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The Master continued, "Every soul the Vessel takes will feed me. And their souls will grant me the strength to free myself. Tonight I shall walk the Earth, and the stars themselves will hide! Spike just rolled his eyes, unable to help himself. Cordelia was present with her entourage inside the teen club, and she was happy that things were finally back to normal. Which just so happened to mean that she had properly punished the perpetrator of that vile and vicious rumor earlier today — Larry Blaisdell himself, oddly enough — by kicking that would-be quarterback directly in the nuts.

In full view of all his friends on the football team, who had grimaced and clutched at their own private parts out of reflex sympathy pain. Which they totally should have! Hopefully, the big jerk had learned his lesson never to mess that way with her again. Cordelia knew that even though Larry's head was almost as thick as Daddy's private vault, he could actually think when properly motivated to do so.

Good evening, my name is Darla. Don't worry, there's no cause for alarm," the blonde woman with some kind of weird three-pointed star painted on her forehead said, as a spotlight shone down on her. Then as Darla's vampire face appeared, the bloodsucker added, "Well, actually, there is. It just won't do any of you any good! Cordelia instantly screamed like a horror movie actress. It's happening all over again! The Billy Idol wannabe from all those months ago oh, no, this really was a nightmare come to life! Cordy heard her say, "This is a glorious night!

Unfortunately for you, it's also the last one that you'll ever see. What do you guys want? Oh man, lady, what's wrong with your face? Darla just grabbed the guy and drank deeply, before letting the corpse fall to the floor. Seeing this, Cordelia looked around for somewhere to hide, knowing that all her Cordettes had already abandoned her — but not knowing that outside the Bronze, the good guys had finally arrived. She soon started feeding on a female teen that one of the vamps brought to her, before dropping that dead body to the ground as well.

Every soul brings him closer to release! A few moments later, a terrified Cordelia looked up after hearing the sounds of battle — and then she saw Buffy kick a vampire down to the ground floor from the upstairs level.

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The Slayer came to the railing and said to the audience below, "Oh, I'm sorry, were you in the middle of something? Buffy said cheerfully, "What, you didn't know? I'm the Chosen One. Darla came forward, and the fight quickly got started. Cordelia saw Buffy land a strong backhand punch into her enemy's face, sending her tumbling away. Then the new girl in town grabbed a cymbal from the drum set next to her and threw it like a Frisbee.

Decapitated, the vampire attempting to feed on another of the Cordettes dusted at once. Buffy just chuckled a little at her own joke, before Darla came at her again and the fight was resumed. Cordelia was too busy running for it to notice, though. And a few seconds later, she crashed into a very familiar male body. Sorry I'm late, sweetheart — me, Will, Jesse, and Mr. Wyndam-Pryce kinda had to break in through the back," the Dweeb told her, before she instinctively grabbed him and kissed the ever-loving heck out of him. Windy Price-tag muttered, looking terrified what with all the vampires surrounding them.

Great, he was obviously useless right now —.

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Let's go, let's go! With her sticking close by his side Xander started to grab people, whispering at them, "Hurry up! This is taking too long, isn't it? Windy Price-tag muttered, finally looking like he was no longer paralyzed with fear. About freaking time, in her view —. Instantly terrified, Cordelia started struggling to get loose —. I wanna know just what makes you two so important to that so-called Dark Lady," Spike that was what Mr.

Windy Price-tag had said his name was, right? Straightaway, Idiot Boy attacked the vampire oh ye gods, was he trying to get himself killed or something?! Cordelia tried to keep calm, even though she had already lost all semblance of courage and a sizeable chunk of her sanity —. So do nothing, and you will witness her become ashes soon enough.

Then as his eyes changed back, Xander kicked the vampire in his left knee. Hard, too, if the vampire's facial expression was any indicator, as the evil freak casually tossed her aside. Spike growled like a rabid Doberman, the anger and bloodlust easily visible on his face as he squeezed Xander's neck tighter. Fortunately, that Dru thing grabbed his arm, pulling the British guy away as her boyfr- her, uh, whatever fell to the floor.

Remember what She said! Besides, we 'ave to go! Grandmother won't win against the awful Slayer! Cordelia started gulping in deep breaths as Xander crawled over and lifted her up off the floor, even as the two vampires ran off. The feelings of relief almost overwhelming her completely, she almost sagged into his arms as Harris asked hoarsely, "Honey, are you okay? What do you think?! The Doofus just gave her that lopsided smile she couldn't help finding totally attractive and endearing, the one he had inherited from his father.

Come on, we gotta keep evacuating everyone outta here! They did so whilst up on the dance floor, Buffy and Darla continued their deadly duel. Out of the corner of her eye, Cordelia saw Buffy launch into a full spinning hook kick, but the bad guy — girl — whatever ducked, and punched her adversary. Buffy staggered back but then grabbed Darla's arm and gave her three roundhouse kicks to the stomach, before the undead blonde shook her off.

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Blocking the Slayer's next lunge, and then knocking the stake out of her grip, the female vampire managed to drag her enemy down to the ground — and her fangs lunged for Buffy's throat. As the Darla thing exploded into ashes thanks to Stalker Boy's excellent timing for once , Cordelia saw all the other vampires in the club freeze in dismay. Are they gonna come rushing at us for revenge, or simply turn around and run for it? She witnessed Buffy get up, briefly thank Jesse for his actions and then glare at the few vampires directly in front of her.

Les Vampires Oracle

Straightaway, they decided to run for it. The rest of the undead quickly followed. Knowing pack behavior the way she did, Cordy wasn't exactly surprised. Windy Price-tag answered worriedly, likewise looking around at the damage. Not everyone had survived, that was for sure — the vampires had obviously killed a few people before fleeing —. I'd give us points for that, too! Jesse looked resigned more than anything else. Nothing's ever gonna be the same after this. A sultry, dark-haired, pale, wide-eyed immortal sits demurely in her Victorian parlor, as she and her cat both turn their heads back over their shoulders, casting two pairs of green eyes up toward the moon just peeking out from behind the clouds.

Other cats and a wolf surround the two. While waiting for her to return my text, I shuffled and drew the card featuring the image described above. I thought of how the call to adventure can be refused.

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The truth of the card hung in the balance—would we dare to try this new adventure? Certainly this deck is accurate! Les Vampires is a card oracle deck by Lucy Cavendish, illustrated in the distinctive art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith. They are alluring, feared and misunderstood. In support of the theme, the deck shows many sad, lonely, hurt faces. The Becket-Griffith draws anime-inspired females, not yet grown into women, but more than girls. A friend of mine who has a teenage daughter and so knows things like this said they reminded her of Bratz Dolls or Begoth Dolls.

She also mentioned that she and her daughter love this deck. The guidebook explains the card as representing the tale of Lamia, who Zeus lusted after resulting in the envious Hera changing her into half woman, half serpent. Many of the cards include mythological symbolism. One of my favorites is the image of a beautiful, flaxen-haired girl with blushing cheeks and red rimmed eyes.

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  4. Harmony creates a compromise; the new breed will follow her rules for peaceful interaction with humans and the Scoobies can create a rule so the new breed will be unable to shape-shift in the daylight. Harmony then visits Spike who apologizes for using her in London but she doesn't care as she felt she was using him as payback for the way he dumped her in Sunnydale.

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    Harmony knocks Spike out and intends to have Clem write in the book to make her loved by everyone in the world, and for Buffy, Spike and Angel to finally make peace with each other and agree to a marriage between all three of them. Clem does not do this as the book may hurt her due to its wish fulfillment often being twisted like the Monkey's paw.

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    Spike takes back the book and kicks them both out. However, Clem did write one thing down for Harmony, unicorns are now real. She next appears in the twenty-first issue: While the other one fights, Harmony taunts Spike and Vicki taunts Buffy about the relationship insecurities they have. Harmony has the standard powers and vulnerabilities of a vampire.

    Several episodes make comedy of her subpar fighting skills, though after later training she holds her own against Riley and Spike , and in " Harm's Way " she kills another vampire after a long battle. In "Harmonic Divergence", she kills a Slayer, though partially by accident. In the Harmony Bites e-comic, she easily kills Justin, a vampire she sired, by quickly deflecting his attempt at staking her.

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