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Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention karon jan tim father town cynthia heart dooley entire lives canaan faith god enjoyable previous sweet delightful hills warm become. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I reread my favorites of Jan Karon's books each year and try timing this one to be read during the Christmas week because it always warms me up to the joys of the season - especially for those of us who have prayed the prayer surrendering our life to the Most High! All the delights of small town friendships, long term loving relationships, the beauties of advent church events and Christmas giving!

That is quite a bit for a book, but it is so A marvelous Christmas addition to the Mitford cannon! I don't know what more I can say that will express my delight in these books.

Shepherds Abiding #8 - eBook

I've noticed that I often pick them up when I'm feeling low or anxious. I like spending time with these folks, even the wicked Edith is eventually redeemed. All of them have their own very human flaws and their own blessings to share. The gentlest peace always falls over me as I read one of the Mitford Years novels. The humor, the sense of community and family reaches beyond the pages. I want to be friends with all the characters, I have no problem identifying with each person's dialog.

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It had been years since I last read book seven. I jumped into 'Shepards Abiding' and instantly was home again. What more can you want from a series? One person found this helpful. Again, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. In this book there are letters substituted for the letter it should be - always at the end of the word. For example, the word "so" would be spelled "sa. In a few paragraphs or a few pages, the part that dropped off would show up just as unexpectedly. This one they haven't figured out yet, and here I've already finished reading it!

Since this time it was only one letter, I could usually figure out the word but it was not fluid reading. My fourth time through the entire Mitford series and it never fails to delight! Tonight is Christmas Eve, and coincidentally or serendipitously, I just happened to finish this book which ends on Christmas Eve. I love this series. It's a glimpse at the characters who live in a small town, and how they learn to grow together as a community in faithfulness and love.

Maybe a cliche idea these days, but I like the simplicity of it. Yes, it can be a little schmaltzy, but we all need a little schmaltz sometimes.

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And the truth of love shines through. In a world where we tend to think cynicism is sophisticated and smart, a little old-fashioned sweetness can remind us that the light is no less real and true than the darkness. This third in the series. Enjoy the many characters an the way they live. Honest people who don't swear or have extra marital affairs! Lots of simple pleasures along with living this life for our Lord. Audio CD Verified Purchase.

Now I'm listening to the books on CD during my drive home commute everyday. Hearing the stories aloud is a wonderful stress reducer.

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Its almost like meeting and catching up with news of old friends. A Mitford Christmas Story Author s: Shepherds Abiding Mitford Author s: Shepherds Abiding Mitford Years Author s: Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. In the midst of a busy Christmas season, I always find some quiet time to return to small town Mitford by rereading this book. Dec 21, Jenni Simmons rated it really liked it Shelves: Like comfort food, this is a comfort book. I unabashedly love Jan Karon's novels.

Dec 15, Sarah Grace rated it it was amazing Shelves: Such a sweet, fun, simple Christmas read.

Shepherds Abiding by Jan Karon - Reading Guide -

Dec 13, Ellen Trautner rated it it was amazing. Father Tim finds an old derelict nativity scene and decides to refurbish it as a surprise for Cynthia. Other Mitford townspeople get into the holiday spirit. But it's sweet and Christmas-y and I love how so many people get involved with helping Father Tim meet the Christmas deadline.

Good Mitford book to go out on, although now I ought to read them all in order. Dec 22, Lorraine rated it really liked it. I read about three or four of the series and always felt refreshed after reading them. Places like Mitford are where we all want to be at times—away from the maddening crowd. In this novel Father Tim and his wife Cynthia are preparing for Christmas. It begins in October when everyone is waiting for the maples to turn their brilliant colors. He finds an old plaster nativity set in the antique store and is somehow captured by it and decides to buy it, restore it and give it to Cynthia for Christmas.

He has never done anything like this before and discovers that he loves working with his hands and doing something completely different. In each chapter of the book he introduces another figure he has restored. And as in all the Mitford series we are introduced to others in town. Hope Winchester operates the Happy Endings bookstore and sets out to buy it. Uncle Billy who is house ridden and recuperating is trying to figure out what to give his wife Rose of 50 years.

And finally Lew Boyd is struggling because his new wife Earlene is taking care of her ailing mother and not living with him. And his marriage is a secret in Mitford. This book is wonderful I love these wonderful stories. They are so inspirational, and while they inspire a closer relationship with God, they especially inspire closer relationships with people, love and forgiveness, and acceptance of people who are "different" Wonderful books, and so very easy to relate to.

In vain I have struggled!

Shepherds Abiding Reader’s Guide

It will not do. I simply cannot stomach Mitford! As a faithful Episcopalian, I have given it my best, but I think I must be too cynical for all the saccharine. Now it's out there. I also don't like Dr. Seuss and I've never seen Star Wars. I feel clean now having confessed. Jan 24, Bonnie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Beautiful Christmas book, Father Tim is one of the many captivating characters in this series.

Other characters beautifully come alive. View all 6 comments. Dec 08, Erin rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was the charming Christmas read I was looking for. I had read the first book in this series a while ago, so I was somewhat familiar with the main characters and the town.

Jan Karons Mitford Years The First Five Novels A Mitford Novel Book 1

But I don't think it's necessary -- you could probably enjoy the book on its own. A nice look into the lives and surprises of a handful of people in a small town. And I love the Christian tie-in, especially at this time of year. I listened to the audio book on my walks around the neighborhood, and was close to tears during This was the charming Christmas read I was looking for. I listened to the audio book on my walks around the neighborhood, and was close to tears during one of the passages.

This is certainly not an edge-of-your seat page-turner. Just a quiet, tender book to get you in the right spirit for Christmas. Feb 22, Lizabeth Tucker rated it really liked it Shelves: Part of the wonderful Mitford series, this one is concerning Christmas and how everyone is dealing with the approaching holidays. Father Tim is shown a well-worn nativity set from the 19th Century that is badly in need of repair and repainting. Encouraged by his antique store friends, he dives in, hoping to complete it as a gift for his beloved wife.

Things are changing in Mitford as they do all over. The Grill is closing, the husband and wife owners finally retiring. That leaves the townspeople Part of the wonderful Mitford series, this one is concerning Christmas and how everyone is dealing with the approaching holidays. That leaves the townspeople searching for a new place to eat and meet.

While there is a tea shop in town that serves food, it is healthy and fancier than many of the good old boys are used to. Lew Boyd misses his secret wife; Dooley comes home from school with an idea that thrills Father Tim; Hope wants to start a new life and finds love; Uncle Billy struggles for just the right gift for his wife and finds more than he expected from Santy. There's something about this series that appeals to me. It can be found either in General Fiction or Christian Fiction, depending on your bookstore.

It is never preachy, the characters are real and like people you might meet in Mayberry. The relationship between God and Father Tim is one of old friends. A solution isn't magically provided to every problem. If you like cozy, friendly and well-written characters in your books, you should seriously considering trying this series. I would advise starting with the first volume, At Home in Mitford.

Jun 04, Ruth marked it as to-read. Since he was a boy growing up in Mississippi, Father Tim has lived what he calls "the life of the mind. And then he finds a derelict nativity scene-twenty figures, including a flock of sheep, that have suffered the indignities of time and neglect. Could he give the small company new life? Restore the camel's ear, repaint every piece, replace a missing nose on a wise man?

It's when he imagines the excitement in Cynthia's eyes that he steps up to the plate-and begins a small journey of faith that touches everyone around him.

The eighth novel in the bestselling Mitford Years series is a meditation on the best of all presents-the gift of one's heart. Lovingly written and beautifully illustrated, it seeks to restore the true Christmas spirit and give everyone a seat at Mitford's holiday table. Aug 07, Joyce rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is 8 in the Mitford Years series, starring Father Tim.