A Duke Disguised (Perils of the Peerage)

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Mar 15, Kimberly rated it it was amazing. Lukas may be the Duke of Willowby, but in name only. He joined the war department and became a spy before he took over his duties. Leaving the only life he knew behind him for the excitement of being an undercover spy has left him battered and broken. He is trying to recover from a vicious attack and the daughter of his dead comrade, Diana Oakland, might be his saving grace.

I loved this book, it is definitely my favorite in this series so far. Lukas is everything you want in a leading man. He is Lukas may be the Duke of Willowby, but in name only. He is brave but broken, scarred, and sexy. Diana is a strong leading lady who can hold her own in any situation. Lukas and Diana's chemistry is off the charts and there are plenty of steamy love scenes to enjoy. But, it's the action and intrigue, that kept me hooked from the word go.

The Undercover Duke

This is a very exciting read! As with every other book I have read in this series, I can't wait for the next Duke! Mar 27, Sheila Melo rated it really liked it. I received this book for free from Netgalley in order to prepare an honest review.

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This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. I enjoyed this book because of the relationship between Lucas and Diana. Some of the historical reality was lacking, but the cautious and slow unfolding of these characters made this book an enjoyable journey. Lucas Vincent, Duke of Willowby, has been a spy for the crown for years. Grievously injured in his last assig I received this book for free from Netgalley in order to prepare an honest review. Grievously injured in his last assignment, Lucas is sent to Diana Oakford to recover.

Diana is the daughter of one of the men killed in the mission where Lucas was injured. Having been burned by the spies who surrounded her father before, Diana knows better than to give her heart to such a man. The attraction between her and Lucas, however, burns from the beginning. And as they agree to an affair, each believes that they can keep the relationship on a physical level, but things get complicated on many levels as they work together to find the traitor who almost killed Lucas. I have really been enjoying this series. The stories, while serious in tone, are not particularly deep or disturbing.

They are a nice read that I can finish in a day and which don't haunt me for days after.

The books emphasize the relationship between the characters and the plot really works in service of that relationship. Diana and Lucas are similar characters. Pain in their lives has taught them to keep their distance. As they start their relationship, there is plenty of sex but little relationship. Usually I dislike these instant sex books, but it really works here. The sex begins to allow these characters to open up to one another.

Then there are small moments of revelation and caring that draw them out of their self-protective shells. Because much of the book takes place solely between these two characters, the relationship really worked for me. There are hot encounters but also moments of tenderness. Then there is the spy plot. Some of the resolution seemed obvious, but there were some interesting surprises. There isn't a lot of "story" in the plot, but I also enjoyed that because while I certainly like deep plot filled books, I really prefer books where the relationship is the focus and gets the primary focus in the story.

This book is front loaded with the sexual encounters which lessen as the plot picks up. There are overlapping characters, but this book can be read completely as a standalone. I give this book 4 stars. I received an ARC of this book via Netgalley in order to prepare a review. I was not required to write a review or to write a positive review.

All opinions contained herein are my own. This review was originally posted on Top10RomanceBooks. Jul 08, Rozzie rated it it was amazing. While trying to flush out a traitor to king and country Lucas notices his good friend and surgeon George Oakford hiding in the bushes too but in trying to kill the traitor Lucas gets shot instead and George is instantly killed.

As Diana works with Lucas and heals him she falls into a passionate physical sexual affair with him. The rules between both Diana and Lucas is finite that it is just that an affair. This was a wonderful story by Ms. Jess Michaels and the only one I have read in the Club series which is definitely a fault of my own. Yes this book can be read a standalone and easily understood.

The story is filled with tons of plot, suspense, action, and romance. This book definitely put me in the heart of these well-drawn out characters and love them that much more. Lucas at first came off prickly, brash, stubborn and was not really a nice guy but he was injured so I can forgive him for that. Still despite his crabby demeanor he had so much heart, compassion and really cared for others especially Diana. Lucas made for a great book boyfriend who is now added to my ever growing list.

Diana was no slouch either she was strong, smart, independent, witty and brilliant. She could stand up for herself and Lucas. This book makes me want to read the rest of the series and if all the dukes are like Lucas I will enjoy reading them without hesitation! Mar 22, Tracy Emro rated it really liked it Shelves: Lucas Vincent, Duke of Willowby is the youngest of the Club dukes and the most reclusive. He has not been a character in the previous books and has only been mentioned in passing by the other dukes. This book opens with Lucas being gravely injured along and his dear friend and surgeon for the war department, George Oakford being killed.

He needs her help, Lucas is still alive, but his wounds have not he Lucas Vincent, Duke of Willowby is the youngest of the Club dukes and the most reclusive. He needs her help, Lucas is still alive, but his wounds have not healed and none of the doctors who have treated him have been able to help him. Stalwood is hoping that Diana can work a miracle.

Diana has lost so much, but she knows that her father cared for Lucas and agrees to help him. Lucas is not the easiest patient, and when he learns who she is, he apologizes, he blames himself for her father's death. Diana refuses to let him take the blame and tells him they will begin his treatment, she asks for a month and he agrees and gives into the temptation, and kisses her. In short order, these two become lovers and the love scenes fairly scorched my kindle!

But soon they are sharing more than their bodies, secrets are exchanged and plans are made to find her father's killer. Lucas reconnects with the dukes and hopes to draw out the traitor, but he has suspicions that he will not share and when Diana learns of them - the truth may rip them apart before they ever really came together. This book is well written, flows well, has smoking hot love scenes, several appearances by the other dukes and their wives, lots of secrets, some betrayal and a twist that changes everything!

I liked this book, but for me, I didn't feel the connection between Lucas and Diana like I did for the previous characters and the ending left me with more questions than answers, but I still enjoyed the story and would be happy to recommend the book. This is the sixth book in the series, but it could easily be read as a stand alone title without any problem. Mar 23, Cathy Geha rated it really liked it. The Undercover Duke by Jess Michaels Club 6 Ten teens at boarding school form a club to assist one another as they grow into their positions of being dukes one day - The Club - this series is already plotted out to have ten volumes starring the ten original members of the club.

Over the years a bond stronger and closer, in some ways, than that of blood brothers is formed. In each book of the series we find out what has become of the members of the club and who they will find their HEA w The Undercover Duke by Jess Michaels Club 6 Ten teens at boarding school form a club to assist one another as they grow into their positions of being dukes one day - The Club - this series is already plotted out to have ten volumes starring the ten original members of the club.

In each book of the series we find out what has become of the members of the club and who they will find their HEA with. In book six we meet Lucas Vincent, Duke of Willowby, the youngest member of the club. After learning something that rocked his world he left for the military, became a spy and avoided family and friends for around a decade. Lucas is in pain and not the nicest person to be around but in spite of that he is a gentleman, wants to get better so he agrees to let Diana treat his wounds for a month.

Of course Lucas and Diana are attracted to one another and feel some sizzle so with eyes open wide they agree to engage in a tryst. As is so often true, trysts can engender feelings, sharing and caring. Eventually they begin to work together to uncover who the traitor in the midst of the spies might be and in so doing expose So many twists and turns! So much fun to read! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it. It is not your common garden variety of historical romance but instead has interesting and intriguing main characters that really made an impact on me. I am eager to read what comes next and have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and am glad there are several more books to read before it finishes.

Mar 31, Lori Meehan rated it really liked it Shelves: Secrets and lies weigh heavily on our hero and heroine. Tragic events have changed everything, futures they once dreamed of are no longer insight. Recently severely injured Lucas is left in terrible pain and guilt ridden from the friend he could not save, Dr. Several years ago her heart was broken and her life changed forever. She put away her hopes and dreams and focused on her plants and herbs. The last thing Diana wants to do is help the people who took her father away for so much of her life.

They strike up a deal, a month of doing what Diana thinks will help then he can leave. As the days go by Lucas gets stronger and their relationship grows to friendship and trust. Can they count on each other when they need each other the most or will old hurts and secrets get in their way? There are some great twists and turns that I did not see coming. I love Jess Michaels writing a story telling. Mar 26, Debbie Glenn Brown rated it it was amazing.

Lucas Vincent, Duke of Willowby, had a very unhappy life joined the war and later the War Department and became a spy. Diana Oakford lost her mother when she was very young and had only her father left. Her father was a doctor who worked for the War Department and he taught Diane all Lucas Vincent, Duke of Willowby, had a very unhappy life joined the war and later the War Department and became a spy. Her father was a doctor who worked for the War Department and he taught Diane all about the art of healing herbs and medicine. Loved this story of a wounded spy and his lady doctor who are physically drawn to each other, both are needing to heal and find themselves physically attracted to each other.

Their fiery passion leads to a steamy, provocative love scenes and an intriguing plot with a mystery to solve finding the traitor within the War Department. This is my honest opinions after I voluntarily read a copy of this book that was provided to me with no requirements for a review. Mar 06, wonderfullyweird88 rated it really liked it Shelves: I am an unabashed Jess Michaels fan and I eagerly await new instalments in the Club series.

Thankfully Ms Michaels does not leave her fans waiting, publishing a new entry ever two months. The Undercover Duke is the sixth instalment in Ms Michaels club series. While a series, the author has crafted a story that stands perfectly well on its own, however I would strongly recommend reading I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. While a series, the author has crafted a story that stands perfectly well on its own, however I would strongly recommend reading the series as it is one of my favourites.

Ms Michaels ability to craft steamy, provocative love scenes and an intriguing plot will have the reader hooked. On the hunt for a traitor he is injured, and his mentor killed. Following six months of various treatments, his superior sends him to a healer hoping she will have more success than doctors have.

Unfortunately, she is also the daughter of his deceased friend and Lucas feels guilty for not saving her father. Diana Oakford is still grieving the loss of her father and experience has taught her distrust and wariness when it comes to handsome men. Initially fighting the attraction, she feels, Diana enters in to a sexual relationship with Lucas with one caveat, she must not get pregnant.

When Lucas decides to re-join society to flush out the traitor, Diana agrees to go with him and pose as his mistress. Each hold onto secrets that could drive them apart and with dangers lurking and a surprise discovery can these two overcome the obstacles in their way and reach their happy ever after? Once again, I was blown away by Ms Michaels talent and the passion and intensity of the romance.

The characters are well crafted, the plot will grip you with a perfect balance of steam, romance and suspense. If you have not read any of Ms Michaels offerings I urge you to do so now. Mar 09, Janet rated it it was amazing. Another engrossing page turning read in the club series.

I so look forward to the next book in the series. My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read Apr 08, Susan rated it it was amazing. When Lucas Vincent, Duke of Willowby, is brought to Diana Oakford, his body broken and sore, it is soon obvious that Lucas and Diana both have deep wounds that are more than physical. As an attachment forms between the two, they must face the past, struggle with the present, and learn if they can trust in each other to build a future together.

A great story with just enough mystery, sizzle and especially romance. Looking forward to the next in this series. Mar 11, Amy Alvis rated it it was amazing. I loved Lucas and Diana's story!! Lucas as lived with the guilt of getting Diana's father killed for months. When she ends up being the healer that is to take care of him and they find they have a mutual attraction, he is even more conflicted than he was. As Lucas starts to heal, they get even closer. But that all changes when Lucas gets close to finding the traitor that tried to killed him all those months ago.

Will finding out the truth ruin the relationship that Diana and Lucas have developed? I really enjoyed both Lucas and Diana. Their attraction for each other instantaneous, but I loved watching it turned into someone so much more. It was also nice to see some of the other Dukes and their ladies!! I'm so excited for the next book in the series which stars the Duke of Tyndale!

Mar 11, Chelle rated it really liked it Shelves: Ms Michaels is a fab author. She creates great characters and weaves engaging tales. Here we have two strong and interesting characters. I really loved reading about a useful woman. Myself I felt the physicality of the relationship happened a little too fast or perhaps not enough insight. Please start at the beginning and read the whole series.

Mar 23, Isha Coleman rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jess Michaels is a smooth operator. She tempts with romance and delivers so much more. The Undercover Duke begins with a mystery. Lucas has many secrets that just might get him killed. When his double life leaves him at his most vulnerable, he finds an angel in Diana. Diana is a fearless woman with a healing hand and her own baggage to bear. Diana and Lucas walk a fine line between love and lust as they try to stay a step ahead of the danger that stalks them. Michaels stories are alluring ta Jess Michaels is a smooth operator.

Michaels stories are alluring tales of courage that never get old. Jun 19, Jane Wheeler rated it it was amazing. This is how pleasurable reading should be. Mar 08, Angela rated it it was amazing. What can I say, I love Ms. They pull you in, they are riveting, heartwarming and sigh-worthy. The loss that Lucas and Diana experience is devastating. Can they come back to be even a part of their former selves? Lucas and Diana learn to lean on each other for comfort and slowly love works its way into their hearts.

What they find out is not what they expected and can pull the What can I say, I love Ms. What they find out is not what they expected and can pull them apart. I thought this would be one book I might not shed a tear, but of course I did. Also, seeing Lucas come back to his old friends in the Club is like coming home to family. A complimentary copy was provided by the author through NetGalley. Mar 10, Sandy N rated it it was amazing. Another winner from Jess Michaels. The emotion was there, the hotness was there, the tension was there. It was refreshing to read about an Heroine that was not a wallflower anymore.

Both characters had their secrets but it was good that they got revealed as the book progressed. Bring on the next book in the series. I received this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review that is all my own. Diana is his perfect soulmate, and partner in all things. Perfect addition to this awesome series. Mar 20, Kari Maass rated it it was amazing. The Undercover Duke is the next book in Jess Michaels club. Each one is as good as the last and this has become one of my favorite series.

Lucas Vincent, the Duke of Willowby , has secrets. Only one of them is his being a spy for the crown. On his most recent mission, he is wounded and left for dead. Along with a man he admired Dr. Diana has secrets of her own. Can these to lonely people find out who killed her fathe The Undercover Duke is the next book in Jess Michaels club. Can these to lonely people find out who killed her father and who is the traitor killing agents for the crown.?

Together, they heal each other and find that love can conquer all. I highly recommend this book and the other club books. I was gifted with an arc copy. I liked the story of the spy between the men of the club, I was waiting for it and enjoyed also because Diane is also a very nice character and I appreciate being both "out of the ton" so to say. The dialogue were well done and there were some steamy scenes.

As usual Jess Michaels remains one of my favorite regency author. I dialoghi erano ben scritti e c'erano scene particolarmente bollenti. Come al solito Jess Michaels rimane una delle mie autrici regency preferite. Mar 26, Lori D rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jess Michaels has a way of snaring the readers attention from the first and not letting go until the end. Albemarle Bertie, youngest son, who was chosen for the county of Lincoln in and ; for the borough of Cockermouth, in ; and for Boston, in the Parliament which sat first on business, January 23, He was Auditor of the dutchy of Cornwall, and died unmarried in January, , leaving his estate to his grand-nephew, Lord Brownlowe Bertie, after mentioned.

He was sworn of the Privy-council to Queen Anne, June 19, , and took his place at the board accordingly; and again, November 25, , after the union of the two kingdoms. On June 24, , he was again constituted Lord Lieutenant of the county of Lincoln. His Grace married to his first wife, July 30, , Mary, daughter to Sir Richard Wynn, of Gwedier, in the county of Caernarvon; who, dying September 20, , left issue two sons, and three daughters: Peregrine, Duke of Ancaster; 1. Lady Eleanor; and 3. Lady Mary, who died unmarried.

Member for Wells, in com. His Lordship was also one of the Lords of his Majesty's Bed-chamber, having been in the same station to him when Prince of Wales, and likewise to his father. On May 20, , he was on board the Ramillies then intending to join his regiment in Minorca with Admiral Byng, in the engagement with the French fleet off that island, and gave a very clear and candid evidence in behalf of the Admiral, at his trial in January following. Lord Thomas, who was made Captain of his Majesty's ship the Winchester, March 14, , and sailing to the East-Indies, remained in that station upwards of four years, and in his return unhappily died coming into the channel, on the English coast, July 21, , and August 6 following, his corpse was carried from Portsmouth in great funeral pomp, to be interred at Chisselhurst.

And his Grace departing this life on July 26, , was succeeded by Peregrine, his only surviving son by his first lady. In the 7th of Queen Anne, he was elected one of the Knights for the county of Lincoln, and in all Parliaments whilst he was a Commoner. On November 25, , he was sworn of the Privy-council, pursuant to the act for uniting the two kingdoms.

On December 1, , 1 Geo. North of the Trent. Peregrine, Marquis of Lindsey, his successor, third Duke of Ancaster, who married, on May 22, , Elizabeth, daughter and sole heir to William Blundell, of Basingstoke, in com. Lord Albemarle Bertie, died unmarried in Lord Brownlow, now Duke of Ancaster, of whom hereafter. Lady Anne, who died in Her Grace departed this life at Grimsthorpe, on Thursday, August 26, ; and his Grace surviving her, died on January 1, , to whom succeeded Peregrine, his eldest son. His Grace departed this life August 12, , in the sixty-fifth year of his age, and was buried at Edenham.

Their Crest, as Bertie, is a Pine-tree, proper. Lincoln; and at Chelsea, in the county of Middlesex, two miles from London. He had the honour of Knighthood conferred on him soon after his arrival, was made one of the Gentlemen of the Bed-chamber, and also appointed Master of the Horse. And was afterwards raised to the dignity of the Peerage, by the titles of Viscount Annan and Earl of Annandale, by letters patent to the heirs male of his body, dated March 13, He succeeded also to the honours of Stormont, according to the entail and patent of that family, in The time that this family began to make a figure in Scotland, was in the reign of Alexander II.

The confirmation is without date, but appears to have been before the year The above-named Gilbert is thought to have been his brother. Sir John was father of. He left issue a son and successor,.

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He engaged and defeated a large party of the English, who had invaded the borders of Scotland, anno He died about the year or , and left issue a son,. About this time there were forty thousand francs sent by the King of France to be divided amongst the Scotch nobility, his faithful allies, of which Sir John Johnston had three hundred allotted to him for his share, anno And dying about the year , was succeeded by his son,.

He, with his sons, Sir John, and Matthew de Johnston, were afterwards very instrumental in suppressing the rebellion of the Earls of Douglas, for which signal act of loyalty and firmness King James II. There is an instrument of seisin of the twenty merk land of Peddinane, granted to Matthew de Johnston, upon a precept from the chancery, proceeding upon a charter from King James II. The Johnstons of Westerhall are lineally descended from him, and bear with the family arms for difference, in memory of that atchievement, a Man's Heart, ensigned with an Imperial Crown, being a part of the armorial bearing of the house of Douglas.

What family his first wife was of, we have not been able to discover, but by her he had two sons: Sir Adam died anno , and was succeeded by his eldest son,. He was also appointed one of the Wardens of the Marches, and guarantees of a truce, anno , and always acted with vigour and intrepidity against the enemies of his country. James, his heir; 2. He died before the year , and was succeeded by his eldest son,.

He died anno , having married—, daughter of —, by whom he had a son,. He had charters from King James V. He married —, daughter of —, by whom he had issue, four sons: Adam Johnston of Corey; 4. James, ancestor of the Johnstons of Wamfry, which is instructed by an agreement betwixt John Johnston of Johnston, and James Johnston of Wamfry, dated March 12, , wherein this James is designed brother-german to the said John.

He died anno , or , and was succeeded by his eldest son,. He obtained charters, under the great seal, of many other lands, too numerous to be here inserted. And, like his ancestors, he was often engaged in checking the inroads of the English borderers, which were very frequent in his time: Robert, whose son and heir was designed Robert Johnston of Stapleton, who was father of Robert Johnston of Raecleugh, tutor-in-law to James Johnston, anno ; 1st daughter, Dorothea, married to John Maitland of Auchincastle; 2.

Margaret, married to Christopher Irving, Esq. He married, secondly, Nicolas, daughter of Sir James Douglas of Drumlanrig, by whom he had two sons; the eldest, named also James, designed of Lochwood-house; 2. John Johnston of Neist. He died about the year Margaret, married to Sir Robert Douglas of Cashogle; 2. Jean, married to William Livingston of Jerviswood.

He died before his father, about the year , and was succeeded by his son,. JOHN, who succeeded also to his grandfather, anno Elizabeth, married to Alexander Jardin, younger of Applegirth; 2. Grizel, married to Sir Robert Maxwell of Orchardtoun. He died anno , and was succeeded by his only son,. August 27, , and obtained charters from King James VI. By Sarah, his wife, daughter of John Lord Herries, he left issue a son and successor,. He was a man of great loyalty and integrity, and was much in favour with King Charles I.

This noble Earl gave many signal testimonies of his loyalty to the unfortunate King Charles, and adhered firmly to the interest of the royal family during all the time of the civil, war, for which he was imprisoned, had his estate sequestrated, and suffered many other hardships on account of his loyalty. He married, first, Lady Margaret Douglas, eldest daughter of William Earl of Queensbury, by whom he had a son, James, his heir, and three daughters: He died in April, , and was succeeded by his only son,.

He died July 7, , and was succeeded by his eldest son,. He was further dignified with the title of Marquis of Annandale, by letters patent to him and his heirs male whatsoever, dated June 24, , and that same year was appointed High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the kirk of Scotland. In the Parliament , he opposed the Union, with all his interest, and made several speeches and protests against it, containing the reason of his dissent; all which were entered in the records of Parliament.

However, after the Union was concluded, he was chosen one of the sixteen Peers to represent Scotland in the first British Parliament; was re-elected anno , and appointed her Majesty's High Commissioner to the kirk of Scotland, anno He was also appointed one of the Privy-council to King George I. Keeper of the Privy-seal, and was again elected one of the sixteen Peers for Scotland, anno He married, first, Sophia, daughter and heiress of John Fairholm of Craigiehall, by whom he had two sons, and one daughter: Lord George, late Marquis of Annandale; 2.

The Marquis died January 14, , and was succeeded by his eldest son,. He died at Naples unmarried, anno , and was succeeded by his brother,. James, Earl of Arran and Duke of Chatelherault, who died without issue; 2. Lord John, who was the first Marquis of Hamilton, and carried on the line of the family; 3. Lord Claud, the first of the family of Abercorn. In vain he displayed the skill and courage of a great commander: Immediately after the battle, Lord Claud, with many others, were summoned to attend a parliament, called together by the Earl of Murray, then Regent, and, upon his refusal, was outlawed, and his estate forfeited.

During the minority of James VI. And, as a further testimony of his esteem and regard for him, he was pleased, in consideration of his constant loyalty, great losses and sufferings, to create him a Peer by the title of Lord Paisley, anno James, afterwards the Earl of Abercorn. He was Gentleman of the Bedchamber to the King, and was made Constable and Commander of the castle of Toome in the county of Antrim for life, anno He was appointed one of the Lords of the Privy-Council of the kingdom of Ireland, and was summoned to attend the Parliament there, with the precedency of an Earl; and had a large grant of lands in the barony of Strabane, upon which he built a strong and fair castle, and a church.

Claud Hamilton, afterwards Baron of Strabane. Sir George Hamilton, ancestor of the present Earl of Abercorn. Lady Lucy, died unmarried. The Earl died before his father, anno , and was succeeded by his eldest son,. George who succeeded his brother. Mariana, married to Richard Perkins of Lifford, Esq. Claud died anno , and was succeeded by his eldest son,. James, third Lord Strabane, who from his loyalty and steady adherence to the interest of his masters, Charles I. He was unhappily drowned as he was bathing himself in the river Maine, anno Charles, who succeeded his brother.

Marry, married to Gerard Dillon, Esq. And dying anno , was succeeded by his eldest son,. Sir Gorge Hamilton, fourth son of James first Earl of Abercorn, was a man of steady loyalty, great gallantry, and invariably attached to the interest both of King Charles I. Sir George, who was a Count and Major-general in France, and was killed at the battle of Saverne, having married Frances, daughter and co-heiress of Richard Fennings of Sandbridge in the county of Hereford, Esq. Maid of Honour to Anne Dutchess of York, by whom he had three daughters, all nobly married, viz.

Anthony, who went to France with King James I. He is said to be author of some French pieces that bear the name of Count Hamilton. John, who was killed in the King's service in the battle of Agrim. He came early into the revolution, and was created Viscount of Strabane, and Baron of Mount-castle in Ireland, by King William, anno He sat in the Scotch Parliament anno , and continued in it till the union was concluded.

John, who died unmarried, and left a considerable estate to his brother George. William, who was bred to the sea, and was unfortunately cast away with Lord Belhaven, anno Charles, comptroller of the Green-cloth to the Prince of Wales, one of the seven Commissioners for stating and examining the public accompts in , and Receiver General of his Majesty's Revenues in the island of Minorca, anno Lady Philippa, married 1st to the Rev.

The Earl died, anno , and was succeeded by his eldest son,. James, Earl of Abercorn. Upon his coming ashore, he was presented to the King, who graciously received him: After gradual promotions, he was appointed Commander of the Augusta, a new ship of 60 guns; and afterwards to the Vanguard. But, on the 18th December, , he was unfortunately drowned, being overset in his boat, as he was passing from his ship to the land at Portsmouth.

William, who died young. Plummer, who died young. William, Lieutenant of the Victory man of war, in which he, with many others lost their lives, on the foundering of that ship, on the rocks of Scilly. The Earl dying, in , was succeeded by his eldest son,. He died unmarried 9th October, , and was succeeded by his nephew,. THE senior branch of this noble family has been recently advanced to the peerage of Ireland, under the title of Lord Mac-Donald. Upon that head, will be deduced the genealogy of the Mac-Donnells, or Mac-Donalds, to the year John, Lord of the Aebudae, or Western Islands of Scotland, died, leaving issue three sons and two daughters, viz.

John, from whom the Marquis of Antrim derives his descent. He married the daughter of Mac-Cane, and had issue, 1. Piers, who cut off the head, and sent it to the Lord Deputy, then at Drogheda, who caused it to be fixed on the Castle of Dublin. But notwithstanding this favour from the crown, he assaulted the garrison of Carrickfergus with his company of Scots, in , slew Captain Baker, with his lieutenant, forty soldiers, and some inhabitants; yet, by the courage of the rest, he was obliged to retreat; and Sir Henry Sidney marching thither with horse and foot, 19th October, brought him to terms, and submission.

In , during the government of Sir John Perrot, he entertained a number of islanders, joined unto him O'Cahan, and Bryan Carrough, Irish chiefs, resolving to hold what he had acquired by force, viz. But the Deputy Lieutenant took his strong castle of Dunluce, with all his islands and loughs; the next year prevailed on him to sue for his protection, and her Majesty's favour; and 28th June, , indentures were perfected between them for the preservation of the peace.

Eneas otherwise Aongus, or Nice ancestor probably to the present family of Kiloquin, in the county of Antrim. Alexander, killed by Captain Merriman, in , when he was supporting his father against the Lieutenant Deputy Perrot; he left no issue. Donnell, who also left no issue. His Majesty also called him into his Privy-council, gave him the command of a regiment in his army, appointed him Lord Lieutenant of the county of Antrim: Randal, created Marquis of Antrim.

Alexander, who succeeded to the Earldom. Being a nobleman of an high spirit and great activity, he carried a considerable aid in to King Charles, in his first expedition against the Scots, which being ended in a short time, he attended his Majesty to Oxford; from whence returning to Ireland, he took his seat, 17th June, , in the House of Peers, and, as Lord Clarendon writes, lived in splendor, till the rebellion drove his Lady again from thence, who upon the Queen's first coming to Oxford, accompanied her Majesty, where she found great respect from all: Notwithstanding this service, and that by his interest, and among his tenants he raised a regiment, yet Major-General Monroe, commander of the Scots forces, on pretence that some other of his tenants were in the rebellion, but in reality to gratify his own avarice, by possessing his estate and plundering his house seized his person, in May, , whilst he was entertaining him in his castle of Dunluce, and sent him prisoner to Carrickfergus; whence having the good fortune to make his escape into the northern parts of England, he waited on the Queen then at York; who, to promote the cessation of arms with the Irish then become absolutely necessary, by the extremities to which the army was reduced sent his Lordship to Ireland, with letters and instructions to that purpose: Upon this overture, the King conferred with the two noblemen together, and knowing well that the Earl of Antrim had interest enough to raise as many men as should be desired in that part of the kingdom, his Majesty resolved to encourage it all he could; which he did by creating him Marquis of Antrim, by Privy-seal, dated at Oxford, 26th January, , 20 Car.

He returned in September, 29th of which month the Marquis of Ormond landed Lord Lieutenant, at Cork, and, 17th January, , concluded a peace with the supreme council: For which, and other considerations, he was retored to his estate, by the acts of settlement; and at length, after much difficulty, received a confirmation thereof by two patents under the Great Seal. But he was attainted of treason, which attainder being reversed after the restoration, he was restored to his estate by the act of explanation.

His first wife was the Lady Elizabeth Annesley, second daughter of Arthur, first Earl of Anglesey, who dying in September, , without issue, was buried in St. John's church, Dublin; he married, secondly, Helena, third daughter of Sir John Burke, of Derrymaclaghtny, in the county of Galway, Knight, and deceasing in England, anno , left issue by her, who died, 7th October, , and was buried in Christ-church, one son, Randal, his successor, and one daughter, Mary, married in August, , to Henry Wells of Bambridge, in the county of Southampton, Esq.

On the 17th of October, , he took his seat in the House of Peers; after which he was a Privy-counsellor, and Governor of the county of Antrim. By her he had one daughter, born 7th February, , which died soon after its birth; and she deceasing 18th March, , in the twenty-fifth year of her age, was interred the 22d, in the family vault at Christ-church.

Member of Parliament for Bannagher; and by her, who died at Glenarme, 15th January, , he had issue one son and two daughters, viz. Lady Anne-Catharine, and 2. Lady Letitia-Mary, twins, born 12th July, ; and 3. Lady Charlotte, born 11th February, He died 28th July, , without male issue. Glenarme, miles from Dublin.

Groom of the Bed-chamber to King James I. The other children, by the said Montagu, Earl of Lindsey, by his second wife, were, 2. Edward, who died young; and 3. Captain Henry, before mentioned, who was Member for the city of Oxford, in , , and married Philadelphia, daughter of Sir Edward Norreys, of Weston-on-the-Green, in the county of Oxford, and by her had issue two sons and three daughters. Charles-Montagu Bertie, was rector of Uffington in Lincolnshire, and died a batchelor. The said Captain Henry married to his second wife —, sister to Sir Henry Featherstone, Baronet, but by her left no issue; and departing this life at Chesterton in Oxfordshire, in December, , was there buried.

His Lordship was one of those Peers who, in , joined in the invitation to William, Prince of Orange, and depended so much on his Highness acting the part of a disinterested mediator between King James and the people, that he contributed 30,l. This Lady died on May 31st, , and was interred at Rycote.

She left him six sons, 1. Charles; of all whom afterwards. She left also three daughters; 1. His Lordship departed this life at Westminster, on Monday, May 22d, , in the 46th year of his age, to the general lamentation of his country, of whose liberty and religion he was a constant and zealous assertor: The said James, who distinguished himself as a friend to the liberties of his country, departed this life in the year , and was succeeded by Willoughby his eldest son, before mentioned, of whom afterwards, as third Earl of Abingdom.

He also survived this Lady, and died in December, Peregrine, his fifth son, born on February 2d, , was Captain of the Panther man of war, in the action under Sir George Rooke, in the Straits, on August 13th, , when he behaved with remarkable bravery; he was afterwards Captain of the Ruby, in which ship, after a gallant defence in a warm encounter at sea, he was taken prisoner by Monsieur Fourbin; and died in France, in the year , unmarried. Charles, the sixth son, L L. He married Elizabeth, daughter to the Reverend Mr. His Lordship married first Anne, daughter and heir to Peter Venables, Baron of Kinderton, who left him a widower on April 28th, , and was buried at Rycote in Oxfordshire, with this inscription on her tomb: By her father, the ancient Barony of Kinderton descended to her in a direct line, without any collateral variation, from Gisbert Venables, one of the seven Barons in the Palatine of Chester, under William the Conqueror.

She was born 7th of May, A. She died April the twenty-eighth, Her Body is here buried in peace, but her Name we trust liveth for evermore. His Lordship married, secondly, on February 13th, , Mary, daughter and sole heir to James Goulde, of the town of Dorchester, Esq. James, Lord Norreys, who was burned in his bed, at Rycote, on October 12th, Willoughby, Lord Norreys, afterwards fourth Earl of Abingdon; and, 3.

His Lordship, by the same Lady, was also father of seven daughters, 1. Lady Elizabeth, married to Mr. Gallini, an Italian Gentleman. Lady Mary; and 7. Lady Sophia, who departed this life, on October 12th, , unmarried. Their father died on June 10th, Earl of Abingdon, in the County of Berks, by patent, 30th November, On the sinister, a Savage, wreathed about the temples and middle with ivy, proper. On each of their chests a Fret, Or. He died in , and was succeeded by. He died at Rouen, in , leaving no issue by Hawise, who married secondly,. Hawise having married again to.

Baldwin departed this life in He died in , leaving issue one son William, by Aveline his wife, daughter of Richard Lord Montfitchet. He married secondly, Isabel, daughter of Baldwin, fourth Earl of Devon, of that name, and became afterwards heiress to her brother, the fifth Earl of Devon. William de Fortibus died at Amiens in France in , and had issue by his second wife, three sons and two daughters, who all died young except Aveline, who married Edmund, second son of King Henry III.

He was slain in France in This Henry Beauchamp was afterwards created Duke of Warwick, and had precedence allowed him next to the Duke of Norfolk. He died in , from which time the title of Albemarle lay dormant in the crown till revived in the reign of Charles II. He married Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas Clarges, and left issue by her, at the time of his death, in , one son. On March 25th N. He was a Major-general, before the year ; when his Majesty, in his camp at Pamelles, June 17th, ordered, the Earl of Albemarle, with a considerable detachment, to cover the left wing of the army which foraged towards Louvain.

In the year , on the resignation of the Earl of Scarborough, he was constituted Colonel of the first troop of horse-guards. King William held his Lordship in the highest esteem, and bequeathed to him, in a codicil annexed to his last will and testament, the Lordship of Breevost, and , guilders, the only legacy he gave from the Prince of Nassaw Friezland, whom his Majesty made his heir.

The Undercover Duke (The Club, #6) by Jess Michaels

In September, , his Lordship, with the Earl of Galway, reviewed the forces encamped on the Moerdike, near Nimeguen, and continuing there, and at the Hague, set out from thence, in March , to view the frontier places against the French. And receiving there the melancholy news of the King's decease, he arrived in England June 26, His Lordship having waited on the Queen, and being deeply affected with the death of his royal master, retired to his native country, and on his arrival in Holland, took his place, as a member of the Nobles, in the Assembly of the States-general.

In , he was declared General of the Dutch forces; and taking his leave of the States-general at the Hague, August 3d, joined the army on the 7th. In , he came into England, and attending on the Queen, when she visited the University of Cambridge, he was, on April 16th created Doctor of Laws there. He returned to Holland soon after; and on June 11th, left the Hague to join the army under Monsieur Aberquerque; being also that year at the forcing of the French lines near Tirlemont, July 18th, N.

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He was at the battle of Ramellies, May 23d, N. And accordingly his Lordship brought the convoy safe to Menin, and joined the army, September 12th. On August 27th, , the Earl of Albemarle, with nine battalions and horse, conducted the second convoy of ammunition and artillery to the siege of Bouchain: Prince Eugene, arriving at the Hague, on November 2d following, toop up his abode in his Lordship's house, till one he had taken was fitted up, for the winter season. On the demise of Queen Anne, August 1st, , his Lordship was sent by the States-general to Hanover, to congratulate her successor on his happy accession to the crown of these realms: His Lordship had also the honour to entertain them at his fine seat at Voorst; and in October, that year, when the Princess of Wales the late Queen Caroline came from Hanover, she was received and attended by his Lordship to Rotterdam, where she embarked for England.

In , his Lordship continuing his instances in favour of such of the Swiss, in the Dutch service, who were not on the foot of stipulation, with any of the Cantons, they were, by his endeavours, kept in their service, the battalion, of which he was Colonel, being of that number. In , he was nominated by the Nobles of Holland, to compliment the Czar Peter on his arrival: He married, in Holland, in the year , Isabella, second daughter of S.

In January , he went back to his patrimony in Holland; and on June 13, that year, was visited at his fine seat at Voorst, in Guelderland, by the Bishop of Munster. In October, , his Lordship was declared one of the Lords of the bedchamber to the Prince of Wales. And on March 31st, , was appointed Aid de Camp to the King. On his late Majesty's accession to the throne, June 11th, , he was continued in his place of Lord of the bedchamber; and on November 22d, , the command of the 29th regiment of foot, then at Gibraltar, was conferred on him.

On December 8th, the same year, his Lordship, with other Peers attended Frances-Stephen, Duke of Lorrain the present Emperor of Germany to Greenwich, where he embarked, in the Fubbs yacht, for Holland, after residing some time at our court. On June 4th, , he was constituted Captain and Colonel of the third troop of horse-guards; and Governor of Virginia, on September 26th, On April 14th, , his Lordship was appointed commander of those forces then ordered to the Netherlands, whereof John Earl of Stair, Field-marshal, was to take the command; and they arrived safely at Ostend, on May 21st following.

On August 29th, the same year, his Lordship again commanding the troops sent to the Netherlands, got into Ostend, with most of the ships, though with great difficulty, being in a violent gale of wind. His Lordship made the campaign in , with Marshal Wade: On April 16th, , he had the command of the right wing at the battle of Culloden; and on his Royal Highness's leaving Scotland, he was constituted General and Commander in chief of all his Majesty's forces there, August 23d, ; on which day his Lordship arrived at Edinburgh, having marched with the troops under his command from Fort Augustus, on the 13th before, and settled them in their quarters at Perth and Stirling.

On July 2d, N. In , he again went over with his Royal Highness; and soon after the conclusion of the peace, his Lordship was appointed Ambassador and Plenipotentiary to the French court; being then General in chief of the forces in Scotland. On March 30th, , he was appointed one of the Lords Justices, during his Majesty's abode in his German dominions. The French King shewed his esteem for his Lordship, by sending to Mons.

His Lordship on February 21st, , was married at Caversham a seat of the Earl of Cadogan near Reading, to the Lady Anne, daughter of Charles Lennox, first Duke of Richmond, Lennox, and Aubigny; and by her Ladyship who was one of the Ladies of the bedchamber to her late Majesty had issue 8 sons and 7 daughters. On December 11th, , hewas made Captain of one of his Majesty's ships, and during the remainder of the war, took several of the enemy's privateers. In , he was Commodore of a squadron in the Mediterranean; and on May 1st, that year, sailed from fort St. He also concluded treaties with the states of Tripoly, and Tunis; and before the end of the year , he arrived at Portsmouth, from the Mediterranean, with all the ships under his command, having been upwards of three years on that station.

Jean, the French Governor, with the garrison, surrendered at discretion the next day. Conflans, on November 20th, , off Belleisle; on which occasion Mr. Keppel, in the Torbay of 74 guns, engaged and sunk the Theseus, carrying the same number of guns, but of a greater caliber. Keppel was nominated to act as Commodore, in that important service, under that experienced and gallant officer Sir George Pococke, Knight of the Bath; who sailed from St. Helen's on March 5th, At the general election, in , he was returned one of the members for Windsor, having served in the former parliament for Chichester, in the room of his brother, when he succeeded to the Peerage, then one of the Grooms of his Majesty's bedchamber.

On July 21st, , he was nominated 2d Major of that regiment, with the rank of Colonel of foot; and in January, , had the command of the 56th regiment of infantry, with which he embarked in March following in the fleet fitted out against the Havannah, having the rank of Major-general in that expedition. On August 14th, the day after the capitulation for the surrendering of the Havannah, he took possession of the fort La Punta; and being left commander, after his eldest brother sailed for Europe, re-delivered the possession of the city of Havannah to the Spanish troops, on July 7th, , according to the articles of peace, concluded at Paris, February 10th preceding; soon after which, he embarked for England, and, after a short voyage landed at Portsmouth.

He died unmarried in March , being then a Lieutenant-general in the army, and Colonel of the Prince of Wales's regiment of light dragoons. Edward, who both died young. Henry, an officer in the army, who died in Scotland, without issue. His Lordship's daughters were, 1. Lady Nassau, who all died infants; 5. Lady Emilia, who died an infant. On April 7th, , his Lordship was promoted to the same office in the 2d regiment of foot-guards, with the rank of Lieutenant-colonel of infantry; and on June 4, , was advaneed to the command of a company in the same regiment, with the rank of Colonel.

Being appointed a member of the Privy-council, and Governor of the island of Jersey, he took the usual oath, and his seat at the Council-board, on January 28th, , and at the same time had the oaths administered to him, as Governor of the said island. James's, and was graciously received. This GILBERT assumed his sirname from his lands and barony of Ogilvie, as was the custom of those early times; and from him we proceed by indisputable evidence, to deduce the descent of this noble family.

He had a son. He was succeeded by his son,. Andrews, this Patrick de Ogilvie. He left issue two sons, 1. Sir Patrick his heir. Alexander, his heir; 2. Patrick de Ogilvie of Wester Pourie, first of the family of Auchterhouse, and the direct ancestor of the Earls of Airly, of whom afterwards. We therefore return to. He obtained from King Robert II. Sir Walter, his heir, 2. He also had from Sir David Lindsay of Glenesk, who was afterwards Earl of Crawford, unum annuum reditum viginti librarum sterlingarum levand. He left issue three sons. Sir Alexander, his heir. Sir Walter of Lintrethan, of whom hereafter.

Sir John, who obtained from his brother, Sir Walter, the lands and barony of Innerquharity, anno Sir Walter was succeeded by his eldest son,. The male line of Sir Alexander, eldest son of Sir Walter of Auchterhouse, thus ending, the representation devolved upon the next heir-male descended of his brother, Sir Walter, of Lintrethan, to whom we now return. He was one of the privy-council to King James I. He founded and endowed two chaplainries in the church of Auchterhouse, "for the safety of his own soul, and that of Walter Ogilvie, Knight, his father: He married Isabel de Dureward, heiress of Lintrethan, with whom he had that barony; and he and his posterity were designed by that title, till they were raised to the dignity of the Peerage: Sir John, his heir.

His daughter, Giles, was married to Robert Arbuthnot. He died anno , and was succeeded by his eldest son,. He also obtained charters, under the great seal, of several lands, anno ; and likewise many others from King James III. Christian, married to Sir John Forbes of Pitsligo. Elizabeth, married to Sir Patrick Keith of Innerugie. Marion, married to Henry Stuart, of Rosyth. Margaret, married to Gilbert Ramsay, of Banff, Esq..

He died before the year , and was succeeded by his only son,. He was a man of great talents, singular merit and integrity, and was often employed in negotiations of great importance. He married, 1st, Elizabeth Kennedy, by whom he had two sons. Alexander, who obtained by a charter, under the great seal, part of the barony of Ogilvie, anno He married, 2dly, Elizabeth, daughter of Archibald Earl of Angus, by whom he had a son, Walter, ancestor of the Ogilvies of Balfour, and a daughter, Marion, said to have been married to David Bethune, a younger son of the Laird of Belfour in Fife, afterwards Archbishop of St.

He married Jean, daughter of William Lord Graham, ancestor of the Duke of Montrose, by whom he had two sons and two daughters; 1. Daughter, Elizabeth, married to William Wood of Bonytown. Janet, married to — Lighton of Ulis-haven. John Ogilvie, of Innerkeilor. Daughter, —, married to David Lyon of Cossins. Isabel, married to David Strachan of Carmelie. Beatrix, married to — Garden of Leys.

His eldest son succeeded him,. David Ogilvie, of Kinmundie. Archibald Ogilvie, of Lawton. Margaret, married to David Graham of Fintrie. Anne, maried to Sir Thomas Erskine, of Brechin. Helen, married to Sir John Ogilvie, of Innerquharity. He died about , and was succeeded by his eldest son,. Margaret, married to John Erskine, of Dun. He died before the year , and his only son succeeded him,. He was a man of singular endowments, loyalty and merit, and adhered firmly to the interest of Queen Mary in all her troubles, on account wherof he suffered a long imprisonment, and many other hardships, all which he bore with great constancy, till he was released by King James VI.

He married Jean, daughter of William Lord Forbes, by whom he had six sons and one daughter. Sir John Ogilvie of Craig. Peter Ogilvie of Smiddy-hill, ancestor of the Ogilvies of Clunie. George Ogilvie of Fernault. Margaret, his daughter, was married to George Earl Marishal. He died anno , and was succeded by his eldest son,. As he had heartily and sincerely espoused the interest of King Charles I. By his marriage with Lady Isabel Hamilton, daughter of Thomas, Earl of Haddington, he had three sons and one daughter. Sir Thomas, a young man of singular valour and loyalty.

By his marriage with Patricia Ruthven, he left two daughters. Sir David Ogilvie, of Clova. Having joined the Marquis of Montrose as soon as he took the field, being then only Lord Ogilvy he behaved always with great courage and intrepidity; but was unfortunately taken prisoner at the battle of Philiphaugh, and was afterwards tried and condemned by the parliament at St. Andrews, but had the address to effect his escape in his sister's habit, the very night before he was to have been executed; and happily lived to see the restoration, after suffering great hardships, which he bore with a noble firmness and resolution.

Lady Marion, married, first, to James, Lord Cupar: Lady Margaret, married to Alexander, Lord Halkerton. James his apparent heir. John, who carried on the line of the family, and Lady Helen. David Erskine, of Dun, one of the Senators of the College of Justice; but dying without issue, was succeeded by his brother,. He married Margaret, eldest daughter and heiress of—Ogilvie of Clunie, lineally descended of Peter, fourth son of James, sixth Lord Ogilvie, by whom he had two sons and two daughters.

DAVID, the eldest son, commonly called, Lord Ogilvie, having engaged in the rebellion in , was attainted of high treason, and escaped to France, where he had the command of a Scotch regiment, called Ogilvie's regiment. George Lord Gordon, who was killed at the battle of Aldford, in his father's life-time, without issue. Lewis, Marquis of Huntley, his father's successor, and ancestor of the present Duke Gordon. Lord Charles, the first of this family. Soon after the restoration, King Charles, in consideration of his great and faithful services, was pleased to raise him to the dignity of the Peerage, by the style and titles of Lord Gordon of Strathaven and Glenlivet, and Earl of Aboyne, by patent to him and his heirs-male, dated 10th of September, He obtained a charter under the great seal, of the whole lands, and lordship of Aboyne, dated anno Lockhart, both Officers in the army.

After the death of his Lady, his Lordship married, 2dly, in , Lady Mary Douglas, sister to the Earl of Moreton, by whom he had a son in the month of October, ,. So far Mr Crawfurd. But as we cannot exactly connect the Gordons of Coldingknows with these of Methlic and Haddo, of whom there are authentic records for above years, we shall proceed to deduce their descent from undoubted authority.

And being a man of great oeconomy, he acquired several other lands, which are still in the possession of the family. Alexander, who was Bishop of Aberdeen, after the death of Bishop Elphingston. George Gordon, of Auchterhouse. James, who was Rector of Lonmay and Prebendary of Aberdeen.

Daughter, Isabel, married to Alexander Alardice, of Allardice. Margaret, married to Alexander Frazer, of Dorres. Also a charter from King James IV. And a charter from King James V. He attained several acquisitions to his estate from Lord Sinclair, the Bishop of Aberdeen, and others; all which are contained in a charter under the great seal, dated anno He married Marion, daughter of Sir James Ogilvie, of Findlater, by whom he had three sons and two daughters.

George, his apparent heir. Alexander Gordon, of Braikie. His eldest daughter was married to — Barclay, of Towie. His second daughter to — Cummin of Altyr. He live to a great age, and die in Patrick, his apparent heir. David, who was ancestor of the Gordons of Nethermuir. John Gordon, of Tilliehilt. He died anno He obtained charters from King James VI. He died in the beginning of the year But he was no sooner in his enemy's power, than he was sent to Edinburgh, and imprisoned in the church, which hath gone by the name of Haddo's-hold ever since that time.

And though he had the King's commission, and acted during the troubles by his Majesty's authority, yet he was tried, condemned, and executed at the cross of Edinburgh, anno He left behind him the character of a great and eminent loyalist, and was a man in every respect worthy of esteem, and reflected honour on the family from whence he was descended. He married Mary, daughter of William Forbes, of Tolquhoun, by whom he had two sons and one daughter.

Sir John, his successor. Sir George, who was first Earl of Aberdeen. His daughter was married to Sir John Forbes, of Waterston. And having acquitted himself with honour and reputation in all these high employments, was, by his Majesty King Charles II. He married Anne, daughter and heiress of George Lockhart, of Torbrecks, by whom he had two sons and four daughters. George, Lord Haddo, who died before his father, unmarried. William, afterwards Earl of Aberdeen.

Lady Martha, married to John Udney, of Udney. Lady Mary, married to Alexander Lord Salton. He died in the 83d year of his age, anno , and was succeeded by his son,. William Gordon, of Fivye, Esq. Captain of a troop of dragoons. Cosmo, an Officer in the guards. After his education in Christ-church, Oxford, he was entered in the Inner Temple, for the study of the laws, wherein he was such a proficient, that on January 13th, , he was constituted his Majesty's Solicitor-general; from which office he was removed by James II.

He was afterwards the principal of those eminent counsel, who pleaded in behalf of the seven Bishops, who were tried on June 29th, in Trinity-term, , for refusing to authorize the reading King James's declaration for abrogating test and penal laws, and on that account were committed to the Tower.

On which occasion Mr. Finch argued strenuously against their commitment, and the power of the King in dispensing with the laws mentioned in that declaration; and that the Lords the Bishops could not in prudence, honour, or conscience, so far make themselves parties to it, as the solemn publication thereof in the time of divine service as they were commanded must amount to. He was elected, for the University of Oxford, to that parliament which met at Westminster, on March 6th, ; and returned a member for the borough of Guildford, in Surry, to that which met on May 19th, Also chosen for the University of Oxford, in the Convention Parliament: And departing this life on July 22d, , was buried at Ailesford in Kent.

His Lordhship married Elizabeth, daughter and one of the coheirs of Sir John Banks, of Ailesford, in the county of Kent, Baronet, by whom he had issue three sons and six daughters. Heneage, second Earl of Ailesford. Lady Anne, married to William, Earl of Dartmouth. Baronet, by whom she had issue Sir John Bland, Baronet. Lady Essex, deceased unmarried.

His Lordship, whilst a Commoner, was elected one of the Knights for the country of Surry, in the 9th and 12th years of Queen Anne; also in the first year of her successor, till he succeeded his father in Lady Elizabeth; and, 4. His Lady, the Countess of Ailesford, died at Bath, in May, ; and he himself, on June 29th, , and was succeeded by his only son,.

He married, on October 6th, , Lady Charlotte Seymour, youngest daughter of Charles, Duke of Somerset, by his second wife, the Lady Charlotte Finch, daughter of Daniel, Earl of Winchelsea and Nottingham; and by her was father of eight sons, and four daughters, viz. Heneage, now Earl of Ailesford.

William-Clement Finch, born May 27th, Bagot, who has since assumed the name of Howard. Lady Maria-Elizabeth; and, 4. His Lordship died on May 9th, , and was succeeded by his eldest son,. Bertram de Esburnham, son of Anchitel, son of Piers, Lord of Esburnham, was Sheriff of the counties of Surry, Sussex, and Kent, and Constable of Dover Castle, in the reign of King Harold, which castle he defended against William the Conqueror, wherefore William, on his accession to the crown of England, caused his head to be struck off, together with the heads of his sons Phillip and Michael de Esburnham.

Philip de Esburnham, left issue Reginald, whose son Stephen de Esburnham, confirms to the church of St. Martin of Battle, and to the Monks there serving God, for the health of his soul, and the souls of his ancestors and successors, the gift which Reginald de Esburnham his father gave for ever, in pure and free alms, viz. John Baptist with horse and arms, to go with him beyond the seas, for his own honour, and the profit of the realm. His issue by her were three sons; John Ashburnham of Ashburnham, Esq.

William Lord Bishop of Chichester, A. Thomas Ashburnham, third son, was seated at Gesseling in Sussex, as appears by his will dated April 12th, , whereby he orders his body to be buried before the image of our Lady in the parish church of Gesseling, and that John Walter, Parson thereof, sing in the said church during his life, and pray for his soul, and all his friends souls; and to have yearly 4s.

The Artisan and the Duke

He mentions Elizabeth his wife, Ellen and Anne his daughters, and entails his land in Kent and Sussex on Thomas his son, and in default of issue on William Ashburnham of Ashburnham, Esq. He orders his body to be buried in the chapel of St. James of Ashburnham, and left issue William Ashburnham, Esq.

The said William had also John Ashburnham, Esq. Jane, wife of Oliver Denham; and, 3. Alice, wife of John Daniel, of Essex, Esqrs.

This John had also a son of his own name, who served in parliament for Sussex, 1 and 2 of Philip and Mary, and marrying Isabel daughter of John Sackville, Esq. The said John Ashburnham, Esq. He died, October 14th, , 33 Elizabeth, as recited by inquisition, taken at Horsham in Sussex, December 15th, , 43 Eliz. Andrew's church in Holborn, where a monument was erected to his memory with this inscription, reciting his marriage and issue.

Ashburnham came to his Majesty, about the time he set up his standard at Nottingham which was on August 22d, and entered on action with the first, repairing to the Marquis of Hertford at Sherburn, where with a small force, having kept that castle several weeks without being incommoded by the Earl of Bedford, who watched them with a much greater army, they marched from thence to Minehead, and there the Marquis, with some other gentlemen, transported themselve into Wales, leaving this Colonel Ashburnham, with Sir Ralph Hopton and others to march into Cornwal.

After the restoration he was made Cofferer to Charles II. And in a compartment of white marble is this inscription:. When this William coming from beyond sea, where he was bred a soldier, married her, and after lived almost five and forty years most happily with her. She was a very great lover, and through God's mercy a great blessing to this family, which is hoped will ever remember it with honouring her memory. This William Ashburnham her husband, lived after her to a great age, and gloried in nothing in this world, but this his wife, and the almost unparalleled love and entire friendship, that for above 50 years was between his dear elder brother John Ashburnham, and himself.

He died without issue, and by God's blessing, was a happy preserver of his brother's posterity. He attended on his Majesty during the rebellion, and his behaviour was so satisfactory, that the King had an entire confidence in him, and was pleased to nominate him, in , one of his Commissioners for the Treaty at Uxbridge. Also, in , the King desired of the parliament that a safe conduct might be granted to the Duke of Richmond, the Earl of Southampton, Mr. John Ashburnham, and Mr. Jeffery Palmer, to come to Westminster, with his propositions for peace.

And he was also one with others appointed by his Majesty to commit the militia, for such time, and with such power, as expressed by his Commissioners at Uxbridge. On April 27th, , when his Majesty thought proper to leave Oxford, Mr. But when he heard the King was in the hands of the English army, and that there was not the same restraint as formerly, he resolved to make an adventure to wait on him; and having, by some friends, a recommendation both to Cromwell and Ireton who knew the credit he had with the King, and that his Majesty would be very well pleased to have his attendance, and look on it as a testimony of their respect to him he was left at liberty to repair to the King, and was very welcome to his Majesty.

He, and Sir John Berkeley, who came from France at the same time, were the two principal agents for conferring both with his Majesty's friends, and with the officers of the army, as often as they desired. But the army having got the sole power, and subdued all opposition from the parliament, as well as the city, they began not only to be less regardful of these his Majesty's agents, but even of the King himself; who therefore resolved to make his escape. Ashburham was chiefly confided in; and he and Sir John Berkeley having passes sent them to go beyond the seas, contrived means for his Majesty's escape from Hampton-Court, which was effected on November 11th, This occasioned a suspicion of Mr.

Yet Lord Clarendon, who discourses largely of this affair, sufficiently clears Mr. Upon the whole, says the same historian it is probable that Cromwell, who, many years after committed him to the Tower, and did hate him, and desired to have taken his life, would have been glad to have blasted his reputation, by declaring, that he had carried his master to the Isle of Wight without his privity, merely upon his own presumption. In a manuscript I have seen, wrote by this Mr.

But I hope that an unhappy fate, which hath hitherto followed me, will at least leave me in this, so that I may not be understood to repine at the hardships of my duty. Had the travel of my body or mind, been much more beset with toils and difficulties, I should with the same chearfulness have waded through all, when in the least measure there had been question of pursuing his Majesty's interest.

Over all, in an arch of white marble, supported by two black marble pillars, is the following inscription on black marble, in gilt Roman letters:. Here lies in the vault underneath, John Ashburnham, Esq. May God be pleased to add this blessing to his posterity, that they may never be unmindful of the great things he hath done for them. The wife of the said Sir John Ashburnham, was daughter to Sir Thomas Beaumont, of Staughton in the county of Leicester; she was very eminent for her great temper and prudence: She died in the seventy-fifth year of her age; and both the said Sir John, and his wife, lie buried in the church of St.

Andrew's in Holborn, London. The second wife to the said Mr. George in the county fo Somerset: She was daughter and heir to Christopher Kenn of Kenn in that county, Esq. She was worthy imitation by all her sex, for her honourable and religious conversation: Frances, the first wife of the said John Ashburnham, died in the year , and was buried at Ashburnham. The eldest son, William Ashburnham, Esq. And the said Elizabeth was secondly married to Sir William Hartop, of Rotherby in the county of Leicester, and dying on August 18, , aged 60, was buried at Ashburnham.

He departed this life at his house in Southampton-street, near Bloomsbury square, on January 22d, , aged fifty-four years and seven days, and was buried at Ashburnham. He left issue three sons; William, who succeeded him in honour and estate; John, late Lord Ashburnham, and Bertram: To whom succeeded John, his next brother and heir. And on November 23d, , was constituted Captain of the yeomen of the guard. His Lordship married to his first wife, on October 21st, , the Lady Mary Butler, daughter to James Duke of Ormond, who dying without issue on January 2d, , in the 23d year of her age, was buried at Ashburnham.

John, Earl of Ashburnham departing this life at his house in St.