From Ex to Next! - An Empowered Womans Guide to Dating Again

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Yes, only when we are emotionally able to handle dating, we can. If someone likes you, it gives them a hope to see you again, which I am not ready or willing to promise. We have to think about our date too. I remember breaking things off with my last boyfriend. I sat at my desk and it donned on me that I had spent 7 years of time and energy on an assclown 5 yrs and EUM 2.

That was almost 7 years ago. In retrospect, giving myself that time was probably the most selfish in a healthy way thing that I had ever done for myself. In June we will be married for 5 years.: Although my husband can get on my last freaking nerve, I never failed to be impressed by what a wonderful person he is, and how I am treated. Thanks for all the help Nat!

I know how you feel! I feel this way about my husband, even the getting on my last nerve! But, he has brought me nothing but joy and a sense of peace that I never got with assclown! I am on a break and actually enjoying it. This was my second marriage, and things went downhill almost immediately. I think making a list of my own might help me. I had an ex that gave me a very expensive set of cookware right before he broke up with me. With my most recent ex, everywhere I look in the house, I see gifts he gave me.

And depending on my mood that day, they are either reminders of all the good times we shared and how much I miss him, or they are horrible reminders of how badly he treated me. I simultaneously treasure them and hate them. Lisa, you are strong and very confident. I would throw away any and every gift. Not out of spite or anything. Just because it would remind me so much of everything. I was in a year relationship.

Never lived with him.

Got only couple small gifts. Was easy to discard along with the pictures, which were just a click away, delete-delete. It was just too natural to keep but we had an amicable and friendly separation. I kept the furniture he left me, things, etc. So it depends on the situation how you treat the things like gifts and the things you acquired together. I understand what you are saying. Having a list of things to cross off feels more productive to me than just crossing days off a calendar. My list would include: I like being independent. I need to be secure about these things before I get involved with another man.

Great post, and it resonated with me because I am doing just that right now, and have been since December. And if by some stroke of luck I do meet someone out of the blue, I think I will be in a much better place emotionally, and ready to open my heart to him. I like who I am turning out to be. I totally agree with you! Every single woman needs to take a break in between relationships to not only reflect but like you said, get to know herself.

Too many women jump from relationship to relationship without any breaks and end up with the same type of men with the same ole drama. For three years I was totally obsessed by a man I know. My every waking thought was of him. I kept on believing that one day he would ask me out and there would be a happy ending to all the turbulence and grief I felt. For two months I never heard a word from him yet people told me I should be more patient and not so anxious, even when he posted photos of himself on FB out walking with another woman. Finally I could take it no longer. I hope the letter was a kick in his ego.

I am still very hurt, but at least now I have my self-respect and the great satisfaction of knowing I was the one who ended whatever kind of connection we had. I think he will either now ignore me completely or see my rejection as a green light. I would sooner not like any man and never date again than go through what I did with him.

It is hell when someone has that kind of control over your life. This is so true. Funny, just met a guy who actually needs to do this for himself! I deserve so much better. He really needs to work on his past before he dates again. Awesome and on time as usual! I have been taking a break for more than a year now. He was older and still playing games! Glad I kept moving on, 8 months NO Contact from refusing to keep our communication open. No dating for me right now, I find the thought of it exhausting!

Not being involved with anyone has been good, I am getting centered and focused — taking time for me! No rush… I just want to keep moving forward and eliminate the negative experience I had with him. I really wanted to give myself a chance at a decent life and that took a lot of upstart. People even say I laugh a lot more.

Lilia, Your comment helps a lot. I got to 45 days NC and was doing pretty well, then I broke down and spent a weekend with him when he begged me to. HE begged ME to spend a weekend in Reno, but after two days he started his old crap, I ended up crying, he became verbally abusive, and I did the walk of shame dragging my suitcase to the airport with my face all smeary and teary and snotty.

I had been doing so well up to that point. Was feeling happy and healthy until he called me. It was sheer torture. I knew it would be but I went anyway. Every time I block him from my work email, he creates a new gmail acct so he can get through the block to communicate with me. I keep blocking him, he keeps squeaking through.

He chases chases chases chases me, then when I pay attention to him, after one or two nice days he turns back into a jerk, I get mad, I re-block. But I made it to 45 days NC and I am determined to do it again. I just hope he gives up and moves on. Perhaps, you need to suggest a restraining order. What he is doing is harassment, but YOU must stop responding with positive attention. You know this is going nowhere, and you are seriously sabotaging your happiness. Time to get serious and shut this down! I would also suggest getting a new email, if it is used for personal reasons.

You can also reset your spam filters. But, by responding to this asshole, you are showing him your word has no weight. I like the idea of opening a new email acct and switching over. That might do the trick. Thank you for the support. Oregon girl- Best advice: Keeps the temptation away. It will sort you very quick! Brandy and Pauline, thank you so much for understanding and offering suggestions. I will do these things. Wish me luck please.

I just ruined a relationship with a lovely man because I was holding onto insecurities and unhealthy beliefs that were probably created about 4 relationships ago but never let go of because I kept jumping from relationship to relationship. I do know that he found my insecurity and vulnerability unattractive, and it ended up coroding the fun in the relationship. Is it possible to heal from this stuff with a break??

How long will it take to heal from all of that?! I still wake up every day wondering if the man I was just going out with has been pursuing any of the women I was paranoid about when we were going out he had female friends and kept in touch with exes — but I do think it was innocent! I am doing it now and lots of great information to work on yourself. Reading your blog has given me the strength to realise I would rather not have children than have children with an unreliable, unavailable manchild and focus on the people who actually exist in my life and I enjoy the company of.

Who knows what will happen in the next 35 years?! I just want to say that your amazing and your helping a lot of people through their personal murky fog.. The good thing was I did have an epiphany moment and started to be more conscience and pay attention to red flags so I was able to offload them much quicker and with a lot less pain.

The problem I had was trusting guys. Everytime they would do something similar to what the assclown did I assumed they were guilty! While my intuition was right most of time, I still said this is not away to conduct a relationship. Cleanse my soul and become a post-virgin LOL! Work on buying my house and get my personal financial affairs in order. My thinking was there was going to be a time I would have a husband and kids and would pray to have time to myself.

At the end of the day, I met a great guy, who became my husband and gave me a crazy daughter! If sacrificing a year out of my life could give me the peace I have now then it was definitely worth it. Thanks for posting this uplifting comment. It brightened my day and made me feel happy for your growth as as an individual. Your story of positive self-transformation reminds me of this quote that I use as a daily mantra: By setting your priorities in order and focusing on achieving your goals, you were not only able to improve your life but also attract a caring partner.

I wish you, him, and your daughter many, many years of happiness and success together. I am 35 and have been NC for almost 6 months but I am not over him or over what I thought we would have. Because of my age, I sometimes freak out and think I am wasting time when I should be trying to find someone because I would like to get married and have kids but thats when I have to calm myself down and remind myself that if I found someone right now, I would probably end up freaking out and running away from them anyway.

I am glad Natalie posted this. When I do start dating I am not sure I want to try the online again. I have done that off and on for years. Its pricey — but they do the work for you. To make things a little more complicated — I went to a wedding with someone I used to date we are friends over the weekend as I thought it would be fun. It was a lot of fun. My wife and I have religious differences.

And then to top that off, I got a friend request on instagram from my ex-EUM. I hardly get on there so just going to ignore it. I made the decision to take a break after my 8-year on-and-off relationship ended this past October. He sent me a Merry Christmas text … and me still being in the pain I was in asked if he wanted to meet up for a drink, he said he was busy. I asked if he could talk for a minute, he said not a good idea and apologized.

I never responded back and went straight to NC. Saturday marked 80 days of no contact, and also the day he decided to send me a text. The gist of it was: This brought all of my pain and tears back. I did what he wanted me to do and left him alone. He wished me all the best after our break-up already. Why did he feel the need after almost 3 months to send this?! I blocked his number because it reminded me of what an idiot I was to ever fall for this loser. I understand the NC is still relatively fresh for you and such messages might open an old wound. It will only give him the opportunitiy to humiliate you again, and walk away feeling like a big shot!

Not really an attack of bad conscience but more a way of making them feel less shitty about themselves. He made his choice and he has to live with it. Block him if you want to avoid another day ruining, scab ripping text that ironically wishes you happiness. Thanks for your response RP. A big part of me thinks his intentions of sending me that text were of his own guilt, but no idea. I actually did respond about 3 hours later. I basically told him I was good, and was disappointed at how everything played out, but there was no hate. I also said it was an incredibly painful experience for many reasons, but at the end of it all, I still only want the best for him.

What type of approach did you take when you first received these kinds of texts? Did you just ignore him? That behavior is SO typical. You are seeing it for what it is. He needs an ego stroke and expected to get one from you. He puts you through this with absolutely no regard for your emotional well being. Block his phone, email, and any other form of communication. Care, At the beginning, like you, I was still healing from a relationshit that surprise surprise ended extremely badly after he pulled some classic AC shit on me.

At the beginning I did respond to his texts. However, the point is that the AC does not care whether you love him or hate the guts out of him. The fact that you respond emotionally means, for him, that you are still hooked. It will boost his ego either way and communicate to him that he still has a hold on you. At this point I felt sickened and annoyed with myself for ever taking shit from such a lowlife, so I blocked his number.

The problem you are having now is that you are still taking your AC seriously. You will probably not block him at this point because you are still seeking some sort of validation from him. I know, it is really hard! You definitely made ALOT of progress on your previous text but you still seem heavily invested. Of course the best would be to block him at this point I wish I blocked my AC earlier.

I promise, the effect he has on you now will fade with NC and when you no longer give a shit about him then you wont care less about answering or not. RP, this is so true: I say, let him have it! I found it hard to accept that I needed to take a break from dating because of my age late thirties and body clock clicking. I was dating one dud after another, which was driving my self esteem and confidence to dangerously low levels. I lapsed a few times and went back on the dating site, but found it was triggering too much anxiety, I was messing innocent men around by being flaky e.

I started my own meetup. I have had a tricky relationship with them, but not only did I survive this trip, I actually enjoyed it and their company. I understand them better. I remember back at uni how many female lecturers were having their kiddies healthy ones! Every woman is different. I just mentioned it because it can make the decision to have a dating hiatus hard. I can really identify with it. I met my EUM when I was 35 and were together for 4 years. During which he went back and forth on whether he wanted another child he has a young son.

When we broke up, I asked him why he monopolized my final childbearing years when he knew how much I wanted to be a mother. My dating hiatus has come at the perfect time. Unavailables in their lives. I feel that most people on this site say that they have a pattern of dating EUMs, so they know very clearly what they need to work on. Anyone else have limited experience with EUMs?

Does this mean I am bitter? Is it wrong to be bitter? Nat Attack, You are not alone. I was married to a wonderful man of integrity who died too young. After his death, I took a six year hiatus, then entered the dating scene only to find the AC. I was very naive, and wish I had known the traits of ACs when I started dating, but it has been a lesson in learning that there are untrustworthy people in the world that will take advantage of your good nature, manipulate you and use you for their own pleasures. I need to remind myself that not every man is like the AC, and that there are kind and decent men out there.

I was bitter and angry for a long time, but now that I am mostly healed, I can look back with a bit of perspective and see that we had both good times and bad. The good times were mostly activities we enjoyed together, like bike riding, surfing and going to art events. The bad times revolved around emotional unavailability, such as the inability to establish true intimacy, being lied to, deceived and betrayed. Needless to say the bad far outweighed the good.

I think it is onlyl natural to focus on the bad when you are wounded. It takes time and healing to take the balanced approach. I think the best you can do is become apathetic to them, and not let the bad times impact your state of mind or your emotional well-being. It was alot of fun but now I am trying to get over him. Its been 6 months of mostly NC. However, he just sent a friend request on instagram.

Do you mind if I ask if you accepted it? I clearly still have a long BR learning journey ahead of me. One would have to send a message. Sigh, why am I still consumed by this anyway. LovefromNel — No I ignored it. I rarely get on instagram. He is just testing boundaries. For some reason I feel like an email or text is coming…. LOL As far as I know he is still in a relationship with a separated woman no less. Lynn, thanks for your replies. One thing we do know though, and which is certain — they certainly just think of themselves. I hope one day to be able to emulate that. She broke up with him in january for like a week because she had to work some things out in her head, yea right and that is when I got a text from him telling me this stuff.

He thought we could be friends again because that is why we stopped talking because he was seeing someone. I was like NO! There were several other reasons! I would guess that a relationship with a separated person is ideal for an EUM. She started dating really quickly after she separated and he did too after our breakup so they are both on the same level emotionally. I doubt she expects much from him where I wanted to get married and have a child. Allison — on instagram? Thankfully, I am no longer consumed with anger. After reading your posts, I feel better about my negativity towards the EUM and I look forward to the day when it fades into indifference.

Perhaps I will appreciate the good times we had together then—driving to Alaska, camping next to glaciers, the excitement of our beginning. And though I thought he was the one, I can finally admit, without feeling my ego ache, that I was wrong. It means so much to me. I can honestly say that I do not have any good feelings towards the ex, it just a feeling of indifference. I will say that I am grateful for the lessons that were learned. This man was my epiphany, and through that crap experience, I learned a great deal about myself.

I did a lot of self-reflection and implemented many changes in my life. The boundaries and self-respect are in place. I have more time to focus on my career path now. The first was in , and was the brother of a friend of mine. He was appealing at the time — I tend to go for the good-looking bad boys! He broke my heart, and I moved to another city to get away from him after the third time we broke up. I moved back after a year and again he contacted me.

However, it still was not the turning point to bring me to BR. The most recent EUM did not have a history of being in jail, and was someone I immediately fell for, and fell quite hard. I got caught up in the romance of it all and let the rational thinking Nel slip away. Although he did not have the narcissistic sociopath tendencies of AC No.

Compounding these traits was a crippling depression. He called his ex a psycho and had few nice things to say about anyway.

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In any case, to cut a long story short, he disappeared. He has avoided me in our mutual walking place and has never tried to get in touch. Coming back to your question though about nostalgia and remembering the good and the bad. As someone who has a very active and vivid imagination, I find myself going back to the men of my past usually the most recent one, although I never really know where my mind may take me at I think it stems from 1 the passage of time and 2 the recognition of how awfully he treated me.

Although admittedly last night I was re-visiting in my imagination of course the first time when EUM No. I find it hard to be warm to people who have treated me unkindly, disrespectfully and unfairly. I completely relate to your overactive imagination. I think it is a good trait to have and can be useful in many ways, but it can also be difficult to cope with, especially late at night!

That is just how I experience life. So I think of the past often and use it in my fiction writing. But man can it do a number on my sleep schedule…. I also relate to your experience with AC2. When I was dating my ex, I was often happy to hear him berate his exes messed up of me, I know. Wow, what a lesson I learned!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about my question regarding nostalgia. I also read what you said in another post about not allowing your age to dictate your relationship status. More people are waiting until their 30s and 40s to get married because of the economy and for various other reasons.

It is probably a good thing. Anyway, life is constantly changing…. Thanks Ann and Oregon girl. VERY good article Nat! As it stands, I am on a dating break. I simply do not have the confidence yet to try again. He lied, and lied, and lied further to cover up his previous lies! Each post is more timely than the last. My last relationship ended recently after 6 months of just pure insanity. Red flags and busted boundaries everywhere. Your blog is really helping me move on without the bitterness I experienced after my last two break ups. I really liked this article.

About me, him, the past five years. Something I would never be able to do if I started dating again. It seems like I have been coming to realizations and they can be painful. With each new realization about the relationship and end of it, along with the pain, comes healing and entering a new level of really knowing myself again. He loved that I loved him and he loved how much I gave him and how much I did for him, but he never loved me, not really.

It hurts but it also needs to be said. Maybe that was just how it was supposed to be. I need to be alone. I could care less about dating right now anyway. I too became involved with this AC after a long marriage. I was so naive and just fell head over heels. I know it hurts, but just think about how much better things are by not being involve with that mess of a man. He never committed to the wife or you, and he will fail to commit anyone else down the line, he takes what he can get.

I think his mamma is his main squeeze, and is also his excuse, so that he will never have to grow up. You are going through a lot, but you will continue to grow, and someday be thankful that you went through this ridiculous experience. I know that I was. Allison, You are so right!!!! I deserve someone no less than I am, so I am holding out for a man whose values I respect. In the past two years the types of men I am attracted to has changed so much. What used to enslave me, has no hold on me now. She said all her female friends who are in relationships right now, met their SO thru online dating.

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I told her I would consider dating after I acquire a secondary residence. I am wary of being stalked.

I mean, it would end badly — jail time for either me or him cuz I would nip it in the bud by any means necessary. I am just tired of having no intimate friendships. Over the years I have put effort into pursuing my interests, and have to accept that for some reason I am just NOT finding my tribe in life. Men with nothing to offer that yep, probably see me as a way outta their crap situations. I too hate going to movies etc alone and will go with one of my dysfunctional men harem instead or just plain not go.

I am very independent, yet, I yearn for physical contact, intelligent conversation, someone who respects my values. I am hardly a loser either and have been told repeatedly, by men, that I have a lot to offer. There just does not seem to be any on line site for older, accomplished, active, healthy women. It is really starting to sink in that my dating hiatus may last till I can retire; then I fear, at 60, that it may be too late. Noquay, I am finding a lot of the same. I too am educated and self sufficient financially and in reasonable physical shape if not an athlete.

There are very few indeed on the site who could say the same and the few that could are not approaching me. As an experiment, I made up a fake male profile, the same age and professional level as me, into the same things as me. Picked a nice photo off the internet. I have very, very nice photos, taken by a friend who is a professional photographer. Well he was inundated with messages from the minute he went live. Though anyone who gets invested just by reading a dating profile needs to calm right down.

I should imagine many women have the same policy. But I do like to know what is really going on. My girlfriends and I we are in our 50s have found the same thing to be true. We live in a rural, isolated area where the men are all ex-fishermen or loggers and the unemployment and alcohol abuse rates are the highest in our state. Still married and looking to cheat? Addicted to drugs or gambling? Elgie, there is nothing wrong with going to a function on your own. Granted it would feel more awkward occupying a two seater table, but then again maybe someone male or female also on their own would have asked to join you.

Potential for budding friendship or even just companionship for one evening. There are usually other people going solo. I also went on a solo travellers holiday, and made a friend there. Should you choose that option. I agree Mary online is actually very safe indeed. You are in complete control of how much information you divulge, and how and when you meet up.

You could meet up at the police station if you like! Safer than a bar where they can follow you home or an activity group ditto. Movies, plays, concerts, meetups, lectures, museum tours, hot air ballooning, travelling the States…. That is why I was so surprised by the unwillingness I felt about going to the comedy show this last time. Also wanted to state that I do not require a man to be more financially successful than me…. I feel like they never had any criteria for the kind of life they wanted or the kind of woman they wanted.

Sometimes I think I am afraid I am just like them, only I was lucky enough to choose a good career path. And I do harbor a belief that I am not quite good enough for an accomplished man…I do not have trophy looks or trophy income. I did think ACMM was out of my league, in achievements and looks. But this blue mood will pass. It was such a shock to hear and I now am understanding what they mean. The dating hiatus time is a gift. What a lovely comment, Bee. When others even well-meaning family members expect an engagement, marriage, baby — whatever it may be.

But whether we are 28 or 48 or 68, there is always time for love, care, trust and respect — to ourselves.

Keep enjoying the present! I know I need to do this better, so thank you for your comment. We could wither away in the wrong relationship, in a hiatus, there is absolutely nothing standing in the way of being the best we can be. Is it still so healthy then or just pathetic? But then you got me thinking. My husband left me two years ago to move in with his affair of allegedly 6 weeks. He decided to move out on Christmas and I found out the woman was pregnant a few days afterwards on my 40th birthday nonetheless.

It hit me like a blow, from one moment to the other I was alone with two young children. I started seeing an EUM shortly afterwards, it was not planned, it started out as a fling and my friends all advised me to have some fun and treat it as an affair. But I started to like him whereas he always kept me at arms length. When I finally after a year… realized this had been going from affair to booty call, and he put in less and less effort, and no matter how hard I tried and how much my friends advised me I could enjoy being treated casually I managed to stop myself and get out.

After a particularly bland exchange via text I decided just not to contact him any more. And funnily enough, neither did he make any more efforts to contact me. Neither did I make any attempts. But it hurt me so much, to be discarded like that without even a single word of explanation. But it still hurt. And I realized, I finally had to deal with all the pain of my husband leaving me. No more distractions via drama or passionate encounters.

And now I am hiding in my shell for fear of rejection, avoiding even to look at someone. Funnily enough the last two years have been the best in my career so far. Maybe I have instinctively gone on a dating hiatus to heal, and when I am recovered I will be able to go out there, much safer and stronger. And one thing is for sure — I would rather be alone then accept the crumbs. Happy b, you are so right!

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We should feel like a woman all of the time and not only for the five minutes when we get validation from some AC. I am sorry to hear what you have been through, but it gives me hope to read how you have come out of it! But do have hope. Focus on healing and be gentle with yourself while opening up to new possibilities and leaving the uncomfortable comfort zone, have your own back and find ways bring yourself peace.

Lucy, you sound like me. My ex hubby also left my children and myself for another and married her. I have just been devoted to my children, to my own detriment-I have emotionally neglected myself. I decided to go back to therapy. That along with a dating hiatus are allowing me to cope with the rage and hurt I can feel towards the ex.

It is all small steps, but I have gained a great deal of confidence in myself. I am realizing the beauty of my quirky self. I still struggle with my familial relationships as I am the oldest of a dysfunctional family. I always want to fix things and end up getting overwhelmed. I always sought men to save me from my difficult family. But my divorce provided a type of hiatus.

I did not know it then. It has become an opportunity to become more self sufficient and to take more responsibility emotionally. Now I am ready to focus on achieving some benchmarks for myself and also as an example for my children. It is a process. But I am so thankful for this site as a resource. I always come back to it. It sounds like you really did the right things for yourself!

I have to be there for my children, after all. I want to show my children that you can recover from something like this and that happiness does not depend on having a partner. I would also like to show them some time that I can be in a healthy relationship again. I have heard from so many woman who have stayed alone entirely after an experience like this. One of my friends tilde me after her father had left her mother in similar circumstances she never had a relationship again.

And this is what scares me a bit. I feel a lot better realizing it is probably still good and healthy for me not to look for a new partner and recover. Myex has a new family, the children seem to cope fine, and I am just sad and scared. And a third voice sometimes says I should just accept that il will be alone from now on until the rest if my life and I should get used to that and learn to be happy this way. I think when it comes to new relationship I have lost all hope that something will turn out well.

I had no clue what was going on with my husband until the day he left me. How did you manage to build up trust and faith again? Do you think you have fully recovered and how long did it take you? Do you manage to avoid wanting to fix things and getting overwhelmed now? Do you have shared custody? Hi Lucy, the best way for me to think about this work is that it is a process. I have not fully recovered, but I do feel I have grown. I am still working on my trust and faith, but I am opening myself up more to life.

I am not as naive as I was in my marriage and realize that there are people who are users and I need to listen to myself when I hear or see red flags. I am trying to be more conscientious about who and what I assume and listen to myself more before I take on anything. I am trying to do more for myself including therapy because I found that I struggled more emotionally without the help. Keep the focus on yourself and your children. Lucy, Take the focus off of dating. You need to rebuild the relationship with yourself before you can consider dating.

Knowing that people have made it through these really horrible experiences and live wonderful, thriving lives-single or not- is what I want for myself and the example I want to set for my children. My children are precious and I will never put them in a situation with someone I am dating until I am certain that person can pass my BR radar. Grieve as you need to Lucy, but when you are ready, start doing what you need to take care of yourself. Happy b, Rebuiling in Brooklyn, Allison, thank you all so much for your kind komments!

Take care of yourselves. I hope that all your kindness comes back to you!

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It is about taking time to nurture we who are and what we really deserve. I thought I had taken a dating and relationship hiatus! I thought it was the only way for me to get over the soul destroying past. At first it felt great. I felt wanted and attractive again and I was able to push all the pain to one side.

Little did I know that this guy was in some ways very similar to the exAC, both cold and controlling. It felt terrible and all the old feelings of unworthiness and pain resurfaced. What happened with AC1 still hurts. It was two years ago, but I miss my baby again and I desperately want him back. Am I ever, ever going to be free of this pain. I think that both of these men were safe for you, as you knew they would never let you in: AC number treated you like absolute garbage! Honestly, what do you miss about the relationship?

How was it fulfilling? Do you miss the constant drama? Until you address your own EU issues, you will be in the same place. There were lots of similarities in the two men, intellectual, cold, manipulative and both long-distance, but the second one was definitely not married. All the losses, the baby, my self-worth, my home. What happened with the latest man just triggered it all I suppose. I know that you do not want to return to that treatment, or someone that is married.

What initially brought you to that relationship? Hon, when you have a clearer understanding of your actions and thought process, I believe you will move forward. Just wanted to say hang in there. And as long as you value you and act accordingly, it gets easier. What you went through with that AC was extremely traumatic. It is no wonder that you are still hurting. It was deeper than that. That is a helluva lot to overcome. Unlike most situations you have the ongoing sadness of having lost a child. Lilly, please take your time with guys. Your vulnerability probably shows and guys pick this up very easily.

Just keep it light. Do you have a group of friends that you go out with regularly? Or resolve to take more time with your hobbies, pampering yourself, enjoying what you like to do. Men should be low priority. I found somewhere to rent when I lost my home, found a grief therapist, have gone back to university.

The mistake I made was checking out the exAC on line yesterday. I know this was a stupid thing to do, but I did it anyway. Thank you for your wise words and love you too Tink, xx. You are a warm, sweet, gentle person. I am too, but it is well hidden with a brash, cut-to-the-core exterior attitude. But, you know what Lilly? I have great respect and admiration for you.

You can overcome the residual aches and pains of that horrid relationship. But, Lilly, trust me it will come. TIME heals the most devastating of wounds. Please concentrate on YOU, Lilly. Put yourself first at all times. Take the best care of yourself possible. You are a real gem. A lovely human being. Well, it finally happened. Anyway although I made the right decision, once I found out he truth it left me heartbroken, so much so that I walked out of the job that I loved without another job to go to.

What was most confusing was that I thought he was a nice guy, known him for years, had mutual friends he always acted with integrity and kindness the opposite of the assclown choices I had made in the past. I have also invested in myself, having signed up to train as a teacher, something I have always wanted to do but seem to get distracted by pursuing unsuitable men.

So every cloud has a silver lining as they say. Sometimes it is beneficial to spring clean our lives, take a break and start again with a different perspective. Although I am thirty and would really want to settle down and live happily ever after with a husband and children I realise that I need some me time and looking after myself and my future will always guarantee a happy ever after albeit a different one.

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. Wanted to share this with you guys, it helped me. I always believe there is always a lesson after every relationship the key is you have to figure it out!

This is why this post is so relevant because by giving yourself time between breakups allows you the opportunity to figure this out. My belief is different people come into your life for various reason some good some bad, but there is always a reason. This is your journey and you decide how it ends. There are lessons in everything. Thanks, and best wishes! I was cyber stalked on line, on multiple sites, and made things very uncomfortable for the dude. If he lives down the block, not so easy.

Regardless, if you, like I, live in a small town, are unusual looking, in this day of Google earth, internet searches, you can be found regardless. You need to anticipate that and have a contingency plan. I am always alert to my surroundings when outside, particularly in town at night.

My number is unlisted and can be changed quickly. I had a separate email address for on line. The best defense against stalkers is the ability to spot the weird right away and bail. I started trying to date as soon as I ended it with my ex eum because I knew he was dating. He cheated on me. But then I realized that I was dating for the wrong reason and I was not emotionally ready to date anyone.

So I took down my online profile and I have decided to spend this time dating me. I live to sing so I joined the church choir. I love sports so I started going to the track. I love to travel so I started traveling again. Is this product missing categories? Checkout Your Cart Price. But I know it is time to get back out there, I am lonely, and I know that there are good men out there. I honestly never dreamed I would be back on the dating scene again and don't have a clue where to start. Help " - Jane Doe Getting back into the dating world is a pretty tall order after being out of it for years.

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