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It revolves around one Douglas Pike, a man whose past is a dark one, characterized by dirty dealings, spousal abuse, and murder. In his later years he has calmed down somewhat, but hasn't lost all the sharp edges of his personality. He's living in an Appalachian town and spending his time on whatever odd jobs come his way, along with his partner, Rory, when events begin to conspire to shatter his relative peace. First, he learns that his estranged junkie daughter has overdosed when one of her friends shows up at his door with his year-old granddaughter, Wendy.

Then, just as they're beginning to become accustomed to each other and form a reasonably good relationship, a dirty cop from Cincinnati shows up and begins to take an unhealthy interest in Wendy.

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When Pike and Rory travel to Cincinnati to try to uncover the sordid facts behind his daughter's life and death, the learn things that set into motion a downward spiral of pursuit, revenge, and death. Part of the appeal of this story for me perhaps obviously is the fact that much of it is set in my hometown of Cincinnati, and it's always fun although that's honestly not a word I'd apply to this story to see descriptions of places that are very familiar to you in the book you're reading. But really that's only a small part of what's appealing about this novel.

The characters are all so real and well developed, even the minor ones; which is not to say they're people I'd like to know, but Mr. Whitmer has made them into totally flesh-and-blood people who are absolutely believable.

There is so much misery, hopelessness, and violence depicted here! A few scenes were SO difficult to get through! This is really an excellent book. I do like a noir themed story which is why I bought this book.

And what's the story with Rory and the Sheriff? They just show up in the text but add nothing. Here's an author who can write a competent narrative but appears in this book to be following a scripted paradigm in order to make the story as unappeasing as possible. If you're a fan of Larry Brown's Joe, then Pike is the gritty redneck stepbrother. Whitmer tackles many of the same issues: The hardest part for Pike is realizing his role in all of this, and through the absurdity of our world, he's given a chance to make something whole for a change.

I loved this book. As a start to a new year, I'm a little pissed as I know I will measure everything else I read against this. That said, Whitmer really is a master of the art. There's no fat in here and there's plenty of room to breathe at the same time. I found myself constantly thinking about this book when I had to lay it down, and I as I finished this 2 days ago, I'm still mulling this one over. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. View or edit your browsing history.

Yet in The Chieu Hoi Saloon , he gives us a hero worth admiring: In this powerful and compelling first novel, Harris makes roses bloom in the gray underworld of porno shops, bars and brothels by compassionately revealing the yearning loneliness beneath the grime—our universal human loneliness that seeks transcendence through love.

Hardcore and unsparing, the story takes you on a ride with Harry in his bucket of a car and pulls you into his subterranean existence in bright daylight and gloomy shadow. Douglas Pike is no longer the murderous hustler he was in his youth, but reforming hasn't made him much kinder.

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He's just living out his life in his Appalachian hometown, working odd jobs with his partner, Rory, hemming in his demons the best he can. And his best seems just good enough until his estranged daughter overdoses and he takes in his twelve-year-old granddaughter, Wendy. Just as the two are beginning to forge a relationship, Derrick Kreiger, a dirty Cincinnati cop, starts to take an unhealthy interest in the girl.

Benjamin Whitmer was born in and raised on back-to-the-land communes and counterculture enclaves ranging from Southern Ohio to Upstate New York. One of his earliest and happiest memories is of standing by the side of a country road with his mother, hitchhiking to parts unknown.

Since then, he has been a factory grunt, a vacuum salesman, a convalescent, a high-school dropout, a semi-truck loader, an activist, a kitchen-table gunsmith, a squatter, a college professor, a dishwasher, a technical writer, and a petty thief. He has also published fiction and non-fiction in a number of magazines, anthologies, and essay collections.

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Pike is his first novel. A novel of crime, transport, and sex, I-5 tells the bleak and brutal story of Anya and her journey north from Los Angeles to Oakland on the interstate that bisects the Central Valley of California.

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Anya is the victim of a deep deception. Someone has lied to her; and because of this lie, she is kept under lock and key, used by her employer to service men, and indebted for the privilege. In exchange, she lives in the United States and fantasizes on a future American freedom. Or as she remarks to a friend, "Would she rather be fucking a dog Much of I-5 transpires on the eponymous interstate.

Summer Brenner was raised in Georgia and migrated west, first to New Mexico and eventually to northern California where she has been a long-time resident.

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She has published books of both poetry and fiction and given scores of readings in the United States, France, and Japan. In addition to I-5 , her nine books include: After its lyrical beginning inside Anya's head, I-5 shifts momentum into a rollicking gangsters-on-the-lam tale that is in turns blackly humorous, suspenseful, heartbreaking and always populated by intriguing characters.

Anya is a wonderful, believable heroine, her tragic tale told from the inside out, without a shred of sentimental pity, which makes it all the stronger. A twisty, fast-paced ride you won't soon forget. Times bestseller The Last Embrace. I-5 moves so fast you can barely catch your breath. It's as tough as tires, as real and nasty as road rage, and best of all, it careens at breakneck speed over as many twists and turns as you'll find on The Grapevine. I-5 's a hard-boiled standout. The trick to forging a successful narrative is always in the details, and I-5 provides them in abundance.

This book bleeds truth--after you finish it, the blood will be on your hands. Buy this book now Download e-Book now Summer Brenner's page. Zelmont Raines has slid a long way since his ability to jook, to out maneuver his opponents on the field, made him a Super Bowl winning wide receiver, earning him lucrative endorsement deals and more than his share of female attention. That is until Los Angeles gets a new pro franchise, the Barons, and Zelmont has one last chance at the big time he dearly misses. Gary Phillips' twenty-five years of community activism in Los Angeles on issues ranging from affordable housing to gang intervention to neighborhood empowerment served him well when he began writing crime novels.

He has worked as a union organizer, political campaign coordinator, radio talk show host and teacher. He has written op-ed pieces for the L. Gary has also contribued to and edited many short stories collections such as: Anyone who liked George Pelecanos' King Suckerman is going to love this even-grittier take on many of the same themes. He now lives with his wife and two children in Colorado, where he spends most of his time trolling local histories and haunting the bookshops, blues bars, and firing ranges of ungentrified Denver.

He has published fiction and non-fiction in a number of magazines, anthologies, and essay collections. Pike is his first novel. Click here to download and print a product information sheet. Search Search - All Categories - Books..

Big Noise Tactical Media.. Tofu Hound Press Author Collections.. Overview Douglas Pike is no longer the murderous hustler he was in his youth, but reforming hasn't made him much kinder. Fiction, Thriller See and hear author interviews, book reviews, and other news on Benjamin Whitmer's page HERE Click here to download and print a product information sheet.

Michael Harris A gripping story with three lives colliding against the flaming backdrop of the Rodney King riots in LA. James Kilgore White ex-convict Cal Winter returns home one day to find his gorgeous, young, black wife, Prudence, drowned in the swimming pool.