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Ask any bank risk manager about interconnectedness and the conversation will quickly turn to the complex interlinkages that tie the fortunes of one firm to those of other financial institutions. Yet this preoccupation with external threats may have blinded risk managers to the dangers lurking within their own institutions — namely the interconnectedness of quantitative models used to price trades, value exposures, measure risk and manage capital. Is this merely a shift in market demand or does it mark some difference in our understanding of the world? Why might this growth in narrative be important and hat importance should we attach to the skill to create and interpret a story?

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One key reason that narrative dominates our culture is that it is a primary method by which we, as humans, gauge the intelligence of others and formulate our responses to complex situations. Here he outlines the proposal that it is not only our comprehension of a particular story that shapes our understanding but also the role that story plays in building conceptual models of others around us. And it is not only human intelligence that we gauge based on storytelling.

This Tangled Web

Going back to the Turing test, one of the earliest attempts to measure machine intelligence, the idea of narrative and discussion is essential. The interrogation he proposes is designed to see whether a machine can fool a human into ascribing it attributes that they would otherwise attribute to a person. Turing makes no mention of measuring intelligence, no empirical certainty, only a dialogue between human and machine. The human judge attempts to decide if the respondee is human or machine based on the sum of its answers.

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If it is only then the human can say that they believe the respondee is intelligent. This may be, but I think it is unlikely that there is any great effect of this kind. In any case there is no intention to investigate here the theory of the game, and it will be assumed that the best strategy is to try to provide answers that would naturally be given by a man.

This imitation game, of course, is no different from the process or processes we use to judge the intelligence of other humans around us. Dautenhahn, We are constantly engaged in dialogue and constantly struggle to create a consistent narrative that gives us clues as to the intelligence of others around us. However, even if we agree that storytelling is the sole way we measure intelligence there still remains the question of what exactly we are assessing when we say somebody, or something, possesses intelligence.

If we read and understand a text are we making an assessment of the intelligence of the author? Or of something else? More on this later. When presented with a new narrative does everybody approach it in essentially the same way? Is it something we can objectively measure? Or is narrative merely a word that covers a disparate set of responses , a process that evolves and changes, such that narrative understanding depends only on context and can never be said to be intrinsic.

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The mechanical processes that control the cornea, the retina and the optic nerve are fairly well understood and provide a basis or standard framework when talking about sight. Are there analogous processes in the brain when we process narrative? If we accept that narrative, in its broadest sense, is any account that connects a series of events then the scope becomes impossibly vague. Research increasingly suggests that the brain will go to fantastic length to create fictional explanations for our actions that have little to do with the real causes at a chemical level.

From an empirical perspective the self simply does not exist. From a neuroscience perspective, stories or narrative in its broadest sense, seem nothing more than a curious byproduct, something to be discounted from empirical consideration. But this of course is not how anybody actually lives. It seems clear there are certain empirical criteria that are not applicable to fictional entities.

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