Slaying the Red Slayer (Second Edition): The First Humboldt Prior Adventure

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But get to the book itself, shall I? Dead is the patriarch of the Hatley family, found with fatal head injury in the center of the maze at his home, both called Mizmaze. Two others are possible suspects: More than you wanted to know, I suppose. Solving the case are Superintendent Mallet and his close friend, Dr. Fitzbrown, but truth be told, it is the latter who does the bulk of the questioning of the suspects.

From the summary so far, I imagine that you already have a good grasp of the story line and more importantly, whether or not this is a book for you. He comments on it immediately. Problems, as previously alluded to: On page 23, Fitzbrown says that Hatley was followed by the killer into the maze. On page 24, he clearly states that someone with deadly intent was waiting for Hartley at or near the center of the maze. On page Horick the giant comes downstairs from his sickbed to confront the rest of the entourage. On page he comes down again as if for the first time, surprised to see them all there.

There is also a previously never-mentioned spouse of one of the participants who shows up without notice at nearly the last moment, and a killer who suddenly turns into a madman or woman at the end, claiming responsibility and threatening to kill all of the others, the pair of sleuths included, only to fall victim himself or herself to a deus ex machina which is as amusing as it is fortuitous. I suppose that may sound unkind. I have discovered that I am not the only mystery fan who has struggled with Mary Fitt and her detective fiction.

On the John Dickson Carr forum, I have found a long post by Xavier Lechard in which he tries to come to grips with her books. The following except should demonstrate, and still be within the bounds of fair usage:. Stylistically, however, the matter is much more debatable. If we admit that Golden Age mysteries are about a crime and its resolution through logical reasoning by an amateur or professional detective, then we have a problem with Death and Mary Dazill which is almost devoid of any detection, as well as with Clues to Christabel which has no detective in the proper sense….

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First of all, let me say it is about time [] Walker started reprinting some of their American detective fiction in paperback. In the past four or five years Walker seems to have come from nowhere to become of one of the leading publishers of hardcover mysteries, most of which seems to have been ignored by other paperback companies. I have to confess that I had the chance to pick this one earlier in hardcover, and I turned up my nose at the chance.

No offense intended to Minneapolitans. Jamison the aforementioned detective sometimes to the contrary. But enjoy this book, I did. Maybe I missed one.

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It takes the last ten pages to wrap everything up is well, which is far too long for a mystery properly told. Even in the 40s, though it took time to make the illogical satisfactorily plausible. In spite of my earlier comments, Taylor does well at this sort of thing, and throws in a little bit of surprise to boot. Several things are clear from this review, reading through it this evening for the first time myself in over eleven years. First of all, and most importantly, it is clear that I did not know whether or not L.

Slaying the Red Slayer: The First Humboldt Prior Adventure

Taylor was male or female. Only Half a Hoax. A Murder Waiting to Happen. It therefore now comes as no great surprise to find the SFnal elements that are so obviously present in Only Half a Hoax. After her death Ms. It appears that the books ought to be included in CFIV , at least marginally.

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The book will appear in Part 29 of the online Addenda. Also of note in the review, at least to me, was my mammoth snobbish putdown of British thriller fiction. You can blame my younger self for that, but not this present fellow who I am now. According to Google is about 85 miles north of Seattle, which is where most of Coffee to Die For takes place.

Not so coincidentally, according to Amazon, Linda French is a history professor who lives in Bellingham, Washington. Avon, pbo, April Avon, pbo, Dec Under her married name, Ms. French also wrote the following pair of mysteries:. Bantam, pbo, Feb In fact, I suspected this from the very first paragraph, which I will quote:.

Teddy and Dolly assume that Molly did it, only to discover that she has an unbreakable alibi. It is not known whom the police suspect, unless it is Daisy, since they are visible on the scene for a maximum of seven pages out of in all. Dell ; paperback reprint; no date stated, but probably Take a look at the cover of the paperback edition and compare with the one on the hardcover. Both are appropriate for their respective venues — sales mostly to libraries for the hardcover, where the artwork on dust jacket was all but incidental, versus sales on newsstands and drugstore spinner racks.

The one on the paperback is nothing but eye-catching, and it does its job well. It starts out as a yawner, and in subsequent events it never manages to work its way up any higher than that.

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You do know the one I mean? Forget I brought it up.

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Fashioned for Murder begins with Pason taking a series of photos of a model wearing some costume jewelry she happened to bring with her. Pason decided to write it off as just one of those things until they meet again at another shoot. Not only that, when she does, Jerry becomes a target, too. The two of them are held up in his studio, and the fake jewels are stolen. This is were the front cover comes in. Now you know as well as I do that the jewels are not phony, but it seems to take way too long for Linda and Jerry to catch on, even though he follows her back to Manhattan where she lives to check into some of the other strange things that had happened to her.

I even figured out who did it, which I have to confess does not happen all that often, so when it does happen, it is not my desire to pat myself on the back about it. Manor Books ; paperback original. The Manor edition of this title is a very scarce book. As I type this, there is only one copy online on ABE.

Usually an author wrote one or maybe two books for them and nobody else, and nobody ever heard from them the authors again. Which is why it surprised the something out of me to learn that Bob Garland, now a retired business executive, has written a total of four other book-length adventures of Humboldt Prior, computer manufacturing executive for Intercontinental Data Processing, of New York, NY. The order in which the adventures occur and in which the books were published is a little confusing, and I will try to elucidate as best I can.

The only one published at the time it was written, I think, is the one at hand. All are trade paperbacks:. Slaying the Red Slayer: The First Humboldt Prior Adventure. Writers Club Press; 2nd edition, April The only one of these last four which I have is a copy of the third adventure, R.

I have not read it, but from a quick peek inside, the story appears to have taken place in , so there is the possibility that it was written back then, around that time, but it was never published until Garland retired from his day job. It could be that these last two books were written recently, and not earlier. In any case, Derfflinger certainly reads like a debut appearance, as in it an amateurish but enthusiastic Humboldt Prior agrees to help the widow of a friend in England who had been doing some investigation on his own into a ship salvaging operation conducted at the end of World War II.

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His mission is to travel to South America and bring an ex-Nazi back to the U. The Israelis and the Germans have the same plan, and it's like a three-ring circus, until they finally begin to work together. The book is like reading an Indiana Jones or James Bond plot summary--lots of action. Melissa marked it as to-read May 24, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Other books in the series. Humboldt Prior Mystery 5 books.

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An elegant, intricate mystery, which is seldom what it seems to be. Prior, nominally a computer specialist, but actually an involuntary agent of a little-known US intelligence service, is projected into Latin America to contact a long-concealed war criminal, who is a needed expert on neurological warfare.

There Prior becomes entangled in a web of vengeance, treachery, and repeated murders.