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What team are you on btw? I got drafted to the bucks, we are so far, im the 6th man and I get about 20 minutes a game. The only thing for me is, I'm just tired of being so bad! I average about 17 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists a game just got the starting nod over brandon jennings , but I also average about 4 turnovers a game. Some of them are bad decisions by me, but most of the time I turn the ball over when I just drop a pass, or go for a layup and I lose the ball.

I wish we could start at around 50 or 60 overall, instead of like I am now a 58, but starting to lose patience, the association mode wants me back. Originally Posted by sccavs64 wow enigma thats smart, I wouldn't have even thought about selling the speed attributes. I just tried the dribble course and absolutely failed!

I guess one way would be to turn off autosave, and just keep re-trying it, but I would feel like that would be cheating in a way. But the main tip with fal don't scope in unless required eg one end of forth to other and strafe right left per burst. Be nice to have a counter for entrenched FAL campers on that map. So I will learn it eventually.

Sorry I couldn't get a game in with you last night I think the new connection I'm on is borked got kicked from both games I actually managed to join , so back to the drawing board I guess. Foxy, Elimination is good for me cos of my short attention span: Get a few good kills in than bam — get to rest for a minute, maybe have a little nana nap.

Johnsy — man you gotta gen back on, your ranking is getting killed. Lol, jk, i can't even get on to see that: Everyone is catching up now.. Crap gonna have to work extra hard when i do come back to remain at the top of my game and also stay in touch with the top Not sure why i care about all these things but i guess i have played it so much that I need to be up there lol..

God I am a troll on this thread am i not. Seems whenever i post on the wrpl forum it is in the uc2 thread. Not long to go now you must be very excited. Tetram is another name I would like to throw in for you weather its a boy or girl hahaha. I love the rain and all but i don't think it has stopped raining at all today. Not even for 5 mins. You know how u guys quote people how do u do it? I have tired but it does not work for me. Not me though as I wont be on for a few days. Hit "reply to this post" than highlight on the words that you want to quote and hit "insert quote" You see on the right side of each post.

Right click on the bold word. Man, this is awesome. Fox just told me on the PSN and I couldn't believe it. My 9mil left till X seems like nothing with this sort of cash! Get your Internet working Johns, or drag the PS3 to a mate's place: If there was ever The time has to be Saturday evening. Enjoy it guys and girls. That motherload of cash should bring in a swarm of players. This should also be an X shield for Cathryn and Ballantine. You timed your runs perfectly. I'll Cry with you Sean! I got work commitment for this weekend and i can't flapping enjoy these bonus to the full extend.

Adelaide, you know what to do. ND has updated their blog post to state that the special Anniversary skin will be available to everybody with the LiveUpdate for this event — but ONLY those who play during this 24 hours will be able to keep it. Are you able to pull a foxy and take your ps3 into work or something?

Surely there must be some way! Or at least get someone to sign in and play a quick DM for you so you get the skin. Neither can I — it's basically wake up, eat, try to get a couple of hours of UC2, go to work, get home, as many hours of UC2 as possible before running out of steam, sleeeeep, an hour or so of UC2, and then family dinner. Heck, I might even get back in tonight for this 5x cash. Maybe even take my mic off of mute too. I'm going to try play UC multiplayer games for 24hrs lol. Anyway if you are start the party up I'll be very happy to accept ur invite!

That's a good idea about letting someone play for me tonight for a couple games so that I get the skin at least. I try ask B if she can do it. And if she can't can anyone play a couple games for me so that I get the new skin at least i rather have the cash LOL? And if she can't can anyone play a couple games for me so that I get the new skin at least. Happy to help mate, as mentioned else where. If you need a hand, you know how to reach me. If anyone notices that I'm playing particularly crap this weekend, it's Fox and not me. Thanks to Fox and B for playing couple games as me. Owe you big time.

I have been playing my xbox today gears of war 2 which is quiet good. Half way through the game. Reason for playing gears of war is that to make sure I don't loose my aim when I get back. I need to be on top of my game when I do come back. So that is the reason for playing the xbox. Not that I can play any mp though lol. Noticing some unbearable lag today. So many americans on i guess Often shoot someone for a few seconds in the back, they turn around and kill me almost instantly.

Too bad theres no local search to just play with Aussies coz this game is so fun online. Friend at work always plays that he tells me I should as well but I told him UC2 has won my heart. Maybe when my net gets fixed I will play a night with u on resistance. But I will suck as I have never played it before.

B have u hit 60? Just hit Level 60 about 30 mins ago! D see you guys in about 7 hours for more of the Anniversary marathon, lol. Eggs — Congrats on that earned Ballantine — Huge applause for that shiny black X Cathryn — is almost there too. Take it to the bridge lads: Wow congrats B and everyone else that has got to a milestone.

Still another 6 hours to go before it ends. But Cause it ends at 6: B what capture card do u use? I noticed everyones mic was on but could not hear everyone in the vid. Just had the best game I've ever had 54 and 17 with around 5 minutes to go 1 fury 3 streaks plunder pistols and we still won How much cash did u get? Most kills I have gotten in DM is 37 and most in plunder is 82 lol..

I cant wait to get my internet back. I will take out my frustration on the noobs. Hey I am a Noob for Uncharted 2 multiplayer. WHats the best way to connect with other Aussies on this site? It's just an easycap- because I had my mic switched on, the voice audio was running through the headset and not through my computer, so it didn't pick it up: I often claim i am a millionaire space cowboy astronaut.

Says so on the official site. Plus, he was certainly a BIT older than Best way is to add some ppl from the player list: Yeah, I had that once- in a semi out-of-sync match. But, as soon as one idol was captured, the other disappeared. I'm sorry to have missed the anniversary weekend but cheers to Fox for signing in and picking up the skin for me. I mean, first off, NDI Dev01 was on the opponents team, somehow transported over to our party: OMG u guys played with 2 devs plus they had mics and were talking, I thought I was jealous before but I am even more jealous now.

Apparently a nd dev called Justin is meant to be kick arse. OH i am gutted i missed out I really am. I know I keep saying it but it is so true. Bring on Halloween weekend. Hey Tama, add anyone of us. Damn I was speak of myself. Man those 2 were a crackup, specially the one who seemed to be drunk or high. ND dev passing out drunk least i think he was drunk I think we get it like a week after the anniversary thing has ended, i remember reading it somewhere.

HUGE congrats on the X champ! We must talk more about which guy has the best six-pack, err acting skills, for the movie sometime girl: I was gonna go to sleep, but i'm like wide awake now. I predicted there'd be a lot of laggers with the 5x cash on offer, and I wasn't wrong!

The few games we played right at the start before I headed to work were pretty normal — and quite a few Australia and NZ players around too — but by the time I got home the lagswitches had come out bigtime. Every second game was so unplayably laggy it was almost comedy.

Opposition players freezing mid-run then suddenly teleporting behind you and killing you with one shot, that sort of thing. SO disappointed to have missed out on that! I had to get some sleep just before then around 2pm, crazy but true — wanted to keep going but my eyes were closing on me while playing! Looking at the ND forums it seems the new skin will be delivered in a week or so. The delay makes me wonder whether it might come as part of a much-needed title update, actually.

Otherwise they could have just delivered it via LiveData update. I so should have gotten someone to log in over the weekend Looks like the long long long road to level I have like 18 out of treasures. Plenty of trophies for the hidden treasures, but seriously cbf doing that to get platinum.

Anyone got them all? But I will replay chapters to get the gun no. Uncharted 2 weekend Anniversary was the longest time i kept myself awake in my life. I think i have to cheat on that medal. One of the hardest to get cause i don't playing plunder that much and the main objective to protect the TB's for the whole duration. My mate accidently barbequed his face the other day.

Thanks for the congrats, guys. Couldn't have reached X without all the games I played with you awesome ppl! I seriously doubt a ND Dev could be drunk, lol. I'll believe it when I see it or hear it. I have more names in mind nice! I'll try to get on thursday night so we can party up and put together our ideal UC cast: I can clearly confirm, we had a NDI Dev 02, a little intoxicated, having a blast with us, and suddenly he went offline and would not respond to the other NDI dev01's txt's lol DAMN you got skills!

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NDI Dev01 added most of us I think, based on the fact that we weren't redneck swearing idiots, and we were there to just enjoy ourselves. He was so far gone, he won't remember who Kiwi and I were, and will promptly deny our friend requests. Im sure missy's giggle will forever stay in his head given the amount of times he referenced it in game lol. He was an absolute crack up. I never played with him, but he sounds hilarious he was too funny: I thought you already had the PS3 in your bedroom Ah so thats what was happening. Was gonna send an invite but you never came up as actually being in game.

Anniversary skins going out: Kiwi you have to recreate this with Draza in de Plaza, flying.. You mean it wasn't intentional? You just chose to take a break from shooting vodnik and took your anger out on the car???? This is why I love you. Thank you fox I got the nd update and got the new drake skin. To celebrate my return would anyone be up for a Thursday nite session?

I have been gone for 3 weeks. I played 4 games tonight and I was very nervous on my first game. It was sniper and pistole. Had to log out as i have been up since 5: So anyone want to play tomorrow message on here. Always happy to help mate I got a pretty busy next couple days ahead of me, but I may just squeeze in some games for the usual Thursday session. Hey guys just got a ps3 recently and finished Uncharted 1 recently good game but kind of sucked with the annoying ai. I also got uncharted 2 but just wondering if its worth the money buying the multiplayer DLC?

And yes buy the dlc. Trollo The Gunner writes Sorry I was a no show to anyone that was on. The girl called me over to her house for coffee lol. Ah the old hot coffee mod. If I recall that was edited out of the au version. Archive View Return to standard view. Like I said the other night — I'll pay someone to level up my character! Then later, several of us had to reboot just to be able to join a party at all. Anytime Chuck or Mamma want to come out to play I won't complain. I was just getting annoyed with always going negative in DM.

I might get the courage to use CGS some more, lol. Apart from that level 73 we ran into. But like you said, he was sh! Trollers will always be trollers. Yes and they're not polished either. Oh sorry I guess it wouldn't be filled with professionals. Sorry guys, this will be my last one. Don't even joke about that. Its my worst nightmare. It's alright, we all know foxy is about as adverse to Elizamiliniation as you.

That's Lizaminelliation actually, accuracy fans ; Hehe, I could never say, what makes you think I'd be able to spell it: There is something about me and rpgs in co-op. It never ends well. That it does zeddy, that it does. I'm finally level 60! Now you can just take it easy with Donut Drake. Forget about Kiwi, he'll always be on the same level as us plebs. Nearly finished on hard, gearing up for crushing. Watch out, you Thursday nighters Its really easy if you choose the right paths, and keep circling.

I wont be in tomorrow night due to metallica Fark boy, are you there tonight or tomorrow night? Fark boy, are you there tonight or tomorrow night? Never leaving the MP though till UC3 anyway: D but UC2 tops it of course: I should do it by tomorrow night i think. I should do it by tomorrow night i think You tank. What why wasn't I told? For when the youngens join us Is tonight a late starter??? Definitely, as being uni holidays, I can stay up as long as I want: I can stay up as long as I want: I just did it, Level 70 double X..

Congrats mate, you've earned it. Sorry mate, we were on, but there were only 5 of us and 3 of us were rolling with our aliases. Could the thursday regulars post their alias's for me to add to the PSN Mine is: I wouldn't have the skill or perseverance to get that far. I like being green Rage quitting will get you that green shield. My save data will remember my hard completion, right?? Appreciate the confidence boost as I delete! And also congrats to johns and zed: As soon as Kiwi hopefully gets a new hamster I'll send the invites out I think you'll be waiting a very long time tbh. Just waiting for NZ Telecom to send Kiwi a new hamster pah, called them and apparently now they are saying that I AM capped, and will be until the 28th -.

NBA 2K11 My Player Mode Guide for Xbox by instant - GameFAQs

I cant believe you told her i was going to steal her ticket lol: P He lied about it anyway: He lied about it anyway: However, any encounter fighting guardians was a real pain P Sorry, should I have phrased it as "how many hairs did you pull out and how many controllers did you smash against the wall"?

I'm in, with my new platty cred I expect quaking in boots when y'all see my approach. I'm in, with my new platty cred I expect P from this conversation I could have pictured you as the blonde instead. Sauron, lord of the hamsters. Definitely a barrier for kiwiaid. Full house in there tonight guys!

I'll have to jockey for a slot next week. I'm just upset we never got to find out the answer to Boxes riddle. And B, you were on fire last night And B, you were on fire last night My favourite: Was there enough for two teams last night? Yeh, for a couple of games, than it was 5 vs 4, with some stranger jumping in to fill numbers.

Hey Zeddy, did you like my shotty last night. I hope Cloke has a chance to win you the grand final and he kicks the ball out on the full 25 meters out and you lose by a point That's a horrible thing to say. I hope the get absolutely flogged! I dont think i have seen this footage yet. This Thursday, 10pm EST. See you on Thursday. It'd also be great to hopefully see some of the "older" regs who helped me get to 60 Dan, Missy, dangus, Los, eddee, Kitty in there as well I will be in the lobby waiting for you to hit that hit that sorry a little bit of offspring lol I will bring the popcorn!

I think You Think? I'll be there I think don't think feeeeellll! What are the numbers like online? Easy to find a game? I am guessing he's feeeeeeeling right about now. Feeeeeling a complete lack of sleep: We beat most of them. We That Was Embarrassing'd many of them. I even briefly sang. Have come accross another copy of this game traded my other one back in once I completed it Haven't you been missing out then. Get yerself onto multiplayer and be our matchmaker, noob ;. P Neon Kitten writes Haven't you been missing out then.

Get yerself onto multiplayer and be our matchmaker, noob ; Sounds like you and B need some more PowAH help for some cash: RDR saddling up aww, you didnt, did you. Had finished the single player which I loved , and have never really played a PS3 game online except FIFA ; I remember alot of us felt it would die in the ass Have to say I didn't expect it to be kicking on this far ahead too ;. I'm tempted to buy it too- even though I've pretty much got all of the extras anyway, lol And, I love the quote at the end of the article: I'll send you a friend request when I get home tonight.

Is it alright if I join you guys in your game Sure mate, all are welcome. You and me can be anti gold gun buddies Loz: At least I still have my metal tin and a xmb theme which not everyone has Same here buddy: At first glance I thought you meant you'd resigned from your job this morning Hehe, that's how I read it too. Where can i apply? I hope it's not a Slim — still hoping they're immune. If you have a disc stuck in there there is actually a quick way of getting it out, by the way.

I hope it's not a Slim its an old school 40gb model. Anyone know weather online levels move to another console when you login Affirmitive. Yellow Light of Death aww poor los. Kinda fits with my other stories though doesn't it: I know, my whole plan was to try and prevent zeddy from reaching his X for as long as possible ;P nah sorry i missed it zeddy, will play some games with the nadbagger soon so i can see the big pretty X. It was while playing Move that it switched off not good: Long time coming but you are there now: Next in line, Kitty and B.

Only a matter of time before i get slaughtered on MP. I think I might've gotten some of my hearing back. Sorry couldn't make it to your X party zeddy No probs fellas. Long time coming but you are there now Thanks mate. Happy to bring out the PowAH anytime to help. Its like a Commonwealth Games edition load out. Sorry couldn't make it to your X party zeddy i'm on holidays at the moment hope kitten doesn't get his aswell Not looking likely Eddee: Check this out I cant stop laughing thinking about it 1 min and 27 seconds http: If not for this, I would've hit 60 before johnsy.

Have to work my way through all the vids now. Hopefully i'm not one of the killed victim in those Play of the Week video: Oh, the premiership's a cakewalk For the good old Collingwood!!!!! Hopefully i'm not one of the killed victim in those Play of the Week video Haha. I have to try this next Turf War match at the Village. Watto got his 2nd test ton. Kid Paine almost got his 1st.

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Interesting stats from Uncharted's MP year: Just a reason for maccy, fox and eddee to get on earlier. Should be on tonight Sorry random, I was busy clipping my toenails last night. Will try to get on tonight, if not, should be right for Thursday. You two scheduling mani's and pedi's now? I convinced Zeddy he needed it Ahem.. I never got to play the desert 5 one: S Nadbagger is still a douche: What chu gonna do When they GAU you! Furthermore getting 2 bars despite having Docsis 3.

Again, UC2 servers laggy at time of writing, I Cannot find people, Where are you located, if you don't mind me asking? Stat caps refer to how high you can boost any given attribute. A stat cap is how high you can boost that given attribute. This caused such a fuss for players, that they opened an entire thread about it many pages long, I might add , where they explored what the different stat caps were for the different builds of players, so that they could then choose a My Player build based upon which one had more of the attributes high in the categories that mattered most to them. For example, an Athletic Center could get up to 75 speed and 99 block, but another type of center may only be able to get up to 60 speed and 90 block.

I am just issuing fake numbers here, not having checked the stat caps list. This can become a big difference in gameplay, when you need to do a chase-down block to win the game, but are too slow and don't have enough blocking skills to execute. Speed is a very powerful attribute in the game, so a slow big man won't be worthless, but he just won't be as good as he could be if he were a little quicker. In order to help with that problem, I posted a google docs spreadsheet that lists all of the My Player stat Caps.

It appears that the link often gets buried on the forums, so maybe by including it within this guide, it might help some of the readers. The stat caps are in about three standard formats, so you should be able to view them, after downloading. That's enough chatter about stat caps for now, but just in case you want a little bit more, here's the link to the sticky topic on it in the 2kSports forums.

Skill points to a My Player are like water to a plant. Skill Points make your My Player grow! You want as many skill points as you can get, trust me. When a My Player is first created, dependent upon their build, they get a rating in several attributes. To increase beyond this rating, you have to use skill points. For example may not be accurate , an Athletic Center, when first created, may have a 60 rating in the speed attribute, at initial creation. It may cost 1, "skill points" in order to raise up to 61 speed points. I mention speed specifically because it is the most expensive, and also probably one of the most important attributes you have available to you.

Skill points are gained based upon your on-the-court performance in games, your performance on skill drills, and hitting milestones. From your in-game performance, you can gain skill points in the following categories: Of course, you want to play as well as you possibly can, and get the offensive and defensive objectives, and lots of highlight plays, but, don't let your hunger for rebounding objectives stop you from blocking shots that cause you to lose the game, as it takes two objectives to make up for a loss, and if you already have one objective clinched, its better to go ahead and win the game, than risk losing it, for another objective.

Now, of course, if you have losing the game clinched, then you need the objectives, just to break even, due to the penalty of the loss. The drills you get every so often I think once every five games, never really counted , also can help your my player to boost up. You get skill points if you do well in the drill, plus you get some attribute points to an attribute based upon the drill. If you're god at the drills, these can help your my player gain some expensive attributes for less than they'd cost otherwise. In fact, it is so important, that if you make a tall player, you get less "performance points" than if you are shorter.

Of course, to me, I would rather have the height, because in the end, the short and tall players have the same stat caps, so while the shorter player might beat you to max out, by a few games, in the end, the taller player will be more dominant. Based upon this logic, I rather have the taller player. Height is most apparent on these game taks: Shooting over defenders - if you are really tall, people will have a really hard time contesting your shot.

If you don't believe me, play against the Houston Rockets,and try to defend Yao Ming. Blocking shots - This should be pretty self-explanatory. Rebounding - The taller player is already closer to the rim, so, yes, getting rebounds is indeed easier, if you are taller. This was pretty well placed into the game.

I have found that weight may or may not help. I cannot determine if it is purely psychological, or not, as I did not do extensive experiments. I tried playing with max weight, and then I tried playing one game with minimum weight. I can definitely say that more weight seems to help you in back down situations, and also with rebound and defensive situations, as it seems to help you have a larger "force field" if that makes any sense at all.

Since I like to have a larger "force field" I play with more weight on the My Player. Key Games are games that will highlight in your schedule, for the next game that you are about to play. Key Games give you twice as many skill points as you normally get for playing your games. Because of this boost, key games are prized and cherished, LOL. Key games trigger from the following: After this, you get four games in a row, of double-point games!

I'm not sure that the 2K Insider has much of a purpose HAH, all kidding aside, the 2K insider mainly comes out to give you some information, to help you get situated, and started at the game. After that, don't expect to see him until key games trigger, you win a great award or endorsement, or you have a poor in game performance. This is a fresh change from 2K10, where you could expect to hear from the Insider all the time, and you were looking for the "turn off Insider" option after just a few games. Point guards are usually the best all-around players on their teams, as they have to be able to do everything to be considered good at their position.

Shooting guards tend to be pretty fast, as they, like the point guards, have primary defensive responsibility to prevent fast breaks. All of these players could play either inside or outside on offense or defense, as well as get out on the break. Pippen was so good, that he could literally defend all five positions on the court.

Some power forwards are athletic like guards, and others are not. The common thread among them is that to be good, they provide an interior presence. Duncan is not very athletic at all, but many say that when his career is done, he may very well be considered the top power forward in NBA history. C The Center C is the other big man. Centers usually provide the ultimate interior presence, be that from an offensive, or a defensive standpoint.

A good center can dominate the game like no other position can, as so few players will have the size to even match up with them, let alone stop them once they get on a roll. If you choose PG, SG, or SF, then the best single attribute that you could boost would definitely be "shot medium" hands down. After this attribute, the next most important might be layup, then consistenty, and then off-dribble shooting.

If, however, you choose PF, or C, then your best choice is the following: Dunk to 65, Standing Dunk to 55, then everything left over on block. There is a method to this, and I will explain.

You may have a differing opinion and method, and I won't disagree with you. What works for me might not work for you. The reason medium shot is the first to boost for the small guys is simple: Early on, this will be your primary way to get offense for your player. It takes a lot of other work to be able to get to the hole out of a set play, but if you have a high medium shot attribute, you can pretty much let it go as long as you are inside the three point line, and have a good chance of it going in.

It is very easy to get off a medium shot But, in the real NBA, if you have a mid range shot that is good, you can score a lot of points. The same applies here. But, this may not be available to you, if you are just starting out on playing NBA2K11, and have not earned this already. Now, you might be wondering why I don't also recommend the medium shot for the big guys? What's good for the goose is good for the ginney, right? Well, in the case of big guys, they usually cannot shoot the medium shot as well, but even beside that point, their primary offensive responsibility is closer to the rim usually, so they can get offensive rebounds.

Giving up defensive rebounds is a bad thing for a big man to do, and sitting out on the perimeter is an easy way to give the opposing team a rebounding advantage. Dunk packages are helpful, as by equipping a dunk package, your big man will dunk better than he would with a basic package. With 65 dunk and 55 standing dunk, your big man can be a dunking machine, thus giving him some semblance of an offensive threat after he gets an offensive rebound.

You then use the other points on block, as having a high block rating followed by strength is a key way for a big man to have a stout defense. To take advantage of key games, it is simple. You watch your calendar for them. Key Games will highlight when they are "next" on your schedule, but not before that time.

Also, make sure that you try to hit your milestone performances in key games, as you get double points for them. A point milestone might not seem like a big deal, but doubling that to 1, feels good, right? Do not forget that key games double ALL skill points earned, so a standard 1, point game could be 2, points, just because it was a key game! To combine the milestone tip with the calendar watching tip There was a tip revealed earlier, about optimizing the playoffs, and I'll repeat it here, just so you don't have to jump around the guide to see it: That elimination game of a playoff series is a special case, as it is a type of key game that can be triggered manually.

I may have been digging into this already. The key to building a player up is deciding what you want to be good at. Base example of sticking points here or there are just starters, to get you going. After that, you should be able to play well enough to build up your player how you choose. Make sure that you read "4t. I've made so many My Players, that I kind of have a cheat list of how to build them. If you build in this manner, you can dominate from the very first game of the draft combine.

Small Guy build cheat list 1. Standing Dunk to 55 makes you standing dunk more easily 3. If you want to be a defensive big guy, then work on block and strength. If you want to score inside, work on layup. If you want to score from mid-range, work on medium. If you want to be a post presence, work on strength.

Cherrypicking is often complained about on the game forums. It is a very effective way to score points. Actually, cherrypicking is sound offensive strategy, as it is easier to score a layup before the defense gets set up, than waiting for everyone to set up, so you can struggle to get to the hoop.

Anyway, what is cherrypicking? Cherrypicking is basically what smart offensive players do to lazy defensive players. As soon as the offense lets go of a shot, the offensive small guys or bigs if quick enough will race down towards the offensive end of the court, hoping that the other team misses. If they miss, then the offensive players will have a great head start on the fast break, for easy points.

This might not seem like that big of a deal, but consider this: If you make a my player, they may start out without many skills to get directly to the basket so easily, so, if you cherrypick, you can get them out on fast breaks. If you get fast break points, they can boost your skill points score.

If you dunk it, you can get a bonus play, worth an additional 10 skill points. Also, as I was saying above, it is a lot easier to hit an uncontested layup, than it is to hit a contested medium shot, 99 rating or not, LOL. So, if you can break free for some cherry picks I recommend attempting this as often as you can get away with. I don't see how you can feel bad about doing this, as if you ever don't get back on defense after a defensive rebound, the CPU will try to burn you for a fast break dunk so fast it'll make your head spin, so it is only fair competition, to do the exact same thing to them.

If you get good at this technique, you can really score a lot of points, even from your very first draft combine game. Set Screen for Score. Screens are some of the easiest plays you can make, and also one of the most valuable ways to boost up your My Player, in the early going. To set a screen, you simply hold down the take charge button. This is the same as the fake pass button. Once you hold the button down, your player will stand still, and try to form a "wall" that you can try to set against the opposing defensive player. When you set the pick, try to set it so that the defender will run into you.

If is probably easiest to set picks for the person defending the ball-handler, but you are most rewarded if you set picks for the people off-ball, as off-ball screens are worth more points, and make you a better teammate, as you're helping your teammates get open. After setting the pick, try to go to an open area of the court, and don't be surprised if your teammate passes you the ball. If you can't get open, at least take pride in setting picks for your more skilled teammates, so they can get open going toward the hoop.

When you start out as a big man, and don't have much of skills, this will be your primary form of offense: And also probably reducing the played and simmed minutes, LOL. Assists are not that hard to get, actually. The easiest way to get them is to call for the pick-n-roll play.

To call for the pick-n-roll, you hit the pick button L1 , then, choose the button of the corresponding player you want to set the pick. Hold the button down, until they start running toward you. Once they start running as if they're coming to set the pick, let the button go. When they set the pick, try to drive your man into the pick, then try to drift towards whichever side your man went to, to get an open lane to pass it into him for the easy score.

Now, what happens sometimes is that the CPU will actually bring a third defender when they see the pick and roll setting up. In this case, this means that one of your other players has been left wide open. Pass to that player, and they should shoot, since they will be wide open. The key to passing is to use the icon-passing, not the directional passing.

With the icon passing, you can pass to exactly who you want to pass to. The directional passing is unreliable. Of course, this play puts a lot of pressure on the defense, so when you run around the pick, make sure to also drive twoards the hoop, so you can have a chance at getting an easy basket for yourself, if you do not pass to your man.