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It is calm, it is quiet, patient, gentle, and it will outlast all its militant nemeses and obstacles with temperate tenacity. The Islamic Republic may or may not fall from under the pressure of its own inner contradictions, or under the encroaching pressures of the geopolitics of the region. But whether it stays in power or falls, it makes no difference to the expansive success of the Green Movement, in which "Where Is My Vote? Outdated and obsolete expat oppositions, ranging from the corrupt MEK to the bankrupt monarchists, saw the Green Movement and wanted to ride on it and go back to rule Iran.

But they failed, for they had nothing to contribute or to share with the millions of Iranians who, decades after the Iranian revolution of , had no use for their obsolete ideologies. It has exposed both the regime and its bankrupt opposition, and highlighted the necessity of a new course that is predicated on the following principles: So where is it - the Green Movement, what happened to it? It is there, in the bosom of people's dreams and aspirations, systematically changing the public space and the political culture it rightly claims.

Its violent disposition exposed, the Islamic Republic evaded the more immediate consequences of the Green Movement by successfully shifting the leverage of this national politics to the regional context, a move that was in fact aided and abetted by the combined malfeasance of the US and Israel and their regional Arab allies trying to divert the force of the Arab revolutions.

But that very shift has now come back to haunt Iran in Syria, where the fall of the Assad regime will not bode well for the Iranian regime and its current defiance of the will of its own people. That very eventuality, however, will be equally detrimental to the US alliances with Israel and their European and regional allies to divert the course of Arab revolutions. They will, in the long run, lose. These historic revolutions have already changed the political DNA of the region for the better, and with it the world.

The fate of the Green Movement at this historic juncture is thus exceedingly consequential.

Two contradictory developments soon emerged to frame the Green Movement: These revolutions, which the ruling regime in Iran sought falsely to brand as an "Islamic Awakening", were in fact exactly the opposite and a return of the repressed for the ruling regime in Iran - namely the fact that the Iranian Revolution of was a multifaceted revolution that had included anti-colonial nationalists, Third World socialists and hardline Islamists among its ideological strands.

It was only after the machination of the Hostage Crisis , the prolonging of the Iran-Iraq War , and the Salman Rushdie Affair , under which smoke-screens the ruling Islamists conducted continuous university purges, monopolised the mass media, militarised the security apparatus, carried out cultural revolutions and mass executions of political prisoners.

As millions of Iranians began to be deeply affected by the treacherous crippling sanctions that the pro-Washington expat opposition encouraged, and as the threat of war aka "humanitarian intervention" mounted, most Iranians remained committed to the democratic aspirations of their homeland, while categorically opposing the imposition of sanctions, the threat of war, and the assassination of Iranian scientists. The Green Movement acted as a catalyst to help distinguish between the morally corrupt and politically opportunist expat opposition and their American, Israeli and Saudi backers; and the main and healthy body of principled aspirations for democratic change in Iran.

In the larger historical and geographical context of the Green Movement, as a result, it bloomed early like a fragrant flower, to paraphrase a beautiful poem of Ahmad Shamlou , the Iranian poet of liberty, announcing the winter had ended, and gently sublated into the Arab Spring, forever changing the geopolitics of the region. This is not to suggest that the Green Movement "caused" the Arab Spring. It simply means the fate of millions of Iranians and Arabs is not that different from each other, and their historic march towards liberty is far more organically linked than the ghastly sectarianism and racism that on the surface mars that collective fate.

As the Green Movement receded from the public space into the underground, it began occupying a para-public sphere that will continue to thrive under the radar of the violent changes that now ravage the region from Iraq to Syria. Obama publicly downplayed the prospect of real change at first, saying the candidates whom hundreds of thousands of Iranians were risking their lives to support did not represent fundamental change.

Could Releasing Iran’s Green Movement Leaders Help Reformists?

Members of the Iranian diaspora wanted him to support the uprisings. Dissident Iranians from inside the country said such support would be the kiss of death. The State Department, for example, ran a program in through the U. Embassy in Hungary to train Serbian activists in nonviolent resistance against their dictator, Slobodan Milosevic. Milosevic, too, accused his opposition of being pawns of the U.

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But in the end his people forced the dictator from power. Similarly, when Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze met with popular protests in after rigged elections, George W. Bush dispatched James Baker to urge him to step down peacefully, which he did.

Even the Obama administration provided diplomatic and moral support for popular uprisings in Egypt in and Ukraine in Additionally, the book was written by someone who was personally caught up in the events, so any sense of objectivity is lost. Not that I think that the author or Mousavi or the reform movement is on the wrong side of history, quite the contrary, it just that in gathering facts and forming opinions, it is always important to get the full picture.

Having gotten the above out of the way, I do think that his book will be useful for future readers and historians to understand the reform movement in Iran. Bakhtavar clearly presents many day to day details that will make understanding Iran easier for future historians, many details that may not be so easily documented and otherwise lost to future historians.

Lastly, keep in mind that the book came out just a few months after the election. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Outstanding chronology of the Green Movement in Iran. It is as if the author gathered NY Times articles and Twitter updates, weeded out the most relevant and compelling detail, organized the data by the date, and compiled it into a book.

The book is concise and thorough account of the Green Revolution, and ultimately the Green Movement, in Iran under Ahmadinejad.

2009 vs. 2018: How Iran’s new protests compare to the ‘Green Movement’ of the past

I am upset that the book and author did not receive the attention that it deserves. I think it is a mix of an unknown author and a bad publishing house. The cover art looks outdated and ugly and there are some editing issues. Highly recommended for those interested in Iran.

Editorial Reviews

One of the most important events that will cause the rise of Iran in the Middle East that I have proposed in my book, "Living in the Age of the Ram and the Goat" is the alliance of the Kurds and Iran. The Kurds, just like the students described in Mr. Bakhtavar's book, are strong supporters of the Green Movement in Iran. There will be no alliance of the Kurds and Iran without the rise of the Green Movement as a political force in Iran.

What's going on in Iran? (2) - June 2009 - Green Revolution

Therefore I was very interested to get a chance to read "Iran, The Green Movement" to understand the history of the movement. This book was very informational in describing the current situation in Iran: Iran has a very young, very intellectual population that desires to have many of the freedoms that we as Americans have.

The book was emotionally moving in detailing the cost that the citizens in Iran have paid in flesh and blood to secure a new future. I gave the book 4 stars because although it documented the Green Movement in very good detail I did lose interest after about halfway through the book for lack of what I considered new information. One of the best written books of all time.

Think Again: Iran’s Green Movement

I've been reading about this situation and country for the last ten years, and this book is by far in a league of it's own. Majority of the books out today are very outdated, or slanted to one side or another. Bakhtavar presents a very fair and impartial view on the situation which exists in Iran. Not only does this book to a great job outlining the major issues surrounding Iran, but it also goes into background, government organization, and a real detailed look at the grassroots effort that exists amongst students.

Excellent read for anyone interested in Middle Eastern affairs or Iran. Iran is a very fragile and unstable country and anyone who cares about the future of peace and stability and human rights, should read this book. The book lacks any in-depth or even brief analysis. I only hope Mr. I felt like I was reading - at best - a college freshman's essay that was nothing more than a sloppy compendium and mish-mash of news articles, blog posts and Twitter feeds.

It is the only book of its kind out there, so if you're looking for a pocket, Mickey-Mouse guide to "what happened in Iran last year? We can only hope that a more professional author, editor and publishing house will release something over the next year or two that satiates the appetite of those wanting to know more about the turbulent and fascinating recent events inside Iran. The Green Movement" is a well-researched and eye opening book on the recent Iranian uprisings.

The authors background lends itself to its in-depth perspective and assists in untangling Iran's complex political, social, economic and religious landscape. I knew little about the movement now I feel like an expert. Magnificent book and a must read for those concerned about the future of US and Iran. See all 21 reviews. Most recent customer reviews.

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