The Canine Adventures of a Gas Meter Reader

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Gas customers overcharged after meter readings blunder

ON apologised to its customers, saying - including homes and businesses - had been affected. Those overcharged are to be refunded, while the who were undercharged will not have to pay any money back. The company said the error occurred because some customers with newer metric meters were registered as having older imperial ones, and vice versa.

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In a statement the firm said: ON UK has said sorry and confirmed that around residential and small and medium-sized enterprise SME customers will be refunded and appropriately compensated after the discovery of a potentially industry wide meter set-up issue. ON has identified all those affected by this issue where the affected meter is still in situ and continue to work to identify any historic meters that have subsequently been exchanged that may have been impacted.

Gas customers overcharged after meter readings blunder | Daily Mail Online

ON will contact all customers individually. Customers do not need to take any action. Industry body Energy UK said affected customers will be contacted and refunded. All the locations in cycle one are read on a certain day. Next, all the locations in cycle two are read, and so on through the month.

Refine by location

IPL meter readers walk from house to house on their routes, reading both water and electric meters at each location. Gas meters are not read by IPL. IPL meter readers are out in all sorts of weather, and they each walk several miles every day, reading meters.

  1. Energy suppliers overcharge UK gas consumers after mistake in meter readings;
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  5. Gas customers overcharged after meter readings blunder.
  6. Occasionally, severe weather or an inaccessible meter keeps them from reading meters on schedule. Estimated reads are generated by a computer program which calculates the customer's average monthly electricity usage for the previous 12 months. IPL will reconcile the next on-site read to the previous month's estimated read.

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    In order to read the meter, we need access to the meter. There are a few things that keep meter readers from doing their job. Mr Fulton added that switching to a cheaper deal would become "a complete nightmare" once time of day tariffs have been introduced, as fluctuating prices would be difficult to compare.

    How to read your electric meter

    L ast week this newspaper revealed that Britain's biggest energy firms are failing to tell customers with smart meters that they will stop working if they switch to a cheaper deal. Just over half of the one million households with a smart meter who change energy providers every year to save money find the device goes "dumb", data shows.

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