Quintspinner: A Pirates Quest: Book One in the Pirate Quintspinner Series

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So this was one epic historical fiction. There were pirates in this book. In fact, the book I'm writing at the moment has pirates in it. And I know, not even from just writing my own pirate book, that Dianne Greenlay must have put a LOT of effort into research. Seriously, that is so apparent. Her settings and descriptions of the ship and everything was just so detailed and unrealistic, something I've found is an easy thing to lack in historical fiction books.

Perhaps my favourite thing about this book, however, was the authenticity. Dianne Greenlay was not ashamed of showing what the times were really like. From anything from the thoughts of men to racism. It was a very honest read and I really thank her for that. I don't think teenagers need to be shielded as much as we are from a lot of things which probably sounds biased, coming from a teen herself.

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I loved the way that the story was such that it could go in any direction at any time. And it totally did. I really adored Tess. She was smart and brave. What more could you want? And I loved how the text wasn't centred entirely on her relationship with William. My only little nitpick is that perhaps the book was a little boring in the beginning.

But then I got into it major time about half way through and I became a reading force to be reckoned with. While I really, really enjoyed this book, I don't think that I will be reading a sequel. I am not really interested where the story left off or with the ring side of the story.

If you like genuine historical fiction served with pirates and adventure, then I really don't know why you haven't read this yet. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. The author has done a superb job of setting the scene and imbuing the characters with the mixture of knowledge and ignorance, science and superstition that existed in the 's.

The realism of the background immediately pulls the reader into a known world, and makes the transition to fantasy an easy one. I loved the fact that the pirates are far from the sanitized version that I had expected from a "young adult" book. While perfectly suitable for young adults, the realism makes it a great book for older readers as well.

The characters, even the minor characters, are very believable and have all the frailties and strengths of real people. Tess is a young girl who quickly becomes a strong woman with very understandable moments of self-doubt of her abilities and disbelief in her gift. Hanley, the household helper and much more , has a storehouse of practical wisdom mixed with superstition, all overlaid with a healthy instinct for self-preservation. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and recommend it to anyone looking for a well-written, well-edited story.

I look forward to reading the sequel. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I'm not usually an adventure or pirate book fan, but this was so different, soo good, I loved it! I'm surprised this does not have more raving reviews I expected to come here and see hundreds, as good as I thought it was. I'm ready to buy book number 2, which is only. The size of the ebook concerns me, not sure why these are such big files in comparison to other ebooks I have?

I have a very full kindle and must concern myself with these issues I'll still buy the next one despite it's size, but I'll have to read it right away and get rid of it; I'm kind of a book hoarder. That just means I read a lot and know when I have found a great book - Quintspinner, in my opinion, is a really great book! I thoroughly enjoyed Dianne Greenlay's book, "Qiuntspinner: While a work primarily of historical fiction, magical overtones abound in this adventure-filled drama.

Even the boys were paying attention now. One Orca surfaced about 20 feet from our boat, spouted and dove. Everyone in the boat cheered with excitement. Even from 20 feet away the Orcas looked enormous. Without warning, our boat shuddered and the starboard side shot out of the water. Grabbing the seats to keep ourselves from sliding sideways, we screamed as a mountainous wall of glistening black dorsal fin rose out of the water, tilting our boat and pushing the starboard side even higher. One second later, a waterfall of freezing ocean water crashed down upon us, nearly swamping our boat, as the huge Orca spouted and then dove under the boat, bumping it again as it passed beneath.

Ocean water sloshed up to our knees. The captain started the motors and we bailed as fast as we could. He steered the boat back in the direction that we had come from and we roared away from the spot. We were all still shaking from the adrenaline rush when, a few moments later, the motors whined, sputtered, and died. The motors are plugged! He radioed our position to the coast guard while we continued to madly bail out the boat. Drenched as we were, and in the ocean wind, our hands soon cooled to the point that it was difficult to hold onto the bailing containers. The orange suits that we had earlier joked about were now conserving our body temperatures, as we sat huddled together, awaiting rescue.

As the captain continued to work feverishly on the motors, we were blown towards a rocky crag that rose out of the water. Even though it was covered in sea bird droppings and smelled horrible, it looked good to me, but not so to our captain. As we veered towards its edge, a seeming miracle happened: Ever so slowly, we made our way around the rocky crag and back towards the shore.

An hour later, we spilled from the Zodiac and onto firm dry land, our eyes stinging and our faces coated white from the ocean salt. Back at their office, as we wearily hung up our orange suits, I noticed their motto printed in large black letters on a wall poster. And you can get started on that adventure right here! Well the blog hop has begun and it runs until Sunday, March 30th! Your help sharing the March Book Frenzy would be greatly appreciated.

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And all of them are full of really great reading suggestions. The hosts have a huge collection of posts from authors, as well as many, many book reviews. One month ago, Tess Willoughby was the daughter of a well-to-do physician in London, and she witnessed the murder of an old seer. One week ago, she met a sailor and experienced the thrill of being in love for the first time. Two days ago, she realized that such a secret love would endanger them both, and, heart-broken , she was forced to choose her loyalty. Today, she is plotting to save her own life and perhaps to take his in retribution.

Greenlay is also a playwright, producer, and Creative Director of the long-running community theater group, Darkhorse Theatre.

Quintspinner: A Pirate's Quest

She is fluent in at least her mother tongue and she thanks her fierce English teachers for that. Connect With Dianne Here: Author , blog tour , book blog , ebooks , pirates , prizes , reading , writing. The view from the top of the crater on that day had been spectacular. On one side of the island, smoke from the plantation sugar mill had risen in a lumpy rope that stretched up into the sky. Dangerous to all black people, especially the escaped slaves, the Maroons, and probably to themselves as well, now that they had lived with the Maroons.

It was a place where slaves and indentured workers were forced to toil endless hours in the fields and in the sugar mill. William had noted that escape from the island would not be possible from that side, even though the bay offered a natural harbor for ships. There was too much activity there. It had not looked accessible by ship from up there. It had been a depressing conclusion. He watched Smith stride over to his own hut. Sea-hardened sailor that he was, Samuel Smith was absolutely smitten with his wife and their newborn child.

Not his child, William corrected himself. Not that it mattered at all to Smith. William could hardly believe the change. Once again William was stabbed in his chest by the shard of recollection of his own family members. He had loved them all, quietly in his own way, but never more so than when they had become lost to him. Even at the age of nearly eighteen, however, he knew that this was the way things were. The way life was. No one lasted forever. A man should enjoy what pleasures he has for as long as he has them. A forceful nudge at his elbow redirected his attention.

Now that the small goat was maturing, she was ravenous. Offering her only a small, precious piece of raw sugar cane, William then waved his hand in a horizontal swipe. Seeing the gesture, Gerta gave up on her begging and settled down by his side, munching contentedly on her sweet treat. Nearly transparent flesh, the web of skin was a family trait—his father had borne the same peculiarity—and both of them had been the objects of fear and violence generated by the superstitious sailors aboard the ill-fated Mary Jane. The doeling was devoted to him now.

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Even so, her good behavior was still erratic. He glanced down at her, surprised that she continued to lie still. Maybe the discipline is improving …. William slapped and waved at a cloud of determined mosquitoes, then squinted again at Smith and Cassie.

On the other side of the clearing, Cassie lay curled on a woven ground mat. She stirred from her fever-laced sleep, and smiled up at Smith before shutting her eyes and falling back into a light doze. William contemplated their sleeping forms and felt his tension return. Tess stared too, and tried to reign in her resentment. Even so, the girls had grown up as close as blood sisters, sharing everything, until the desperate sea voyage had dealt them each a set of far different circumstances to cope with.

Her mouth stretched into a small, unconscious smile. Her grandmother was her lifeline. Ever the optimist, the boisterous Emma Hanley Lancaster was a walking collection of folklore, numerology, superstitions, and she dispensed a generous dollop of good old common sense at every opportunity. For the first time in her life, Tess now wore her hair either loose in soft coppery ripples that trailed down her back, or gathered it up in a luscious pile on the top of her head. Relaxing with the pleasant sensation of her hair being coiled, Tess turned her attention once more to William. She studied him without appearing to do so, only lifting her head ever so slightly, gazing at him through her fringe of eyelashes.

His skin had become deeply bronzed by their months here in the tropical sun, and his body, already hardened by the physical demands of the lengthy, if ill-fated sea journey, had become further chiseled with the lifestyle of the maroon camp and its scant food supplies. William continued to stare across the clearing, lost in his own thoughts.

pirates | Dianne Greenlay

A wash of prickly jealousy swept over Tess. She had agreed to be his wife. She loved this man. And still his raw desire was unfulfilled. Tess swallowed hard and hoped it was a passing phase. They had so much in common but this one thing threatened to drive her from his bed. The one thing he so desperately desired brought Tess only fear. And even though the two of them had not talked about it, had not ever spoken about the issue out loud, Tess knew. Chapter preview , Deadly Misfortune , pirates. Warm as it was, the damned wind on the island blew to some degree every day.

The morning rains saturated everything. Lancaster, had done what they could to reinforce their own pitiful huts, making do with the basics of nature that surrounded them. But in fact, everything was in short supply—food, clothing, medicines, and weapons. In spite of the double thatching, both the swampy winds and the driving sheets of rain had managed to invade their primitive shelters.

Lost in his own thoughts, William startled when a voice sounded behind him. It followed us back here. Releasing his grip on William, he nodded toward the outermost row of huts. But what about the child Cassie bore, sired by him?

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The son you now call your own? Smith seemed as devoted to the child as he was to Cassie. The marriage ceremony, if it could be called that— Crikey, it was a weird thing! It had taken place under a shimmering canopy of stars, when the sky had been under the dark influence of a new moon. Each couple had been bound, tied face to face, in the centre of a circle, its boundaries outlined with a collection of fruits, giant seed pods, shells, and flowers.

Led by Mambo, the Maroons chanted in a foreign tongue, and had begun to dance around them, with feet and hands keeping time to a steady rhythm played out by a trio of men who had clicked their tongues and pounded on a collection of hollowed out logs and dried stems. Having grabbed a stick from the ever burning fire pit, Mambo had held it high over head and whirled around them, spraying the helpless couples with a shower of sparks and chunks of glowing embers. It had been unsettling for the three brides to say the least, but their screams had been drowned out by the increasing volume of the chanters.

Instinctively wrestling against their tethers but helpless to escape them, the grooms had bellowed out some very un-churchlike phrases. Heedless of their dismay, Mambo had then produced a dried seed pod containing a smoking wad of herbs, and she had blown the smoke into the faces of each betrothed couple. Without warning, their bonds had been slashed and they had collapsed to the ground. William vaguely recalled that several pairs of hands had gripped him, and each couple had been carried into the dark interior of a hut.

I remember that part. Never did figure out how that happened though…. William smiled at the memory of it. Full of their warm bodies intertwining, slippery with passionate desire. William loved lying beside Tess. However, having her wrapped up in his arms, with his body in full contact with hers, her firm backside pressed back against him and his top arm draped across her breasts—the position was just not conducive to sleep.

No matter how tired the rest of him was, his manhood was always eager and, he thought, considering their spooned position, impossible for Tess not to notice. When he kissed her neck and nuzzled his way down to the soft spot above her collarbone, her soft moans and gooseflesh announced her willing interest in him, too.

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  6. Tess would turn towards him and slip her hand between his legs, and suddenly the chill of the night would be a forgotten concern as she straddled him. Her touch, her nearness—it was sheer pleasure and William never tired of it. And then something had happened.

    Was it that there was absolutely no privacy here? Or was it his greatest fear—that Tess was becoming tired of him as well as their life on this island? Whatever the reason, their intimate nights had nearly disappeared. He replayed a favorite moment in his head. They had picked handfuls of one already, a broad, glossy heart-shaped leaf that grew on a tuberous vine low to the ground. Must be to make a love potion with, eh?

    Up there, they were completely alone. It had been a bit frightening. Help would have been a long time coming. And then, to his delight, Tess had lifted her sweet lips to his and had kissed him. Had sucked his lower lip into her mouth and then released it, before trailing her soft mouth past his ear and down the side of his neck, lifting his skin in goose bumps as her wet lips made their way across his skin.

    Just the way he knew she liked to be touched. No help at all. There were many ways to die on an island. Boredom was surely one of them and Tess had thought it would be a most terrible way to die. Now she was sliding though slime-coated water in which, she was sure, lurked invisible horrors. It had been decided that the four of them would go.

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    The two young men, respective mates of Cassie and Tess, would be needed to push, paddle, and steer the craft, and Tess had insisted in coming along, desperate to free herself from the boredom that she loathed. Tess gazed at her husband, William, who sat in front of her. His sun-bleached locks glistened in a mass of unruly curls mostly refusing to be held back in a loose plait of sorts that laid down the back of his neck.

    His shoulders and torso were tanned to a dark caramel and were etched with the contours of hard muscle. Only the jagged white strips of his whipping scars broke up the broad expanse of his back. His eyes are just as blue as the day we met, though. Tess smiled to herself, remembering how polite William had been in the presence of her overbearing father.

    And she remembered how attracted she had been to the young press-ganged sailor even then. She no longer wore her thick copper waves in a left sided plait. The birthmark on her neck — an acorn shaped brown mark with a trail of tiny teardrops beneath it—had been a thing of shameful imperfection to her family, but it did not have to be kept hidden here on the island. Now she watched the muscles in his arms ripple in a smooth dance under his skin as he poled their precarious and quite water-logged vessel along.

    Instead she closed her eyes and let the sunshine splash down on her face and she replayed another use for those powerful arms. In her mind, they were wrapped around her, one hand locked in her hair and the fingertips of the other trailing so lightly down her neck and onto the small of her back that her skin buzzed with excitement.

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    Her breathing deepened as his hand slid deliciously further down—. Startled, Tess blinked and then stared. The canoe had stopped. Tess stiffened with alarm and sucked in a breath. Twenty-five feet away, life and death played out before them. Crouched on an overhanging branch, two tree-dwelling rodents munched contentedly on the leaves of their chosen tree. Cat-sized and covered with coarse brown fur, the plump hutias seemed oblivious to the danger that had gathered in the watery mess of mangrove roots below them.

    The attack came with stunning fierceness and speed. Without warning, a crocodile exploded from the water and, launching itself upward, snapped at the branch, narrowly missing its target. Beside it, a second reptile burst out of the turbid water and seized a doomed hutia, crashing back into the mucky liquid below, with the rodent captured and crushed in its tooth filled mouth. Like its companion, the croc splashed back into the swamp, this time its bloody jaws full with its intended victim.

    And a dead pirate at that! Had nearly destroyed her life. Besides this was no place for a baby and Cassie never let her son out of her sight.