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Diodorus Siculus gives an account how this River falling down at first from Mount Pindus, ran over the Rocks and made a great Devastation in the Country, whereupon Hercules opened a more large and united Channel, and so well water'd one Field with it that it became very fruitful. While he sojourn'd there he became very intimate with the young Deidama, the King's Daughter, insomuch that she became big with child, and was brought to bed of a Son, who was call'd Pyrrhus, from the disguised Name of Achilles who was called Pyrrha by reason of his Hair, which was of a shining red colour.

Thetis his Mother seeing this fatal Necessity, obtain'd of Vulcan a Suit of Armour for him, so excellently temper'd that it was impenetrable. But Philostratus thinks that he was sent by his Father against the Island of Scyro, to revenge the Death of Theseus, whom Lycomedes had cruelly put to death.

And Hyginus tells us, that Apollo, to give him this Wound, assumed the shape of Paris. This Consul erected a Statue on horseback of pure Gold, which he plac'd in the Temple of Piety, and consecrated to the Memory of his Father, whose Effigies it was. Wolvesbane, an Herb very venomous, whereof there are many kinds; 'tis said that its Name comes from Acona, a City of Bithynia, round about which it grows in great abundance. Nevertheless the Antients us'd it as a Medicin against the biting of a Scorpion, the burning heat whereof, the bare touch of Wolvesbane did presently extinguish.

He understanding by the Oracle that he was to be kill'd by a Son of his Daughter Danae, shut her up in a Tower of Brass, to preserve himself from this Mischief. But Jupiter falling in love with this unfortunate Princess, found a way to come at her; for he changing himself into a shower of Gold, unaccountably pass'd through the Tiles of the House, and she was found with child of a Son, who was call'd Perseus. The First were those who vaulted about a Rope, as a Wheel turns about its Axeltree, and hang'd upon it by the Feet or the Neck.

Nicephorus Gregora says, that in his time these Dancers vaulting about a Rope were to be seen at Constantinople. The Third sort were those who are mention'd by the same Manilius, who run upon a sloping Rope, or came down it, from a higher to a lower place. The Fourth sort were those who not only walk'd upon a distended Rope, but jump'd high, and cut Capers upon it as a Dancer would do upon the ground at the sound of a Flute: And of this kind Symposius is to be understood.

To these may be compar'd those polish'd and sharp pieces of Iron resembling the Neck of a Duck, which the Venetians use at the Stem of their Gondoles. But the Goddess enrag'd to be seen in that condition, threw Water upon him, which chang'd him into a Hart, and afterwards he was torn in pieces by his own Dogs.

Plutarch mentions another Acteon, the Son of Mclistus, a Corinthian, who was carryed away by force, and whom his Friends tore in pieces while they endeavour'd to recover him out of the hands of his Kidnappers. Stephans would have 'em observ'd every Third Year, and thinks they consisted of a Race by Sea and Land, and Wrestling. First, A Petition must be presented to the Judg, to have leave to bring the Person before him: On the contrary, he wrote Actionem non do, when he deny'd the Petition. This Horace expresses in these Verses in his Satyr against the Impertinent, lib.

By chance, says Horace, he meets his Adversary, and crys to him with a loud voice, Whither art thou flying, thou infamous Fellow? And so the Summons was to express the Cause of Action, i. In former times many Regulations were made about their Salary, and for punishing those who indulg'd themselves in too great a Liberty. The chief of them, as Tacitus says, were these, That a Senator could not visit them at their Houses, nor a Roman Knight walk with them in the Street; That they could not act but upon a publick Theatre. But Haterius Agrippa, the Tribune of the People, oppos'd it, and by his Opposition gain'd the point; because Augustus had declar'd the Actors exempt from whipping, and Tibarius would not violate his Orders.

He was married to the Nymph Aegina, the Mistress of Jupiter, by whom he had Menetius, who was the Father of Patroclus, who from thence was call'd Actorides. Stakes, which were set up in a piece of Ground of twenty six feet, which was the Length of one of the sides of the Measure for Land, which the Latins call'd Actus quadratus. Comedies sometimes consisted of three Acts, but generally of five. One only, which agrees to the Sun.

Austin tells us, she enabled People to walk. They used also to say, Adigere aliquem in sua verba per jusjurandum, to oblige a Person to take his Oath. Pater Magnificus, this Word is often attributed to God: In acknowledgment of this Favour, he assisted Admetus in his Amours with Alcestis, Daughter to King Pelias, who resolv'd never to bestow her in marriage but to one who should have a Chariot drawn by two disproportion'd Animals. Apollo therefore furnish'd him with a Lyon and a Bear to draw the Chariot wherein he was to carry off Alcestis.

But Hercules, going down to Hell, brought her back again, and restor'd her to her Husband: Birds of a happy Omen, which approv'd of an Enterprize: The Kings of Syria assum'd this Name: They commonly reckon'd this Age from twelve years to twenty five for Boys, and to twenty one for Girls. Sallust calls Caesar adolescentulum, when he obtained the Pontificate, and he was then at least thirty five years of age.

The Worship of Adonis and Venus his Mother, says Macrobius, was very antient and famous among the Assyrians or Caldeans, who were the first Astrologers in the World, and from them it passed to the Phaenicians. Adonis is the Sun, who during the six superiour Signs of the Summer is with Venus, i. These are the Physical Reasons of the Earth's alternative Sadness and Joy, according as the Sun retires from it in Winter, as if it fell into the hands of Death or Proserpina; or approaches nearer to it during the Summer, as if Proserpina had restored it to Venus.

When the Poets feign'd that a wild Boar gave Adonis his Deaths-wound, they design'd by that to represent the Rigor of the Winter. The Women, who will not be shav'd, are forc'd to prostitute themselves a whole day to Strangers, and the Money they get by that Debauch is consecrated to the Goddess. He who was adopted was enter'd under the Paternal Power of the Adopter, and was taken from that of his own Father.

And from thence came the Custom of putting Natural Children under an Umbrella when they are legitimated at a Marriage. Adoption, an act by which any one is adopted. The Custom of Adopting was very common among the Romans, yet it was not practis'd, but for certain Causes express'd in the Laws, and with certain Formalities usual in such Cases. Hoc ita, ut dixi, ita vos, quirites rego. Since, for your comfort, under the Loss of your Children, you desire to adopt your Son-in-Law, we grant your Request, and permit you to take him for your natural and lawful Son. Octavius in the last page of his Will.

Titus Livius, tells us, that Caecilius adopted Atticus when he was dying by his last Will, Gaecilius moriens testamento Atticum adoptavit. As for instance, M. Junius Brutus being adopted by Q. Servilius Caepio Agalo, he assum'd all these Names, and retain'd only the Sirname of his own Family, calling himself Q. Servilius Caepio Agalo Brutus. Octavius, on the contrary, retain'd the Name of his House, and chang'd it into an Adjective, calling himself C. Julius Caesar Octavianus, which yet did not hinder but they might retain the Sirname which they had assum'd, as Atticus did, who being adopted by Q.

Caecilius Pomponianus Atticus, or acquire a new one by their brave Exploits, as Octavius did, who was afterwards sirnam'd Augustus. Gallius, a Senator, took possession of his Goods, but would not assume his Name, because he was a contrary Party to Augustus. The Romans ador'd their Gods both standing and kneeling, with their Heads cover'd; and after they had turn'd to the right hand and gone round about their Statues and Altars, they prostrated themselves before them, and lifted up their Hand to their Mouth and kiss'd it.

This we learn from Virgil, Lib. Plautus, in his Curculio, makes Phoedromus say, Quo me vertam nescio? I know not to which side to turn me. Palimirus answer'd him, playing upon the word, Si deos salutas, dextro versum censeo, If you mean to adore the Gods, I advise you to turn to the Right; alluding to the Custom of the Romans, of turning to the Right when they worship their Gods. The Jews, in his time, shook off the Yoak of the Romans, under the Conduct of a notable Impostor, call'd Barchochebas, i.

Those who remain'd after the Defeat, were sold as Slaves at a very mean rate, and were never suffer'd to return again to Jerusalem, whose Name Adrian chang'd, and call'd it Aelia Capitolina. He caus'd also, says Eusebius, to be plac'd in bas relief, upon the Gate of Bethlehem, the Figure of a Swine, which was an Animal that was most abhorr'd by that Nation, either to signifie the Impurity of this People, or to denote that they were now subject to the Yoak of the Romans, who had a Swine for one of their military Signs; or lastly, to shew the Contempt he had for their Religion.

The Emperor being not yet satisfied with this mark of Slavery, built also a Temple in Honour of Venus on Mount Calvary, and another to Jupiter in the place from whence our Saviour ascended, and a Third to Adonis in Bethlehem, where the Son of God was born, which continu'd there until the time of the Emperor Constantine.

The Books of his Life which he publish'd under the Name of Phlegon his freed Man, do plainly prove this. A little before he gave up the Ghost, he compos'd some Verses, wherein he address'd himself to his Soul, and speaks of its Departure: It was ask'd of the Father of him who was to be adopted, Whether he consented that his Son should pass under the Power of another to be his Son, and of him who was to adopt him?

Whether he consented to do it? And of the Son, An id fieri pateretur? Whether he would submit to it? Papers, or Table-Books, in which a thing was hastily set down for a help to the Memory, which was afterwards to be written fairly. Upon this Subject we have a very eloquent Discourse of Lysias, which is extant. Tacitus further tells us, that Adultery was very rare among the Germans, and when it was discover'd, it wasimmediately punish'd: The Husband shav'd his Wife, and having stript her in presence of his Neighbours, he drove her out of his House, beating her with a Stick, and thus led her about in Disgrace through the whole City.

Let us see what Tacitus says of Advocates, in the eleventh Book of his Annals, Of all the Villanies which were committed with Impunity, there was none more common than that of Advocates, who betray their Clients for Money: He alleg'd, that we must not defile the most noble of all Professions with filthy Lucre, nor make a Trade of Eloquence; that, Fidelity was always to be suspected when it was bought; and that this would foment Discord and prolong Suits, if they were made gainful to Advocates, as Diseases are to Physicians; that they should set before themselves, for a Pattern, Asinius and Messala, and these later Orators Arruntius and Eseruinus, who arriv'd at the greatest Dignities without takiag any Fee for their Eloquence.

It was the Sanctuary of the Temples, Isque adytis haec Tristia dicta reportat. Ae, was in old times written and pronounc'd as A and E separately, and sometimes as A and D, and at this day is pronounc'd as a single E. Jupiter fearing lest Juno should discover his Passion for Egina, transported her into the Isle of Delos, and had by her this Son called Aeacus: But Juno having discover'd the Intrigue, convey'd a Serpent into a Fountain of which the People drank, which so poisoned it, that all who drank of it died instantly.

This is certain, that he makes him one of the Porters of Hell, in company with Cerberus, who was a Dog with three Heads. The Romans, till the time of Pyrrhus, i. After this Livia built in the same place a Temple, which she dedicated to Conjugal Concord. This is what Horace tells us in these Verses,. This Poet elsewhere blames one of his Friends, who had reason to apprehend the approach of Death, and yet was still projecting to build Works of Marble; The his whole Thoughts ought to be employ'd upon Death and the Grave, yet the Earth was not large enough for his Designs, and he undertook to turn back the Sea, to make may for his Buildings; he drove away his Neighbours, whose Lands were added to his own, instead of thinking in how few days he himself should be laid in a Grave, which would take up no more room than those he had driven away from their Possessions.

The Occasion of the Building of it was this; Hannibal, after the Battel of Canna, came and besieged Rome, on that side where was the Gate Capena; but being forced to raise the Siege with great Disgrace, because of the Inundations and Storms which happen'd at that time; the Romans, upon this Occasion, rais'd a very loud Laughter, and therefore they built a little Oratory, under the Name of the God of Joy and Laughter. Roman Magistrates, who had the over-seeing of Buildings, both holy and prophane, and of Baths and Aquaeducts.

The Aediles of the Commonalty, or such as were taken from among the People, were two in number, and officiated the same time with the Tribunes of the People: This the Senate was forc'd to grant them, and they were chosen every year, in the same Assembly, with the Tribunes.

In the second place, they took care of the Streets, the High-ways and publick places, of keeping up the Bridges and Banks, of cleansing the Streets and Sinks, and lastly, of providing for Aquaeducts and publick Works, about which they made Edicts called Aeditiones, Aedilitia. Alluding, without doubt, to this part of the Aediles Office. In the fourth place, they had the Oversight of the Victuals for the City and Provisions for the Army: They punish'd debaucht Women, and such as play'd in Gaming Houses. They kept the Orders of the People, which were lock'd up in the Temple of Ceres.

But they excusing themselves upon the account of the great Expence they were forced to be at; the Patricians said, they were ready, for the Honour and Service of the Gods, to be at the Expence, if they would admit them to the Office of the Aediles. Whereupon their Offers were received, and M. Furius Camillus, being then Dictator, nam'd to the People, by order of the Senate, two Patricians who were created Aediles Curules, in the year , or from the Building of Rome. Cornelius Scipio, according to the relation of Titus Livius, in the beginning of his seventh Book.

These Aediles were called Majores and Curules, because they had the Privelege to be carried in a Chair of State which was adorn'd with Ivory, and to sit upon it in a Chariot, when they gave Audience; whereas the other Aediles sat only upon Benches, as the Tribunes and Questors did. They had a share in all the other Offices of the Plebeian Aediles, whereof we have already spoken. Aediles Cereales, the Aediles that presided over the Corn, were also appointed and taken out of the Order of the Patricions by Julius Caesar, to supervise the Corn. Aedility, the Magistracy of the Aediles, which lasted a year.

Suidas would have this Sea call'd the Aegean, upon account of Aegeus, who threw himself headlong into it, supposing his Son Theseus, who went to fight the Minotaure, had been slain. Others give it this Name upon the account of a Rock, which lies between the two Isles of Tenedos and Chio, having the shape of a Goat. Illa Numae conjux, consiliumque fuit. She was reverenc'd by the Romans as a Deity; and the Women with child pray'd to her, in the time of their Travel, that by her Aid they might be safely deliver'd of their Children, as we learn from Festus: Diomedes not being able to endure the Whoredoms of his Wife, abandon'd her, and retir'd into Italy, where he agreed with Danaus for one part of his Kingdom, which was call'd Graecia Magna: He built there a City call'd Argos Hippium, and in after times Argyrippa, as Servius says upon the eleventh of the Aeneids.

The Poets tell us, that when this Goat died Jupiter cover'd his Shield with its Skin; but afterwards he brought it to life again, and plac'd it among the Celestial Signs. Jupiter took upon him the Name of Aegiochus, i. Thus Natalis Comes relates the Fable, lib. He had fifty Sons which he marry'd to the fifty Daughters of his Brother Danous, who all cut their Husbands Throats the first Night of their Marriage, Hypermnestra only excepted, who follow'd not this cruel and barbarous Direction, but preserv'd her Husband Lynceus alive, who drove Danous away from the Kingdom of the Argives.

It was at first inhabited by Misraim, the second Son of Cham, which signifies Egypt. The Original of the founding a Kingdom in this vast Country is uncertain and fabulous: The Egyptians worship'd Water in publick, but they had other Gods whom they ador'd in private: Their Custom was to salute their Gods in the Morning, which they call'd Adoration. See Adrianus and Verus. It was compos'd by Sextus Aelius, a Lawyer and Philosopher. Tacitus relates of him this piece of History; The dissolute Life of the Priests of Isis, who were call'd Galli, oblig'd the Senate to order, That the Temple of this Goddess, and of Serapis, should be raz'd to the ground.

There was no person found so bold as to execute this Order, because every one scrupled its Lawfulness in point of Religion. The Fight was well maintain'd on both sides, but at last the Victory fell to the Romans, who left Macedonians dead upon the place. From hence it appears, that Virgil had reason to call Aeneas a Dardanian; for besides that he descended from Dardanus, there was also occasion to call him so, because his Fathers ordinary abode was in Dardania.

Upon the first noise of the Descent upon the Greeks, Aeneas threw himself into Troy to defend it. Dyctis Cretensis expresly accuses him of giving the Palladium to Diomedes, and betraying the City. Aeneas, says he, not being able to perswade the Trojans to Peace, and being otherwise discontented, treated secretly with the Greeks, and let them in by one of the Gates of the City, upon which was the figure of a Horse. After this he coasted along the Sea-side, and cast Anchor at Buthrota, from whence he transported himself to Dodona, and there having consulted the Oracle, he was confirm'd in his design of going into Italy; whereupon he reimbarqu'd, and steer'd his course towards Sicily, and made a Descent upon Laurentum, after he had pass'd through many Dangers at Sea, which proceeded from the Hatred of the implacable Juno.

King Latinus and the Rutuli being alarm'd at the arrival of these new Guests, came forth to fight 'em, and drive 'em out of their Country: Nevertheless, a little Temple was built to him with this Inscription, Patri Dei indigeti, qui; Numici amnis undas temperat. Austin has abridg'd the History of Aeneas, Lib. Because his Body did not appear after his death, the Latins made a God of him. Homer makes Aeneas appear very glorious among the great Heroes of his Iliads, and says, That the Trojans reverenc'd him as a God. The younger Philostratus, in his Heroicks, equals him with Hector for his size and Mien, but says, that he surpass'd him in Virtue and good Sense; and that the Trojans call'd Hector their Arm, and Aeneas their Head.

The Name of Silvius was given him because he was brought up in the Woods, whither his Mother retired for fear of Ascanius her Son-in-Law. The Caesars glory in their descent from him. Silvius reign'd 29 Years. Virgil speaks of him as such, Aeneid. Velorum usum docuit, nauticae rai studiosus: And from hence came the Fiction, That the Winds were under his Government, because he foretold Storms that should happen, by observing the Vapors and Smoke which proceeded from these Isles, and ehiefly from that which takes its Name from Vulcan.

Pliny says, That the Isle Strongyle was one of these burning and smoking Isles; that the Inhabitants, by its Smoke, foretold the Winds Three Days before, and that upon this account it was feign'd, that Aeolus was Lord of the Winds. A certain Time from whence to compute or begin the new Year, or some particular way of reckoning Time and Years.

And in this last sense the word is thought to be corrupted, and to come from the custom of the Spaniards, who reckon'd their Years by the Reign of Augustus, who, for shortness sake, they commonly set down thus, A. Census five tributum aliud praedii, aliud capitis. Many have endeavour'd to make a Calculation of it, but they have not done it with any Exactness.

Yet the most common way was to pay the Twentieth, sometimes the Fortieth or the Fiftieth part, the least that ever was paid was the Hundreth, and the highest was the Eighth part. Foreign Commodities, which serv'd only for Luxury and Delicacy, paid the greatest Tax: But we must distinguish betwixt this Duty and what was paid as Tol-Money at Bridges and Gates, since they were Two different things.

This first Custom of gathering Taxes by the Quaestors did not last always: The Sums of Money which were rais'd by these Taxes, were first employ'd to pay off those who bore any Office in the Province, and the Remainder was sent to Rome, to be kept in the publick Treasury, which was under the Care of a Treasurer, who in the times of the first Emperours was call'd Praefectus Aerarii, and after Constantine 's time, Comes sacrarum largitionum; or else it was put into the Prince's Privy-Purse, and intrusted in his hands, who took care of it, and was call'd Comes Rei Privatae.

The Treasurer sent into the Provinces one of his Officers, who was to press the sending of the Money, and a month after another Officer, who was call'd Compulsor; and both of these were maintain'd at the Expence of the Governour. These were the ordinary ways that were us'd in the Roman Empire for leavying the Taxes which were laid upon Persons and Lands into conquer'd Provinces: But as for the Customs upom Goods imported or exported, these were collected, by those that farm'd them, at the Sea Ports, or the Gates by which they enter'd into or went out of a City, according to the Tax which was laid on them.

Austin confute them by very strong Arguments. From whence we may see the reason of the Affinity and Marriage between Jupiter and Juno, i. Austin in the City of God, because Brass in former times was us'd for Money. But Diana, Apollo 's Sister, resenting the Affront put upon her Brother, kill'd Ceronis with an Arrow she shot at her; and as she was ready to be laid upon the Funeral-Pile, Mercury came and took the Child out of her Womb, who was call'd Aesculapius from the Egyptian word Esch, which signifies a Goat, and Cheleph, which signifies a Dog, because he was nurs'd by a Goat and guarded by a Dog.

There were many Pictures to be seen in that Temple, on the Walls and Pillars of it, wherein divers Diseases that had been cur'd, were represented, and the Medicines that had been us'd for that end. But Aesculapius of Epidaurus was the most famous in all Greece. This Historian, to set forth the admirable Knowledg of this excellent Physician, relates, as History what probably is nothing but an ingenious Fable, viz. That he rais'd Hippolytus from the dead by his Medicines. Apollo reveng'd his Death upon the Cyclopes, who made his Thunder-bolts, and kill'd them with his Arrows: It pass'd through the midst of the City across the Streets, and went directly to the Ship that waited for the Romans, where it posted it self in the Cabin of Ogulnius.

The Romans being astonish'd at this sudden and happy success of their Voyage, sail'd away presently to carry off the God, and arriv'd safe at the Port of Antium, where they made some stay, during which time the Serpent crawl'd a-shoar, and went into a neighbouring Temple dedicated to Aesculapius: Some days after it return'd to the Ship again, and continu'd there till the Ship in its course arriv'd at the Tiber: But when they were come overagainst Rome, this sacred Serpent quitted the Ship, and retir'd into a neighbouring Island, where the Romans took care to build a Temple for it; and then immediately the Plague ceased.

He says then, That the false Prophet Alexander, having associated himself with a Byzantine Analist, call'd Cocconas, they went together into Bithynia, where they observ'd that great Serpents were kept so tame, that they suck'd the Breasts of Women, and playd with Children without doing them any hurt: At these words the whole City, which had flock'd together to see this Sight, became very attentive, and fell a-making Vows, and saying Prayers, while he was pronouncing some barbarous words in the Jewish or Phoenitian Language.

After this, he ran to the place where he had hid his Birds Egg, and going into the Water, he fell a-singing the Praises of Apollo and Aesculapius, and invited the latter to descend, and shew himself visibly among Men: The first Inventer of Physick, according to the opinion of the Greeks and Romans, was Apollo, the Father of Aesculapius, as we learn from Ovid, in these Verses, wherein he brings in Apollo thus speaking,.

Yet Hyginus, the enfranchis'd Slave says, that Apollo was only the Inventer of Medicines for the Eyes, and that Chiron was the Author of Chirurgery, and Aesculapius of that sort of Physick which is call'd the Clinica, i. There are also antient Medals of Brass and Silver, done by the Family of the Acilii, with the Head of Aesculapius crown'd with a Laurel on one side, either because he was the Son of Apollo, to whom that Tree was consecrated, or because it supplies Medicines for the Cure of Wounds.

Albricius describes Aesculapius in the habit of a Physician, with a long Beard of massy Gold, which Dionysius, the Tyrant of Syracuse, took away from him, alledging in Railery, that it did not become the Son to be represented with a Beard, since his Father Apollo, who was much older than he, had none. But the Difficulty they found in ballancing these Exchange, put them upon the Invention of Money, made of Metal or other Materials, according to the Diversity of Countries. The Lacedemonians had no other Mony but little round pieces or Ingots of red Iron, which had been quench'd in Vinegar. Caesar, in his Commentaries, lib.

Authors are very much divided about the Invention and antient Use of Money: Some think that it is not very antient; and these ground their Opinion upon the Authority of Homer, who says, Iliad. Others, on the contrary, will have it that Money made of Metal has been used in all times, from the beginning of Mankind. This Opinion they build on a passage in Josephus, in his tenth Book Of the Jewish Antiquities, where he makes Cain the Inventor of it, and says that he increas'd his Riches by the Mony which he amass'd from all parts.

We cannot therefore clearly discover, in these dark times of Antiquity, who was the first Inventer or Coiner of Money. We read indeed in Genesis ch. All the Certainty we can find in this matter, is only the use of pieces of Gold and Silver in Commerce from the beginning of the World, which may be prov'd by many places of Genesis and Exodus, and by the 43 ch. The Hebrews or Israelites us'd many pieces of money in their Traffick. The Manch or Mine, which weigh'd two pounds and a half, or 30 ounces.

The Shekel of the Sanctuary, which weigh'd half an ounce or 20 Oboli. The Drachma, which had an Harp on one side, and on the other a Bunch of Grapes. The Gera or Obolus, which weigh'd from 14 to 15 grains. Herodotus says, that the Lydians were the first who coin'd pieces of Gold and Silver: But there are some Authors who attribute the first Coining of Money to Erichthonus the fourth King of Athens; and others who ascribe it to Jonos King of Thessaly, of whom Lucan is one, in lib. He caus'd also another piece to be coin'd, which was stampt on one side with a Minerva, and on the other with two Owls, to shew that it was of double the value: Plautus mentions them in his Bacchides; Ducentos nummos auros Philippeos probos dabin'?

But it does most clearly appear, That among the Romans, Servius Tullus their King was the first who caus'd Brass-Money to be coin'd, for in former times they used Brass in the Lump of a Pound-weight, which was call'd Aes grave, as Pliny assures us, Servius rex primus signavit as, antea rudi uses Romae Timaeus tradit. The first Money therefore that the Romans us'd was made of Brass, about the year from the Building of Rome: Nevertheless Plutarch mentions a Money more antient, which Saturn caus'd to be stampt, having on one side his own figure, and on the other a Ship; that he might leave to Posterity a Monument of his Flight, and Arrival in Italy on Ship-board.

Macrobius says, It was Janus who caus'd this Money to be stampt in honour of Saturn, which Ovid confirms in these Verses,. Whether it were Saturn or Janus that coin'd this Money signifies little; nevertheless it makes it evident that Servius Tullus was not the first who coined Brass-Money, unless they mean that he was the first who stamp'd Figures of Animals on it, and gave it a Currency throughout Italy. Yet the pieces of Copper-Money, which were made in a Mass of a pound-weight, were not used of a long time: But, according to the Fasti Capitolini, in the year , and five years before the first Punick War, under the Consulship of Q.

This is the Sum of what hath been hitherto said of the Roman Money. There were also several small sorts of Leaden Money, according to Martial, lib. Centum merebor plumbeos die teto. Silver pieces were not coined till the year All these sorts of Money were Silver, stampt on one side with a Woman's Head, which represented Rome, and on the other with a X, or a V, or some other Letter to signifie the Value.

There were other kinds also, on which was represented Victory on foot crowning a Trophy with Garlands, seated on a Triumphal Chariot, holding out Garlands, ready to crown the Victorious. In the latter Ages of the Commonwealth, the Masters of the Mint caus'd the Heads of such Persons as were famous either in War or Peace, with a Representation of their great Actions to be stampt on pieces of Money.

We may with pleasure see there most natural Representations of all mundane Transactions. Aesop was a Phrygian Slave, of small stature, very deform'd, being bunch'd behind and before. Several Persons frequented the Temple upon the same account; but the Offerings they made to that God were much more valuable than Aesop' s, who had nothing to give him but a few Honey-combs, and the Stroakings of the Milk of his Sheep, with a few Flowers with which he cover'd his Altars.

Mercury, as a bountiful and generous Deity, was willing to reward their Devotions, and answer'd their Prayers; to some he gave Wisdom, to others Eloquence; to some Astrology, and others Poetry: There was another of that Name, who was a Comedian, and Cicero 's intimate Friend. The Summer heretofore contained six months, the Year being then divided into two parts only, Winter and Summer: Servius observes, that an Age is taken sometimes for the space of thirty years, for an hundred and ten years, and sometimes for a thousand.

Ovid in his Metamorph. That is called the Silver-Age, in which the Spring was no longer the only Season of the Year, but the Earth refused to produce its Fruits, unless forc'd by the long Labour of Tillage. Virgil has taken notice but of two Ages, one before the Reign of Jupiter, the other after: He describes the three first much like those of Ovid. This is the Description he gives of Pandora, who was the first Woman made by the hand of God. A Man ought to be at least Seventeen years old to be Soldier.

None could obtain a Quaestorship till the Age of Twenty Seven. They would not allow any to be Tribunur Plebis till Thirty Years old. None could be an Aedile before he was Thirty seven Years old. Nor a Praetor or Consul till Forty. These fix'd Times could not be dispens'd with, especially under the Emperors. It does not appear that those Ages were settled till the Year Jupiter, or the more fine part of the Air, which is easily inflam'd, and where the Thunder and Lightning is formed out of the subtle Matter, which is set on fire there: The Hebrews call it Chus, that is to say, Black.

The Ethiopians, or People of Ethiopia. Homer gives 'em the Epithet of Blameless. They go to fight dancing, as Lucian says, and before they draw out their Arrows, which are set round their Heads in form of Rays, they leap and dance to affright their Enemies. They were the first who found out Astrology; for 'tis a subtile Nation, which excels all others in Ingenuity and Knowledg.

Homer calls them Thrice happy. Red, because the Sun, when it ascends above our Horizon, being overspread with Vapors from the Earth, appears red; the Second is Eous, i. On his side are other little Cupids which wantonly play with his Arms. This Virgil describes in these Verses of Lib. The things which are added to an House, and are over and above the Building.

Going to the Siege of Troy to revenge the Rape of his Sister-in-law Helena, he left with his Wife Clytemnestra, a musical Poet who was faithful to him, to divert her in his absence, and so hinder her from acting any thing contrary to the Fidelity she ow'd him.

Quodagis, a Form of Speech us'd in the antient Sacrifices, which was often repeated to the Person that offer'd, to make him more careful and attentive; as if it were said to him, Mind what you are about; Let not your Thoughts ramble. Catulus speaks also of these Tombs, and calls them, Coacervatum bustum excelso aggere. They were the Daughterr of Jupiter and Eurynome. This provok'd Minerva so much, who could not endure such fordid Avarice, that she commanded Envy to make her jealous of her Sister Hirsa; while she was contriving to cross Mercury 's Designs, he turn'd her into a Statue of Salt.

To the Honour of Aglibolus and Malak-belus. The Habit of Malak-belus is something like that which the Romans wore in their Wars, which they call'd Paludamentum, with a Cloak over it. But the Crown is not like the Roman, no more than the Hair which the Romans usually shav'd; and this gave occasion to Vespasian, as Suetonius relates, to tell the Romans, when they were frighted at the sight of a Comet with a long Tail above their Horizon, that that Comet did not belong to their Country, but the Kingdom of Persia, who wore long Hair, and had most reason to fear the effects of it.

Salmasius is of another opinion in his Commentaries upon the Historia Augusta, for he will have Malak-belus to be the Sun, and Aglibolus the Moon, but he gives no reason for the Conjecture, and 'tis likely he never saw the Marble, which I have spoken of. Without all doubt some Persons had heretofore a particular Sur-name, which was as it were a Fourth Name. Varro will have it so call'd from a Ceremony used in all Sacrifices, where the Priest being ready to offer Sacrifice, asks the Sacrificer, Agon' which was used then for Agamne?

The Poet Statius recited his Thebais there, which was not well lik'd, as he complains in several places of his Silvae. Some Commentators explain this place of Juvenal otherwise, and think the Poet meant the contrary, that his Work was well receiv'd and universally applauded.

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Greenwich was chosen by a committee only in despite protests by one prominent member, the Astronomer Royal of Scotland, Charles Piazzi Smyth, that the 0 degree meridian should run through the Great Pyramid. Flem-Ath has further established that some 50 sacred sites in Mexico are aligned to a North Pole located in the Hudson Bay area, as it was before the cataclysm.

The same is true of Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh in Scotland. Charles Hapgood, incidentally, had a meeting arranged with President Kennedy to discuss a project to find Atlantis, but Kennedy died in Dallas a few days before their appointment. But Hapgood died soon afterwards and the book was never written. James Churchward however, produces such evidence in his books and he tells how he saw maps of South America and elsewhere in those remote Asian monasteries going back tens of thousands of years.

This evidence supports the view that the continent known as Mu or Lemuria now rests on the bed of the Pacific. The Polynesian tribes and other related peoples retain many legends of their sunken land of origin and Easter Island natives in the. Because the knowledge has been systematically suppressed and destroyed.

So will our understanding of what is happening and who is controlling us today. The destruction of ancient knowledge all over the world in the name of Christianity was the Illuminati, or the Temple of the Sun, destroying the true accounts, not only of history, but also the Law of One.

So what happened to Mars? There is increasing acceptance that the Earth has suffered some colossal geological upheavals. The debate and often hostility comes with the question of when and why. These upheavals have obviously involved the solar system as a whole because every planet shows evidence of some cataclysmic events, which have affected its surface, atmosphere, speed, and angle of orbit or rotation. The destruction of Mars and its relationship with this devastation on Earth is a subject occupying the minds of many researchers.

There has been a much greater focus on Mars since the various space probes have been directed there and, of course, their rather unfortunate record of being lost or suffering "technical problems", which prevent them sending pictures back to us. The failures followed the photographs taken in an area of Mars called Cydonia that appeared to show non-natural rock formations. These included the famous "face" on Mars and various pyramids.

He says he found that they are virtual mirrors of each other. Designer history 23 a key date in their Mars-related calendar, as was October 26th. The first marked the start of spring and the second was the end of the year in the Celtic calendar. We only think it was because that s what the official version tells us and over and over when you look at the basis for such scientific "fact" you often find it is merely an assumption or an opinion and not a provable "fact" at all. Just one example of this was confirmed by Dr Frank Drake, the former chairman of the Cornell University astronomy department, when he said: Which means that we were about as wrong as we could be.

This is happening every day and the media just repeat such nonsense because it must be true if a scientist says it is. There is a fast emerging alternative scenario that is pretty much in agreement with the official story, except in one crucial area where they differ fundamentally. They both agree that Mars once had water, vegetation, and an atmosphere, which could have supported life as we know it. They both agree that this potentially human-friendly environment was destroyed by catastrophic geological events.

The only serious area of contention is when that disaster occurred. Was it really millions of years ago, as official "science" contends, or was it merely thousands of years ago, as the alternative researchers suggest, a timescale that would fit perfectly with the devastation of Atlantis and Lemuria-Mu. The gathering evidence is that Mars was destroyed in the same catastrophe, which, on Earth, brought an end to that "Golden Age".

In the s, the Russian-born writer and researcher, Immanuel Velikovsky, suggested in a series of books that the planet we now call Venus then a vast comet-like body was the cause of both the demise of Mars and the near-demise of the Earth when it was hurled through the solar system. Velikovsky was ridiculed and bitterly attacked by the "scientific" establishment and so he must have been saying something worth hearing.

But his theme is now enjoying more and more sympathy. When the Mariner 9 mission took pictures of Venus, many of Velikovsky s earlier descriptions were proved correct, including what appeared to be a comet-like tail. Mariner s pictures of Mars also supported some of his theories. He pointed out that ancient peoples depicted Venus as a very bright object trailing smoke following a very different orbit and trajectory than we see today. The Chinese, Toltecs, and Mayans recorded this.

The early Sumerian astronomical accounts did not include Venus, but the later Chaldeans in the same region did so. They described it as a "bright torch in heaven" that "illuminates like the Sun" and "fills the entire heavens. He is a scientist, an inventor of free-energy technology that could transform life on Earth, and has been researching the Iliuminati, their history, origin, and agenda, for more than 30 years.

This interest began when he set out to prove that Jesus really existed, but he soon found himself proving that he didn t. The Christian scam led him into the bigger scam, just as my initial investigation into the suppression of spiritual not religious knowledge did for me. Brian is no New Age flyaway sitting in the clouds. He is a feet-on-the-ground, give-me-the-evidence, researcher and writer. In the s, he worked at the aircraft giant, Boeing, and he says that a group of Boeing physicists got together to launch a private study aimed at explaining the many anomalies of the Earth and other planets of the solar system that could not be explained by normal physics.

What they concluded was to present staggering support for Velikovsky, although they differed on time scale by about 3, years. They said that around BC a huge body, now called Jupiter, careered through the solar system. This threw the outer planets into disarray, so explaining their present anomalies of spin direction and speed. Jupiter crashed into a planet that once orbited between where Mars and Jupiter are today and the debris from this planet, they said, can be seen as the otherwise unexplained asteroid belt that occupies the space between.

I saw some interesting "channelled" information about Mars in relation to the end of Atlantis.

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It said that one of the three Atlantean cataclysms, which destroyed the continent in stages, happened around BC, and was caused by a close pass of the Earth by Mars, which has been knocked out of its original orbit. The same theme keeps returning from many diverse sources and, somewhere within this, the detailed truth is waiting for us. James Churchward has a more earthly explanation for the cataclysms. He says there are enormous "gas belts" and chambers under the Earth and when these "blow" on a vast scale, the land above is destroyed.

What caused the cataclysms is open to debate, but that they did happen is a statement of fact. A similar theme can be found in the tens of thousands of ancient clay tablets discovered in Mesopotamia in the midth century. These tell the stories and myths of the Sumerian culture that emerged after one of these cataclysms that sank what was left of Atlantis.

Sumer dates from around BC, but civilisations existed in that region, as James Churchward documents, for tens of thousands of years before Sumer emerged. Their later Semitic names were AN. They are best known as the Anunnaki and so I shall use that. Designer history 25 term in the book. The Anunnaki, as we shall see, were a reptilian race from the stars.

The Sumerian tablets describe, according to the author and translator, Zechariah Sitchin, a collision between the moons of a planet they called Nibiru and one orbiting between the present Jupiter and Mars.

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The Sumerian accounts differ in detail, but again the theme is the same. In their version of these events, the Boeing physicists suggested that part of Jupiter broke away on impact with another planet. This is the body we now call Venus, they concluded. It was projected towards Mars, destroying the atmosphere and life on that planet the Mars Pathfinder Mission established that Martian rocks lack sufficient erosion to have been on the surface for more than 10, years.

It made several orbits of the Earth, causing the tidal wave and devastation that ended the Golden Age, and hurled vast quantities of ionised ice at the poles. Its momentum then hurled it into its present orbit as "Venus" the planet. Synchronistically, the most ancient Mesopotamian and Central American records don t include Venus in their planetary accounts, but the later ones do, and there was a focus on Venus with human sacrifices made to it. The Biggest Secret goes into this whole story in greater detail and you will see that it explains so many "mysteries". These include the sudden freezing of mammoths standing up in the process of eating because the ice did not slowly develop, it arrived in an instant.

The ancient legends and myths of how the Golden Age ended are confirmed in every way by the scientific explanation of the geological and environmental affects of this "walk-about" by Venus. Most important in relation to our story, these conclusions by people like Velikovsky, the Boeing physicists, and increasing numbers of other researchers today, bring the time scale for the end of life on Mars to within the period that saw the end of Atlantis and Lemuria-Mu. Brian Desborough suggests, along with many others, including myself, that the Golden Age was the result of many extraterrestrial and other dimensional races visiting the Earth and operating openly among the human population in a long period of at least hundreds of thousands of years.

He believes, like those Boeing physicists he knew and worked with, that the Earth was much closer to the Sun before these events and that Mars orbited in the area the Earth now resides. Two independent scientists, Dr C. William Kinsman, suggested that the Earth once followed the present orbit of Venus and that Mars was located in the present Earth orbit. Ancient skeletons found near Stonehenge and along the west coast of France have.

The Sumerian tablets describe how the Anunnaki "gods" left the planet to escape the devastation, even indicating that they had caused it. The Earth is riddled with tunnels and caverns, natural and created, which date back into far ancient times. Many of these have been located, including an underground city that could house a population of thousands in Cappadocia, Turkey, one of the centres of the Phoenicians and the origin of George of Cappadocia, who later became St George of England.

Thirty-six underground cities have been discovered in Cappadocia so far and some are huge complexes going down eight levels. The ventilation systems are so efficient that even eight floors down the air is still fresh. Thirty vast underground cities and tunnel complexes have also been found near Derinkuya in Turkey, also.

It was the floodwaters and the need to survive them, which ensured that agriculture in the post-flood world began at altitudes above 10, feet and not, as you would expect, in the fertile plains. A study by the botanist, Nikolai Ivanovitch Vavilov, revealed that the 50, wild plants he examined from around the world originated in only eight areas - all of them mountainous. According to ancient accounts, supported by much other evidence, when the Earth had settled down after the cataclysm, or cataclysms, the survivors began to return from the high mountains north of Sumer in Turkey and Iran into the plains of Mesopotamia.

It was in the Turkish mountains, on Mount Ararat, that the symbolic Noah s Ark came to rest when the waters receded, the Bible claims. I think, however, that many parts of the Sumerian Tablets are actually referring to events on Lemuria and Atlantis. Some researchers suggest that remains of the Anunnaki s preflood cities can be found today under the Persian Gulf, which became much wider and deeper after the upheavals.

These could be anything from tens to hundreds of thousands of years old. Other famous sites and structures were built or rebuilt by the Sumerians from around 6, years ago. My feeling at the moment is that Stonehenge and Avebury were among the latter, but not necessarily the pyramids of the Giza plateau, and certainly not some of the breathtaking structures of South America. They definitely appear to be Golden Age. You can read far more detailed evidence of these cataclysmic events in The Biggest Secret and When The Earth Nearly Died, together with a list of other books.

Designer history 27 focussing on this subject. Velikovsky s books are listed in the bibliography. The reason this information has been so suppressed in the mainstream of "science", "education", and media, is because of the domino effect it would have on human perception. Have you seen those world record attempts for knocking down the most dominoes?

They line them up so that by pushing down the first one they fall on each other and all of them go down. The system of control, the Matrix as I call it, is like that. The Illuminati have to work furiously to keep every domino in their agenda from falling because when one goes they all start to go. The control of what we call "history" is one of their most crucial of these "dominoes". If we knew that there had been a highly developed technological society thousands of years ago, which came to an end with fantastic geological upheavals, we would see the world in a very different light.

The whole official version of human evolution would crumble. We would ask who those people were? Where did they come from? Where did they get their knowledge and technology? Suddenly the mysteries of Egypt and Sumer and the staggering structures left us by the ancients would be far less mysterious. And if Egypt and Sumer were founded with this same advanced knowledge, it means that some of those pre-cataclysmic peoples must have survived. So what has happened to their knowledge for thousands of years and what happened to their bloodlines?

Once you allow a hole in your dyke, the flood begins to pour through. This is why the Illuminati, through their vehicles of religion and, more latterly, "science", have made a prime focus the suppression of all knowledge and information that would reveal the true story of human history. Once we see that, the mist begins to clear. Also see article on http: Encarta Learning Zone, http: Albert Einstein he ancient legends and accounts say that the highly advanced cultures of Atlantis and Lemuria were inspired by the knowledge brought by extraterrestrial races from many parts of the galaxy and other dimensions of the universe.

When we open our minds to the suppressed knowledge, we understand that the world we think we live in is only one frequency range of existence. As I mentioned earlier, Creation consists of infinite dimensions of life vibrating at different speeds. Think of the frequencies of the countless radio and television stations broadcasting to your area now. They are all sharing the same space that your body is occupying. You can t see them and they can t see each other because they are vibrating to a different frequency. When you move the dial from one radio station to another, the first station does not suddenly stop broadcasting because you are no longer listening.

It goes on broadcasting - existing - just as before. The only difference is that you are no longer tuned to its frequency. All the infinite frequencies of life and existence in all Creation are sharing the same space. Most people call these different frequency ranges "dimensions" and that s fine because people know what they mean. More accurately they are "densities" because the slower that energy vibrates the more dense and "solid" it appears. The faster it vibrates the more ethereal and non-physical it seems to be.

Eventually it is vibrating so quickly that it leaves the frequency range - the density - of our physical senses and we cease to see it. At the moment we are tuned to this frequency, the range of our physical senses, and so we can see it and touch it. When we "die" we leave this frequency range and our physical body and we continue our eternal journey elsewhere on another density or dimension. Our consciousness, the thinking, feeling us, is eternal. In the end all frequencies and all expressions of life are the same energy. We are each other. This is the Law of One that the Illuminati Temple of the Sun has sought for thousands of years to suppress.

Some extraterrestrial and other-dimensional beings know how to change their frequency so they can move between densities, appearing and "disappearing" as they move frequency, much like a radio dial. This is why 30 T. Ruled by the Gods 31 people have reported seeing entities "disappear" before their eyes. They have not, in fact, "disappeared" at all. They have left the frequency range that person can access. It s the same with UFOs. We are not alone The three main physical forms from constellations, planets, and stars like Orion, Sirius, the Pleiades, Mars, and the others I have mentioned, appear to have been: Also there was the advanced black race and another, which, according to those who claim to have been abducted by non-human entities, has an insect-like form.

In UFO research these have become known as insectoids. I can understand how difficult this will be to accept and comprehend from the conditioned view of reality. But first of all I am not asking anyone to accept anything that I say - it s just information, make of it what you will - and, second, the world is nothing like our conditioned view of reality. I would also stress that, like all of my books and talks, this text is presented in layers, each one adding to the ones before. So the detailed information to support the existence of the reptilians, greys, and Nordics, and their interbreeding, will be revealed as the story unfolds.

Understanding the connection between the Nordics, the reptilians, and the greys is to understand so much about the world today. Samsel, author of The Atlantean Connection, writes: That is to say that they did not intervene, interject or become involved with the subjects of their study at that point in time. The development and progression of the human race on Earth was under the observation and study of these relations from the stars.

The three main extraterrestrial groups, which comprised the Titan project, were those from Sirius, the Pleiades and Orion, although there were indeed other extraterrestrial races, which also shared involvement. This is where the reptilian variety comes into play. As where Sirians, Pleiadeans and those from Orion did interact in cooperation with each other under the mutually agreed upon conditions of the program, I would have to classify the reptilians as a renegade or rebel element which did not adhere to the rules or doctrines of the Titan research project as set down by the three main project participants.

This reptilian race is the dominating force behind the Illuminati at one level anyway , but with considerable involvement from the greys and some elements of the extraterrestrial white race or "Nordics" as they are known in UFO research circles. The rest of the global population are pawns in their battles and alliances. The reptilians and Nordics interbred with each other to create hybrid bloodlines.

There was also reptilian. Bloodlines that were once Egyptian pharaohs and European royalty are now presidents of the United States, and leading bankers and media owners. A fundamental theme running from the "Golden Age" of Atlantis and Lemuria-Mu to the present day is that of the snake or serpent. Both civilisations were known in legends as the Dragon Lands and the Motherlands. Pan was originally a dragon or goat god of the Atlanteans, some records of the early Egyptians and Greeks suggest. Legends claim that a race came to the Earth from Sirius, the "dog star" and brightest in the sky, which is some 8.

He says that they describe the Sirians as amphibious and "serpent-featured" - a recurring theme as you will see. Temple suggests that the Anunnaki of the Sumerian tablets could be these beings from Sirius. He further proposes that the body of the Sphinx is that of a dog and not a lion, thus symbolising the Dog Star, Sirius,9 and some researchers also suggest that the face of the Sphinx is that of a woman, not a pharaoh.

The Egyptians certainly depicted their lion bodies very differently to that of the Sphinx and the dog is a common symbol in ancient mythology. Cherokee and Mayan records in North and Central America and the Greek historians, Appollodorius and Diodorus, are among those that claim the Pleiadians, home to both the white race and reptilians, were involved in Atlantis and mated with humans to seed a large race of people.

Ruled by the Gods 33 sense, although there is still a case for it to be a lion, also. Sirius is connected with the colour red because it looks red when it appears over the horizon. For a long period of its existence, the Sphinx was coloured red. It was an obvious conclusion that this could relate symbolically to Mars, the "red planet", but in the face of the other evidence, Sirius is perhaps more likely.

The Queen s shaft in the Great Pyramid was designed to point to Sirius, according to modern researchers. Robert Temple presents a wealth of interconnecting evidence to support his belief that an amphibious race from Sirius came to the Earth in far ancient times and brought with them the knowledge that founded those advanced civilisations. The Sirius system is also depicted as a snake or serpent in a Greek representation in the Louvre Museum in Paris. According to these researchers, the Dogon also knew about all the planets of the solar system out to Pluto, and of moons that have only recently been confirmed.

They said that a star orbited Sirius and it was so heavy all the people of the world could not lift it. The Dogon are claimed to have said that it took about 50 years to orbit Sirius A and that it was "infinitely tiny". Sirius B is a dwarf star and fantastically heavy. The story goes that they said there was a third star, which also orbits Sirius A, and takes 50 years to complete a circuit.

Again this was undiscovered at the time, but its existence was confirmed by astronomers in and it is known as Sirius C. The constant reference to the number 50 in ancient myth could relate to these year orbits, Temple suggests, and they also symbolised Sirius B and C as "the twins" using their combined orbit periods of years as a code for them, he says. Certainly there is endless reference to "twin" symbolism throughout the ancient world. Still today their religious rituals and rites are based on the cycles of the Sirius system.

The Dog Star, Sirius or Sirius A, has two and a half times the mass of our own Sun and is thirty-five and a half times brighter. Sirius B contains 1. A focus on Sirius can be found at the heart of most ancient societies - and secret societies. The heat in the summer months was believed to be, in part, caused by Sirius and so they became known as "dog days".

The Egyptian calendar was regulated by the movement of Sirius Sothis to the Greeks and the Sothic calendar was founded on the rising of Sirius one minute before the Sun, the so-called heliacal rising in the Summer. Some researchers say this was connected to the. Others speculate that this could create a "star gate" connection between the two systems, a sort of interdimensional inter-density portal. This moment was the beginning of the calendar for the new year in many cultures.

It is said that the eyes of the Sphinx the dog? I will mention more about this later on. The Freemasons and other secret societies within the Illuminati web have Sirius as their focus. It is known as the Eastern Star - the very name for the Freemasonic organisation that allows women to become initiates. The symbol of the Eastern Star is the symbol of Satanism, the inverted pentagram, and that is their symbol for Sirius Figure 2.

The pentagram within a circle is used by Satanists in their rituals to draw other dimensional demonic entities into this world or to "draw down the Kingdom of Satan into manifestation on Earth", as one writer put it. The pentagram is symbolised by the goat head known as the "Goat of Mendes" or "Baphomet", the image the Knights Templar secret society was accused of worshipping when it was purged in France after The goat head is also associated with the Sirius system. The ancients designed massive temples to point directly at the spot on the horizon where Sirius appeared at the "rising" and their key rituals were focused on Sirius, just as many of the Illuminati s are today.

Isis was said to be visible and Nephthys invisible, just like Sirius A and B. Another Sirius symbol was Anubis Anpu to the Egyptians , the one portrayed as the dog or jackal-headed god and associated with Osiris, the "Sun God" of Egypt. The symbol of the dog or wolf is often found in cults that worship the serpent or reptilians. The leader of the reptilian "gods" known as the Anunnaki is named in the Sumerian tablets as An later Anu. He was represented by the jackal or dog. The inverted pentagram, the classic symbol of Satanism, and, apparently, a symbol for Sirius.

Ruled by the Gods 35 connect the reptilians with both Sirius and Orion. Isis Sirius was the companion of Osiris Orion? Among the major Illuminati symbols to the present day are the eye, the triangle or pyramid, the five-pointed star, the obelisk, and the dome. The Egyptian hieroglyph for Sirius was the obelisk, dome and fivepointed star; the Bozo tribe of Mali, cousins to the Dogon, call Sirius the "Eye Star"; an Egyptian hieroglyph for Sirius was a triangle - three points representing the three Sirius stars; and the triangle symbolised water in Pythagorean code;26 The eye was a symbol of Osiris in Egyptian myth.

The bow and arrow is another symbol used by the ancients for Sirius and they knew it as the "bow star". The Egyptian word meaning Bowman also referred to a "heavy star metal" - Sirius B - and their word for heavy star metal was close to the words meaning dwarf and weight.

This star was associated with An or Anu, the leader of the Anunnaki. The chief Egyptian god, Osiris, was also called An. In Sumerian accounts, An, the jackal-dog-headed god, had a daughter, the goddess Bau, the goddess of the dog. It has been suggested that Bau is the origin of the term "bow wow" for a dog s bark. In the Sumerian epic, Gilamesh is given 50 companions, which could be symbolic of the 50 years it takes for Sirius B to orbit Sirius.

What s for sure, the ancients perceived Sirius and Sirius B as very important to their lives. The accounts of this extraterrestrial race are widely supported by ancient reports. The Sumerians claimed that strange beings from the sea founded their civilisation. The historian, Alexander Polyhistor born BC wrote that these beings were amphibious and were happier to go back to the sea at night. They were "the immortals" and returned to "the gods" in a ship, taking with them examples of the Earth s fauna.

Interestingly, the Dogon call Sirius "the Land of the Fish" and "the pure Earth", and the day the Nommo landed on our Earth is known as the "day of the fish". What they said about Oannes, the Sumerians said about "Enki", one of the key leaders of their reptilian Anunnaki.

Enki was symbolised as closely connected with water and it was said that he rode in a ship that could go under the water or fly in the sky. He was described as a giant who had scales like a fish or reptile. In the Babylonian legend, Oannes was one of the "Annedoti" "the repulsive ones" who had the heads and legs of men, but the body and tail of a fish. It was said that if you fought with them, they changed shape and the legendary founders of Athens, Cecrops and his son, were said to be half-human-half-serpent amphibians.

The Greek god, Tython, was another halfman-half-serpent figure with mythological connections to Sirius, and both Isis and. Poseidon of the Greeks and Neptune of the Romans were symbols of the same theme. The Anunnaki Annedoti seem to be very connected to water and their bloodlines use code names to this day that often relate to being "of the water". The major bloodline families appear to locate either in very hot regions, like Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and California, or, more often, in cold damp places where there is lots of water. The Netherlands is a major centre for them and that is one of the dampest countries in the world with much of it reclaimed from the sea.

Also, the cold and damp castles and palaces of the aristocracy in Europe are their preferred habitat. The recurrence of Anu, as in the Anunnaki and An or Anu, their "leader" , is a common theme in ancient mythology. We have Anubis and Anukis, and in the ancient Sanskrit language the word anu-pa means "a watery country".

Chinese traditions claim that their civilisation was founded by an amphibious being called Fu-Hsi or Fuxi in BC. One description says he had a serpent s body and a man s head and he is said to have begun the repopulation of the world after the deluge with an incestuous interbreeding with a character called Nu Gua, who is also described as half human, half serpent.

Another ancient Chinese figure was Gong-Gong, who was "a horned monster with the body of a serpent". This sounds very much like Set of the Egyptians and Ogo in the myths of the Dogon. Other amphibious entities in Chinese tradition are Emperor Yu Yu relates to reptiles and his father Gun a name relating to fish , and Chinese drawings of their historical, mythological characters are similar to those drawn by the Dogon. Robert Temple says the Dogon indicate that the Nommo landed in the region of Egypt and describe the tremendous noise and vibration when the "ark" landed, causing a whirlwind of dust.

They say of the Nommo, a term they also use in the singular: A larger craft hovered in the atmosphere. The Nommo said that some of their number would be called "the disrupters", and one would "die on the cross", the Dogon legends apparently say. This is a place I have visited twice on the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca. During the Great Deluge, the top of this island was the first piece of land to emerge as the water receded, they say. Ruled by the Gods 37 Figure 3: The classic llluminati symbol of the all-seeing-eye and the pyramid with the capstone missing on the US dollar bill Figures 4 and 5: The pyramid and all-seeing eye is used by a stream of companies in their advertising, including R.

Reynolds, a major llluminati bloodline, and Fidelity Investments. They say the French researchers who first published the information had simply invented everything. But Credo Mutwa, the Zulu shaman and that nation s official historian, says that his people have the same traditions. He says they call Sirius the "Star of the Wolf" and their ancient accounts say that a "sea-dwelling fish people" from Sirius came to the Earth.

They also speak of a "gigantic war" on Sirius in which the fish people drove out those who we now know as humans. Credo further confirms that the stories attributed to the Dogon are not the only ancient records of the Sirius system. The Zulu s knew Sirius B as the "pit" star long before it was identified by modern technology. They are said to be intelligent beings who have visited the Earth several times. They are usually described as somewhat like human beings, but with skins like reptiles.

I have heard them described as a cross between a little demon and a dolphin. The idea of Nibiru referring to a planet has never felt right to me. A massive comet, maybe. But either way there is a fundamental connection between the reptilian Anunnaki of the Sumerian tablets and Sirius-Orion. You also find it on the logo of the British Intelligence operation,. According to the story, the design for the Great Seal was handed to the founding father and Rosicrucian, Thomas Jefferson, by a mysterious stranger dressed in a cape with a hood that covered his face.

After the end of Atlantis the survivors took this symbol to places like Egypt and from there it continued to be used by the llluminati secret society network that reemerged after the cataclysm. The three-pronged trident was the symbol of the royal line of Atlantis and this later became the three-pointed Fleur-de-lis, a symbol of the llluminati bloodline to this day. The key Atlantean "god" was the fire god, Votan38 who would turn up later in the Americas and Europe as Wotan and Wodan.

The American organisation, the Lemurian Fellowship, which researches the history of the lost continent, says that an extraterrestrial race from Venus, known as the Kumaras, were the leaders of the Lemurian civilisation. It was structured as 13 schools levels of initiation , they say, with each one more advanced than the one below.

Those who passed the initiation into the 13th school would then be allowed to teach the knowledge themselves as a member of the "Order of the Serpents". You can see snake and serpent symbolism in the logos of llluminati companies and the logo of the leading UK communications network, British Telecom, is one example Figure 7. Lemurian kings and queens were 13thlevel initiates of the "Dragon Bloodline", according to the Lemurian Fellowship. As I with the serpent cult or serpent brotherhood through the ages, the Lemurian initiated were worshippers of the Sun.

But was it our Sun or was it Sirius, the brightest star in the sky? Records discovered in India by the leading author and researcher on Lemurian history, Colonel James Churchward, confirmed this Sun worship. Both cultures expanded across the world with their priests and "royal" bloodlines or "Dragon Figure 6: The strong nuclear force is also the magic potion that causes the stars to shine.

As I reviewed these fundamental forces it brought about another moment of truth! What an incredibly delicate balance exists to allow life on our planet. What are the chances that this balance occurred through randomness? The entire premise of order out of disorder went against the second law of thermodynamics and just plain common sense. It seemed to me that could only occur with information and a source of information and an application of that information! Random style was rapidly falling off my list of favorites. So many ratios must be exactly as they are or life could not exist in so many areas.

If any of the four forces were off by a proverbial hair, life would not exist on Earth. Deoxyribonucleic acid is the chemical that stores genetic information in our cells. Shaped like a double helix, DNA passes down from one generation to the next. Ribonucleic acid is a type of molecule used in making proteins in the body. The complete genetic makeup of an organism, which contains all the biological information to build and keep it alive. A molecule that promotes a chemical reaction inside a living organism.

A biological master cell that can multiply and become many different types of tissue. It can also replicate to make more stem cells. An international team of researchers have been working on this for a decade, but even now with these new discoveries, they say they are just beginning to touch the magnitude of the complexity in our DNA.

New information, new paradigms! Now the next generation of geneticists have updated that picture. The results of the international Encode project will have a huge impact for geneticists trying to work out how genes operate. Until now, the focus had largely been on looking for errors within genes themselves, but the Encode research will help guide the hunt for problem areas that lie elsewhere in our DNA sequence.

Is it due to environmental damage caused by diet, chemical or radiation damage, or what? These are questions scientists hope to answer, but first there are still fundamental questions to be answered about the very nature of our DNA. At the very least, it is complex and in my humble opinion less and less likely that it could have ever randomly evolved without direction, a source of information and a designer. Even given more than twenty billion years, it appears to be statically impossible for that to have occurred.

At this point in my quest, my search for a quantum God began to evolve from whether there is an intelligent force behind creation to who, what, when, where and why? Ewan Birney of the European Bioinformatics Institute near Cambridge, was one of the principal investigators in the Encode project, that in , published the draft human genome and in , published the finished human genome. They always knew that was going to be a starting point. They knew that protein-coding genes were not the whole story. When Bill Gates remarked that our DNA is a digital code more complex than any software we have produced, it was an understatement!

Encode is the largest single update to the data from the human genome since its final draft was published in and the first systematic attempt to find out what the DNA, outside protein-coding genes does. The researchers found that it is far from useless: Up to 18 percent of our DNA sequence is involved in regulating the less than 2 percent of the DNA that code for proteins. In total, Encode scientists say about 80 percent of the DNA sequence can be assigned some sort of biochemical function.

Scientists know that while most cells in our body contain our entire genetic code, not all of the protein-coding genes are active. A liver cell contains enzymes used to metabolize alcohol and other toxins, whereas hair cells make the protein keratin. Through some mechanism that regulates its genes, the hair cell knows it should make keratin rather than liver enzymes, and the liver cell knows it should make the liver enzymes and not the hair proteins.

How random is that?

Legacy Character

The researchers have mapped four million switches in what was once thought to be junk DNA, many of which will help them better understand a range of common human diseases, from diabetes to heart disease, that depend on the complex interaction of hundreds of genes and their associated regulatory elements.

It appears the regulatory elements are the things that turn genes on and off, and Professor Mike Snyder of Stanford University, who was another principal investigator in the Encode consortium, believed that many of the differences between people were actually due to the differences in the efficiency of these regulatory elements. They believe that there are more variants in the regulatory elements than in the genes themselves. Regulatory elements—another piece of the puzzle that looks like us! Now we know that genes cannot function without these regulatory elements.

Errors in the regulation of a gene known as Sonic Hedgehog, for example, are thought to underlie some cases of human polydactyly in which individuals have extra toes or fingers. Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith of Cambridge University, believes that they also have important implications for the growth and development of embryos and fetuses during pregnancy.

These appear to be the kind of elements that make your tissues and organs grow properly, at the right time and place, and containing the right kinds of cells. Encode scientists found that 9 percent of human DNA is involved in the coding for the regulatory switches, although Birney thinks the true figure may turn out to be about 20 percent. The project has identified about 10, stretches of DNA, which the Encode scientists have called non-coding genes, that do not make proteins but, instead, a type of RNA, the single- stranded equivalent of DNA.

There are many types of RNA molecules in cells, each with a specific role such as carrying messages or transcribing the DNA code in the first step of making a protein. These 10, non-coding genes carry instructions to build the large and small RNA molecules required to regulate the actions of the 20, protein-coding genes. Indeed, there is a big overlap between the locations identified by GWAS and the regulation switches identified in Encode. Understanding some of these regulatory elements could help explain some of the environmental triggers for different diseases.

One hypothesis is that the disease could be triggered by a bacterial infection. They examined a total of types of tissue including cancer cells, liver extracts, endothelial cells from umbilical cords, and stem cells derived from embryos and subjected them to around a hundred different experiments, recording which parts of the DNA code were activated in which cells at which times. We have entered an era where people are starting to get their genomes sequenced. With Encode data we could start mapping regulatory information as well. For the last several millenia diseases have been identified and defined by the medical profession as they observed symptoms.

Now we know, for example, that the symtons of breast cancer are not simply one disease but that there are multiple types of breast cancer with all sorts of different mechanistic processes going wrong. That could change with a greater understanding of genomics. Understanding exactly how each type of cell in the body works—in other words, which genes are switched on or off at different stages of its function—will also be useful in future stem cell therapies. If doctors want to grow replacement liver tissue, for example, they will be able to check that it is safe by comparing the DNA functions of their manufactured cells with data from normal liver cells.

The decade since the publication of the first draft of the human genome has shown that genetics is much more complex than anyone could have predicted. Deeper and deeper into the Matrix we go! Some felt that when we first sequenced the genome we had arrived, but if we did we switched flights and off we went again on another incredible journey. What we thought was junk DNA, simply wasted space, now turns out to be vital in understanding why the same gene can act differently in different people.

Remember, these genomes comprise one of the most complicated things we know: With new information comes the need for new paradigms, new hypotheses, new theories, right? Some used to feel that Darwin was able to explain away all traces of intelligent design. Then there is the glaring question, the critical problem unsolved by evolutionary theory and that is… first life! Where did it come from? New information requires new paradigms! He was just limited to the information he had and that formed his hypothesis.

We, on the other hand, would be the foolish ones if we simply buried our heads in the sand and stayed with it in light of new information. Perhaps it is way past time to update our paradigms to include modern science and new information. The discovery of protein building blocks in the body in the fifties was the beginning of the end for this belief in randomness; we discovered they were very complex and specific.

In fact, specific proteins in enzymes are designed to digest food like a glove fits to a hand. This specificity is due to the fact that they are microscopically shaped so that only a certain substrate molecule will fit into it! They have to match the food they digest spatially in three dimensions. The shape of the specific protein is determined by the specific alignments of the amino acids. This sequence determines the protein which determines its function.

Like written languages and computer codes! Those are all created by a programmer, by design, with intelligence, with intention. Oh, the power of intention! Is that laughter I hear coming from the rabbit hole again? We learned this in Then in we discovered the double helix of DNA. Four years later Francis Crick proposed that the arrangement of the characters of the DNA form a digital code. Digital information directing machines to create mechanical parts! It seems that it can work both ways. Art often reflects real life, sometimes before the majority is aware of it.

Could it be that this quote from the movie The Matrix reflects the reality we are just now discovering inside our human matrix? Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony. Sure our system is working now, but what or who gave us our first codes that our digital biological CAD CAM-run cellular factories now produce day in and day out? If you want a new function for your computer… you need a new code. If you want a new biological life form… you need a new code!

It is the same process coded through the DNA with its protein sequences. Like the chicken or egg dilemma; for the DNA you have to have the proteins and to have the proteins you must have DNA programmed with the correct code to produce them with the proper amino acid sequence. Which came first and where did it get its information for its code? Apart from differences in jargon, the pages of a molecular biology journal might be interchangeable with those of a computer engineering journal.

It is achieved using trinary encoding. The computer data had to be converted from binary to trinary because of the number of bases in a DNA molecule. This was done in order to avoid the errors that would result from utilizing the single base sequences. The encoded data was split into sections, tagged with an ID, and marked to indicate its position within the overall file.

The team responsible for the project stated that the storage density per gram was an astounding 2. In this project, the DNA used was dried before being sent out, but for the purpose of long- term data storage, the DNA can be chilled, which will have longer lasting results. Estimates say that DNA can be used to archive data for 5, years, with it becoming economically viable for shorter term duration fifty years within the next decade.

Random style—chance—is just not a serious explanation for the origin of the code. New information demands new paradigms for everything it affects! Natural selection and chance are not statistically possible either, and I have to ask, natural selection of what? We are speaking of origin, not adaptation. Prebiological natural selection is a contradiction in terms. To have natural selection you must have sequence specific DNA and proteins that are self- replicating to give rise to natural selection. If you buy prebiological natural selection, then you also have to buy the story of the philosophy professor who on his walk home stumbled and fell into a construction ditch so deep he was unable to get out.

He tried various means of escape and could not find any way out. Then he had a brilliant idea: Put those two thinkers together and you have intelligent design. Information always comes from an intelligent source. We know of no other source that produces information in a digital form than intelligence. Ironically, using the methods espoused by Darwin with the knowledge we now have, it is impossible to come to any conclusion other than he was wrong.

Not in his approach, but in his theories, as seen clearly now with the information we have today. When he said there was not enough evidence of intelligent design, it may have been true, but not today. They have more faith, if you want to call it that, than my religious friends who simply believe what Genesis 1: Many of them try and slip the entire issue of randomness and the statistically impossible situation it puts them in by simply drawing parallels of how close our DNA is to other creatures like apes etc.

The fact that there are physical and DNA similarities between human and other living organisms has been interpreted as evidence for the theory of evolution. Since apes and humans are both mammals, with similar shapes, they should have similar DNA. We should expect humans to have more DNA similarities with another mammal like a pig than with a reptile like a rattlesnake. And this is so. Proper statistics applied to the data show that there is about 96 percent similarity between human and ape DNA through a technique called DNA hybridization.

Actually, even if we grant that degree of hybridization entirely correlates with similarity, there are flaws. Another interpretation of the same data is the theory of a common designer. And the fact that all living organisms are not totally different adds validity to this theory.

An interesting point about the common biochemistry is that we can gain nourishment from other living things. Our digestive systems can break down food into its building blocks, which are then used either as fuel or for our own building blocks. For example, our hemoglobin molecule found in vertebrates is also found in some earthworms, starfish, crustaceans, mollusks, and even some bacteria. An antigen receptor protein has the same unusual single chain structure in camels and nurse sharks, but this cannot be explained by a common ancestor of sharks and camels.

No common ancestry, but perhaps they share a designer? Alternating a few simple building blocks can result in big differences in the end result or life form. Sounds intelligent and efficient with less to design. I feel we are all islands… In a common sea. My head is still spinning because of my encounter with the rabbit hole, so I choose to spend some more time in the matrix, admittedly that might be influenced by the fact I was a biology major in college.

The human body is a universe of its own. It is a strange at times, yet beautiful place, that leaves one in awe of the complexity that is hidden within. Far from the rabbit hole of the quantum world, system after system works in perfect harmony to support human life as we know it. There was a time, not so long ago, when biologists swore that quantum mechanics could play no role in the field of biology.

Since then the two sciences have settled on an uneasy truce. But recently the rabbit hole has expanded and the discipline of quantum biology has emerged as one of the most exciting new fields in science. Is there no end to this quantum world? Their new idea is that DNA is held together by quantum entanglement. Quantum tunnelling, I guess. Recently a Russian scientist conducted an experiment with photons in a vacuum chamber, measuring their order or lack of order randomness on a collection screen on one end of the vacuum chamber.

As expected, they formed a random arrangement on the screen. In the second part of the experiment the doctor introduced a single strand of human DNA into the equation and into the vacuum chamber with the photons. This time the photons formed an orderly pattern mimicking the outline and shape of the DNA! If so, how were they communicating? Is there a consciousness involved as well? Physicists have always said all science is just physics. Well, maybe they were at least partially correct.

Perhaps there is entanglement or perhaps there is a field that not only spans the external universe but also connects to and expands through the internal universe as well. Over a decade ago I was referred to a wonderful occupational therapist by the name of Lilly Fuller.

She is also a doctor of holistic medicine, a wonderful unique blend of conventional and alternative medicine. One treatment modality that she uses to bring the body back into balance and give a patient great pain relief is called myofacial release. It was developed by her mentor, John Barnes PT. PhD, a man I was honored to spend a week with in Sedona, Arizona, at one of his teaching seminars. When I was back in school dissecting human cadavers I remember that there was a large amount of connective tissue to get through wherever you were going.

From your head to your toes this fascia permeates every system of your body without interruption, like a knitted sweater. Trauma or inflammation can create a binding down of fascia, resulting in excess pressure on nerves, muscles, blood vessels, the skeletal system, and the vital organs. The reason I bring this up is that I see a distinctive correlation between the Higgs field theory and the myofacia theory. Both are three dimensional and permeate their universe. What if the myofascia theory is simply a larger, yet smaller version of the Higgs field, like the larger Russian doll that contains many other smaller identical ones.

But how can it be smaller and larger at the same time? I used that for a lack of better terms. The myofascia is larger in the sense that we can actually see parts of it upon dissection, but smaller in the sense that it is contained within our bodies. The Higgs field is smaller in the sense that it is subatomic and invisible—not only to the naked eye but to any microscope we have yet invented—yet it is larger in the sense that it is universal.

There is no end to it or beginning to it; for that matter it is everywhere and in everything, here and across the Cosmos… like an Omnipresent Quantum God might be. Now I can see one reason they might call the Higgs boson particle the God particle. It comes from a field flowing throughout all of Creation connecting all matter and energy. Perhaps the Higgs field is simply a field of pure potentiality, a high potential-low level energy field holding together the fabric of the Cosmos, both internal and external.

When a demand is placed on it, a frequency of some sort is released to transform the energy into the matter needed. It exists in the form of small potential matter particles manifesting as needed in and from a field of energy. Different frequencies, different forms of matter, different amplitudes, different volumes of matter. Something to prove an intelligent being is behind all this that we live and breathe every day? I certainly have my doubts about the statistical possibility of our random evolvement at this point of my search. I am impressed with the complexity and the beauty of the universe within.

What would you say if I told you that not only is each cell of your body a work of art, but that the artist himself signed each one? If you find that hard to believe, well, buckle up; it is quantum leap time! By now you know I like exposing illusions and finding out how things really work. As a child, that used to drive my mom crazy as I went around taking things apart to see how they worked. The problem was I would then get distracted and go outside to play football or baseball and forget about putting them back together again.

The question occurred to me again… if a designer is at work, did he drop us a clue, leave us a trail of bread crumbs to follow? Did he leave us a code or something to let us know He had been here and could return whenever He wanted? If He did, it could be called the God Code! Interestingly enough, a few years back I came across a book by that very name, written by Gregg Braden. I encourage you to get a copy and read it. Gregg asks, what would it mean to find a principle, a message, a code you know that got my attension that touched the life of every thinking human in the world today with a single unifying—not divisive—message so deep, so powerful, and so personal that it could not be denied?

Something that would cut through the outward differences that divide us as families, nations, races and religions? We can only imagine how differently we would live our lives and build our world if we were confident in the knowledge that our existence stems from a Creator whose name is literally encoded into each cell of our bodies. At the very least, a discovery like this could become the beginning of a new era clarifying our relationship to one another and our surrounding world. Enough of the random style! In my opinion, at its best, revealing the name of God imprinted within all life would provide powerful new evidence that we are here on purpose, sharing our world as one family, one tribe!

This discovery could offer a much-needed reason for hope in a time when our differences are increasingly viewed as insurmountable and become reasons to separate us further, rather than being recognized as the diversity that strengthens us. A code, an extraterrestrial message discovered within the chemistry of the cells of everybody, regardless of religion, lifestyle, race, or belief, would be a sign so universal in nature that it could transcend any differences in our past!

I believe what Gregg has found has the potential to do so… if we let it. The question is, will we? I believe modern science has already shown that the random style theory of evolution is statistically impossible. I also believe that the code Gregg discovered corroborates that! It is important to track the facts, wherever they lead us.

She claims that he had returned to his childhood upbringing and his faith in God. It may be true; however, there is not enough evidence to convince me of that, and in fact, his surviving daughter said she never knew of anything he said or did that would confirm that he had changed his mind on any of his work. I asked myself who would benefit from this story or the truth being covered up if it were truth and reasoned the answer could be both sides in the court of public opinion.

So in the absence of evidence I discarded it from my search. Perhaps it is time that all of science and religion use this approach. There is still room for faith on both sides, but a faith based on facts must be better than a blind faith, I think! His ideas were just that! Ideas that became theories and if the story were true, it would only mean he changed his mind, hardly anything to cause me to change mine either way. His theory has been the most accepted theory of evolution, but it is just that, a theory. Others postulate theories for why we evolved into our present state, such as the Ancient Alien Theorists, which we will look into in depth later.

No search for a quantum God or gods would be complete without it. Nothing less than the very name of God hidden deep within each of us! Every human being who has walked this planet has, or had within his or her cells the ancient name of God encoded across each cell! Coded into our very DNA, waiting the day we would have the ability to discover it! It appears to be the signature of the Master Artist who created us. Did I say that out loud? What we have is scientific evidence of a hidden code in our very DNA, a DNA that Darwin and other scientists of his era were not even aware of!

An artist always signs his masterpiece in one form or another. Now consider the words of the co-discoverer of DNA, Dr. The paradigm busting discovery that the very chemistry of our DNA contains an ancient code in an ancient language spelling out the message: And a search for truth! His path may have taken him down a rabbit trail, but it also may have looked to be truth to him at the time. I have no reason to believe he was less than intellectually honest in his theories and beliefs. It may be, or the facts that come to light later may prove you dead wrong.

One thing is clear to me; over time, truth can stand the test of time…. I find it sad that so often man takes a truth, a spiritual law, and wraps it in his own laws and regulations and it becomes a burden at best and lethal at its worst. He loves relationships but detests what man does to try and control those relationships and limit the access of others to them.

It seems as rapidly as some discover truth, others endeavor to bury it so they can control and profit from it. Thus I have come to this conclusion: In his book The God Code, Gregg asks the question: Is it possible that in our rush to advance our civilization from campfires to microwaves, we inadvertanly left behind some profound truths? If so, then discoveries of science and technology, in combination with the recovery of such ancient records, have placed the wisdom of the heavens within our reach for the first time in a very long time.

Now our job is to understand the messages left by those who have come before us. All life comes from the same dust. Within those traditions, the keys state that our world and our bodies are made of the elements: A detailed account of the alchemy leading to the creation of the universe and the origins of humankind is also revealed through the mystical Hebrew Book of Creation, the Sepher Yetzirah. The book is available today and, in its completeness, offers a detailed account of a higher power forming the universe and our world. What are the Hebrew symbols or letters for these elements?

In my opinion, it is a profound quote, no matter who said it: When they find, they will become troubled, when they become troubled they will be astonished and recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you. The odds of this code occurring are about , to 1, statistically improbable. We are connected to a power that is outside time and space and left His message with His name in every cell of our bodies to be discovered when He knew we would.

It is this spark of creation that texts such as the Sepher Yetzirah and the Bible equate to the Creator. God Eternal within the Body. You choose to believe whichever one fits your paradigm… and you can change your paradigm and hopefully you will do so often to reflect new information! It is a message that is shared by every man, woman, child, and ancestor of our global family!

It is the living message coded within each cell of our bodies. Here is how Gregg Braden sums it up: In addition to the name itself, the letters VG, meaning within the body, are encoded into the remaining building blocks of life. The message is a reminder that human life specifically, and all life in general, is united through a common heritage. These relationships graphically show us what we already sense on an intuitive level.

Within each cell of every body, we find the same code, yielding the same message; and transcending the language, faith, and race of the individual without bias, prejudice, or exception. It seems the artist has signed His name to His crowning achievement … you and me! I think you would have to agree that even though Gregg stops short of explaining exactly how the code within our cells originated, the very fact of its existence, against overwhelming odds, more than suggests an intelligence and intention behind our origins here on planet Earth.

So, it seems we have found a code, a paradigm-busting code, right within our own cells! Actually a code within a code as it is contained in our DNA, which is a super code as Bill Gates has said. In computer languages, certain commands exist with which values in an existing or running computer system can be changed.

Some addresses defined the color of the screen, while others produced a beep. The manufacturer of the computer created the address list and knew where each function resided. In a general sense, a comparison can be drawn between DNA and the computer memory. Functions are stored in DNA similar to the way functions are stored in computer memory.

Another example is the limited number of addresses 65, of the computer in the example, compared to the ,, gene pairs in the first chromosome of the human DNA alone! That means times as many addresses! And, of course, those gene pairs are far more complex and diverse than a memory address in a computer. All together the base pairs in the human genome contain more than 23 billion DNA base pairs! Perhaps it is time to reconsider the theories we have been working with. Darwin would agree with that: Specified complexity pervades the microscopic biological world.

A Theory in Crisis, , p. I kept thinking, are there other codes or clues that this quantum God left behind for us to find? Is there more evidence of an outside designer? Are there other extraterrestrial messages waiting for us to discover and decode? If we can find a hidden mathematical code in our DNA, I have to wonder what else is waiting for us to find down the rabbit hole of quantum physics.

Are there other mathematical codes or clues left for us in the form of some type of math by this quantum artist? I did find another unique phenomenon that is a design based on a mathematical sequence found in nature. You can see it repeated through the entire universe.

It is found in animal and plant life and if you had access to the Hubble telescope you would see it painting the night skies across the Cosmos. You can also see it repeated through the eyes of the most powerful electron microscopes as we peer into our universe within, and guess what? It is also in our very DNA as well! Another code that starts or ends or at least passes through our DNA! What are the chances of that? I keep hearing the phrase Fibonacci, Fibonacci, Fibonacci, repeated over and over again. What is that all about? Is that where we are headed? Well, Fibonacci is not a place; it is a phenomenon!

It seems to occur and even connect the Cosmos from the inside out with a unique order that both internal and external microsystems and macrosystems all operate on—another super code!

See a Problem?

First we have a gaint galaxy, much larger than our own, in fact. Next, back here on Earth you see the only view you would to ever see of a very powerful hurricane, again displaying the classic Fibonacci sequence. If you were able to peer through the clouds of the storm into the sea below you might see the classic sea shell, the chambered nautilus, again displaying the Fibonacci spiral.

That is a question! You can easily spot these patterns by studying the manner in which various plants grow. Here are a few examples: The seed heads of many plants, pinecones, fruits, and vegetables.

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  • Amazingly, if you count these spirals, your total will be a Fibonacci number. You can decipher spiral patterns in pinecones, pineapples, and cauliflower that also reflect the Fibonacci sequence in this manner. It leaves a consistent code, a ratio, a sequence in its path. Is this evidence of an intelligent designer, an engineer at work throughout the quantum world? Maybe the Fibonacci sequence emerges from the Higgs field as a template for matter to organize around? But wait, there is more! There is math within the math here!

    If you look at the ratio of each successive pair of numbers in the sequence it approximates the mathematical constant phi 1. Phi pronounced Fi is the mathematical constant of 1. This ratio has been used by mankind for thousands of years. The Egyptians used it in the design of the pyramids, the Greeks in the Parthenon, and on and on. It is called the Golden Ratio. You are surrounded by it; in fact, you are constructed by it! The Golden Mean 1. Within everything in the universe! The human body is based on the mathematics of the golden mean… storms… the galaxies… flowers, leaves, DNA, music… everything.

    No doubt you see it all the time without even noticing. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. You have one nose, two eyes, three segments to each limb and five fingers on each hand. DNA molecules follow this sequence, measuring 34 angstroms long and 21 angstroms wide for each full cycle of the double helix.

    As we just learned it contains a mathematical code or message, a signature as it were, from our designer. Now we see that it is based on the golden section, too—something it shares with the external universe! It measures 34 angstroms long by 21 angstroms wide for each full cycle of its double helix spiral. The DNA cross-section is also based on Phi. A cross- sectional view from the top of the DNA double helix forms a decagon. A decagon is in essence two pentagons, with one rotated by 36 degrees from the other, so each spiral of the double helix must trace out the shape of a pentagon.

    The ratio of the diagonal of a pentagon to its side is Phi! So, no matter which way you look at it, even in its smallest element, DNA, life, is constructed using phi and the golden section! From the microscopic to the telescope, Fibonacci is there, and maybe someone else, too? Leonardo da Vinci [] was one of the greatest inventor-scientists of recorded history. His genius was unbounded by time and technology, driven by his insatiable curiosity and his intuitive sense of the laws of nature.

    Da Vinci was dedicated to the discovery of truth and the mysteries of nature, and his insightful contributions to science and technology were and are legendary.