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See publication credits for acknowledgment. Hi there from Scars Publications — we wanted to let you know that Scars Publications released a weekly literary. Table of Contents Note: One November afternoon, about 5 pm, Sam Adams, an white man in his late 60s was doing his usual daily.

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This poem has been published in about five places now. One of my personal favorites as it is a real. However, Dollar is merely using her for his own devious plans. She'll have to synthesize diphenarine, the addictive substance in Tek, in order to experiment. Dollar plans to put the diphenarine into the music players he sells over the air, turning millions into addicts and creating a world of demand for a product only he can sell.

January 7, [2]. Electra is an attractive young woman and a military veteran who was turned into an "X-Class Soldier", a biologically enhanced "killing machine" with subcutaneous armor implants and cybernetically-augmented strength. After Electra assists Jake in a fight, he helps her get a job at Cosmos. Jake does not suspect that, by night, Electra is using her skills to assassinate those she believes are responsible for the atrocities of the war and the massacre of her fellow soldiers.

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January 9, [2]. Informally dubbed the Tek Posse, it has a powerful new tool — a prototype mind prober that can act as a super lie-detector and confession-inducer. Grant recruits Jake away from Cosmos to join the elite Tek Posse.

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However, after an innocent civilian is accidentally killed during a raid, Jake begins to suspect that Grant's "door-kicking, no-warrant-needed, brute force" means aren't justified by the ends. January 23, [2].

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Beth Kittridge gets a call for help from Tom Weston — the lost love of her life, who has been presumed dead for five years. Tom has stayed in hiding because his research has led him close to a means of eliminating Tek and, for this reason, the Teklords want him dead. Jake has to come to terms with his feelings for Beth and ultimately let her go where both her heart and sense of duty lead her.

January 30, [2]. Terrorist Alec Seeger has managed to take control of Weathercon, the global weather control system, and is threatening to unleash deadly storms unless his demands are met. Jake is drafted to help in the manhunt for Alec, and is paired with Lianna Cruz, a former terrorist comrade of Alec's who has been serving out a prison sentence in the "freezer. Their mission is to follow a lead to Yeltsingrad and use Lianna's knowledge of the city and Alec's other ex-comrades to find him.

As they race against the clock, Jake has to find out whether Lianna is on his side or simply setting him up for a fall. February 6, [2]. Miles Connor, a powerful Teklord busted by Jake and Sid , has been sent into cryogenic incarceration for his crimes. However, Connor soon reappears in person and begins killing those responsible for putting him away. When Jake and Sid check the freezer to see if Connor has escaped, they find that he is indeed still in prison.

They discover that the new Connor is a computer program, an artificial intelligence personality simulation that the "real" Connor developed in order to maintain his empire. The program, having inherited Connor's ambition, ruthlessness and desire for revenge, proves to be far deadlier than any human opponent.

February 20, [2].

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A street cop is gunned down in cold blood by a clean-cut teenage boy. His father blames a controversial and ultra-violent interactive virtual-reality game in which cops and Tek Lords battle for supremacy. The game's manufacturer denies responsibility for the killings. He claims that it is merely a game, and he can't help it if a few lunatics are going off the deep end. Jake and Sid soon discover that an unknown hacker has introduced a virus into the game to incite violent acts. Worse still, the game is only the beginning.

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The virus also shows up on the Adway and even on the police network, pushing normal people to commit enraged, destructive acts. Jake must find the hacker before his own exposure to the virus pushes him over the edge.

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February 27, [2]. Lowell, a convicted felon who is about to be "frozen," injects himself with an inactive, non-virulent form of a deadly virus. The freezer's computer, believing a real infection is underway, automatically aborts Lowell's incarceration and "unfreezes" several other convicts to whom the virus has spread via the cry-support systems. Lowell, mobilizing these other convicts, takes the warden and several observers hostage. Unknown to Lowell, the freezer's computer has recently been upgraded to assume complete control of security and is attempting to neutralize the virus by sterilizing the facility and killing everyone inside.

Jake Cardigan, who is one of the hostages, must convince the others that their only hope for survival is to fake death by entering cryogenic freeze at a level deep enough to fool the computer into thinking they have died.

However, at such a deep level of cryofreeze, the terrifying communal freezer nightmares will also be intensified and Jake and the others will have to endure hellish hallucinations that can literally kill them with their own fear. March 27, [2]. Police android Winger is attacked by an assailant who steals his Cortical Relay Unit, a critical biochip, from his brain. Without the CRU, Winger's brain will deteriorate and he'll die within 18 hours.

Winger cannot replace the biochip since a new law, "The Thornton Act," has outlawed the production of new androids and their replacement parts. Since the police force's policy is to phase out androids, he can't reveal the truth to them. In his search for Winger's assailant, Jake is continuously hampered by news commentator and media demagogue Gerald Rhodes, who is an avid anti-android activist and follower of the late Senator John Thornton. Rhodes is on a crusade, convinced that Thornton was killed by an android in revenge for his anti-android legislation.

As he races against time to save Winger's life, Jake discovers that the most likely suspects are innocent while the most unlikely are guilty and, Rhodes campaign is different than it appears to be. April 8, [2]. You may attempt to appeal your ban if you feel you have been wrongly banned. Reminds me of last nights episode: Jake's consciousness melding with the cosmos. Woah, and he even looks satisfied. He even said on the show he would like to choose that if it wasn't for Finn.

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