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Impressionist Daniel Ferguson Mocks Simon with 'Cake by the Ocean'

During the year you can also get fleur de lis, heart and candy cane shaped king cakes here, as well as cakes in Halloween and Easter colors. King cake options include traditional versions stuffed with cinnamon-cream cheese, chocolate-pecan, and strawberry-mascarpone.

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You can also get the French galettes des rois here —a cake traditionally shared at Epiphany. This award-winning pastry is handmade with Danish dough, a light layer of cream cheese, and a light glaze of raw cane sugar, cinnamon and glitter. Options include a sweet potato-filled king cake. Along with their Vietnamese po-boys, this year-old New Orleans East establishment is famous for its king cake made with rich brioche dough, tangy cream cheese and cinnamon. Other flavors are also available. Days Left Until Mardi Gras. Shop for King Cakes Ordering King Cakes over the internet has become an annual tradition by consumers all around the world - and many of our bakers offer them year-round.

Maurice French Pastries Maurice offers traditional King Cakes made of brioche bread in multiple flavors, and is famous for its stuffed king cakes. La Boulangerie King cake options include traditional versions stuffed with cinnamon-cream cheese, chocolate-pecan, and strawberry-mascarpone.

The Celebrity Apprentice The Apprentice: Retrieved from " https: Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references. Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 30 June , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Long Island, New York. Ru asked most of the queens who they thought should go home. Shangela replied Carmen, while Carmen and Delta both thought Stacy should leave. Stacy thought Carmen's look was not couture and she should be the one to go, while Raja wanted both Shangela and Stacy to go.

After the judges' deliberation, Yara and Delta are safe, while Stacy is up for elimination. Manila is safe, and Raja is declared the winner this week.

The Apprentice (U.S. season 2) - Wikipedia

Shangela is also safe, along with Carmen, landing Alexis in the bottom 2 with Stacy. RuPaul decides to keep Alexis Mateo, while Stacy sashayed away. Off stage, a clique begins to form with Raja, Delta, Carmen and Manila referring to themselves as "Heathers", while Alexis, Yara, Stacy and Shangela were called "boogers". In this week's mini-challenge, the cast were asked to "read" each other popularized by the film Paris is Burning. Shangela wins the challenge, with her prize being to choose the order of the contestants for the main challenge.

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  • RuPaul announces that for the main challenge, the queens have to develop a stand-up comedy routine to perform in front of a live audience. In order to help them put an act together, they each get a one-on-one workshop with legendary comedienne Rita Rudner. Shangela later gives the girls the line-up for the show; starting with Raja, followed by Carmen, Alexis, Shangela, Manila, Yara and Delta. During the session with Rita, most of the contestants receive valuable advice from Rita on how to improve their stand-up routine, with the exception of Carmen, who had a hard time finding a basis for her routine and didn't receive any tips.

    On the main stage, the contestants debut their comedy routines for the judges and the audience. Raja's set was based upon and inspired by the film Carrie. Carmen wore a soft sculpture fat suit and talked about secretly wanting to be a big girl, while Alexis came out as an energetic stripper version of herself, donning extremely large fake breasts. Shangela followed with her "post modern pimp-ho" character, and Manila's act focused mainly on a running gag of Sesame Street and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood allusions to homosexuality.

    Yara's character was a sassy midget from Spain, while Delta's routine portrayed herself as a self-deprecating fat girl. The judges unanimously loved Raja, Yara, Shangela and Carmen's routines. Alexis was called out for rushing through the routine and relying too much on her visual gag. Manila's look was lauded, but her act was called unoriginal, while Delta was criticized for being too nervous. After deliberating, Raja and Alexis are declared safe, while Manila is up for elimination.

    Shangela is deemed the best and wins the challenge. Yara and Carmen are also safe, which places Delta in the bottom two against Manila. The lip-sync is considered one of the best lip syncs ever to be on the show, and is a legendary lip-sync for your life.

    History of the King Cake

    Manila's hilariously dramatic interpretation of the song ultimately meant Manila won the lip-sync and Delta left the competition. Tanner Stransky of Entertainment Weekly called the lip-synch battle the "most cohesive lipsynch-for-your-life session [ever] in Drag Race history". In the mini-challenge the contestants are asked to bedazzle black bras into something spectacular, and Manila and her sparkly torpedos wins.

    The contestants are then told they will be making second promos themed around their love of America that will be shown to U. Each contestant will get ten minutes to film, with Manila getting an extra five minutes for winning the mini-challenge. RuPaul tells the contestants to make it personal, but entertaining. Each contestant comes up with their own strategy. Carmen wants to speak seriously but entertain with her visual performance, Raja is unsure but wants to be humorous, Manila chooses to focus on the diversity of food in the U.

    Yara's father is part of the Army Reserves, but she does not want to focus on that in her performance, and Alexis is initially reluctant to discuss her former boyfriend because they broke up when he was sent overseas.

    Shop for King Cakes

    RuPaul encourages her to use that experience, which she does to great effect in her video. During their preparations, Yara was also chagrined that after helping Shangela in previous challenges, Shangela was unwilling to help Yara when she asked during this challenge. In their runway presentation, the contestants are told to dress in their most patriotic drag.

    Alexis wins the competition for her enthusiastic performance, and the judges note that her dress is fashioned from the U. Marine Corps dress uniform jacket her boyfriend left behind for her. Manila's money-themed dress was a hit on the runway, though video failed to meet some of the judges' expectations. Michelle however highly praised Manila. She is deemed safe. The judges felt Raja's video performance was lackluster, but pronounced her safe as well.

    The judges praised Shangela's video performance as energetic and entertaining, but noted her runway dress was poorly tailored and did not reflect a very patriotic feel.

    RuPaul's Drag Race (Season 3)

    She was also deemed safe. The judges criticized Carmen for her wooden and dull video performance. Although they loved her look on the runway, her facial expression and body language made them feel like she was bored so she was up for elimination. Yara's performance was high energy, but the judges questioned whether her "crazy Latina" persona would carry her through to the title, and she was also put up for elimination. Both contestants had to lip sync for their lives, but, after telling Carmen to stay, RuPaul also told Yara she could stay as well, becoming the first non-elimination challenge in the series.

    This week's mini-challenge is a game of "Ru-sical chairs". It is exactly like musical chairs except when the music stops, the chair-less queen must sing the next line in the song All the songs being from RuPaul's album Champion. When it comes down to 2 queens Manila and Raja and one chair, Manila is the last queen standing,her second mini challenge in a row.

    The queens choose as follows:. The queens arrive at the recording studio where they meet Ru's music producer Lucian Piane. All of the girls deal with some difficulty while recording, from Shangela's overconfidence to Yara's inability to "sound" good. The following day the queens find mp3 players with their recorded songs, and all are pleased with the final products except Carmen, who thinks she sounds horrible. After lip syncing to their songs on the main stage, it is time for the judges' critiques. Only Raja received unanimous praise from the judges, while the other queens each got their share of criticisms,though Manila is very highly praised for her gorgeous look and performance.

    After some deliberation, Yara is safe and Raja is declared the winner of the challenge. Carmen's performance lands her in the bottom two again, while Manila and Alexis,who took some heat for her outfit, are declared safe. This leaves Shangela to lip synch against Carmen to Cher's " Believe ".

    What’s a Mardi Gras party without a King Cake?

    Shangela out battled Carmen and was chosen to stay, while Carmen was sent home, leaving Michelle Visage in tears. In the next episode, the queens say that Carmen wrote messages to each of them. One message visible to viewers is "Shangela, shablam across the board. For this week's mini challenge, the remaining contestants were asked to create a fashion-forward, beach themed headpiece, with Raja being declared the winner.

    After this, RuPaul reveals the main challenge: Participate in a hair-themed fashion show with three distinct looks:. During the episode, all of the contestants agreed that this was the hardest challenge so far. In the workroom, the contestants complained that Yara's rowdy behavior was distracting, but they all agreed that she would do well in the challenge because hair is her specialty as a drag performer. On the runway, Raja, Yara, and Manila receive mostly. Michelle said that Alexis's 's inspired look had no resemblance to the actual '40's, and her red carpet look seemed like she "was wearing the red carpet.

    Shangela's flamenco-inspired look was deemed ill-fitting by Fantasia, and Michelle pointed out that the look was more a look from another region than another era. Meanwhile, her modern red-carpet look was deemed neither modern or worthy of a red carpet.