Victor Kugler The Man Who Hid Anne Frank

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For helping them, he ended up in a concentration camp; at the eleventh hour he escaped deportation to Nazi Germany.

Victor Kugler

Who was Victor Kugler? Victor Kugler started working for Otto Frank in Otto had just started trading in pectin, a gelling agent for making jam.

Victor kept track of the orders and explored options for increasing their sales. He was always serious, never made jokes. In , Victor helped Otto to keep his companies out of Nazi hands.

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In the spring of , Otto asked Victor to help the Frank and Van Pels families should they have to go into hiding in the annex - an empty part of the business premises. From 6 July onwards, Victor - like his closest colleagues - had an additional task: He soon worried about their safety, because the Nazis threatened to search houses for bicycles.

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Victor felt that the Secret Annex was too 'visible' and came up with the idea of putting a revolving bookcase in front of the door to the hiding place. In August , warehouse manager Johan Voskuijl built the bookcase, which hid the annex from cursory views. He generated additional cash by selling batches of spices and not entering them in the official accounts.

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He often brought the people in hiding newspapers and magazines. His role as a helper was hard on Victor. In her diary, Anne noted: Kugler who is sometimes overwhelmed by the colossal responsibility for the 8 of us and who can at times barely speak from all the pent-up nerves and tension.

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After the war, Otto Frank wrote: For more than two years, Victor and the other helpers managed to keep the people in hiding out of the hands of the Nazis. Kugler helped provide those in hiding with food and other necessities. After the Gestapo discovered the secret annex, Victor Kugler was arrested and sent to a series of labor camps.

Victor Kugler: The Man Who Hid Anne Frank

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