Homeopathy for Insomnia

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This is especially associated with fear of dying. Arsenicum The patient is disturbed, anxious, restless, agitated and tosses and turns.

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He must have his head raised by pillows. The patient has suffocating fits during sleep. He or she sleeps with the hands over the head. His dreams are full of care and fear. Phosphorus Used for sleeplessness in old people.

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

The patient goes to sleep late and awakens feeling weak. Has short naps with frequent waking. Has vivid dreams of fire or of haemorrhage. Has anxious, distressing dreams that are frightful and horrible; or vivid and uneasy dreams; for example, of animals that bite, of robbers, of unfinished business of the day, bloodshed, death, quarrels, creeping things etc. Pulsatilla The patient feels wide awake in the evening and his or her first sleep is restless.


He wakes feeling languid and unrefreshed. He or she feels irresistible sleepiness in afternoon. He sleeps with the hands over the head. He dislikes being covered. May be chilly but likes to have the window open. This remedy is used in the Pulsatilla child who is timid and lacks confidence and is clingy and weepy if upset.

These children are very impressionable and may have difficult falling asleep if anything disturbing has happened during the day. They may have nightmares about being left by parents and they like to be rocked to sleep. Stramonium These patients experience night terrors. They suffer from agitated sleep with vivid dreams. They can be very frightened. A child clings to the parents. They have frightful visions during sleep. They lie on the back with open, staring eyes. If you are new to homoeopathy, it is best to stick to the sixth potency, and to take one dose every evening before bed.

Homeopathic Medicine for Insomnia & Sleep Disorders

If you are more familiar with using homoeopathy remedies, then you might use the 30th potency, though this is best used for more acute situations. If you need to take the remedy nightly for some time, then the sixth potency is better. Disturbed sleep patient only able to fall asleep towards morning with tossing, and anxious and confused dreams. Homoeopathic remedies for disturbed sleep are widely sold in health food shops and pharmacies.

They are usually combinations of two or three remedies, commonly Nux vomica, Coffea and Valeriana. Combination herbal remedies to assist sleep are also widely available. Herbal teas are beneficial for many people and a wide variety of these are also easily obtained. The name of the tea will usually indicate its properties, for example Night-time, Sleepytime, and so on. Do not continue taking any remedy ad infinitum. If you find that you need to keep taking the remedies you should seek professional help.

Wine, after abuse of: Coffee; abuse of, after: To build greater awareness of homeopathy as an effective health care choice by the public through: Some common causes of insomnia in adults include: Hunger Pain — teething, ear ache, colic Fear or anxiety, nightmares Excitement Noise There is no one easy answer to insomnia: Self help Simple tips: Wind down gradually in the evenings. Do not watch stimulating television programmes late in the evening or read stimulating books Do not have a television in your bedroom and do not read in bed unless you are quite sure that reading actually helps you to get to sleep Avoid eating late in the evening Avoid stimulating drinks in the evening — tea and coffee Avoid alcohol late in the evening unless you know that it helps you to sleep Alcohol often causes disturbed sleep, even though it may help you to get to sleep Take minutes to wind down when you get in from work if at all possible Ideally find a quiet place, lie on your back and then relax each muscle in your body in turn, beginning with your feet, and working up to your head.

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  7. Then lie quietly and let your mind drift. Do this everyday Try to find a bedtime routine that suits you. Put young children to bed as soon as practicable Routines are helpful for most children and most adults Avoid sleeping in late in the mornings if you are over-tired. This can disrupt sleep patterns and result in making you more tired.

    Go to bed earlier instead Try self-hypnosis. Lie down in a quiet room and close your eyes. Let your imagination flood itself with all the sensations that you would like to experience: Choose those that are calming and relaxing. Practise this and you will find that when you are in bed ready to go to sleep you will remember those sensations Self-hypnosis sleep tapes can be helpful Get a good bed.

    Good beds are expensive but they really make a difference. Many people believe that pocket-sprung mattresses are the best.

    Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

    Your bed should be neither too soft or too hard. A double bed should be at least cm wide 5ft and preferably cm for two people. Most double beds are smaller than this. Remember, you spend a third of your life in bed. He has a great flow of ideas in bed in the evening, which often drive away sleep until morning. Changes in sleep patterns Infants sleep for about 14 to 16 hours a day, in several episodes.

    Physiologically, this means that to have the complete restorative sleep, the total time in bed must increase. Unfortunately, because more time is spent in the lighter stages of sleep there is more opportunity for various medical conditions to impinge on the sleeper and waken them to cause a complaint of insomnia. Insomnia is therefore a highly subjective complaint. A reasonable working definition of insomnia could therefore be: Insomnia is one of those conditions where there is immense variation in the sort of problem that it causes.

    And of course, there can be secondary effects, such as daytime fatigue, poor concentration and irritability. There may be underlying psychological causes such as simple worry, more marked anxiety or depression. Habit problems, such as too much caffeine, tobacco or alcohol, or side-effects from medication may also play a part. And, of course, restless or noisy bed-fellows may be keeping one awake.

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    Finally, if the individual is a snorer then sleep apnoea needs to be considered. The approach is to consider the sleep disturbance as part of the overall clinical picture. There is no such thing as a homeopathic sleep-ing-tablet, just as there is no such thing as a homeopathic painkiller. They may fear sleep; feel that they might not wake up, so sleep could take on the spectre of death. Arsenicum album may help the restless, meticulous type of person who cannot get off to sleep because they have to get everything ordered in their mind.

    Baryta carb may have this pattern, but also be prone to waking from nightmares. And Hepar sulph, one of the most sensitive of remedies, might suit the person who wakes if a toe or foot somehow gets exposed in the night.

    Top 10 Homeopathic Remedies for Sleep Disorders - By Dr. Ranjana Gupta | Lybrate

    Ignatia is useful in people who experience insomnia after a loss of some sort. They may sigh and yawn a lot, yet find sleep difficult to come, and find it fitful at best. They may twitch, toss and turn and be subject to nightmares. Natrum muriaticum is also frequently indicated in insomnia after bereavement, slight or loss. Zincum metallicum may help the nervous type of person prone to twitchy feet and restless legs. Early morning waking By this I mean waking at 4 or 5am onwards and not being able to fall off again.

    Homeopathic Medicine For Insomnia- अनिद्रा का सफल होम्योपैथी इलाज

    This is very common in sadness and depression. Waking early and feeling angry and down may be helped by Staphysagria, especially if there is a tendency to feel sleepy throughout the waking day. Too tired to sleep The remedy that one immediately thinks of when someone has been deprived of sleep and wants to get back to sleep is Cocculus.

    If a parent has to get up to see to a child, a carer to look after a loved one or patient, then this remedy will often do the trick. It is also useful if jet lag has produced a short term problem with insomnia.