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With Maurice as a percussionist and lead vocalist Drayton also served as the group's musical arranger. The soundtrack album was released in on Stax Records and reached No. The band developed a growing popularity on college campuses but, in spite of this, some members of EWF started to become restless and the band broke up after having been together less than six months.

With only Verdine left, Maurice decided to re-form the group. The band successfully auditioned for managers Bob Cavallo and Joe Ruffalo. Davis was very impressed with the band's performance and bought out their contract from Warner Bros. The album got to No. An album cut entitled "Mom" also got to No. Soon thereafter Roland Bautista and Ronnie Laws left the band to pursue new musical opportunities [24] [25] Denver native Philip Bailey recommended his former East High School classmate, saxophonist Andrew Woolfolk as a replacement for Laws.

Woolfolk had been busy in New York studying sax with sax maestro Joe Henderson and was due to start a career in banking at the time. To fill the void created by Bautista's departure, guitarists Al McKay and Johnny Graham were added to round out the new lineup. The album rose to Nos. Another single, " Devotion ", was a song with a strong spiritual message. Following the completion of this album Maurice's younger brother, Fred White , joined the band. As well the band collaborated with Ramsey Lewis on his album Sun Goddess which was issued in late by Columbia.

The album got to Nos. The film also starred EWF as a new recording act known as "The Group"; they performed songs in the film and Maurice had a small speaking part, as leader of "The Group". In the film Harvey Keitel 's character hears "The Group" performing and produces their first album. The film's title is repeated throughout the film as a shrug of the shoulders to the music world.

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But when each member of the band saw the film, they were all convinced that the motion picture would be a box office bomb , which it eventually was. For instance, AllMusic 's Alex Henderson described the album as "one of the strongest albums of the [s]" and "EWF's crowning achievement," and Billboard Magazine called it "a very tightly produced and performed package. Because of the album's tremendous commercial success, the band was able to hire a full horn section , which was dubbed the Phenix Horns.

The Phenix Horns, who became an integral part of the band's sound, were composed of saxophonist Don Myrick , trombonist Louis Satterfield , and trumpeters Rahmlee Davis and Michael Harris. Myrick and Satterfield both worked with Maurice during his days as a session drummer at Chess Records. Subsequent to EWF's first tour of Europe, where they opened for the rock band Santana , Columbia Records wanted another album released as soon as possible.

Additionally, in , Maurice established a production company called Kalimba Productions to which he signed artists such as his former bandleader Ramsey Lewis, singer Deniece Williams , who had once been a member of Stevie Wonder 's "Wonderlove" backup group, and girl group The Emotions , who had a run of hits with Stax Records from to EWF paid tribute to Stepney in the form of the album's title.

During this period EWF concerts started to become loaded with pyrotechnics, magic, laser lights, flying pyramids, levitating guitarists and elaborate production tricks that included the entire group ascending in a pyramid and a disappearing act. The stage magician Doug Henning directed many of their tours throughout the s with his young assistant and eventual successor, David Copperfield.

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The band also began to be choreographed by George Faison. The album went to 3 on the Pop Charts and 1 on the Black Albums chart respectively. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Got to Get You into My Life was eventually added to the movie's soundtrack. Bailey had major input into the group's vocal arrangements and would go on to co-produce the band's second album, Dazz. Though the band had previously overlooked disco, the summer of saw EWF topping the dance music charts with their most disco-inspired single, " Boogie Wonderland ," which was produced by Maurice and Al McKay and featured The Emotions.

Even with the song's success, Verdine White claims that the band is not a disco band, saying: He was replaced by returning rhythm guitarist Roland Bautista , who gave the band a bit of a hard rock sound with his style of playing. White decided that, given the changing musical landscape, the band needed to incorporate into their work more of the electronica sound which was popular at the time.

As a result, EWF's eleventh album, Raise! Within the Phenix Horns also began their frequent collaborations with Phil Collins and his band Genesis altogether. As well, the band's issued Powerlight , their follow up album within that year. During their hiatus, Philip Bailey released his second and most commercially successful solo project, the gold album Chinese Wall , featuring the Phenix Horns and produced by Phil Collins.

The album also featured an appearance by saxophonist Gerald Albright. Also, during the hiatus, Verdine White wrote and directed videos. The band's reformation fostered the studio album Touch the World , which rose to Nos. In , the band released a track anthology of their career up to that point entitled The Eternal Dance. Sunday Morning also got to Nos. On September 14 of the following year, the band received another tribute in the form of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

During , White retired from touring with the band. At the time, he explained that he wanted to take a rest from the rigors of the road. Philip Bailey was given the role of onstage leader of the band. The album went on to be critically acclaimed as being wholly neo soul in its sound and style altogether. EWF played at the Montreux Jazz Festival and gave an encore performance during the following year.

Live At Montreux was released in A website entitled www. After their induction into the Hall of Fame an effort was made by the original band members to fully reunite, but it ultimately proved unfruitful.

Fire Reborn

In , a biographical documentary of the band entitled Shining Stars: In , Kalimba Records released The Promise , the band's first studio album in six years. Upon the album were two previously unreleased songs from the "I Am" recording sessions: Gary Bias and Bob Burns, Jr. The single got to No. The single garnered a Grammy nomination and was featured on Illumination , their 19th studio album, which was released on September 20, For this album EWF collaborated with artists such as will. Another single spawned from the album, dubbed " Pure Gold ", reached number 23 on the Adult Contemporary Charts.

This was first time a musical artist had opened at the annual awards show. Maurice also co-wrote with Allee Willis several new songs for the play. The album rose to no. The band was the opening act at a special edition of American Idol entitled " Idol Gives Back " which aired April 25, and performed a medley of "Boogie Wonderland", "Shining Star" and "September". The band so impressed the audience with their performance that the band was bestowed with the Gaviota de Plata English translation: The intro to EWF's song "In the Stone" has been used for several years as the introductory theme for the event's broadcasts.

During the ceremony Verdine White and Johnson both gave acceptance speeches before all four honorees' gave an impromptu performance of "Shining Star". On February 29, , early guitarist Roland Bautista died, aged 60, of natural causes. The song went on to appear upon his album " Authentic ". Maurice White died on February 4, , after a suffering for some years with Parkinson's disease.

He was survived by his wife, his two sons, daughter and his brothers Verdine and Fred. Blige , [] Prince , [] Pharrell Williams , [] India. Arie , [] Jon Secada , [] and Wyclef Jean. Miles Davis described EWF as his "all time favorite band" saying, "they have everything horns, electric guitar, singers and more in one band".

David Foster and friends In this concert he showed his respect to Maurice White publicly. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Earth and Fire. For the elements, see classical element. Retrieved 26 November Retrieved 1 November Retrieved May 6, Head To The Sky Billboard ".

Evil Hot Soul Songs ". Sun Goddess Top Soul Albums ". Sun Goddess Billboard ". Archived from the original on November 10, Kindle Edition , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Fire Reborn , please sign up. Is there a book 2?

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When will the nxt book out? See 2 questions about Fire Reborn…. Lists with This Book. Feb 25, Andrea Heltsley rated it it was amazing Shelves: I enjoyed this book a lot! Shifters hold a spot in my heart and Phoenix shifters? More interesting than some of the others IMO. This is the second book by this author and I cannot wait for the next book!

Feb 11, Joy Otherworldly Romance rated it it was ok Shelves: I was so excited going into this book because I'm really intrigued by the premise. I've read a lot of shifter books- wolf shifters, lion shifters, bear shifters, and all that. But this is the first time I've encountered "phoenix" shifters. But that's about everything this book has to offer: Katra is the first phoenix shifter in years. She discovers what she is at the age of 7 and, of course, she has to hide in order to protect her identity.

It's a really promising premise, right? But, to me, it wasn't a satisfying read at all.

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First, it was far too short. It only has 8 chapters in total.

There wasn't enough time to let the story breathe. The main character, Katra, was likeable enough. Her powers, when she used them passively, were amazing. But we never got the chance to see her actively use her power. I would've wanted to see her use her powers and be totally badass.

There was no emotional payoff to the entire story arc because there was no character development. Katra is the same person she was in Chapter one as she is in Chapter 8. Second, I couldn't figure out the deal with the 3 mercenary dragon shifter brothers. Dragon shifters in this world seem really, really cool, btw. As far as the shifter mythology of the story world goes, it was really interesting. But the characters themselves- Kaster, Marclan, and Finley- were underdeveloped. I couldn't buy in to why they decided to be on Katra's side. It was far to quick and too much telling rather than showing.

I also couldn't figure out which one is the love interest. I mean, there has to be a love interest right? Unless series intended to be a kinky foursome sexy times story? I didn't get any sexual vibes- only your run of the mill urban fantasy vibes. Finally, I feel like the story is just a set up for the next book. It's kind of like a 0. That's how it feels. Would I be reading the next book? Half of me really wants to see how powerful Katra could become as the only phoneix shifter. The other half of me is wary about where this story is headed.

It's hard to invest myself in a story that doesn't take it's time to develop the characters and make me love and care for how their story turns out. Mar 04, Cassie rated it it was amazing. Shifters, Magic, and Hotties The Author did a great job of setting up an interesting story with all the right ingredients. Mar 21, C. This was a good story and I really liked the plot. Mar 24, Fay Pretty rated it did not like it Shelves: This is akin to a fan fiction or prequel of an actual book.

This short, underdeveloped shiftier story has promise but because everything happens quick fire it lacks and depth or emotion. Katra our illustrious main character at a young age is just as annoying as she is at eighteen. She whines constantly and in an effort to make her strong it feels like O'Neil just uses pointless talk an "What sort of trouble have you two brought to my home? She whines constantly and in an effort to make her strong it feels like O'Neil just uses pointless talk and description rather than demonstration. Even then big events seem pretty skipped over, which by the way never include any surprises!

Phoenix shifters and shifter stories in general are becoming more popular in books recently so I feel like the bar is being set higher and higher. Feb 09, Mel B. Interesting premise, it has promise. The plot of this book has definite promise. But the problem with this book lies in two major departments 1. It is way way way too short. Also as the plot progresses at a breakneck speed there is way too much introduced for it to end as quickly as it does. The second big issue with the book for me I touched on a little bit above, too much is introduced especially in the last 15 pages of the book.

There is really no romance in this book, not even a spark to ignite the slow burn that was promised. And although I still am happy I did read it and I see possible promise for future books in the series I am disappointed in the first installment. Feb 24, Erin rated it really liked it. Fiery tempers do not respond well to threats Katra has a secret. She didn't know it was a secret until her mother died to protect her for it. What started as children bullying her took a very ugly turn very fast. Eleven years later she and her father have had to keep moving. They've had to stay ahead of those who would exploit Katra's powers.

But any 18yo is going to test the boundaries.

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Only, when she does it, people get hurt. Because after 11 years this person is still waiting for he Fiery tempers do not respond well to threats Katra has a secret. Because after 11 years this person is still waiting for her to surface. Her abilities will only add to the power this person already has. When this slip up brings 3 dragon shifters to her door Katra and her father once again have to flee.

When tragedy strikes they show again but this time to protect her. Something about the story they were told doesn't match the small girl they see before them. How do they keep finding her? Who is it that is sending people after her? As with Angel Eyes, O'Neill has set up an interesting plot. While one person mentioned appears a lot like Gargamel it doesn't make them any less scary. Although, if they have a cat named Azrael I would absolutely love it.

Comforting in a teen heroine. There were a few small grammatical errors but nothing that jerks you out of the story. Mar 29, Kayla Pipkin rated it liked it Shelves: Katra is a Phoenix shifter. The only one to have been born since their disappearance centuries ago. Her life has been nothing but moving since the day she learned her fate. Getting tired of the traveling and hiding her magic, she slowly begins working to work with her magic. Little does she know that she is inviting trouble to her doorstep.

In the form of three mercenary dragons. This was a quick read. That ends on a cliffhanger. It's told from multiple points of view. I found i A little disappointed. I found it a little bothersome that is wasn't made clear in the chapter heading who was speaking. While you can tell who the narrator is fairly quickly after starting, it's a pain to not have it established beforehand.

At the end of the book I had a lot of questions still. Hopefully they will be answered in the following books, but just felt like I had more questions than answers. I am curious about where this will lead. However, I'm on the fence on whether I would recommend it.