Nos miran. Guion (Spanish Edition)

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Gloria has set up a collective with the motto "Neither lost nor silenced". They express their frustrations and provide visibility and a voice to those who wish to participate, from among the over 20, Spaniards in Scotland's capital.

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Are we really being watched from the other side? An unexpected twist in the case to which they have been assigned will lead them to confront their own dark secrets. They will have to cross the line between public and private issues knowing that nothing will ever be the same again.

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Based on the book by Nobel Prize winner Jose Saramago. Trini is of the same age and has lost her mother.

Ramon, the leader of the group devises plots to kidnap Patricia, daughter of a wealthy industrialist, but the plot does not work out as planned. Are we really being watched from the other side? Mais au matin, ils ne sont plus que sept. Spanish English 22 French 9 German 8 Galician 6.

The film's tone was different from the previous installments, becoming more family-friendly since W.

Production was troubled, with many actors considered for the main roles. Filming locations included Madrid.

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The film was released in Spain in September Nos miran received favorable reviews upon release, but over the years the opinion has gone from favorable to mixed. The story elements and much of the dialogue still remained in the finished film, though Schumacher felt it could be "lighte[ne]d down". Amado claims he originally had in mind an adaptation. Filming started in September , claiming that the film needed a "force" and felt Ling could "advance on it".

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Amado wanted a design that was not to be in any way connected to the previous films, and instead was to be inspired by the images from the past. He also wanted a "city with personality", with more statues, as well as various amounts of neon. For the costume design, producer claimed that workers were at one point working together.