Crystal Tears Forever

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My story is not one of unicorns and fairy tales, my life was filled with horrors too ghastly for even the likes of Stephen King to conjure.

Death Haunts Forever

I spent the first half of my life beaten and terrorized at the hands of my father. A man whose thirst for control over everyone and everything was an obsession that destroyed everything in its path.

In the pages to follow, you will see but a glimpse of what I had to endure, and how, with the help of a friend and by the grace of God, I was able to escape. It was purely by chance that my new found freedom was the catalyst behind the creation of Crystal Tears.

I never thought in my wildest nightmares that the man I loved with all my heart would turn into a monster. The man who professed to love me and promised to take care of me for the rest of my life, was nothing more than a demon in human form.

Nocturnal Depression - Crystal Tears

At the hospital, as they wheeled my eight year old up to be examined, the nurse told me that he would be a while and suggested I go across the street to have a cup of coffee. You don't need a better review. If you love epic doom, you just need to listen to Solstice.

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