Tell, Dont Show!

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Not because my work is so bad that the experts need to constantly remind me, but because every armchair writer that belongs to a writing group or online community thinks that they will sound wise, like a real expert, if they use that piece of advice regardless of the circumstances of the story they are reading. Whether or not Mr. Henkin has presented a convincing argument is a moot point, just a matter of opinion.

I understand what he is saying. For me, the answer to Show Or Tell is so simple and obvious. A good story uses the right balance of show and tell. The telltale sign of the lazy and inexperienced writer has and always will be telling rather than showing, not the other way around. Imagery is at the heart of storytelling.

3 Ways to Show, Not Tell Your Story

Poets describe the soul and spirit of a person, an object or a feeling with vivid imagery and analogies. Painters, too, convey the intangible with tangible, often troubling, images. How old is she? We can answer those questions by either telling or showing. I think the argument does convince, davnick. The author rightly points out that many literary greats Proust, Woolf, and, one of my favorites, Samuel Johnson told rather than showed all the time—frequently gloriously. I want more than that—I want great conversation, insights, wit, personality.

Show Don’t Tell in Writing: The Ultimate Guide to Finally Getting it Right

If showing not telling were the epitome of great writing, then someone like Hemingway would be considered a better writer than Proust or James, which he most certainly is not, at least in my book. Sometimes showing not telling is a convenient way to avoid what lies underneath, which can only be hinted at in describing. There really are few, if any, rules to great writing—all the greats break them sooner or later.

If telling can be formula, so can showing when carried to rigid ideology. I do think that we have been deluded regarding the passive voice and its alleged inferiority to the active. The passive voice is a grammatical structure used to omit the agent of an action. In the first example above, I told the reader that it was the end of September and the nights were getting chilly. Instead, show what they feel. If done well, the reader will get the point without reiteration.

When we finally got home, I got even more frustrated when I saw the laundry basket overflowing. After what felt like an eternity, we made it home. Avey was still going on and on about that stupid lunch. I noticed the yard needed attention again.

Our goal is simple: to make you the best writer you can be.

Putting my bag on the kitchen table, I turned my back to her. It felt like the walls were closing in. I cracked a window and a cool breeze hit me in the face. There were dishes piled in the sink and laundry overflowed from the wicker basket I had gotten Avey last month. In this example, the reader is being shown how Jimmy is feeling through description, how everything is building to the point of frustration.

How could he feel anything else? A few reasons include: When Jennifer is not writing or working with clients, you can find her hiking, reading, or playing an Evanescence song on the piano.

Katanagatari - Tell Don't Show

When they embraced she could tell he had been smoking and was scared. When she wrapped her arms around him, the sweet staleness of tobacco enveloped her, and he was shivering. The temperature fell and the ice reflected the sun. Suzie felt for the bench with a white cane. She was a plumber and asked where the bathroom was.

She wore coveralls carried a plunger and metal toolbox, and wrenches of various sizes hung from a leather belt around her waist.

Show, Don't Tell: The Simple Guide for Writers

I had a great conversation with Tim over dinner and loved hearing his stories. I barely touched my food, riveted by Tim.

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For instance, say you have to get your character to an important meeting and back, before the real action happens. Maybe he has to get clearance from his superiors before he can lead a secret raid. Rather than investing several pages showing every aspect of the trip from packing, dressing, getting a cab to the airport, going through security, boarding the plane, arriving at his destination —you quickly tell that this way: Three days later, after a trip to Washington to get the operation sanctioned by his superiors, Casey packed his weapons and camo clothes and set out to recruit his crew.

Then you immediately return to showing mode, describing his visits to trusted compatriots and getting them on board. Well-written books trigger the theater of the mind and allow readers to create their own visual. Your writing can do the same if you master showing rather than telling. Have another question about showing vs. Ask me in the comments.