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One incident involved a female, nicknamed the Devil's Duchess, crucifying a puppy after cutting its heart out in what was believed to be a sacrifice to an Egyptian god. Alyona Savchenko, 17, and Alina Orlova, 18, "'systematically abused animals" and used "sadistic methods", and were jailed for between three and four years by a court in Khabarovsk.

Human sacrifice in Maya culture - Wikipedia

In the court cage, ringleader Savchenko wore a top with an Satanist symbol after evidence was heard of an occult link to their "cruelty". Their convictions follow an online outing of the group in October when it was alleged they struck helpless pets with a bat. A white dog was hung by its collar and shot with an air gun and black dog was was 'crucified' and dissected.

Baseball bats, chemical liquids, tongs, and other instruments of torture were used on the animals.

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One witness told how Savchenko showed her a picture of 'a cat with its tummy cut open', and people reported that stray dogs had "started disappearing" in Khabarovsk. When Savchenko was detained, she called herself the 'Devil's Duchess", and in one picture she is shown hold a recently-killed puppy's heart with the caption: When Perillos entered, he was immediately locked in and the fire was set, so that Phalaris could hear the sound of his screams.

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Before Perillos could die, Phalaris opened the door and took him away. After freeing him from the bull, Phalaris is then said to have taken Perillos to the top of a hill and thrown him off, killing him. Phalaris himself is claimed to have been killed in the brazen bull when he was overthrown by Telemachus , the ancestor of Theron. Pindar , who lived less than a century afterwards, expressly associates this instrument of torture with the name of the tyrant Phalaris.

Blood eagle

The Romans were reputed to have used this torture device to kill some Christians , notably Saint Eustace , who, according to Christian tradition, was roasted in a brazen bull with his wife and children by Emperor Hadrian. The Catholic Church discounts the story of Saint Eustace 's martyrdom as "completely false".

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  6. According to the Chronica caesaraugustana , Burdunellus , a Roman usurper, was roasted in a brazen bull by the king Alaric II in The film Immortals shows three maidens of an oracle being tortured in a brazen bull. The film Red Riding Hood features a nearly identical device, albeit in the form of an elephant.

    Human sacrifice in Maya culture

    The movie Saw 3D shows a woman dying in a device similar to a brazen bull. The video game Amnesia: The Dark Descent features a brazen bull previously used as a torture device. David Horspool in his book King Alfred: Burnt Cakes and Other Legends , while not committing to the historical veracity of the ritual, also saw parallels to martyrdom tracts.

    Their Nature and Legacy states that "the hitherto notorious rite of the 'Blood Eagle,' the killing of a defeated warrior by pulling up his ribs and lungs through his back, has been shown to be almost certainly a Christian myth resulting from the misunderstanding of some older verse. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the novel by Craig Russell, see Blood Eagle novel.

    The Rite of the Blood-Eagle". Retrieved 30 March Torture and Brutality in Medieval Literature: Negotiations of National Identity.

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