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But Paradise comes at a price And when exploration evolves into exploitation, there comes a point when the pioneers become the protectors. Join us for a journey on one of the last great dirtbag adventures of the 20th Century And learning that if you want to keep paradise, you need to stand up for it. More from the Director Ira Opper. More from Opper Sports Productions.

Secrets of The Desert: Exploring the Extraterrestrial Highway and Area 51

The Difference between Buying and Renting Buying When you buy a video, your viewing rights do not expire. Learn more about our Premium Membership Gifting This allows you to pick a movie, episode or complete season to be given as a gift to a lucky recipient. Learn more about our Gift Options Close. Sign up now for unlimited access! Already a Premium Member? I wished I could shed my suffocating black abaya with its matching polyester headscarf and veil, all now caked in sand.

Secrets of Yemen’s eastern deserts

My guards had taken to calling me Doctoora Aisha, demonstrating both the intense respect for academic credentials and a good-humoured distaste for Elisabeth, which they considered both unwieldy and un-Islamic. They encouraged me up the slope to view the strange white markers that had been the subject of much speculation during our long desert journey.

Over several days now, I had been inundated with questions. How deep are the geological sinkholes in the desert?

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Why do bubbles appear on the surface of water in our clay reservoirs? Are these abandoned heaps of rocks and bones part of an ancient civilization? Mahris have an insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge.

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Some of the tribesmen believed they might be symbols of a rival religion and had tried to destroy them with hammers, then guns. Roughly annually, they told me, a small team arrived unannounced to maintain them super-quick, always disappearing again before locals could gather.

I wondered, could there be oil under their deserts? Were outsiders marking a potential field and biding their time? We bumped along, the air filled with desert songs and poetry that captured the rhythm of the convoy. The tribesmen wanted to show me their rocket launchers and sub-machine guns in action and the mood was boisterous and good-humoured. We passed an old military landing strip in the sand that now serves as a racetrack for an annual camel jamboree. Suddenly, an eerie graveyard of burnt out trucks and equipment loomed before us — clearly a site of previous target practice.

Desert survival: secrets of ancient bedouin navigation - The National

It turned out that oil companies had tried exploration in Mahra briefly in the s and s. Occasionally Bayek with find a treasure chest or some kind of loot, waiting patiently to be found. Additionally, in some broader, deeper bodies of water, you can stumble upon a sunken wreck, a boat or a larger barge rotting beneath the waves just waiting to be looted. In addition to diving, Bayek can swim across any body of water without fatigue limiting him.

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  6. He can climb onto larger boats to attack the riders and loot them, or he can very politely steal smaller one-man boats and use them to cross bodies of water faster. If you find yourself on the edge of or near an expanse of desert, take some time to search the area.

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    To save yourself some time and see if exploring is worthwhile for you, deploy your eagle Senu and let her do the work. Senu can also fly a limitless distance away from Bayek, and using her you can scan a whole desert for interesting structures or possible loot. If you see a golden question mark pop up on the navigation bar along the top of the screen, then follow it immediately; golden question marks lead you to small stone gardens that in turn give you the chance to do some stargazing.