Knowledge of the Higher Worlds And Its Attainment

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Knowledge of the Higher Worlds

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Suzanne Natafji Top Contributor: Since I already have this thought-provoking Rudolf Steiner book in a smaller format in a different edition, I bought this particular book for other reasons: Unfortunately the cover graphic doesn't have the name of the artist listed. The book subject matter is a wonderful primer on knowledge acquisition into creating, understanding, attaining, linking with, and using the higher realms to better ourselves in all ways.

For anyone interested in metaphysics, this book should be a part of your library. I also have the newer translation, the one with the watercolor on the front, and I like this older edition even more. Not sure why, but this is a fine edition of this book. The reason I say this is the best occult book around is because it is a completely straightforward approach to becoming clairvoyant through self initiation.

Most occult writers hide behind byzantine language and reveal very little in the way of actual concrete information. Rudolf Steiner does not bs you. This book works, although what the writer asks of you could easily take a lifetime to accomplish.

Knowledge of the Higher Worlds And Its Attainment

If you are interested in the occult this is a must. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This book is packed full of wisdom, insight and power. Many of the questions I had in my mind about the topic, were answered. Especially on the subject of the Lotus petals, their positions and operationsa definite must read. I returned to the book time and again. Keep it in your library One person found this helpful. This book is a new edition of the classic Knowledge of the Higher Worlds: How Is It Achieved, first published in two parts in and There have been a number of English and German editions over the last century, and this edition is one of the most readable: This remains a superb introduction to Steiner's methods, but there are two important points about this edition.

The first is one that I made in a review of his book Anthroposophy in Everyday Life: The second problem is more serious: As a result there are references to pages that make no sense at all. For example on page there is a reference to something on page Yet the book finishes on page ! The reason is, I think, that this book is a print on demand from the "Forgottenbooks" website, where you can find a large number of books to read on line, and they will print copies that they sell on Amazon.

So if all that you are looking for are the words, this is a nice inexpensive edition. If you are trying to let Steiner's language help your development, go to one of the other editions available on the Amazon website, and if you plan to do some serious study of the material, avoid this edition, which will have soon have you pulling out your hair. The book gets five stars for content, four for translation and only two for the production. Steiner's books are somewhat difficult to understand. Putnam's Sons, London and New York, et seq. Davy Knowledge of the Higher Worlds: How Is It Achieved?

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To ask other readers questions about How to Know Higher Worlds , please sign up. Why is this insane guy talking about spirits? Dalebat Maybe Friedrich Nietzsche best answers your question, "Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who did not hear the music.

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See 1 question about How to Know Higher Worlds…. Lists with This Book. I have put various Steiner books on my goodbooks shelves - and have read more than I can track down here. Rudolph Steiner was a remarkable man whose unusual ideas about Occult History and the nature of man did not prevent him form leaving a formidable stamp on the practice of education, medicine and agriculture. Indeed it is because his ideas have worked so well particularly in education - I did a study of a Steiner school for my MA and can attest to its success in practical fields that it ras I have put various Steiner books on my goodbooks shelves - and have read more than I can track down here.

Indeed it is because his ideas have worked so well particularly in education - I did a study of a Steiner school for my MA and can attest to its success in practical fields that it rasies the possibility that his other speculations have merit also. There is a wonderful resource on line that has all his published works available for download. I find that on many topics of myth, religion, history, civilisation and so forth he often had really interesting thisgs to stay.

His lectures generally stimulate fresh thinking, which is hwat he intended when he gave them. This was the first book of his that I read and it remains a favourite; I see I have attached it to the CD version, that was not intentional and I know it is still in print as a book. Jul 04, Justin rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I learned that the path to true knowledge lies outside of the perception of our normal senses.

The esoteric knowledge can only result in a quieting of our mind and a focus on the improvement of the individual within us while recognizing the dependence of ourself on the world around us and the traits of others. The meaning of life is the question and not the answer. Despite the seemingly poor translation, the heavy, sludge like writing of the early s, and very little organization, this volume contains some of the most descriptive visualizations of supersensible phenomenon.

Extremely detailed, often pontificating, and always slow reading, this book is screaming out for a modern translation, or even a remake. But although it took me 10 times longer than a book of similar length to finish, I have never received this level of knowledge from any source. Aug 08, Carolyn Jourdan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: What can I say?

If you ever want to read the very finest book ever written by a not-at-all-flaky clairvoyant scientist genius saintly guy, this would be my highest recommendation. It's almost too much to handle, especially the description of meeting The Guardian of the Threshold. Don't need no vampires to make this interesting.

Jun 13, Jann rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is the second time I've read this. It is more meaningful to me now than in the past. Feb 26, Coquille Fleur rated it it was amazing Shelves: Practical ways to apply more philosophical advice from Steiner. When I read this book, my life got really intense. Warning, if you don't want to be initiated, don't read this book. Seriously, every lesson I read in here gave me a life lesson as a test.

Do you really want to become stronger spiritually? The golden road is a bitch, someone said that to me once, and it is so true.

Rudolf Steiner Archive & e.Lib

Reading this book will land you on the golden road. Feb 16, Hong Vo rated it it was amazing.

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I've had this book sitting on my shelf for nearly 20 years. Even though I am familiar with much of Steiner's work, every time I attempted to read this over the years, something always seem to get in the way. A must for all serious students on the spiritual journey. This book captured my life for several years, and changed my way of thinking. I did find a lot of frustration in the practice of steiners ideas and philosophy which delves into the deep waters of Gnosticism, and esoteric metaphysics, as I tried to understand the methods.

Still looking back, I know subtle changes did take place. The book does require a lot of introspection, and that is why it is hard to rate it as one would rate a book on its entertainment or literary merit. Dec 19, Holly McIntyre rated it liked it. It is interesting to find all the accoutrements of s New Age endeavors in a book first published in ! Meditation, chakras, auras, spirit bodies -- the whole shebang. The translation from the German was less than crystal clear, although I do not know if that is because of terminology or the ideas themselves.

While I find the text too impenetrable to be useful for my own spiritual growth, it is an intriguing artifact in the history of culture and ideas. Feb 26, Rina Tirtz rated it did not like it. Reminder that some religious beliefs that are against proper medication have killed many innocent yet ignorant people and those that force these ideals HAVE to stop and research actual biology or seek professional doctors and not con-artists that will lie in your face that your body's bad health is important for your magical powers.

Jun 12, Mari rated it it was amazing. This is a great way to listen to this book. Having it on tape made me understand it in a different way, and I listened to it over and over. This book really changed my life because it has exercises in it, that when applied, really work! I cannot recommend this enough, for any student of Anthroposophy, or someone interested in learning about the path of Anthroposophy. Although the language may challange the reader from time to time, the knowledge inside this book is a real gem for the individuals walking on the spiritual path A really, really good book that prepares the student and demystifies a lot of rumors and stigma from non-Occultists.

Jan 31, Matthew is currently reading it. If you start reading this and you think "this dude is out there", well, you might be right, but take some time with it. And then call me and we'll chat. This right here is the seed bed of the Late New Age. People who think channeling disembodied entities is beneficial for humanity. If this is you, put Higher Worlds on your kindle.

Rudolf Steiner - How to Know Higher Worlds Audiobook Pt. 1

A weird thing though is that, unlike everything in the Late New Age, there's a bit of empirical heft to the teachings here. It's a little bit grounded. And some of what is being transm This right here is the seed bed of the Late New Age. And some of what is being transmitted here is a little bit real. There is a legitimate energy in the text. And something even more striking: Steiner wrote this before the first World War.

Whole worlds away in terms of culture and consciousness.