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They died quickly, without making it anywhere near the Chinese line. When I gaze into the lifelike eyes of a statue like that of Ebih-Il , or stumble upon a familiar name in an ancient inscription, the centuries seem to melt away, bringing me and the other person together across thousands of years.

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For a few brief seconds, we meet in a time outside of time. But my most intimate historical moment happened at the Hermitage Museum in St. Thousands of years before anyone dreamed of the Silk Route; before there were friendly roads and caravansaries to welcome travelers from across the desert.

Long before anyone had heard the names of China, or India, or Rome. It is BCE, or thereabouts.

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Far to the west, the Sumerians are experiencing their Renaissance , Egypt has entered its Middle Kingdom era, and Babylon is about to rise to power for the first time. This might seem a strange place to seek the ruins of a lost civilization. Their culture, religion and cities welded the American Southeast into a single mighty civilization. Meet the empire builders of medieval Missouri.

Then the human sacrifices began. From cliffside fortresses, they controlled a sprawling trade network — and hoarded wealth beyond dreams.

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Meet the merchant princes of the ancient Southwest. They raised mighty mud-brick cities, and built a trade empire spanning the Southwest.

Meet the first great civilizations of Native American history. Their realm was the heart of civilization — until the apocalypse came. It might surprise you, then, to learn that none of this comes from Arabia. They brought together the best of Asia—then improved on it. Studies on the Texts of the Desert of Judah. Scholarly translation and evaluation of Biblical texts from the papyri and manuscripts of Wadi Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls, and related bibliographic, linguistic, cultural and historical aspects of ancient Judaism and early Christianity.

The series published an average of 3,5 volumes per year over the last 5 years. Contents About Restricted Access. Clements , Menahem Kister and Michael Segal. Hartog , Alison Schofield and Samuel I.

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Divisions and Hierarchies By: Goldstein , Michael Segal and George J. Parry , Stephen D. Ricks and Andrew C. Is There a Text in this Cave? Turning Proverbs towards Torah: Sidnie White Crawford and Cecilia Wassen.

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Abegg on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday. Kipp Davis , Kyung S. Baek , Peter W. Flint and Dorothy Peters. Tigchelaar and Pierre van Hecke. The Copper Scroll Revisited By: Reading and Re-Reading Scripture at Qumran 2 vol. Anderson , Ruth Clements and David Satran. Brooke , Daniel K. Falk , Eibert J. Tigchelaar and Molly M. Roitman , Lawrence H. Schiffman and Shani Tzoref. Falk , Sarianna Metso , Donald W.

Studies on the Texts of the Desert of Judah

Parry and Eibert J. Lawrence Schiffman and Shani Tzoref. Echoes from the Caves: Qumran and the New Testament Editor s: Ruth Clements and Daniel R. Ruth Clements and Nadav Sharon.