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I remember having to get in extra early to secure the only tea spoons in our shared kitchen one of which we kept as a reminder of where we started off , but I constantly reminded myself of the 5-year plan I had devised — to have a super office in Manchester with highly successful recruiters and be the recruitment partner of choice with some of the best companies in the UK.

The key thing for me when setting up Insight was that the customer had to be at the centre of everything we do. I must have been to meet close to 1, customers in my recruitment career, so reflecting on these experiences I felt there was an opportunity for a boutique agency that can offer the same professional level of service and quality of delivery as the best larger, well established agencies but with a personalised, flexible approach where relationship is the main driver. I would say our values and our people are something that genuinely set us aside.

Building the business from the ground up I could focus on creating the right culture and bringing only the best people into the team who add to that culture. One of the big differences that our customers comment on is the level of experience of the people they are dealing and ultimately the understanding and confidence in delivery that comes with that. I still see Insight as a start-up as we have only been going 18 months, but its these people who help set the standards and high expectations and ultimately enable us to offer industry leading service to our customers.

Lastly, we genuinely believe in getting involved and giving back to the community.

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For me this a reflection of our commitment to our core value of caring for people. For me being successful over a long period of time is about adapting to failure, learning, developing, and using those experience to shape your success in the future. Whilst these things are still obviously important, my barometer of success is now more focused on the development and progression of the people who work for me now and Insight as a brand.

The other thing I would say is play to your strengths, recruitment challenges you to do so many tasks that require numerous different skills. The company was depicted as based in New York City, with branches in smaller Northeastern cities. Episodes are set in the Scranton branch, but other branches have been mentioned and seen.

The now-closed Stamford, Connecticut , branch was seen when Jim Halpert John Krasinski transferred there during the first half of the third season. Zbornak says that city was on the short list for where to base the show, with some of its writers having ties to Central New York , and that they always intended for at least a branch office to be located there, for reasons of phonetics. But also, "we had done a little research and thought our kind of business could survive in Utica.

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A Buffalo branch has been mentioned in several episodes, [10] and a Rochester office was also mentioned in the episode titled " Lecture Circuit ". The Dunder Mifflin website also lists a Yonkers branch. Albany is yet another mentioned New York location, which in a deleted scene in " Stress Relief " is revealed to have closed. It is also said that there are branches in other states, including: In " Boys and Girls ", a Pittsfield branch was mentioned, until Jan shut it down when their warehouse workers unionized.

The episode " Turf War " focuses on the closing of the Binghamton branch, and how reps from the Syracuse branch are competing with Scranton employees for Binghamton's old clients. Mason paper company, based near Boston , in Brockton, Massachusetts. It is similarly regional in focus, serving corporate customers in New England and the Mid-Atlantic states. Like Dunder Mifflin, its original product line rubber stamps was something other than paper, and it faces stiff competition from national and international chains.

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It, too, has a branch office in Stamford, but Mason's has remained open. The company's "clearly dysfunctional" top-down management style is a major source of tension on the show, notes Chicago-based writer Ramsin Canon. Corporate headquarters rejects the television commercial Michael created, as he in turn insisted on his own ideas for the commercial and ignored his employees'.

Novak , who began as a temp , becomes Michael's new boss because he has an M. Michael, in turn, treats his own employees the same way. Dunder Mifflin is also depicted as struggling to accommodate the demands of a diverse workforce.

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  • Episodes have focused on sensitivity training sessions and other informal efforts. The office and warehouse of the Scranton branch office were sets on the production company's office in Van Nuys, California , although a real office was used in the show's first season.

    Dunder Mifflin

    For episodes in season two and beyond, scenes set in the parking lot made use of the exterior of the production company's office building. Since the stage set had no windows, writer Jennifer Celotta 's office was dressed to look like Michael Scott 's when the script called for him or someone else to look out the window into the parking lot.

    It plans to add a Dunder Mifflin logo to the circular insets near the top of the tower. The success of the show has led to the sale of actual products with the Dunder Mifflin logo as souvenirs. In , the website 80stees. At the first annual The Office convention in Scranton in , fans who had paid for reserved seating at an "uncommon stockholders meeting" [24] in the Mall at Steamtown received an annual report and complimentary ream of paper.

    A nearby elevator shaft is also decorated with the company logo. While the Scranton branch's address, Slough Avenue, does not actually exist the street name was invented as a tribute to the original British version of the show , set in Slough , near London , the company logo can be seen two places in the city's downtown section outside the mall: In November , Staples Inc.

    The brand expanded its paper product line beyond manufactured paper in November As of July , Quill. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fictional paper company from U. TV series The Office. Retrieved 16 March Retrieved June 4, DVDs, T-shirts, books, mugs and caps". Retrieved April 2, Retrieved April 3, He identified Scranton as the birthplace of senators Robert Casey Jr. News and World Report.

    Archived from the original on April 5, Retrieved May 14, Retrieved May 8, A crushed Jim took a job at the Stamford branch of Dunder Mifflin, and fans of "The Office", most of whom appear to have spent their summer composing YouTube tributes to the would-be couple, have had to wait patiently for the two to be reunited, even as work buddies Archived from the original on November 19, How cool is that?

    Retrieved April 4, Retrieved October 20, Retrieved May 10, The power relationship is much more emotionally involving. Consider the episode " Local Ad " where Michael tries to produce an advertisement for Dunder-Mifflin using all the talents of his branch, only to be coldly ignored, to such an extent that we do not even see his effort get rejected.

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