MISTRESS-KEEPING IN JAPAN!--The Pitfalls & the Pleasures!

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Lafayette De Mente crafts a map of the tradition of mistress keeping from the pre-modern Japanese period of Shogun and Edo to recent Post Modern era with its pros and cons.

I liked his eloquent usage of various Kanji characters as an ideograph to extract the exact meaning of sex outside a marriage. This book is a politically correct narration of how Japanese men are horny as a three balled tomcat and since they could not fulfill their sexual fantasy or fetishes from their arranged marriages they ran wild in the sexual alleys of other women.

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The richer the man the more he could boasts about his conquests in mistress keeping. Later on, in the post Pacific War period it became a full fledged industry with pimps becoming more popular than certain authorities. Eventually, the open sexual indulgence ceased due to stricter societal laws. The Japanese even have lenient sentences for those accused of killing their mistresses. And, now with all the existing strict laws they have clandestine affairs and play it safe. After all man is a sexual animal and polygamy is a part of the animal kingdom.

It is not a justification but a reality dose. DoctorM marked it as to-read Apr 15, Boye Lafayette De Mente added it Nov 22, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. De Mente wrote the first ever books on the Japanese way of doing business Japanese Etiquette and Ethics in Business in and How to Do Business in Japan in , and was the first to introduce the now commonly used Japanese terms wa, nemawashi, kaizen, tatemae-honne, shibui, sabi and wabi to the outside business world! How to Overcome Procrastination and Live a Hap Learn how to create a captivating presence people will remember.

The Art of Witty Banter: Have captivating conversation with anyone and break out of "interview mode" small talk. The Art of Extraordinary Confidence: Dr Aziz Gazipura PsyD. Apply the Stockdale Paradox to your life and succeed against the odds.

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It is outdated, retrograde, egocentric behavioural conflict creating information. In the year it is now being accepted that men have grown and been educated emotionally repressed for generations as a means of military necessity through millenia. Soldiers must not feel, express agression and dominance to protect territory, and it is the only thing they are allowed to express Thankfully the world has evolved and opened it's eyes to this truth, which deeply damages boys, children, young adults and makes them uncapable, disabled to have actual connections as human beings.

An animal or more specifically a business is managed the same way as these traits which are explained in this book. Humans as the supposedly superior race, do not. As men grow emotionally repressed and unable to be a true individual and instead a mass modeled code of conducts the myth of sex being the only outlet of expression is then blown out of proportion.

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From ancient times of war where men were particularly sanguinary brothels were in high demand as to release the pressure from a stove top kettle for them. It continues today in porn, women's trade never heard of men's trade and specifically porn, which promotes rough violent unrealistic sex, reflecting the intensity and desperation of feelings needing to be expressed, as well as the need for power over something because unconsciously, it is recognized and felt by men, the actual lack of power over themselves, for having conformed, and let themselves be molded by standards.

The diagnostic and proof of research shows that the problem lies with men not being true to themselves, and not being powerful or knowledgable of themselves. Had they been enabled to know themselves, and their weakness as well as their strengths, develop an individual identity, they'd have power and responsibility over their feelings, needs and themselves. They wouldn't be as reckless or irresponsible not being able to respond to the situation at hand as a true leader with respect, provision and protection for himself and especially those around him especially women since they are the leaders of their needs and feelings as they have been up to now.

Instant gratification as same as masturbation has led to the current world's state. The saga of Saburo are true-to- life stories of a young boy who opts to become a roving shugyo-sha shuu-g'yoh-shah , or "samurai in training," rather than serve a feudal lord, leading him to extraordinary adventures that bring out the culture of his times.

Mistress-Keeping in Japan - Then & Now by Boyé Lafayette de Mente

Each story is filled with cultural and historical facts that reveal both negative and positive elements in the lives of the samurai class, with Saburo surmounting those that are negative and eventually finding a master who explains the essence and the purpose of life. The stories are both an educational and an inspirational read for young people. To order click on. Mistress-keeping has had a long and "illustrious" history in Japan, with fascinating traditions and customs that were unique to Japanese culture.

The practice underwent dramatic changes following the end of the Shogunate era in and again following the end of World War II in when it was revitalized by thousands of American and United Nations military and civilian personnel who were part of the Occupation of Japan.

Mistress-Keeping in Japan - Then & Now

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