No Other Foundation: An Exposition of Acts 2:42

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Koinos is the root word, which means "common, mutual, public. For instance, the common Greek spoken across the Roman Empire is called Koine. The New Testament usage emphasizes that what all parties involved share in common is in some way a relationship.

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The basic notion in all of these words is "to have with" or "to have together. We can observe these two Greek word groups in II Corinthians 6: For what fellowship [ metoche ] has righteousness with lawlessness? We know that these concepts are polar opposites; they share nothing in common.

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There was a time, signified by this day of Pentecost, when the church was unified—perhaps as unified as it ever was in its entire history. These verses reveal two elements of the time when the unity of the church was at its very peak. In the first century, that was "the faith once delivered. They were determined in learning and following it. They did not drift.

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They did not swerve from it, and it produced what it is supposed to: They were deeply convicted. They were very much concerned for their brother's welfare. This was not communism, where they sold all their goods and turned them over to the administration of the church to distribute equally to all. But, rather, it indicates they voluntarily looked out for each other personally individually , striving to meet the needs of each other. This is the epitome of "feeding the flock"—and ALL of the body is participating, not just the ministry.

Everybody is nurturing everybody else. The whole body participating in two major things, pursuing the faith once delivered and taking care of each other. The New Testament epistles make it very clear that later, when the first century church was splitting, the people were counseled to get back to the faith once delivered—which means that they had drifted from it.

No Other Foundation (Exposition of Acts 2:42) ECS

They were no longer doing the things they were doing in Acts 2. Why counsel them to get back to the apostles' doctrines? Putting this together, asking where faith arises from, there are two major components. The first is God and what He does I Corinthians 2. He opens up our mind. He predisposes it for us to receive something. The second is expounded upon by Paul in Romans What God does, by a miraculous act of His mind, of His will, of His Spirit working in our minds, is combined with the message He gives to the person He sends.

The Priority of Christian Fellowship (Acts 2:42)

It is to be the basis and foundation of our conversion and our faith. From that point on, it becomes a matter of learning more specifically the things that are contained within the message that was delivered to us. Part 4 Related Topics: Godly unity produces joy because it overcomes the sorrow of self-seeking and fulfills the true love of outgoing concern for others.

Joy through unity comes when God's people have all things in common—the same beliefs and desires working toward a common goal. Other Forerunner Commentary entries containing Acts 2: Daily Verse and Comment Sign up for the Berean: Daily Verse and Comment , and have Biblical truth delivered to your inbox. This daily newsletter provides a starting point for personal study, and gives valuable insight into the verses that make up the Word of God. See what over , subscribers are already receiving each day. The Bereans "received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so" Acts Forerunner Commentary What is the Forerunner Commentary?

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Acts 2:42-47 – The Early Community of Believers

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