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Each year, many IWD events are held worldwide - global gatherings, conferences, awards, exhibitions, festivals, fun runs, corporate events, concert performances, speaking events, online digital gatherings and more. Events are held by women's networks, corporations, charities, educational institutions, government bodies, political parties, the media and further communities.

Running an International Women's Day event? Publish your female-focused events for International Women's Day and beyond on this free platform. From large-scale events to small grassroots gatherings, below are just some examples of the many impressive International Women's Day PressforProgress events from around the world. Publishing your female-focused events is free and all events are searchable by location. Should your country not be listed yet, be the first to publish an event. As APA Solutions in-house expert, Erikson presents on evidence-based techniques that are shown to provide insight into how people think and behave.

His focus is on providing unbiased results and empirical evidence on how to improve employee retention and enhance career satisfaction. He also collaborates with members at APA solutions on developing assessment tools and provides analysis of data sets in order to facilitate their mission statement. During his session, he will not only assess your emotional intelligence based on your customized assessment we provide, but you will also be given effective solutions on how to use your emotions to facilitate your performance at work. Allison DeHonney has 20 years of professional service in key areas of Executive leadership, Project Management and Business Development.

Currently a graduate candidate: Change management is always difficult to achieve.

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Katie will be unpacking best practices as it relates to this topic. She is passionate and driven by the mission of Jericho Road which strives to provide a culturally sensitive medical home, especially for refugee and low-income community members. She'll cover the importance of sharpening and mentoring other woman, recognizing that as women we often are competing with one another etc… instead we should be grooming and pouring into one another. The successful future of work relies on Woman sharpening and serving one another. As one of the only brain-based-certified Talent Coaches in the country, Joan has made it her mission to discover the secret of transforming organizational effectiveness.

Her years spent entrenched on the front lines for better people practices has provided a few ingredients that once combined, deliver one of the most efficient approaches for growth companies today.

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Hard data and science used to bridge the communication gap between leadership and the people they employ by disrupting human capital norms. Leveraging three decades of analyzing data in the recruiting space, Joan defies traditional beliefs as it relates to the mindset of the workforce. Joan has spent the past five years further pursuing education in the field of neuroscience, including a focus on the advances that validate everyone has access to developing new ways of thinking.

Her expertise includes team formation, organizational development, productivity and people improvement, change management and corporate culture, conflict resolution and team building, empowerment and motivation. She has used her knowledge to unpack how this innovative brain-based methodology helps thinkers, teams and organizations benefit from self-awareness, promoting growth and transparency. As a result, companies that are bold enough to use math and science to align their people strategy to their business goals have successfully experienced exponential growth in revenue, retention and engagement rates.

Beaver Hollow is an award winning Conference Center, set on beautiful wooded acres overlooking a spring-fed lake, where Companies bring their teams together to strategize, celebrate, and accomplish objectives. I take great pride in my close relationships with our clients and our business partners. We are a family business that is very connected to the community that we work and live in. My specialties are sales and business development. I am passionate about giving back to our community and committed to helping others in our community achieve their potential.

President, Flower City Monitor Services. We're excited to have Lenora, a woman of influence from the Rochester area, speaking on entrepreneurship at our upcoming event. Owner and manager of a specialty trades company, specializing in hazardous materials remediation, selective demolition, roofing, project monitor and design and post construction cleaning.

Lenora Paige first entered the construction industry in by assisting her brothers with their business. She was handling the administrative side of the business. After several life changing events, she formed her own company in Her company got its start in asbestos air monitoring, inspections and project monitoring. She has since expanded her business to asbestos abatement, selective demolition, roofing, and post construction cleaning. Paige has a positive attitude and has overcome many obstacles in the construction industry.

She is assertive, driven, ambitious while simultaneously being passionate, compassionate and empathetic. Additionally, Lenora Paige recently formed a not-for profit association, Government Contract Services Association, with a team of like-minded business owners to assist other small businesses in the Rochester Area to grow and expand their businesses.

She is a passionate champion in helping small businesses to find success. Sara Vescio has spent the last 20 years driving change by following her passion for correcting injustices and advocating for those who need a stronger voice. Sara provides, through the Center, education combined with peer and mentor support empowering women-business owners to grow their businesses to the level of success they desire. Sara created a full development program to include: These efforts were led to help the local families in need access a safe place for their children after school.

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Sara was also a fundraiser at Niagara University NU. She shares her passion for plants with Western New York and beyond through a variety of inspiring and hands-on lectures and workshops.

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  8. These creations include a variety of sachets, glass vessels, and custom order baskets filled with a unique combination of gifts, organic herbs, and words helping to deliver healing, balance, clarity, and positive energy into your life. She graduated with a BS in Nursing and held several different types of nursing jobs with her last one as the Executive Director of a large branch of a national home health care company. Debby started her business with Mary Kay Cosmetics in while still holding her full time nursing job.

    Within her first year in Mary Kay Debby had earned her first diamond ring along with her first Mary Kay Car and then promptly resigned her nursing job to grow her business. She then became a Mary Kay Sales Director and continued to grow her business alongside her family. As a Senior Sales Director with Mary Kay, Debby loves the independence of owning her own business and empowering other women to do the same. She originates and leads Human Resources objectives that will provide an employee-oriented, high-performance culture that emphasizes empowerment, quality, and productivity.

    Rachel possesses over 8 years of human resources and organizational development experience. She also has led a team on transitioning timekeeping software and EHS reporting. Her view on Employee Relations, is that it is part of the foundation of any business.

    Speakers from our 2018 conference hosted on June 12, 2018

    She prides herself on developing relationships with all levels of staff and ensuring lines of communication are always open. Rachel has a passion for health and wellness and by sitting on more than one Workplace Wellness Committee she is motivated to support employees on their own path to wellness. Rachel attended Niagara University for her undergrad in English, as well as graduate school, Business Administration.

    Although, Rachel has had success along her career path, she states that there has been nothing as rewarding or as hard of a job as being a mother. An expert recruiter and certified behavioral specialist, Jean utilizes advanced profiling and matching skills to guide companies and people toward success. When not advising a client, working to fill placements, or counseling a candidate on workplace behaviors, she is an adjunct professor at the University of Buffalo.

    Learn from a career counseling expert, who has helped hundreds of women look at their career from a new vantage point. Adrienne has enjoyed a long career in financial services, as Bank Manager, Trust Officer, Investment Advisor Representative and Financial Planner in the Buffalo area, with a background in teaching adults. A Financial Guide to Divorce. Mia is the Director of Outpatient Services at Brylin Behavioral Health System and we couldn't be more happy to have her conducting a roundtable at our upcoming conference on examining the thoughts that hold us back from success.

    She directs highly trained staff facilitating trauma informed, evidence-based interventions in order to benefit patients receiving individualized care from Brylin Behavioral Health System's Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Clinics.


    Goodbye, Annual Performance Appraisals. Hello, Quarterly Coaching Sessions. Christie resides in West Seneca, NY with her husband and two children. Jennifer is the owner of Jackson Parker Communications LLC, a public relations consulting firm that offers integrated marketing solutions, public relations and community outreach planning for an array of companies, government agencies, small businesses, health care organizations, and nonprofits.

    As lead principal she's responsible for day to day management and business direction leading a team of innovative communication experts that include graphic and website designers, digital,social media experts, and writers with the goal of helping clients connect to their target audiences and tell their story. Jennifer's career advancement included four positions; however her creativity and organizational skills were sparked when she was appointed to serve as the Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR Coordinator. Jennifer is motivated by making a difference and connecting community partners and resources to create positive solutions.

    She has been fortunate to have served on a number of community boards where she was able to assist in making an impact in Buffalo. If there is one thing Ashley has learned in the past 8 years of her career in the IT industry it is that change is constant and the key to success is to embrace it! She has held multiple roles throughout the course of her tenure at Ingram Micro but has spent the last 5 years working in various teams within the marketing organization.

    Ashley is currently serving as the Sr. Manager for the Specialty Marketing Account Management team and is very humbled to have the opportunity to motivate and lead those individuals to not only embrace the change but to be a part of it! In her time spent away from the office, Ashley tends to gravitate towards activities that make her feel alive, within the last 2 months she dove out of a plane at 13, feet and received her Open Water SCUBA certification while visiting the Caribbean.

    Born and raised in Niagara County, where she currently lives with her husband Michael and two dogs, Ashley is a huge advocate for Western New York and really loves to encourage the people she encounters on her travels to come and visit. She feels very proud to live and serve in this community and looks forward to what the future holds!

    Susan Dintino is a Hay House author, motivational speaker, intuitive advisor and radio show host. Susan Dintino writes about love, marriage, family, aging, health scares, parenting, and staying relevant and excited about what life has to offer. Susan offers gentle advice, the kind that comes from a lifetime of experience.

    As the host of the highly rated weekly radio show, The Night Shift every Tuesday at 7: Mini intuitive readings in both shows are an audience favorite! A trusted and popular advisor, Susan uses her intuitive abilities to provide her clients with clear guidance and advice that assists them in choosing the best paths for their lives.