept it in his pants! I really loved Drex by the end though. He is so over the moon for Eve it is cute!

Love how he stood strong f for her. I love Sarah and feel horrible for her and Snake. I wish they would talk it out. Basically same spoilers as last book. May 12, Heroesinbooks rated it it was amazing Shelves: The first book ended on a cliffhanger and this one completes their story. I really liked his character. It was interesting to see the different layers to him too. You feel like you want to be friends with her 5 Drex and Eve Stars. You feel like you want to be friends with her even if she is one of the unluckiest heroines I have ever read about. Great plot and fabulous secondary characters.

Jul 27, Sania rated it really liked it Shelves: Conclusion to the first book and part of a series Ages of H and h: Will You Re-read This Book: Yes My Thoughts An action packed end. I liked how Eve kind of embraced her fate and took action. Eve manges to end up in 3 tricky situations.

I feel like it's gonna be mega angsty. I hope he stays celibate. A great series to ease yourself into the MC world. Mar 28, Raven rated it it was amazing Shelves: She is just an out of this world genius when it comes to her writing. POD 2 picks up right where the 1st book leaves you hanging.

It takes on a roller coaster ride that will leave you with one hell of an adrenaline rush. Eve shows just how strong she really is mentally in this one and proves just how bad ass she can be. Drex that man is just a walking, talking, sexy, hard core bad boy. If you haven't read MC before, this series is a great start to get you into this genre!!! Sep 04, Miss Rail rated it it was amazing Shelves: Feb 06, Akd rated it really liked it Shelves: Jul 14, Alisha Lynn rated it it was amazing Shelves: The conclusion was even better! I love how Eve grew a backbone and embraced her feistiness I don't think she would've survived in Drex's world otherwise.

There were very few "ILY's" but given the fact that this particular MC is a little more brutal and roughneck than other MC's, and Drex is a lot more scary than other MC characters, I think it would've softened him too much. The suspense was great and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole book. I read the first one yesterday, and the second one today. Mar 24, Natalie M rated it really liked it Shelves: Although things end on a settled note for the couple, there is a third book planned which is Axle's story.

This book wasn't as dark as the first, but still just as good. It was heavy on club drama and action so it definitely kept my interest. This is a great MC series loaded with awesome characters and fast paced writing. I'll be checking out the author's other books after really loving this duet! Nov 29, Nova rated it it was amazing. The second part of this book was just as good as the first. And I love how its told from both point of views.

Eve comes in to her own in this book after Drex basically pushes her away thinking that will protect her, he could not be more wrong and some of the scenes in this book can be really harrowing. Eve goes after what she wants and ho The second part of this book was just as good as the first. Eve goes after what she wants and holds nothing back she is more of a fighter in this book but still a sweet girl just looking out for her family.

She has a true bond with Drex that she has no intention of losing all she has to do now is get him to agree. Drex thinks he is doing the right thing sending her away although she is the only one that he wants and when he finds out that she is gone there is nowhere safe on this earth that he will not find her and make all that hurt her pay for that. I need more in this series Sep 23, Debbie Turk rated it it was amazing Shelves: Apr 05, Claudia rated it it was amazing. Just as good as the first one. Here a bonus being Sarah.

I can't wait for her and Snake's book. Apr 18, Laurie rated it really liked it Shelves: Told in two installments, The Property of Drex is a typical biker book. The hero, Drex, is a hot, tattooed and broody biker. Without discussing things with her mother, Eve decides the only thing she can do is literally sell herself to the local MC in return for enough money to bail her Mother out.

The first book stalled a bit towards the end. As we get to know Drex and Eve, both characters seemed to be constantly reacting instead of actually trying to problem solve. What saved it was the fact that this was no wishy-washy MC, these guys were gritty and unapologetic about who and what they were. The second book upped the pace and had a lot more action. Drex and Eve still had some of the same issues, but at least their questionable choices kept me entertained. I also enjoyed some of the other characters, especially Sarah.

Her story has potential to be just the sort of crazy that I like. May 03, JoJo rated it it was amazing Shelves: That was handle like a pro. The research for the reality of content was spot on. Slow burns and big bangs in all the right places. One of the best biker Wow! One of the best biker characters I've read in ages. And the how her detail of humor, which happens in real life between people, was exactly where it needed to be.