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I finished it in two hours. I did skipped some, there were times I couldn't stand Marietta's daydreaming about Harrison. All right the first thing that caught my eye was the title. Anytime you throw in a form of seduce and enemy it becomes a must read. Main reason, I have to know why they are using the word seducing and enemy in the same phrase. The Edwards and Damon have been in disagreement on what happen about 15 years ago. Think of it as a modern day Hatfield and McCoy situation.

Anyway, the night before the negotiations Marietta and Harrison had relations. Neither one of them knew that were embroil in a situation until they met the next morning and things turned a bit ugly. Hurtful things were said and negotiations were off the table before they really started.

I thought Seducing the Enemy was pretty amazing. In the story we find Marietta trying to fix the situation and move on in her life. However, she feels the best way is talk to the Uncle face to face. Yet she gets stonedwalled by Harrison, because he believes nothing a gold-digger. It's not Harrison's fault that he can't trust women. I mean in his experience he was hungout to dry by the last woman, so can't really blame the guy for being cautions.

On the same token, treating every woman like they are all conniving deceitful evil people when not every woman is a bit harsh. Yet, experience will dictate how you will handle situations. Basically you have a young woman who went against the odds to become whole again doing battle against a bitter man who believes woman are nothing but gold-diggers.

I love how we have enemies that slowly become friends that could be possibly be lovers. However, the past still lingers and might cause disharmony. I found myself not wanting to put down Seducing the Enemy. Overall, I found the story captivating and intriguing.

Who doesn't love a stubborn man? Maybe not in real life, but in a book all right. So, if you are looking for an amazing read, you might want to try Seducing the Enemy. Copy provided by publisher Every time I start a Noelle Adams books I nearly put it down, not with disgust but with disappointment. They always start like old school romances where the woman is a virgin and man is a billionaire international playboy or something similar.

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Somehow, she just tugs on my sentimental streak. Marietta was crippled in a car accident as a child. She has only recently been able to walk again and has no r Every time I start a Noelle Adams books I nearly put it down, not with disgust but with disappointment. She has only recently been able to walk again and has no real experience of men and dating, so her friend takes her to an upmarket nightclub to meet a man now think about this, if your friend was a twenty-something, innocent, somewhat naive, virgin would you take her to a swanky nightclub in Monte Carlo?

No you wouldn't, not unless you are some kind of pimp! Anyway, Marietta sees a good-looking man working in the nightclub again, in retrospect this is just plain stupid, why isn't he working in one of the offices where he could at least see his computer screen? They speak, they dance and she goes back to his hotel room where they have sex. Again, what kind of friend allows her innocent friend to just go off with a complete stranger without any discussion? What she doesn't know and to be fair neither does he is that the 'Harry' she met in the nightclub is actually Harrison Damon, the cousin of Michael Damon, the boy who was driving the car that crippled her and killed her sister.

Marietta or Etta as she called herself with 'Harry' is in Monte Carlo with her grandfather to try to negotiate a settlement to the bitter conflict between the two families as a result of the accident, little does she know that Harrison is also here to act in the negotiations. Of course Harrison thinks the worst when he sees Marietta in the conference room. This is a sweet romance, with some laughs, about two people scarred in different ways by the accident all those years ago and the ways in which it has affected their lives.

Yep, now I need to read all the rest! This is my shameful secret, sometimes I like really, really sweet romances. I received this book free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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Let me tell you, this book met my criteria exactly. Was it LOL funny? Did it have a smoking hot hero? Harrison Damon is a swoon-worthy, hunky specimen of the male species. He is also heir to the Damon fortune. Untrusting and uptight, it takes a virginal Marietta Edwards, to loosen him up. With a not-so nice history between the families, it has a hint of Romeo and Juliet. Or torture me through an endless shopping expedition for your own amusement?

Or trick me into reading a smutty book just as a priest happened by? Or nag me incessantly about my private thoughts? Or invade my office and throw my coffee out the window? There were pieces in this book that made me want to punch the living daylights out of Harrison. Noelle Adams is a romance genius. I devoured every word in a matter of hours, and when I was done I was left wanting more. This is definitely a must-read. So grab a glass of wine or tea or whatever , shoo any other people away, forget about making dinner. And when that happens and you still have pages left to read, get up, get another drink and carry on reading.

In this first of the Heirs of Damon series, we have the delightful romance between Marietta and Harrison. Sharing a one night stand that is memorable for both of them, the real world crashes down upon them when they realize they are on opposite ends of the bargaining table over an accident caused by Harrison's cousin that claimed Marietta's sister, and the use of her legs for 15 years. Is there a chance for these two to reclaim the feelings of their night together in spite of the odds? I quite en In this first of the Heirs of Damon series, we have the delightful romance between Marietta and Harrison.

I quite enjoyed this enemies to lovers tale - or in this case lovers to enemies to lovers again. Harrison is a determined, forthright businessman who is swept away by Marietta's charms only to feel that he has been deceived by her when he finds out who she really is. Having previously experienced a relationship in which trust was broken, his difficulty in believing Marietta's claims is understandable but no less difficult for Marietta to understand.

Marietta is on the outside a strong, capable woman, back on her feet after years of surgery from her accident as a young child. However she still suffers PTSD from the accident and tries valiantly to look to the future while coping with the past. Harrison represents to her both her past and what could be her future. There is a good amount of sexual tension between them and the love scenes are emotional and steamy. As the trust develops between them, so too does the emotional attachment and the romance between them is believable and enjoyable to read.

The secondary characters play an important role, introducing us to others in the Damon family that will get their own stories in the series. The interactions between them added a good amount of humour and tension to the story.

Seducing the Enemy: Heirs of Damon, Book 1 (Unabridged) by Noelle Adams on iTunes

Overall I found this to be an entertaining and wonderful romantic story with a great cast of characters. I look forward to more in the series! When I picked this one up, I had no idea what I was in for. Often I just expect something cute, something likable It is impossible not to love Marietta.

She's hilarious, so much so, that I couldn't stop laughing in the first couple chapters. My favorite is the scene with all the accents. I love seeing couples together just being ridiculous and laughing like that. It kept happening, even up until the end. There were moments when I wanted to shake him a little bit, but deep down you just know he'll come through and be an honorable man.

He paid close attention to Etta, enough that he tried to protect her from things that made her uncomfortable.

Seducing the Enemy

The situation between their families is serious, and I liked how we were able to see it from different angles. What I really liked about it was how everything tied in from beginning to end. Not going to go into detail there because And I don't like doing that to people. Seducing The Enemy is a need-to-keep-turning-the-page kind of novel.

Heirs of Damon

Marietta and Harrison have a lot to work through, and yet they care for each other enough to push through the obstacles. They learned how to trust and love deeply. It had everything a romance should have, and then some. Every Noelle Adams story I read is intriguing and honest and sweet.

This one is definitely worthy is picking up sometime. This begins with Marietta, who has an interesting back-story, having spent a number of years in a wheelchair after being involved in a car crash as a child. Following several surgeries she has now recovered, and after so many years she wants to live her life to the full, and has come to a club to see if she can attract a man Harrison is checking the facilities at a club his family owns when a sexy blonde catches his eye. He really shouldn't let himself get distracted, as he'll need to keep his wits about him for the following day, when he'll be meeting to try and agree a settlement for a long-running legal battle with his uncle's former business partner for a long-ago car crash Marietta is sweet, genuine, and amusing, although a bit too nice.

Harrison is a bit too alpha-male some of the time for my taste, but he seemed nice enough when he wasn't being an arse, either generally, or specifically towards Marietta because of his misinterpretation of her motives. Marietta doesn't appear to hold a grudge at all and she forgives him much more readily than he deserves! There were a number of instances of behaviour that I didn't really feel was plausible and although the author provides explanation I still didn't see some things as being likely to happen.

Also, I'd have liked there to be more of a basis for their feelings for each other, aside from their chemistry, to see their relationship develop, as I felt that it happens too quickly. Aside from these quibbles, I found this book to be an enjoyable quick read. I finished Seducing the Enemy. I was really surprised by how funny this book was. Heroine had some great lines, hero had some funny lines, it made me laugh out loud a few times.

Lurking suspiciously in the shadows in the hopes of catching a stray gardener unaware. Because that's what I do" I've got to tell you, our head gardener has been with the estate more than 30 years and is approaching seventy. He might not be up for any pouncing. There are plenty of younger ones who wouldn't complain. Heroine's sister and hero's cousin died in a car crash while cousin was driving. Heroine has panic attacks and talks about missing her sister. But there were also some great scenes with flowers. And the hero really knows how to grovel and tell someone he loves them.

Overall, I loved this book. Just a few nitpicky things: I am over the billionaire heroes. Seriously, these super rich guys who dress expensively are taking over romance novels. The hero did apologize for the bad things he said, but he still said them. The hero admits his family is old fashioned but they dress up for dinner, meet in the drawing room, have a butler, have horses on the estate, etc.

I was having flashbacks to historical romances. I highly recommend this book. I think I found a real Gem in Noelle Adams! I love her short novellas! I can read it all in one night, the writing is great, her stories are fun and unique from each other, low- angst level but still emotional and passionate Engaging the boss was the first one I read And still my favorite so far, but I also enjoyed the first in this series, Seducing the Enemy I really enjoy her writing style.

I also really love the way the characters are written and how they interact with eac I think I found a real Gem in Noelle Adams! I also really love the way the characters are written and how they interact with each other. I like the build and anticipation throughout. This particular story was great. She was SO sweet and likable. Totally fun-loving and witty! I also really liked Harrison. He was SO sexy, brooding, serious, ambitious and powerful But he softens with 'Etta.

This kind of book is just exactly what I need sometimes. I plan on reading more from this author for sure. The only thing lacking from this, and her other books in the series is more plot and character development But since these are shorter stories, there isn't much time for that And part of the brilliance of these stories are that they are 'short' stories So it's easily forgiven But I can't say that I wish there was a little more to them. More on the characters background and 'story' I can't complain much though.

I was still VERY pleased with this, and can't wait for more. Marietta Edwards was terribly injured in a care accident when she was a child and then bound to a wheel chair for 13 years of her life. Finally able to walk again she wants to live a little. Her friend takes her to a club where she can indulge in a little passion with a mystery man of her choosing.

Her she meets Harrison Damon, but she doesn't know who he is when she leaves with him. They find out the others true identity the next day at a settlement meeting for the accident. Harrison thinks she Marietta Edwards was terribly injured in a care accident when she was a child and then bound to a wheel chair for 13 years of her life. Harrison thinks she set the whole thing up and refuses to think otherwise no matter his feelings for her.

This book took a bit to get into but once I got past the first chapter I was hooked. Marietta is traumatized and scared of damn near everything. She is fighting to get her life back and just wants this settlement case to be over. I felt for her and hoped she would get past her neuroses. This book is full of drama and so much family turmoil. I think it could have a bit more emotion to really grip you, but otherwise I enjoyed it.

Harrison and Marietta were both affected by the accident and have many demons to get over. Noelle Adams' is one of my go to authors when I am in a book slump. She provides a good solid read with plenty of emotion, quirkiness and sexy times. One of the things I most love about her books is the often quirky settings and plot devices that Ms. Adams uses to convey her story to us, the reader. Seducing the Enemy is the story of Marietta Etta and Harrison Harry who meet under somewhat unusual circumstances and find themselves caught up in a family feud. She weaves a lovely fluffy story, Noelle Adams' is one of my go to authors when I am in a book slump.

She weaves a lovely fluffy story, but there is some real depth to the characters. Harry is a true alpha. Etta is strong yet thinks she is weak. I would have liked a bit more of a fleshed out backstory for the characters, but I did really like this book.

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She's a virgin who gives herself to the guy that she's supposed to hate. Well, not quite how it goes down for these two. Their one night stand has more repercussions than they could have imagined! He still wants her! He can't have her!

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He's supposed to hate her! Throw in family involvement and conniving relatives, a 25 yr old woman who is not afraid to take on Harrison Harry or his family, and we get an enjoyable read by Noell Adams. Something to enjoy for a rainy or snowy day! You know that feeling when you just want to relax with a book and have a good time. Well, that is exactly what you will get with this book. You won't stress much with this book, and compared to the ugly cry books that will leave you devastated all throughout, this book will make you giddy and give you a good laugh.

I liked the plot even though I had some reservations about reading it at first. I thought by the synopsis that it will be one heavy book - but I was wrong. It was funny, charming and You know that feeling when you just want to relax with a book and have a good time. It was funny, charming and absolutely lovely. My only complaint was that it was too fast and at the end their, I wanted the hero to grovel more. I love my heroes groveling. Really liked this first book in the Heirs of Damon series. I don't know how you couldn't like the heroine - Marietta.

In fact, you feel ultra protective of her whenever Harrison treats her badly. And he definitely treats her badly for a lot of the book. It does create and drive a lot of drama and angst for the story. I like that by the end, he comes to terms with what he's let his life become and what he wants and needs. We also meet Ben and Andrew to help build up the beginning of their charact Really liked this first book in the Heirs of Damon series.

We also meet Ben and Andrew to help build up the beginning of their characters and eventual storyline. I so love this book! Why did I wait so long to read this? I'm so glad I finished it today.. This is romance at its best! No explicit love making like that of fifty shades, just a love story I want to keep on reading. I love both characters.. I love the story from beginning to end.

I didn't get bored at all.. Ow, I love Harry, Sweet Pea: This was actually super cute. I wasn't here if I'd like it but I did end up loving it!!!! I loved how strong this girl was and how the guy Haha the only thing I didn't like was the fact that I felt a little disconnected with the story. I didn't have enough information? It skipped something I'm just not sure what! Let me know if you read and figure it out! I've had this book on my reader for so long and I'm sorry it took reading Hired Bride for me to even remotely give an interest on this book. Jul 16, Betsy: D rated it it was amazing.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Videos About This Book. Noelle handwrote her first romance novel in a spiral-bound notebook when she was twelve, and she hasn't stopped writing since. She has lived in eight different states and currently resides in Virginia, where she teaches English, reads any book she can get her hands on, and offers tribute to a very spoiled cocker spaniel.

She loves travel, art, history, and ice cream. After spending far too many yea Noelle handwrote her first romance novel in a spiral-bound notebook when she was twelve, and she hasn't stopped writing since. After spending far too many years of her life in graduate school, she has decided to reorient her priorities and focus on writing contemporary romances. Other books in the series. He won't let her manipulate him to win money from his family. No matter how much he wants her, he won't let her seduce him again.

Marietta Edwards wants to indulge in pleasures that are entirely new to her, so she begins by seducing a sexy, mysterious stranger. Harrison Damon quench his attraction for her, but he won't let her use it against him. Laurel will do anything to save her Santorini inn from the powerful Damon family, and that includes manipulating Andrew Damon, the man they've sent to get her off the property.

Andrew might have a reputation for being irresistible to women, but she won't have any problem resisting him. This is war, after all, and the Damons drew their weapons first. Andrew doesn't expect to fall for her. And he definitely doesn't expect to discover that he's been played. For years, Jonathan Damon has buried himself in his scientific research, but now his uncle threatens to pull the funding for his lab unless Jonathan makes strides toward marriage and family. And the only convenient candidate for this particular experiment is Sarah.

Sarah has been Jonathan's assistant for years, and she knows he's never thought of her in any other way. For the last eight months, Mandy has lived across the hall from a caveman. He won't trim his beard, he mostly talks in grunts, and he'll hardly emerge from his cave of an apartment. Ben might be a grumpy mess, but she kind of likes him anyway.